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Magic Johnson’s Turn to Criticize LeBron’s Decision

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but this summer is officially dedicated to the bashing of LeBron James. Everyone is joining in on the fun, with NBA legends jumping in with both feet.

Magic Johnson echoed Michael Jordan’s critique of LeBron’s defection to Miami, saying he would’ve never even thought of teaming up with his greatest rival(s) during his career. Because, well, that simply wasn’t done in his day.

Bloomberg has the quotes:

Basketball hall of famer Magic Johnson said he never would have joined with Larry Bird to win a championship the way LeBron James is teaming with Dwyane Wade.

“We didn’t think about it cause that’s not what we were about,” said Johnson. “From college, I was trying to figure out how to beat Larry Bird.”

“It was never a question in our mind because nobody has ever done that,” he said.

The criticism and finger-wagging will eventually die down for LeBron James, especially once the Miami Heat start to pile up the wins. For the time being, though, it’s open season.

James can take comfort in the probability that, about 15 years from now, he’ll be sitting on his perch atop the NBA’s Mount Olympus, imperiously shaking his head at these damn kids’ decisions.

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  • Yesse

    “Not sure if you’ve noticed, but this summer is officially dedicated to the bashing of LeBron James. Everyone is joining in on the fun, with NBA legends jumping in with both feet.”
    Ofcourse. I think the whole free agency and the “decision 2010″ was so overrated anyway.

  • truhero

    i cant wait til the season starts.

  • http://Www.slamonline.com Myles Brown

    I can think of some things Magic did that Bron wouldn’t have…

  • http://www.springbored.net letsmotor

    Not sure I’d call this criticism, and certainly not bashing. Same goes for what MJ said. All they’re saying is that they wouldn’t have done what LeBron, Wade, and Bosh did. They’re not saying they’re foolish for making that decision, or that they’re taking the easy way out.

  • heartlandG

    no hate there… real shyt

  • mvp23100

    we will see what these old heads have to say when that ball tips off this season and brons doing work as usual it amazes me how spoiled superstars like magic have the nerve to speak when you had Scott Worthy Kareem Cooper etc etc etc

  • http://slamonline.com Krishan

    Hi eboy.

  • http://thekobebeef.wordpress.com LDR4

    The subtext of both Magic’s and Jordan’s comments is that it would have been cowardly to team up with their rivals just for a chance to win.

  • mark

    I don’t think Magic and Bird’s rivalry is in any similar to Wade and LeBron, so its pretty irrelevant.

  • Saku 39

    Even though I agree with Jordan’s and Magic’s comments about LeBron’s competitive drive, Magic won a championship his rookie year. He might have had a different opinion if he didn’t get a ring so soon.

  • Kas

    This is terrible for the NBA and LeBrons legacy will never be like Kobe or Jordans.

  • JTaylor21

    These old geezers are starting to sound foolish. This are the same guys that played on some of the most stacked teams in the histroy of basketball and they are here pouting about someone wanting to do the same. bron has never played either bosh or wade in the playoffs and when they do play in the regular season, he has always come out on top. So whats with all the talk about him not beating them. So bron should stay another 7 more years in cleveland, just to please all these greats and fans. Then when he’s career is over, people will be praising him as a great player but saying he’s never won a ring. Same thing they do with barkley, miller, stockon, malone, wilkins, baylor, etc. barkley and malone are just as good as duncan if not better but everyone claims that duncan is better just due to his won chips. stockon is just as good as magic when to comes to pure point guard skills but no one claims that he’s magic equal due to the fact of chips. Same with wilkins and baylor both are better than bird in my opinion but no one dares to say they’re better than him due to rings.

  • mvp23100

    And let me get this right if it was just Wade and Bosh down in the 305 it isn’t a problem but now that brons there he got grown men on their period like he’s to good to play with superstars maybe he should take it as a compliment

  • Sturm Drang

    Magic can suck it.

    He came into the league right onto a team that had KAREEM. And a number of pretty good players.

    It’s so easy to say “We’d have never done that” now that his career is done and he got his rings. If he had had zero rings for several years, and no Kareem or Worthy, but he had the chance to go to a team with Kareem AND Worthy, hell ya he would have done it.

  • http://slamonline.com Krishan

    Were lebron and wade really rivals? Like bird and magic? It was different for them (magic, bird), because, like magic said, they competed with each other straight from college. Not their teams. Each other. I think that’s why a lot of this hate goes around endlessly, because people mistake wade and lebron as the reincarnation of those rivalry years, of magic going up against bird, of isaiah straight up hating jordan’s guts. Their reactions would be more appropriate if lebron joined kobe. I mean if you thought about it, nobody got angry when boston pulled this exact same stunt just two years ago.

  • http://www.google.com gmZ

    Co-sign mark!

  • AT33


  • JTaylor21

    AT33 is right. No one in the right mind wants to play in clevland or for the cavs. last year, they tried to get artest, ariza and odom but they all turned them down. this year they tried to get bosh, but he would rather player in siberia than cleveland. It’s a shame that bron got drafted by the cavs, a team like the pistons deserve a player like him while the cavs would’ve gotten some who fits their sucky city. DARKO

  • cp3fan

    Magic and MJ were asked questions and they answered. It’s not like they just volunteered their statements. Like it or not, the league is not as competitive as it once was and it is getting worse. Pretty soon, it will be just 4 or 5 good teams and the rest will be average or horrible. The 90s were the best era. Now it’s about winning as fast as possible. No rivalries. No nothing. I’m going to hate when Kobe and KG leave because they are the last two from the 90s who get it.

  • Ben

    It was done back in the days. Wilt went to the Lakers to play with West and Baylor. Earl Monroe to the knicks to play with Clyde Frazier. Drexler to Houston to play with Hakeem. Moses Malone went to Philadelphia to play with Dr. J. and Maurice Cheeks.

  • Ben

    Earl Monroe to the knicks to play with Clyde Frazier and Reed

  • Mike

    @mvp23100 you hit the nail on the head there and that’s what I’ve been saying all along, yeah MJ and Magic can talk about Lebron and the decision he made but they were surrounded by great, hall of fame talent, and not to mention some of the guys they played with are also considered to be apart of the NBA 50 Greatest of All Time. Yes the cavs tried to bring in players to help lebron but these guys that they brought in are now where near the same level as Worthy, Kareem, McHale, Scottie Pippen, etc. and Lebron didn’t want deja vu to take place the next 10+ years either. All he did was take advantage of a great opportunity to try and win championships, because at the end of the day that is all that matters. People can say that his reputation will be “tainted” and thats complete b/s because all Lebron wants to do is win and if people are going to continue to give him crap about it well that’s their problem.

    @Kas give me one good/legitimate reason why this is “terrible for the NBA”?

  • Hedo Turkeyglu

    Magic and MJ are right. And, yes, D-Wade was an opponent, a top 5 NBA player on an opposing team. LeBron decided to win rings by contract rather than on the court. Whether or not he will be successful is to be determined. While Magic, MJ, and Bird were #1 scoring options on their teams, there is still question as to whether the Heat will remain Wade’s team or LeBron’s.

  • michael

    its not even an apt comparison as the leagues were so different, and we were talking not only about the 3 greatest players in the league but 3 of the top 5 or 10 (depending on how you rank larry and magic) guys of all time…this situation sure you have probably 2 of the top 3 guys in the league – and also chris bosh, who will never be on any all time lists with a number below 100

  • dawn

    wonder what larry bird would say about LBJ

  • Mike

    @cp3fan its all about location, the bigger city teams are going to attract the bigger talent, and like it or not that is good for the NBA and its marketing, just like it is in all other sports. When the likes of New York, if they can ever get descent talent, LA, Chicago, Miami, Boston, etc, all do well the NBA is a lot better off. Plus there is a lot of new young talent coming into the L so you can’t say that there are going to be only 4 or 5 good teams, the NBA is going to be very entertaining for the years to come, granted they are able to get this whole labor/union dispute resolved.

