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Rockets’ Pitch to Chris Bosh: ‘We Can Win a Championship’

Houston wasted little time getting to the heart of the matter once they secured an audience with Bosh late last night. From the Chronicle: “Daryl Morey wanted his chance. And as soon as the starting gun went off, he got it. For much of the day, he was not sure he would get an audience with Chris Bosh. Now he can’t be sure if it will be enough. He met with Bosh late Wednesday into early Thursday in Dallas and got to make his case about why he believes Bosh can win championships in Houston. He did not know if the meeting would happen until well into the evening. He did not even know where Bosh was until then. Once they were together, however, he found Bosh to be interested and ready with questions that indicated he would definitely consider the option. There is the framework for a sign-and-trade deal with the Raptors in place. Morey likely will work next on how to reinforce his pitch. So far, he basically got just what he wanted, other than a done deal. ‘I’m happy we had the chance to meet with Chris to put our best foot forward and he could learn about the Rockets,’ Morey said. ‘It’s an important time for both teams and free agents. I’m glad he has the chance to consider what we have to offer. We think with Chris, we can win a championship in Houston.’ The problem, however, was that Bosh is not done. He has plenty of meetings to go, and there are many indications that the Bulls and Heat remain the teams to beat.”

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  • phil

    yao, bosh, ariza, martin, brooks. one tough lineup at each position. not to mention battier, lowry off the bench. i honestly think a championship is realistic in houston with that amount of talent/depth/youth/experience all blended in 1 team. imagine if they somehow got landry back as well…..

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    what they didnt account for is that Toronto is going to want half of their starting line up and all their draft picks in order to get Bosh. How many championships will they win if they are gutted?

  • g

    lol rockets win championship with bosh?? na ah mia? yaa

  • http://www.oo.com.au Dacre

    ironically would theyr eally need bosh if yao is healthy and they still had carl landry the laundry man?

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Anyone care to tell me how Bosh and Yao are going to share time on the blocks? It’s not like the Triangle, where there are set spots for the bigs with each possession and Bynum fills the lane on breaks, which Yao can’t do….and Yao ain’t as mobile as Bynum anyway. This is a pipedream.

  • http://www.oo.com.au Dacre

    and if you get Bosh, Luis Scola doesn’t want to go back to the bench and get whatever scraps are left for 20 mins a night…. It’s interesting.

  • MikeC.

    @Dacre – odds are pretty good that Scola would be one of the players going back to T.O. in a sign and trade. He’s a good player with a very reasonable contract, so the Raps would insist on him being included. Along with approximately 750 draft picks.

  • matt

    apparently houstn is one of the few teams that would let hedo come 2. so, hedo + cb4 4 kmart,ariza,jhill. houston will try 2 keep scola no matter what. brooks,battier(or chase), hedo,cb4,yao.

  • RV

    Gutted? Yeah, right, we got more assests than Toronto can count. Toronto doesnt want a kevin martin or luis scola…they want cheap talented youth and picks. We got Hill, patterson, budinger, and even brooks ca be considered, plus one or two nice players in Europe. Expirings in Battier and Jefferies that won’t clog their caps space for years and we got NY’s picks for the next two years…which are getting more and more valuable by the second. Based on reports, Toronto is likely to want battier/jeffries, picks, and hill or patterson…they may ask for budinger, which may be too much, either way that leaves Yao/bosh/ariza/martin/brooks with scola, hill or patterson, and lowry as the mainback ups, with an opportunity to get battier back if they buy him out.

  • RV

    Dacre, scola won’t complain… he’s already endorse a move for Bosh, as long as itmakes the team better, he just wants to win. Eboy, Yao has a jump shot, he can play away from the blocks and Bosh is mobile enough to move around when Yao is on the block and his J aint bad either

  • amir

    no, you can’t.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com BETCATS

    RV, if you guys can keep Brooks, id say that is a championship team. If it really is 2 expirings + a couple young players + picks for Bosh then you guys would be the winners of the summer.

  • Jake

    They aren’t winning a ring with that lineup,sorry.If a team with Kobe,Artest,Gasol,Bynum can barely win….this team isn’t going past the 2nd round.

  • http://www.shawnkemp.com JACO

    If this is a sign and trade I really wouldnt want carl landry to leave houston, he is a good young player. But I believe yao is the key to all of this and that would be a very menacing front court for the rockets if yao is completely healthy and chris bosh comes to houston.

  • RV

    Jake…Bynum was on one leg, gasol isn’t a good defender, Artest isnt efficient…not to mention they are lackadaisical for most of every series, otherwise they’d do much better. Houston, is creating some crazy offensive officiency along with some solid D, not to mention they are one of of the hardest working teams in the league, if not the most. How else do they lose 2 all stars for the season and still get right above .500? There’s team by team matchups to consider…

  • RV

    jaco, landry isnt on the rockets anymore

  • http://www.shawnkemp.com JACO

    My bad i completly forgot about that. i really dont follow the rockets….

  • http://thetroyblog.com TEddy-the-Bear

    I like the idea of the Raptors getting Pat Patterson. I like this move for the Rockets, but it isn’t that great for the Raptors–but, Toronto IS rebuilding right?
    For the Raptors they should be trying to get David Lee for Bosh.

  • redrowdy

    I know for a fact that the rockets will win a champ. with bosh. i think everyone is forgetting that we just drafted patrick patterson and with a healthy yao, bosh, patterson, ariza, BROOKS, kmart, and we keep scola, no problem. a big man in the paint next to yao and scola is all we need. we are deep in the forward position but bosh is the missing piece

  • redrowdy

    anyone who doesnt think that the rockets can win with bosh doesnt watch basketball enough

  • AL29

    Nobody going to Houston should factor Yao into the Rockets’ championship possibilities. Yao will be a good, consistent centre for the first 70 games of the season, before announcing that he is out for the year with a leg or foot injury. Then, the team will go into the playoffs missing a key piece of their formula. It happens every year. Yao must go, or become a backup, if the Rockets want to go deep in the postseason.

  • JoeMaMa

    @Teddy: Derozan, Patterson, Jack, Bargnani, Johnson, Davis, Weems…it’s rebuilding, but that could be a nice team in a year or two. Let’s cross our fingers and hope we get a splash sooner than later.