Thursday, July 1st, 2010 at 3:40 pm  |  22 responses

John Salmons, Bucks Close to Five-Year Extension

So that Corey Maggette trade wasn’t so important now, was it? From David Aldridge: “The Milwaukee Bucks have had one of the best offseasons of any team in the league, and they are close to pulling off another surprising move. The Bucks are on the verge of re-signing guard John Salmons, one of the top shooting guards available in free agency — and thought to be on the move after opting out of his deal last month — to a five-year, $39 million contract. The deal also includes $5 million in potential bonuses, according to a source, and two league sources say the Bucks have a buyout option for the fifth season. The deal with Salmons is ‘real close,’ a league source said Thursday, but not completely finished.”

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  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    I thought for sure the Bucks would overpay him, but about 7 or 8 mil per sounds about right for dude. He’s not in the first or even second tier of players in the NBA, but he’s no scrub by any means. I saw some great games from him when he was in Chicago.

  • Atrain

    Bucks are goin in! This is shaping up to be a DEEP team. All they need is a backup point to spell Jennings for a couple minutes each night

    Agree with Enigmatic – on paper, $32 mill for Gooden and $39 for Salmons may seem like a lot, but then you remember Redd’s hideous $18 mill comes off the books after this season. I also heard last two years of Gooden deal are team options, making it more reasonable. Last year of Salmons deal also team option.

  • http://www.clownpenis.com Tarzan Cooper

    Big win for the bucks. Very versatile and lethal team, damn near title contenders

  • Hubcap

    The Hawks are a joke. J Salmons $45M, J Johnson $120M. Ridiculous!

  • Scottie Pimpin

    i hate the deer.

  • http://thekobebeef.wordpress.com LDR4

    Bucks looking better and better. This team is moving on up in the East side. They will replace the Hawks as the four in the playoffs.

  • Diesel

    Hubcap, you know the heading says Bucks and not Hawks right?

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    @Diesel – Hubcap was alluding to the fact that the Hawks are about to grossly overpay Johnson, while the Bucks are getting Salmons on the cheap.

  • http://www.shawnkemp.com JACO

    this team will be a team on the rise. They payed him what he’s worth.

  • http://slamonline.com JL

    wow nice deal. finally one signing that makes sense!

  • http://twitter.com/flavaklav Klav

    Although this team looks good on paper, we have yet to see how the new pieces will adjust and fit in. Bucks looked good last year when they got it in gear, but we haven’t seen how Maggette and Gooden will fit in, lets not speak too soon. Remember Wiz overhaul? Looked dope on paper, couldn’t buy a win. But this is real exciting to see Jennings be a part of a good squad, Skiles gonna shape this group up.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    the bucks must really, really believe in bogut and jennings. because they are basically overpaying role players right now.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    joe johnson is top five at his position. yes, 120 million is too much, but please, PLEASE do not compare joe johnson to salmons.

  • ccantrell

    bucks moving on up im excited to follow the n keep up with how they doin which wont be hard cause all next season everywhere we look there will be something about them

  • http://www.slamonline melvin ely

    jennings, redd, corey, gooden and bogut starting, getting spelled by guys like salmons, ridnour, ilyasova, delfino. This is possibly the most offensively stacked team skiles has ever had.

  • matt

    redd won’t play another game for them

  • http://onemoreandigottago.blogspot.com Zak_Knutson13

    I have to believe a trade is coming. They are almost TOO deep at the 2, 3 and 4 spots and desperately need a backup PG now that Ridnour is heading out. Redd, Maggette, Delfino, CDR, Hobson, Salmons, mbah Moute, Ilyasova and Gallon. That’s 9 players at just those 3 positions. A couple could be headed to the D-league but I could see shipping some of them for a veteran PG.

  • http://www.slamonline melvin ely

    wait, ridnour’s heading out? Have I missed something?

  • hushabomb

    Redd won’t resign and if he does who is he gonna play behind? Cos Corey and Salmons are playing in front of him now. You haven’t won with Redd, you won with Bogut and Jennings. Redd is gone.

  • JOE!

    It’s OVER for Redd. Management didn’t even care that he was not around for the end of the season or the playoffs.

  • http://www.hypebball.com Sam Raphael Chadwick

    Good move for the Bucks they were solid end of last season and Salmons was a big reason why, great pick up.

  • Will Lee

    bargain. Salmons is the best type of scorer that can go with Jennings.