  • JTaylor21

    CP3 I’ll be glad when KG and kobe leaves because in with the new out with the old. How is the league less competitive than the 90s when every one knew the chip was the bulls to win. Even when MJ retired, the rockets took two in a row. The NBA has never been about parity expect for the 70s, its always been about the most talented teams having the best chances to win. If you dont like it, go watch that borind crap colleg ball or even worse euro ball. They only reason everyone has a problem with what has been going on since day one is because bron is in the middle of it. No one had a problem when Kareem left to join the lakers, Moses left to join DR J and Andrew Toney, Shaq left to the Lakers, and when KG and Ray left to BOS.

  • 1Ozz1

    I read the Jordan thing yesterday, and now Magic. Pah LEAAASE!!! Pipen, Tony Kukoc(sp), Dennis Rodman. If I remember correctly Jordan wanted Rodman on his team. Yeah, he did not join another team but the organization went and got studs or at least could identify studs to draft. Done forget either that their role players came to play in the playoffs also. James had role playes who he carried in the regular season and then in the playoffs other teams got serious. Also don’t forget Jordan had the Phil “11 rings” Jackson who is supposedly also a master motivator (I can hear the jokes now). Anyways Jordan need to SHUT THE HELL up and see how he can get his BET CATS back in the playoffs.

    Don’t get me started on Magic! Kareem, Worthy, cooper, Pat “threepeat” Riley… You get the picture! SHUT THE HELL UP WITH YOUR NONSENSE!

    For full disclosure, I am a Knick fan first and always. However, I also hold a tiny alegance to Boston now because of locality.

  • Morgan

    I don’t think any coach could have handled Magic and Bird on the same team…not even Phil Jackson. Their Ego alone would fill the Salary Cap.

  • http://screwjams.tumblr.com cramzy

    man, i saw these comments on espn and he wasn’t talking down. People just picked out what they wanted from what he said.

  • T-Money

    TO ALL LEGENDS: This ain’t back in the day. Go play Wii. / No, seriously, MJ, Magic and Bird are kinda missing the point that Wade and LBJ were never rivals. No epic playoffs battles, their teams weren’t contenders in the same years, and they have developed a genuine friendship outside of basketball. Also, Cleveland apparently is a dump (never been) and I definitely know that Chicago and LA are not. Why is the media ignoring the fact that Bron made pitches to STAT and CB4 and none of them were interested in going to Ohio?

  • Kundai

    This is the Lebron and kobe and jordon comparison in a nut shell okay, im gonna break it down from my perspective.
    Jordan and kobe and many other GREAT athletes dont always want to have fun. In fact, they often are negative and sometimes unpleasant people to be around. The reason is becasue they have this inner desire to to be the best. They dont take enjoyment out of the little things. Its title or nothing and as soon as they get one, its back to work for the next. They will fight a teammate, complain with managment and sulk when things dont go their way. No dancing before games or discussing with opponents about maybe hooking up as teammates in the future. It’s seriousness all the time. The game is bigger to them then having fun.
    Lebron wanted to have fun. He decided to play with his friends becasue it was the easiest way to winning and enjoying life.
    That does not mean lebron isnt great or isnt a competitor. Its just what drives him is a little different then what drove those other guys. Lebron’s legacy can still be cemented as one of the greatest becasue he is just plain and simply that good. But the difference in his personality compared to kobe and michael is obvious and thats what people are jumping on him about whether it is fair or not. But in Lebrons mind, if he wins and has fun and makes money, the other stuff about being the best probably wont matter much to him becasue he will have done things his way and will say &$#%#&@! off to the critics.

    So Magic i think will change his opinion once he see’s how much fun lebron will be having on the heat. Just as he did when he’s smiling all over the place winning championships with the lakers.

  • rainman10

    @ Sturm…yes Magic came into a team that had Kareem. But Worthy wasn’t there yet. Neither was Byron Scott or Kurt Rambis. And the Lakers were a 3rd place team in their division the yr before Magic got there. The went with a coaching change the summer they got Magic as well. He didn’t necessarily enter the league on a stacked team. But better teams than Bird and Jordan came in to.

  • http://aspov.blogspot.com Cheryl

    I’m glad all these guys are adding fuel to the fire. Coach ‘Spo won’t have to give many motivational speaches. All he has to do is post some of these quotes on the white board and say “go prove them wrong, guys”. I could coach this team.

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    Seriously…a lot of you here who dare to criticize Magic or Michael for their opinions and because they haven’t co-signed on this Miami BS just don’t “get it.” It’s such a shame that a game that has always been built on fierce and intense rivalry and competition has given way to this “buddy-ball”, video game, fantasy basketball crap that people are now behind. Welcome to the “new” era of the NBA starring lame players and supported by even lamer fans. They should just change the NBA uniform from jersey’s to dresses and from shorts to skirts. A good number of you would probably be behind that too.

  • http://Www.dimemag.com Royal

    @strum drang : I don’t think you want Magic to “suck it” you might catch something …..

    And to people claiming Jordan was drafted into a good situation …. im not sure that is correct I’m young (19) so I don’t know for sure but didn’t the bulls not win a ring until MJ’s 7th season….

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    co-sign mark. They were never rivals to begin with.

  • JTaylor21

    Bryan, what the F are you talking bout. Nobody is criticizing what these grandpas are talking about, all am saying is that they are pouting about what they enjoyed for a majority of their careers. the same reason everyone loves them so much today. If they hadn’t played with great players or on great teams they would just be another barkley or miller. They played with great players, so why shouldn’t bron be allowed to do the same thing. Well if you don’t like this era anymore, go find Marty McFly and Doc so they could build u a time machine and take your whiney a** back in time.

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    JTaylor 21, I’m laughing at you young’n. People love those guys because they were competitors, not cowards. And there is no shame in being Charles Barkley, Reggie Miller, Patrick Ewing, John Stockton, Karl Malone, or guys like that. Just because they didn’t win a ring doesn’t diminish them in the eyes of anyone as being great players. But like I said, you don’t “get it.”

  • Ali

    HATING THE COMPETITION ON THE COURT! COMPETING WITH EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVERY GAME! HEATED RIVALRIES! LEAVING IT ALL ON THE FLOOR! FIRE! PASSION! LEADERSHIP! These are some of the things lacking a little bit in todays NBA. I think this is what MJ and Magic are trying to get across to everyone. It not that blood, sweat and tears NBA anymore.

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    Amen, Ali.

  • JTaylor21

    @ Bryan, then how come people like yourself claim that kobe’s better than bron just due to the fact he has won chips, riddle me that. I’m not saying there’s something wrong in being does players. All I’m saying is that people don’t hold them in the same light as some of the other greats that have won chips. If you go back and read my first comment, where I said that those guys you mentioned are better than some of those who won chips but are not given the same respect.

