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Kyle Korver, Bulls Agree to 3 Years, $15M

Korver has been one of the premier shooters in the League, and could be joined by yet another great shooter in JJ Redick. From the Chicago Tribune: “Shortly after wrapping their Carlos Boozer news conference, the Bulls struck again in free agency. A league source said the Bulls agreed to terms with Kyle Korver, who played last season with Boozer in Utah. The three-year deal is worth roughly $15 million.”

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  • http://www.threadsandkicks.com.au Eduardo

    Man Bulls are finally returning to their Glory days. Been a long time coming. Could almost sound like Paul Pierce in the 08 Finals. 10 long years of Blood, Sweat and Tear! But this time it will be more like 13 VERY LONG years of Blood, Sweat and Tears… post Jordan.

  • http://slamonline.com ujangapri

    They’re trying to space up the floor for Rose and Boozer, great pick up.

  • http://Www.clownpenis.com Tarzan Cooper

    Deron will be leaving utah as soon as hes a fa. Utah has shown they dont care about winning, just getting way under the cap

  • nastierthanu

    This is a good pick up but that’s a bunch of cake though. Might have overpaid. If they pick up reddick they will have a very solid group in chi town

  • The D Train

    Who needs Lebron when you’ve got Ashton Kutcher’s doppelganger?!?

  • jay

    da bulls did der job dey picked up two good shooters n a low post game BULLS VS LAKERS 2011 FINALS!!!!!

  • Noel

    Smart move by the bulls. Basketballs Ashton kutcher will help space the floor and offset some of boozer and noahs ugliness

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  • giogolo

    Is it just me or do I sense I basic consensus among GMs that since lA has pretty much locked it for the next 3 yrs. or so as the team to beat in the west that all other teams outside of OKC are doing a shakedowns and swing the balance of power back to the East with these exodus of quality FA’s?

  • http://twitter.com/HarryByrdMan44 LA Huey

    Wow, the Bulls rebounded nicely after missing out on Wade, LBJ, and Bosh. Rose, Reddick, Deng, Boozer, and Noah with Korver off the bench. They’re not contenders yet but they could knock one out in the 2nd round.

  • slamfan4life

    Yeah Bulls, winning the RIGHT way………

  • C-Lo_The_Great

    still interested in seeing what they get next but very good offseason for the bulls

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/nba/2010/03/paul-pierce-and-the-celtics-hearing-boos/ L

    @LAHuey, They’re SOLID at every position, The team will be more ballanced, on O’ than they were in 08’09,’ when They gave Boston (minus KG) all they could handle. Dont forget who thier new coach is…you know that guy that orchestrated Bostons championship Defense? Do.not.sleep. PS: IM NEGETIVEKREEP NOT L!

  • http://myspace kenneth chavis

    The Bulls should get Shannon Brown, he will sure up the bench.

  • David

    I don’t get all the love for the Bulls and Korver. Nice signing but not really that exciting.