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Don Nelson Hopes Warriors Won’t Fire Him

Nellie wants the opportunity to honor the remainder of his contract, but knows the team’s new bosses might kick him to the curb. From ESPN: “The winningest coach in NBA history doesn’t deny that his future with the Golden State Warriors is in doubt. But Don Nelson hopes to convince the Warriors’ new ownership to keep him on the bench for one more season … ‘I’d love to coach another year, but I understand that it’s a possibility [I won't be retained]. I want to do what’s best for the organization. If I have to be a part of the change, I will understand. I’m excited about the new ownership,’ Nelson said. ‘I think this team needed that kind of change. I think we’ve made a couple good deals to improve the roster. I really love Lee and I think our locker room is getting cleaned up. We’re really moving in a good direction.’”

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  • LA Huey

    We shouldn’t FIRE him. We can mash him, boil him, stick him in a stew. I wouldn’t rule out murder as an option either.

  • Matt

    He knows he has some ‘splainin to do about the insane locker room moves over the past 4 years. It’s nearly unfathomable what kind of talent he jettisoned. If he just coached he would be retained, but the fact is he held that team hostage.

  • JTaylor21

    Well if you had played randolph more maybe they wouldn’t fire ur fat a**. Dude was oozing with talent and nelie kept playing russian roulette with his minutes. Why do coaches draft players then sit them on the bench after one mistake. Kinda of defeats the point of learning from your mistakes.

  • ConeyIslander

    He is one of the worst things about that franchise! He needs to kick rocks! lol

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com/ albie1kenobi

    in the years coaching the warriors, nellie led the team to playoffs 5 times; at the same time, he’s also the reason why the warriors had a 13-year playoffs drought. i think most people knew that warriors sold their soul to nellie during that impropable 2007 playoffs run, but we were too thristy too long to give a crap that the team would crash and burn all over again.
    ship him out before more irrepairable damage is done.

  • http://thephotoriot.com davidR

    i dunno, i disagree with you guys. while i also believe nellie is a double-edged sword, i don’t think he deserves the axe. especially now. he didn’t play randolph cause randolph had disciplinary issues (terrible work ethic, didn’t try in practice). this current roster would be extremely potent under nellie. and for him to lead the team to 26 wins last season, despite all the isht they went through, is pretty remarkable.

  • cole

    Why do coaches draft players then sit them on the bench after one mistake. Kinda of defeats the point of learning from your mistakes.

    Coaches dont draft players, GM’s do

  • http://albayanos.com LeoneL

    Warriors fans hope Don Nelson will be fired.

  • http://thephotoriot.com davidR

    leonel, warrior fans also love and need their scapegoats

  • http://slamonline.com Kap

    Imagine his pain…every week a player was whining about something. The truth is there were possibly lots of locker room and maturity issues that caused those guys not to see the court alot.

  • skywalker

    either way doesn’t really matter what they do , they are going to be a $hitty team regardless

  • Scottie Pimpin

    id fire him.

  • AL29

    I think there were *coaching* maturity issues. This guy doesn’t care about winning. The team has to fire him to get better. A good coach disciplines his team.

  • http://www.warriors.com Puche

    Why do They need firing Him??, despite all the losing games last year, I love the way that the team run the court, his basketball is what I like to see.
    Anyway, this new team won´t be the next champions, not with this players, We need a superstar. Let Nellie coach a good team and later We could say if he is the cause of loosing.
    After all, He is an icon in this team.

  • http://thephotoriot.com davidR

    AL29, so what do you call don nelson benching anthony randolph for his reported lack of work ethic, and not taking practice seriously? and how can you say he doesn’t care about winning when he was going hard for the most wins all time record?

  • http://thephotoriot.com davidR

    now that cohen is gone, hopefully the team will stop making money moves, and can actually get great players. david lee is a great start. and once again, i firmly believe don nelson can/will do great with the current team barring any injuries. cause last years team could’ve done alright, but health was the biggest issue. all the team has to do is stay healthy to get better, not fire the coach.

  • http://double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    Get rid of the last reminders of what has depressed bay area fans, nellie you gotta go.

  • Simmy Sosa

    I wouldn’t fire him. I’d literally torch him with a flame-thrower if I’m new management.

  • TrailBlazing&SportingLisbon

    they have one shooter Chicago shoud have gone after: Dorell Wright I think his name is..bout Nellie, hes likable, but they need a fresh start me thinks. oh, and Ekpe Udoh with the 6th pick? not very good. but Curry,Monta,Wright,Lee,Biedrins is not bad at all

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    He might have the most wins, but his team doesn’t play winning basketball. Even when they scrape through with a win, its usually a fluke, and frustrating as hell to watch, because they just seem to have no regard for good D.

  • vanillagorrila

    26 wins this last year was b/c of nellie. That locker room could have filled an entire season of in treatment. Monta is near psycho, Randolph was/is still really immature, Corey isn’t consistent and gets frustrated and selfish easily, Andris is extremely insecure about his ft shooting. That team was 1 incident away from imploding and I commend nellie for what he could do with it but I do think its time for him to retire. They need to wipe the slate and start from scratch.