  • Shem

    The NBA has gotten softer, evidently. Back then, it wasn’t only about you having the title, it was about your rival not having that title. There aren’t player v. player rivalries anymore.. Wade and LeBron have always been buddies, team USA, they’re always fooling around at the all-star game. You can’t compare Bird vs. Magic to LeBron v. Wade. Bird and Magic didn’t like each other and you don’t see that in today’s NBA. Deshaun Stevenson is the only player i’ve seen open his mouth at LeBron…

  • JTaylor21

    To me, I could give a damn to if someone won chips or not. Winning a chip, does not make you a better player. Guys like Wilkins and Baylor are better individual players than bird but just because larry won chips and they didn’t, idiots automatically assume his better. Back when T-Mac was balling, I always thought that he was better than kobe even though he was losing in the first round year after year. I would make it easier for you. It is like when my brother and I would go play ball, we were similar in skills but I would always lose if he was on the better team no matter how well I played that day.

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    JTaylor21, what you fail to grasp here and what Michael & Magic are saying is that they were mega-basketball superstars in their day. Bron is their peer in that regard. They view him as an equal, even without the championships, just in terms of status. That said, they hold him to a higher level or responsibility and accountability. To them, this move to MIA isn’t competitive, just the easy way out. It’s hard for guys like that to respect it or get behind it.

  • Clownfish31


    I’m going out on a limb here by playing devil’s advocate, but I personally don’t think that saying: “Wilt had West” or “Drexler had Hakeem” is a good enough argument to claim that LeBron, Wade and Bosh are just doing what the greats did in the past.

    Lebron is a top 3 players in the NBA. Wade is a top 3 player in the NBA. Bosh is top 15, though personally I think he’s top 25 and overrated.

    YES. In the NBA you need role players to complement superstars.

    YES. In the NBA, no superstar has won it “on their own”.

    YES. In the NBA, controversial trades happen all the time.

    YES. In the NBA, you need a big man and you need defense to win.

    Everyone can say all they want AND EVERYONE IS RIGHT. The PROBLEM is that there has NEVER been 2 top 3 players join forces and act like a gang of yahoos who climb up the treehouse every Saturday acting like giddy little girls.

    LeBron probably made the right decision in the long run. The way he went about it was just about idiotic, but that’s what happens when you let friends run your “brand” and “business”: you don’t question their judgment.

    At the end of the day, LeBron’s legacy may be tarnished and the haters will forever use his move to Miami as an example.

    Let’s just all sit back and relax a little bit. At best, until LeBron proves otherwise, he will forever just be a much better Scottie Pippen. As far as Wade is concerned, he just needs to go out and do his thing quietly and write his own place in the record books.

    Ru Paul can just enjoy his 2 minutes of fame while it lasts.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Jealousy is not a good look.

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    Eboy, who’s jealous?

  • The Truth

    As long as Lebron never contracts HIV, he’ll be one step ahead of Magic…..even with NO rings! And that’s the truth….Ruth!

  • http://www.twitter.com/dfrance21 dfrance

    I think the real reason why this is such a big deal is because LeBron is “KING JAMES.” He was supposed to come in, take the league by storm, put Cle on the map and win chips all by himself. Its the hype machine that goes along with him that makes this such a big deal. If this were Melo going to play with Wade and Bosh, people wouldn’t care nearly as much. But the whole back story with LeBron is whats leading people to critique this move. People had Lebron scheduled to go down as the G.O.A.T when he was done with his career and to them, this is not the type of move that a future G.O.A.T would make. Its very easy for Magic, NJ, Chuck and everyone other HOF-type player to say they wouldn’t have done it, but they’re not in LBJs shoes. None of them had the pressure to produce on them the way LeBron does. Throughout Barkelys career, no one ever said, “damn Chuck is 5 yrs in and no Finals appearance, damn 8 years and no rings.” They said he fought hard and had it not been for MJ he would have a ring. But Chuck was never projected to be the best player in NBA history, so fighting hard with no ring was good enough for him, and for Ewing, and for Malone.

    Rant over.

  • JTaylor21

    @Bryan, how is going to MIA the easy way out. Don’t they still have to play the games on the floor against teams that will be gunning for them every night. Nobody said that KG was taking the easy way out when he went to BOS or Shaq to LA. The heat still have to go out there and play hard every game for them to win anything. Basketball is not easy no matter how great the team is.

  • LD

    Here’s something Magic, Jordan, or LeBron wouldn’t do. Kick the 3-time finals MVP off your team and still win 2 rings. Long live the Black Mamba!

  • JTaylor21

    I will bet all my guap that the truth is really the PHILOSOPHER.

  • iqwest

    *I don’t think LeBron James should be faulted for thinking outside the box. He, unlike many in the NBA and in life, is the master of his destiny. He chose the team he wanted to work for in a pursuit of a championship instead of being the guy who gripes about being traded or complaining about not having the talent around him to win. Most basketball organizations are corporations that hire the best talent.

    In the real working world, the best talent has the option to choose the place to invest their efforts in. LeBron is seizing his opportunity in the NBA world.

    Also in the modern era when people lose their jobs all the time, the only loyalties people have are to friends, family and country. It is a different way of thinking for Lebron, Bosh and Wad from a young Magic or Jordan, who realized as adults that the NBA is a business.

    Like in a pickup game, most want to run with the team with the best chance of winning. Nothing is guaranteed and Miami may not win anything, but it’s LeBron’s best chance at becoming a champion.

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    JTaylor, you take arguably the #1 player in the NBA, face of the CLE franchise, and leader in just about every statistical category there, then you take Chris Bosh, face of TOR, the anti-Vince Carter, and leader of just about every statistical catergory north of the border, and combine that with Dwyane Wade, Mr. Everything, in Miami. How is THAT not taking the easy way out? Yes basketball isn’t easy and games still have to be played, but if they win, it’s because they were supposed to based in those 3.

  • Dee. S

    Magic, Bird and Jordan didn’t have to team up to win back in the day b/c the GM’s made sure they had the pieces around them to win. GM Mitch got the pieces around Kobe to make L.A winners again. Danny Ainge did it in Boston in 2008. Pat Riely is getting his GM on and putting the peices together for D.Wade. Having said that, they still have to play the game and the championship will not be handed to the Heat, they’ll have to play for it. Out of the new big 3, only Wade one a championship. The new budding rivals were supposed to be Wade vs. James or James vs. Anthony but these players are getting caught up in wanting to win right now! (thanks Kobe) Maybe, just maybe Bron is not built to have an entire franchise on his shoulders. He still managed to make one trip to the finals and he’s lead his team to the best record in back to back years. He was close to getting back there. Bosh and Wade was nowhere close to getting back to the Finals until now.

  • the pump

    Lets stop talking bout greatness for a guy who only won two mvps, cause if thats the case steve nash should also be talked in this convo. Also scottie pippen is the greatest sidekick in basketball history, but by no means was he the d wade to jordans leborn. case in point where was the bulls when jordan left, what was portland like when he came to town. Dont get me wrong no way jordan has six rings with out scottie’s hall of fame talent, but jordan is jordan for a reason. when he had his bad 20 or so games in the season (just an exaggerating), yes, scottie along with paxton, kerr and grant mad having a off day easy. just like all these dope heads who say shaq won three rings dolo. Yes, shaq was the best player on that team (Hell, he was the most dominant player in the league for almost a decade), but noway with out kobe being just as talented, and d fish, robert horry, rick fox, he doesnt get one, thats the same reason he won one in MIA and kobe now with the new look lakers. The fact is stats get broken all the time, so the only thing to set you apart from the other all-stars is championship, so the heat can win the next six but because your not the man on your own squad surrounded by good talent, those stats will suffer. Not only that but the one who shoots the rock with three seconds left at the end of the game will be considered the greatest.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ Myles Brown

    As Rose enters his third season in the NBA, he seems less disappointed than emboldened by James and Bosh heading to Miami to join Dwyane Wade. ‘Why wouldn’t I want to be [the face of the franchise]?’ Rose asked. ‘That’s the point of playing the game. That’s the greatest thing right now. I came to a team where they didn’t make the playoffs, not for a couple of years. No one was really interested in the Bulls like that in Chicago, not like [it was during the Jordan era]. And I’m making it back [to being] exciting. I’m from Chicago, [and] it would mean a lot if I would just bring back one championship there, or even get past the first round. The city would go crazy. So for me to even bring that team back to like the old days, it would mean so much to this city.’”

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ Myles Brown

    Im just sayin…

  • Biffmaximus


  • http://bandewzballer john cortez

    what was the lebron nuthuggers/kobe haters main of biatch towards kobe? he couldnt win w/out shaq and those 3 rings dont count.blahblahlbah.the same must be said towards lebron once he gets his ring.

  • Will-T

    Put it this way. lebron still a kid who wants hang out with his friends and have jokes, Bosh is just a follower i mean look at his face this the whole time looking like the nerd that finally got down with the cool crowd and wade is the MAN for taking advantage and becoming the BEST recruiter the game will ever see!!! at the end of the day wade got his wish and is still the center piece and making it clear (just watch the three in recent interviews) wow i applaud him for this!!!. I can imaging wade’s pitch to bron – “bron come on, nice weather, chilling with boys and sleeping with high class women when ever you want, have you seen Miami woman? ill set you up with some right now just to show you how these MIA chicks do, plus we have a great chance to win a ring, we would be unstoppable together, you’ve been in Cleveland for 7 years now and its time to take to that next step put some rings on yo finger man come on think about this bro its nuts, we could history here” Then Pat Riley comes in with a few words and it was a done deal.

    And as a true fan of this game, the reason many would be tick off with brons move, is that you have here a player who has the opportunity to be the greatest but yet he heads out to be a second option at such a young age.i dont think this is really about him leaving Cavs. its the legacy we wont get a chance to see, crush right down. sad but hey its his life he has the right to do what he wants.

  • Exile

    THIS is the way the game evolves.

    Now every team must find a way to beat the Heat. As a Raps fan, I was pro Heat until Bron… Now they are the villain. Hopefully great to watch, but Bosh and Wade (a good teaming) are now tainted by playing buddy to the King instead of rising to challenge him.

    Jordan and Magic getting bashed for being ambassadors for the game and looking out for it is not fair. They speak of their time and although the “slights” are there and very real… they are the same slights that most fans agree with. We largely wanted the rivalry to develop that some suggest wasn’t there… We wanted their to be strong nemisis storylines between Wade, Kobe and LBJ.

    In the end though, the only ones who mattered… Were not interested in that arc and went for the Juggernaut approach.

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    Word to Myles Brown…and Derrick Rose…and Chicago. Home to all three of us.

  • http://thacorner.net/forums Kevin

    If Destiny’s Child doesn’t win a championship soon in Miami all hell will break loose

  • cp3fan

    Forget LeBron. The King of Stats. The current king of winnng lives in LA. Long live Derrick Rose, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Kevin Durant, and Brandon Jennings. Those are the guys I want to see. I don’t really have a lot of interest in watching the Heat unless they’re playing the Lakers now that it’s a bit of an all-star team.

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    Some of the greatest players of all-time have voiced opinions about LeBron and pretty much respondeb by saying that ‘they would have never done it’ or ‘it was different back then’. I’m not sure this is bashing LeBron nor why some people now are bashing MJ and Magic. Both of these guys were great competitors with insight to how the league was back then and that’s how they answered the question. Barkely who never won a ring and was traded also ‘bashed’ LeBron so it does not appear that this argument that Magic and MJ shouldn’t comment because they were on stacked teams makes any sense. Bottom line IMO, MJ/Magic only spoke the truth about thier era and never said anything about rivalires either. What they said is they wanted to beat the best players out there, not join forces with them. All these comments about LeBron and Wade not being rivals have nothing to do with what Magic and MJ said. The way I see their comments is that LeBron is one of the best, Wade is one of the best and instead of trying to beat each other as competitors, they are joining forces. Magic didn’t say anything about any rivalry, just that he wanted to beat the other top player (Larry) in the league.

  • O

    Nah Kevin, real talk, Miami won’t care if they don’t win a title. It isn’t a basketball or baseball town. They’re a football town. That’s what makes LBJ’s decision that much more disappointing. At least New York, Chicago and Cleveland appreciate their sports teams (especially basketball). But like my man, a true G, Ron Artest said, it’s too much pressure for the kid. Even Danilo Gallinari embraces that pressure more than LBJ. That’s saying something.

  • peter

    Anyone saying Jordan was drafted onto a good team ready to win must have been born in the 90′s. And saying he wanted Rodman on the team like he was a superstar is equally ridiculous. Rodman was a malcontent, constantly in trouble with the league, suicidal even (read his book), who famously kept things under control for the bulls to win. Kind of like Artest but more of a loose cannon.

  • YpsiRicktheDragon

    These dudes are killing me. Magic played with Kareem Abdul Jabbar, James Worthy (Big Game James, #1 overall pick in 1981 ), and Defensive Player of the year Michael Cooper (coop was defensive poy 1987).

    And how did the Lakers get the #1 pick in 79 the were in the conference semi’s that year

    How did the Lakers get the #1 pick in 1982 (they won the Championship)

    and How did the Lakers have 3 #1 picks on one team. That a Big 3 in there prime

  • The Philosopher

    To The Masses:
    Times are in fact, different. Things have changed so dramatically over the course of years and decades. One cannot blame the greats for their collective thesis.
    But, one has to understand and keep in mind is that today the AAU has a greater influence on basketball and its players from the bottom to the top.
    This is why many, many players are friends, buddies, what have you, from childhood. Not saying that this is the case with James, Bosh, and Wade, but… Dwight Howard, Josh Smith… The list goes on and on.
    In The Legends’ days, those variables weren’t as prominent.
    Just my opinion.

  • Saku 39

    @dfrance. I agree, good point. This move pretty much puts him out of the running as GOAT. It might put him behind Wade in the end, too.

  • The Philosopher

    Plus, many of the players today are form the same state, city, town, country, all of that.
    I don’t do that. And if I did, I would use a different screen name.
    No disrespect to The Truth, though.

  • cp3fan

    I’m glad Derrick didn’t beg LeBron to come to Chicago. He doesn’t need him. Neither did Dwyane in my opinion.

  • JTaylor21

    Peter, you sir is a moron. rodman is the greatest rebounder in nba history even better than wilt and russel, he may not be a superstar but he was a star. Without him to guard kemp and malone twice the bulls MIGHT have lost to both teams. dude used to guard MJ back in his pistons days. @The Philosopher, i just had to make sure, my fault.

  • BostonBaller

    I don’t believe there was any subtext to either MJ or MJ’s comments which came after being asked. They spoke their mind and in no way belittled anyone. To now try to slight some HOFers is just plain wrong and to do it to some how validate your opinion is weak. I believe Jordan went to a pretty pathetic team in Chicago and they built it through the draft and trades but that in its self is pointless. The Philosopher is correct when he addresses the masses above and to bring it back to the start, neither former great player said that what was done was wrong, just that in their day they wouldn’t have wanted to do it and that yes today is a much different day. What is the big deal over either answer?

  • John

    Great players bring other players to them, you don’t become DWade’s dog and go to Miami. You bring Dwade and Bosh to you. That “Chosen 1″ tattoo on LeBron’s back is a joke

  • O

    Damn, LBJ’s team really is b*tch made. First confiscating the dunk tape and now this. Maybe he should’ve signed with the Cavs if he was gonna be tripping over this: http://bossip.com/268492/lebrons-goons-snatch-chain-back-lady-bought-at-garage-sale-it-wi/

  • http://Twitter.com/darrellma Dma

    What if this is just an inception?

  • JTaylor21

    @Cp3fan a lakers fan talking bout some other team being a all-star team. Oh the irony. Please don’t watch the heat, leave that for those who care about watching players that play ball the right way. You can watch your all-star team with a player that shoots his team out of games only to be carried by the team but still ends up getting all the glory at the end. You think that DRose can carry the bulls to the chip by himself, ha. look at what happened to CP3, a much better player than rose will ever be, when he tried to do that.

  • Kundai

    true its a different time and as i said lebron competitive in a different way. he wants to win with his buddy’s o nan all-star team to play the all-star lakers and match them head on. In my opinion i think lebron was going to stay in cleveland until the boston lose when he realized that team measn so much. On top of that seeing kobe win game seven and not playing well, he was for sure going. I knew he was going to miami after game seven in my honest opinion. i just didnt think he would do it with bosh there.

  • Kundai

    jtaylor i agree with you the all-star lakers team dont even get credit for bailing kobe out when he shots them out of games. Pau is the lakers in my opinion his defensive presence and just the tips he puts back. The lakers dont even realize he is the reason they win not kobe.

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    Destiny’s Child, Ha.

  • http://twitter.com/HarryByrdMan44 LA Huey

    If LeBron joined the Lakers, Celtics, or Magic, then these old heads have a point. Kobe, Dwight, and Pierce are his true rivals. Wade and Bron have never met in the playoffs. Their teams have never been in contention at the same time. While Bosh and Bron have met in the playoffs, Bosh aint on Bron’s level and neither were the Raps on the Cav’s level.

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    It’s funny that it seems like the only celeb who seems to support LeBrons decision is Lil’ Wayne. Outside of that it seems that you get negative or at best luke-warm responses like ‘well he had the right to decide’. Maybe they LeBron can get Joakim Noah to say he would have done it to or good moove, at least Noah is the only player on record saying he doesn’t like the city of Cleveland.

  • Kundai

    and bosh in a half indirect way he said he would want to play with the cavs but cleveland as a city just not tight

  • http://twitter.com/HarryByrdMan44 LA Huey

    Just to clarify, my previous comment was directed towards people with the mentality of not joining your rivals. Not necessarily towards either MJ. I believe Jordan is just stating what he would have done and not trying to slight the new school. But after Magic’s recent book, I’m always going to think that snake has something else on his mind.

  • ConeyIslander

    How can Magic even talk?! The showtime Lakers were stacked!

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    Kundai, All I remeber Bosh saying about Cleveland is that he considered going there but thought if he went to Miami with Wade, that they would have the extra salary cap room to bring in Bron or another couple top free agents making them a better team than cleveland who would not have had any extra money. I also heard him say something like he decided to go to Miami to not interfere with LeBrons decision. Honestly I don’t buy either statement and think this has been planned for a while, but besides that, I never heard him say anything about the City. Seems like a lot of people are talking really negatively about Cleveland claiming players have said they don’t want to play there, but outside of Noah I haven’t heard it. Personally I’ve traveled a lot and spent pretty significant amounts of time in many NBA cities and I prefer Cleveland than Detorit, Indi, Portland, Sac, Salt Lake and several others. Yes I’d take Chi, Mia, NYC, LA over Cleveland but I was just trying to figure out what it is (if anything) players have said about Cleveland that makes it so ‘bad’.

  • The D Train

    Myles comment from Rose is fantastic. No wonder I love that little dude. The competition-aspect…Rose is spot-on. And don’t you think that Durant (who I believe tweeted similar sentiments) is going to try to kick Miami’s a$$, too? The dynamic that will probably take place will be similar to the Jordan-era Bulls. I remember reading in The Jordan Rules that there were times when Chicago got off the bus and saw the other team and could tell they had already won. With a league devoid of evenly disbursed talent, the have-nots didn’t have a chance most nights. That’s how you win 72 games. You beat-down the downtrodden, and you take care of business against the stiff upper-competition. Most nights Miami will have a distinct advantage. Talent-wise there will only be a handful of teams that can keep up with them. The good thing is that Durant, Rose, Kobe, Pierce and Howard (to a lesser extent) all lead those teams that are on somewhat equal footing. And all those cats are crazy competitors. And teams like SA, Utah and Portland aren’t going to lay down either.

  • The D Train

    also: I’ve mentioned in previous posts…you sign all three of those dudes, and you have to take the responsibility that comes with it. And the top guys in your league wanting to kick you a$$ when they roll into town is a big part of that responsibility. Magic, Michael and those guys dealt with that that their whole careers, and they were the alpha-dogs for their teams. I cannot believe people would be shocked or pi$$ed at them for not agreeing with Lebron’s choice. Crawford noted earlier that it’s the new NBA. Codgers like us, who loved watching the Lakers-Celts and Pistons-Bulls cannot stand watching these dudes team up instead of competing. Competition is not the name of the game anymore. It’s bull$hit like “global brands” and “taking my talents” and referring to oneself in the third-person. And you know what they all have in common? Self-interests. And that is what the majority of the league is about these days. Kevin McHale constantly says on NBA TV “let’s strap ‘em up and I’ll try to kick your butt and you’ll try to kick mine.” In Lebron and Wade’s world, it’s “let’s team up and try to kick everybody’s butt so we can expand our global brands.”

  • The D Train

    I’ve mentioned in previous posts…you sign all three of those dudes, and you have to take the responsibility that comes with it. And the top guys in your league wanting to kick you a$$ when they roll into town is a big part of that responsibility. Magic, Michael and those guys dealt with that that their whole careers, and they were the alpha-dogs for their teams. I cannot believe people would be shocked or pi$$ed at them for not agreeing with Lebron’s choice. Crawford noted earlier that it’s the new NBA. Codgers like us, who loved watching the Lakers-Celts and Pistons-Bulls cannot stand watching these dudes team up instead of competing. Competition is not the name of the game anymore. It’s bull$hit like “global brands” and “taking my talents” and referring to oneself in the third-person. And you know what they all have in common? Self-interests. And that is what the majority of the league is about these days. Kevin McHale constantly says on NBA TV “let’s strap ‘em up and I’ll try to kick your butt and you’ll try to kick mine.” In Lebron and Wade’s world, it’s “let’s team up and try to kick everybody’s butt so we can expand our global brands.”

  • Robb

    I’m sick of reading everywhere MJ criticized Lebron. He gave his opinion when he was asked about it. He was answering a question, if people took the time to watch the video (which I’m posting here) you’ll see how he answered he did it in a very respectful way and in no way he joined this LBJ bashing thin. Watch and shut up already!


  • Josh m

    It took Jordan six years to win a ring…just sayin

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    I am not the nupe,FIX THIS SIHT SLAM!! Im tarzan, and scoop said it best yesterday, find his story at the follower, he perfectly points out the hypocrisy of what jordan said

  • Yawn

    We live in an era where a difference in opinion is considered criticism or “hating”(Males should never use that term). Pretty sad

  • T-Money

    Myles: In the same article, Rose says that he did reach to Bosh, only texted Bron and didn’t talk to D-Wade at all (even though he’s been in Chicago all summer). That leads me to think that might be only about not having to share ballhandling duties. He’s 21, coming off his first ASG and wants to establish himself as a premier point guard on the same level as CP3, Nash and D-Will. A couple of stories mention that Bron’s team was surprised that Noah tried to reach and management tried to reach but Rose stayed out of it. Not a knock on Rose but by reaching out to Bosh and not Bron or Wade, he thought about himself and not the Bulls.

  • T-Money

    To give some more context about the D-Rose quote (and to be fair), the MJ comments were explained to him then the journalist asked him if he wanted to be the guy on his team. The journalist was kinda looking for an answer like that.

  • http://www.mauricegarland.com Maurice Garland

    how is this bashing? im pretty sure all of these guys are being asked what they think about Bron and simply speaking on it. it’ll be different if they was walking out the house, standing in the middle of the street yelling their unwarranted opinions. plus any “bashing” coming Bron’s way was brought onto himself.

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    Yo, T-Money… DRose spends his summers in LA. Not Chicago.

  • Yawn

    Also, people are confusing LBJ being on a stacked team and being on the same team as someone who not only plays a similar style to James, but is arguably better than he is. For a kid to come into the L with so much hype and to embrace the attention in the way he has there really is no excuse.

  • http://yahoo.com kevin armenta

    Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson have every right to speak there minds.They got drafted by wack ass teams,teams that they built.Players went to them.The bulls were 27-55 before mike.Lakers were a sub par .500team before Magic.sittin at 47-35 before he got there.they made those teams into champions.Lebron couldnt do what they did.he is so desparate of a ring he became a ring chaser.Thats all he is.

  • cp3fan

    @JTaylor Another Kobe hater. LeBron lover. Can’t handle the fact that D-Rose and the Bulls didn’t need LeBron.

  • cp3fan

    I repeat, Derrick didn’t beg LeBron to come to Chicago because he has heard about LeBron’s huge ego. This is a man who almost didn’t get invited to the Olympics because of his ego. There was an article on Yahoo a few days ago about that and how LeBron really got to Miami which is something Stern must look into if he’s not too happy with the attention the league has been getting to do some justice. Rose is a humble guy who’s not arrogant about his talents and abilities the way LeBron is. He’s only going to keep getting better and better. He knew he didn’t need LeBron. Give him Boozer, Korver, Brewer and an improving Joakim Noah and he can take this team to a #4 seed in the playoffs.

  • Joseph S.

    Hrmm..alot of ppl here got it wrong talkin bout magic n mj came on talented teams..na!..jordan was 4th pick i think n went to a sorry bulls that took years to build..as well as magic..they had to build as well..before they started winning..lebron came in with the hype as well had the skills to bring a team to the playoffs..all he needed were roll players…n im not hating on lbj but he did let a team n city down..

  • a-rod

    maybe i missed the memo but is wade really better than lebron? my argument is always the role reversal theory. what if lebron played on the heat the past 2 years and wade played on cleveland,would the heat still get eliminated i the first round the past 2 years? my opinion is that if lebron averages a triple double while being top 5 in the league in ppg, we are going to have an even more intriguing debate.

  • http://stapledesign.com Spaceship Jay

    Yes a-rod, Wade would have been effective in the 4th quarter to carry the Cavs to victories. Remember, he pretty much beat the Mavericks by himself and they were down 0-2.

  • a-rod

    well, i think the point i’m trying to make is that lebron’s game is more team oriented than kobe’s and wade’s game.I honestly think that lebron’s “talents” will be maximized in miami with a scoring option as powerful as wade.I truly believe with the 09 heat and lebron, they would’ve beat that Atlanta hawk team.We are underestimating lebron’s facilitating abilities.Only nash,deron,paul and rajon are better.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    This is getting ridiculous… Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh ARE NOT LeBron’s greatest rivals! They aren’t rivals AT ALL. When has Cleveland faced Miami or Toronto in the playoffs? LeBron’s rivals, if he has any, are Boston and Orlando. You do NOT see him joining Boston and Orlando, do you?

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Out of all the people that have criticized LeBron James, Magic Johnson has the LEAST right to do so. Magic played on one of THE most stacked teams in NBA history, and the epitome of the Big 3 style team. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, James Worthy, with one of the best supporting casts ever–and MAGIC IS COMPLAINING? Oh but Kareem leaving Milwaukee and coming to Los Angeles is totally different. SMH.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    @ NUPE: So Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, arguably the greatest center in NBA history, was not one of the greatest players in the NBA when on the Lakers? What are you talking about? If Magic really wanted to beat the best he wouldn’t have teamed up with Kareem.

  • Anthony

    “barkley and malone are just as good as duncan if not better”
    JTaylor21 your basketball knowledge stops right here.

  • http://fdsjklfl.com Jukai

    You’re right, Lebron should have just forced his coach out and and cried about how another point guard was taking his minutes then waited for the Lakers number 1 draft pick to kick in from the Clipers cause Kareem was getting too old to help Magic carry the load.
    What a d-bag.
    Magic was insanely good, but also one of the luckiest players to ever player the game.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    your ignorant.. mj was drafted 3rd

  • http://google c_cantrell

    JTaylor21 has a far better understanding of the game than what you could even comprehend so stop runnin your mouth.. maybe not so much with barkley but malone was just as good a player and,considered better by many, than duncan.. only difference is rings.. rings do not determine how good a player is but how good a team is

  • JTaylor21

    @ Anthiny, What is so outrageous in my comments that disqualifies me as having basketball knowledge. Malone was consistently dominant for a longer period of time (17yrs) than duncan who’s prime was 2 yrs ago. Barkley was just as good a scorer and rebounder as duncan and he was 5 INCHES shorter. All that shows is that ur sir are lacking in brain function.

  • Rice

    Jordan and Magic have NO RIGHT to make this kind of comment about Lebron, because

    1)MJ and Magic were in super-stacked teams and surrounded by talents, great coaches and organizations – which are capable of building championship teams.

    2)you CAN NOT tell other people stop pursuing their dreams when you had accomplished yours! Especially when Lebron has never embrassed his team, fans and family such as gambling, getting HIV, cheating on his wife…etc

    I really think those NBA greats should just shut up before they lose more respect from fans by making irrelevant and inappropriate comments.

  • http://merk6801@hotmail.com Troy

    Some people seem to forget that Magic won his championship when Kareem was hurt. He played 5 different positions. He earn the right to voice his opion!

  • T-Money

    Bryan Crawford: I was talking about D-Wade spending his summer in Chicago. Way to argue about my main point, though.

  • Bryan

    15 years from now Lebron will be atop the NBA mount Olympus? Once the heat pile up wins the hating will die down?

    Did Lebron’s mom write this article?

    I think its pretty disrespectful to MJ and Magic for you Bron frontrunners to spout off about what they say. They are entitled to their opinion. (and in my opinion, it is the right one).

  • http://slam Kid Canada

    Ya magic im pretty shure u had a big three with kareem and worthy

  • Bryan

    He certainly didn’t conspire with his superfriends to create that big three. And even if he did he wouldn’t act like a complete douchebag doing it…


    I love Magic, but he shouldn’t be criticizing LeBron. The Lakers were stacked during the 80′s, just like the Lakers are now for Kobe.

  • LD

    I wouldn’t leave the Lakers whether they were good or bad. What better jersey to have your name on?

  • rich

    of course he took the easiest way to a ring, if he really wanted a challenge he woulda went to minnesota. y would he become a free agent and then not play for the best team available. if he went to chicago they could have concievably made the finals and lost because of lack of size. he could have to ny and just have a bad team. he could have stayed in clevland and lost to chicago. so obviously hes gonna go get bosh and wade and decide to win some rings. they still might lost to the lakers because of bynum and gasol. nd besides delonte west had to be taught a lesson.

  • http://deleted KH10

    Magic won a ring his rookie season and had a number of HOF teammates, he didnt need to leave LA, The Cavs have tried hard but weren’t able to get Lebron that kind of talent, PLUS Miami is dope and Cleveland sucks, easy choice.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nima Zarrabi

    MJ and Magic are tied to ownership. Barkley made it very clear that he wanted the GM job in Phoenix. All three have their very own agenda when it comes to this topic.

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    I feel bad for antawn jamison

  • cp3fan

    @Nima Zarrabi
    No agendas here. They were asked questions. They answered.

  • luv2ball

    Didn’t Barkley go to Houston to play with Scottie Pippen, Drexler, and Olajuwon?

  • http://yahoo.com kevin armenta

    jordan and magic built dynasties! lebron built his kids a big club house!

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    Barkley never won a ring, It took MJ 7 years to get his first and Magic won immediately. All of them are on record saying that they would not have left to join thier ‘superfriend’ (BTW Barkley could have pushed to join Michael, his friend in Chicago and didn’t). Each of them have also said that it was differnt back then and each of them are HOF/Top 50 players. So being on very differnet teams and entering the league and gaining success their own ways and timing – they still all agree about LeBron’s choice. So many arguments made about they shouldn’t have opinions because of stacked teams or because they are bitter, or previously somebody said Barkley shouldn’t talk cause he doesn’t have a ring. If legends of the game from all have the same perspective, there must be some credibiity and truth to it. Just saying that winning rings early or not at all doesn’t seem to matter in terms of how competition was then and how it’s perceived now.

  • robz

    come on people juz wait & relax 4 now till d season start, dz is d first ever teamed up superstars in history big dunkers ryt, imagine d new celtics team dy hve big 3′s 2 so dy won a championship, lakers team got big 3′s 2 no fisher and gasol no 5th ring and d NYK got amare,W.chandler,A.randolph…let dem shine in MIAMI for God sake…

  • hushabomb

    1 thing that you have to realise is that they were all free agents. No one traded them to Mia. Heaps of good players have moved to get a ring so why can’t they all go and join the same team and play for one. Leave them alone. I guarantee if all 3 were to play for the Nets everyone will be sayin what a great move they made

  • Clutch23

    I love how everybody is picking on leBron for going to miami who doesn’t want to play with Wade and bosh. You haters sound like Dan Gilbert
    P.S I was a Heat fan before Wade got here

  • http://www.lebronswitness.wordpress.com lebronswitness

    why cant me move on from talking about lebron and start talking about other things going on in the NBA?

  • robz

    lets talk about shoes lolz

  • robz

    talk about TMAC…SHAQ…A.I…and the 2011 free agents like MELO etc

  • http://www.redraidersports.com Nicolas Fleming

    People have problems with this because it has never happened this fast before. Talk all you want about how the teams for MJ and Magic and Kobe and Hakeem and whoever else you want to bring up were stacked, but not once did 3 key members of any of those teams meet up and hold dinner parties and superconfrences to determine which team they would all be joining. Now, you can talk about how they got their GM’s to make things happen, and how they moved talent to their respective teams, but Clevland did that, too. I’m sorry, but Lebron is a superstar teamed with players that have previously been on All-Star teams. Big Z, All-Star, Mo Williams, All-Star, Antawn Jamison, All-Star. I thought the superstars were supposed to make their teams better? You can say his team did not perform, but they had the talent. People with short memories don’t seem to remember that this squad that was so bad, did have the best record…I’m not saying anything against Lebron, not as a person, not as a competitor, not as a basketball player, but when you make a decision that is such a huge moment in NBA history, don’t be surprised when people voice their opinions about it. And Miami fans, old and new, don’t be upset when people hate the Heat. Plain and simple, all the hate that the Lakers once had has been transferred to the Heat. Lastly it’s not about what Magic and MJ would not have done, but more about what they did do. Let Lebron step onto the court, let’s see this team and how they play. I don’t know if I’m excited, scared, or sickened, maybe it’s just a combination of all 3, but i do know that Kanye said it best,” No one TEAM should have all that Power.”

  • http://tcpullen@yahoo.com tony

    This generation doesn’t have a clue. Don’t you young people realize that the old Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Spurs, and the Pistols built their championship team through the draft? Only this weak generation would desire to have all the superstars on one team. This kind of move will make the nba less competitive and uninteresting.

  • Sergio

    Basketball will survive. Lebron, Bosh and Wade are not real ball players. They are businessmen with athletic ability, and as soon as they leave nobody will remember them. We remember players that treated basketball as their life, not as their job. Hopefully, young players can see what not giving everything to the game entails. Hopefully there are many more players like Kobe, Duncan, and now Durant. Hopefully players are not more worried about their legacy than our beautiful game.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    THANK YOU, MAGIC, I missed the old days being rivals, these kids now think just because they are friends, they should play together. See the problem is I play ball, I would never join another team with great players I usually try to be on the sorrier team to be the better team. Thats the competitiveness of me never wanting to lose and I don’t care who I am playing, I am trying to kill them, friends, brother or dad. See I wanted Lebron to have the mentality, that I have and alot other folks up here. Don’t join em, beat em. I believe the Cavs still could have beat the Heat with Wade/Bosh. I wanted to see Lebron say I am the MAN, and let me carry yall, I might need help some games, but I am doing anything to win. I don’t see that. I see a PR machine, who shouldn’t listen to his mom.

  • http://minusthebars.blogspot.com Don

    Of course Magic wouldn’t join Wade and Bosh. Magic Johnson had the luxury of playing with other HOF players such as Kareem, Worthy, McAdoo, and being coached by legendary Pat Riley.


    Kobe, who’s all about his legacy, under the same circumstances as Lebron in small market cLeaveland, would have cleaned his locker out and left skid marks on the way out as soon as free agency started. I respect that though, because Kobe wants to win. Look at what Kobe did in Los Angeles post Shaq after a couple first round exits at the hands of Nash’s Suns; Kobe threw a hissy fit, and wanted to be traded to Pluto. There was even that Kobe video in which he wanted to Ship Bynum’s arse out…What a crazy summer that was for Kobe and the Lakers, I digress. 3 Finals appearances and 2 championships later, since the Lakers stole a great big man (Gasol) from Memphis and a great leader (Fisher) from Utah, nobody really talks about that summer of 2007. Strength and honor, ORANGE4EVER. lol

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Who cares about the summer of 2007, Kobe wanted out so he pouted. Lebron is two time MVP, with his team having the best record two straight years getting upset in the playoffs. Kobe was playing with Smush, Walton, Odom and Kwame in his starting five. Anybody would complain, especially if the defenseless Suns team keep putting your team out the playoffs. Lebron team went to Finals in 2007 and as stated before had best record in the league, if you think Kobe would leave Cleveland after making it to the Finals and having best record in league two straight years to play with his rivals and just got two back to back MVPs would leave you might just be orange dumb.

  • http://fdsjklfl.com Jukai

    Hypocrite. Aren’t you always the dude saying Kobe deserved MVP in 2007? The year he wanted out?
    Kobe demanded his @%% be traded from anywhere to LA or New York BEFORE HE PLAYED A MINUTE IN THE NBA. If he was drafted by CLeveland, he woulda bounced quicker than a racketball.
    The Seed is just horrible.

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    larry bird yo’ next..

  • http://www.rich-imaging.com Dutch Rich

    And then Pat will chime in.

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    I HATE it that he left my Cavs, and the whole TV thing. But thats it, did he really took the easy way out? I dont think so, bcoz, really joining miami just DOUBLED THE PRESSURE OF WINNING A TITLE, more so than the he had in Cle, MORE TALENT MORE EXPECTATIONS! SO WHERE’S THE EASY WAY OUT THERE? Does that talent equates to title(s)? NO! arent the lakers, celts expected to win it all when they got the talent they had? AGAIN WHERES THE EASY WAY OUT THERE?


    Ship the weed’s arse out, he’s delusional.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    @ Troy: Right… And who got them to the Finals? Oh yeah, KAREEM.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    The Seed wtf are you talking about. LeBron got to the Finals practically by himself. If you think he had a good team then you’re delusional. His team was on par with Kobe’s in terms of no help.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    @ The Nupe: Barkley and Jordan both played on GREAT teams with way more help than LeBron has ever had. Barkley never won a ring, but he had Thunder Dan and Kevin Johnson–who was one of the best point guards in the team during that time–as his running mates.
    But, BUT, their comments are acceptable–they may not be right, but they’re ACCEPTABLE.
    MAGIC FREAKING JOHNSON’S, however, carry NO merit whatsoever. The Showtime Lakers are the EPITOME OF STACKED TEAMS. They had THREE hall-of-famers, the best coach, and the best supporting cast of intangibles and hustle play during their time–and maybe the best overall team in league history.
    Magic has no right to complain that LeBron is joining two perennial All-Stars when KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR (I think a lot of people are forgetting how unbelievably good KAREEM ABDUL-JABBAR was) left the Milwaukee Bucks to join the Los Angeles Lakers, where he teamed up with not only Magic Johnson, but JAMES FREAKING WORTHY too. Magic is just hopping on the bandwagon. SMH.

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    Many are just hating.. And all of them are fugly-moron-no-life-idiots.. seriously why complain if he is not the guy you wanted? Or if he’s compared to your guy? so? TO EVERYONE.. Last july 8, lebron just said F**K YOU LEGACY, F**K YOU STATS, F**K YOU EVERYONE BECAUSE I REALLY WANT TO WIN. he think he has a better chance of winning with that team.. Isnt that what kobe, mj and everyone wanted? A BETTER TEAM? Add kobe to miami and still NO GUARANTEE OF A TITLE.

  • robz

    lolz datz gna b a quarter dream team if u add kobe crazy sht, by the way its not about ur lives people of cleaveland or watever its about dem daymn hard dcisions 2 mke you need 2 scrifice sometimes u know its not d end of the world…mind ur own business

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    ^ who said its about us? and i assure you were minding our own biz..

  • Anthony

    @cantrell, JTaylor
    If you dont want to count rings we can talk about Defense, im sure you’ll have something smart to say. Even Sloan is saying Duncan > Malone and I dont think he didnt mean it.
    If you would have to build a team today and had the choice between Duncan and Malone (both in their prime) the only way you go with Malone is either you ask your 3years old cousin to choose for you or you wanna see Hulk Hogan cheering for your team.

  • http://slamonline.com JAMES H. ELLIS JR

    come on mj rivals…you won afew with a few pistons on ur team remember…magic need i say more. you need to quite .. anybody remember want boston did? let just enjoy the season of ballin were going to see coming up.. me may self can”t wait…

  • http://hoopistani.blogspot.com hoopistani

    of course everyone’s gonna bash LeBron – that’s what happens when someone like LeBron makes themselves into the biggest target. if LeBron had been quite and classy, everyone else would’ve been, too.

  • eZ

    And while everybody remains outraged over the audacity of some employees who have taken matters into their own hands and selected their preferred employer,
    Lebron -the standard of modern day basketball talent- is quietly setting a new trend among his fellow star-players, which will be the common way of things in a few years. Free agency+proven talent=empowerment. My parents worked for the same employers for 20-30 years, I skip/hop jobs every couple of years..times change.


    AHhahahahahaha!!! NYK super trio? Or Orlando with lewis, howard and cp3? I guess that’s all different..

    The lesson to be learned here is stop with this sickening urge to compare each and every former or current player, their style, decisions and legacy. Watch a new one unfold en be open to change.

    PS: yes lebron is only 25 but he has already given 7 intens years to cleveland. He came in at 18 so his career wil be over at an earlier age, especially with his physical style of play.

    Barkley was drafted on a CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM and got tutored by LEGENDS moses malone AND dr. J.
    They reached the conf. finals in his rookie season and where a contender in the following years. After dr j retired and moses was traded barkley’s team became worse and what happened after he had been in the league for 8 years? He got traded to a 50 win team…..hypocrit anyone…?

  • ClydeSays

    Do you really think the 25 yr old Magic and Jordan (notorious players, it should be noted…) would have turned down an offer to play in tax-free South Beach just because there was another All Star on the team? I doubt it….

  • Seamore Green

    The arguments are super rediculous, you think if Jordan could have got Hakeem, he would say nah we’d be too good. And for the Kobe fans (I like watching him play) they forget he was crying a few years ago and wanted out of LA (address that please)when he couldn’t win. And Lebron is that nice, people forget Cleveland didn’t make the playoffs for over a decade b4 he came and he did it with no other star on his team, no shaq, no gasol. The also had the best record in the league but in the playoffs u need more than one star. He also led his team in 5 stat categories, if that’s not carrying a team, I don’t kno what is.

  • Peter B

    The difference between Lebron and kobe, jordan etc is that they wanted to beat the best, they wanted to be the MAN, if they were playing halo they would play on legendary just to prove how good they were, lebron would play on easy with the cheats enabled, he doesn’t care how he wins as long as he sees the ending. He could have went to chicago and been the Man but he chose the path of least resistance.

  • Omar

    I think the people who don’t get why everyone thinks Lebron made a bad Decision is either really young or really stupid. Anyone who ACTUALLY WATCHED Michael Jordan play knows the only person who had a chance to be recongnized to be as great or even better in time than Michael Jordan was Lebron. Honestly, Kobe still could but he would have to continue playing at an extremely high level for at least 4-5 more years and win at least a couple more rings. That’s just not realistic given his age and injuries. Lebron basically said that D. Wade can win him a championship. Yes, D. Wade was his rival because he was in the same draft class as LBJ and won a ring first. He wasn’t man enough to win one on his own, hell he wasn’t man enough to win one either in Cleveland or even go somewhere else and win one as the main guy. Even worse, he couldn’t even convince Bosh to follow him, from how it looks, Bosh followed Wade, then Lebron FOLLOWED them. What he did is not the same as what Barkley, Chamberlain, Drexler, Garnett, etc… did, all of those guys were in their 30s, with careers closer to the end than to their primes when they switched teams. Now Lebron can never be considered better than Jordan…..or D. Wade

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    From a 1991 LA Times interview: Magic Johnson would have returned to Michigan State rather than play for the Chicago Bulls.

    “I’d have stayed in school,” he said here Tuesday, standing alone outside Gate 3 1/2 of Chicago Stadium, the house that could have been his. “A coin toss changed the course of my whole life.” Chicago called heads in a 1979 coin flip with Los Angeles for the No. 1 pick in the NBA college draft. It came up tails.

    Johnson signed with the Lakers after his sophomore year of college and proceeded to win five championships. The Bulls picked second, took UCLA’s David Greenwood and have won no championships.

    “I wouldn’t have played here,” Johnson said on the eve of Game 2 of the NBA finals between his team and the team that could have been his. “The only reason I came out was to play with Kareem and the Lakers.”

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    “The only reason I came out was to play with Kareem and the Lakers.”Ah Magic, your credibility is corrupt, my man.