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Hedo Turkoglu Unloads on Raptors, Bryan Colangelo

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

The summer has not been kind to Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo. He lost his franchise player to Miami, criticized said player after he left (and was almost universally shot down for doing so), and there’s even been some chatter about his job possibly being in danger.

To add to Bryan’s issues, another former Raptor — one who didn’t pan out at all — is letting the world know how crummy of a deal it is to play in Toronto, via FOX Sports Arizona:

“People have to realize something is wrong with that organization and nobody wants to go there any more,” he said in a phone interview from Turkey, where he is captaining the Turkish national team at the World Championships. “It’s not just the players who see this.”

Turkoglu’s remarks were sparked by Colangelo’s recent criticism of former Raptors teammate Chris Bosh. Colangelo accused Bosh of “checking out” last season while the Raptors were battling the Chicago Bulls for the final Eastern Conference playoff spot … “It’s funny that people will talk behind your back,” Turkoglu said of Colangelo.

“If he was feeling this way, why not have the guts to say it during the season? Why not say it to Chris? Now that Chris has left, it’s not nice to say those things. Chris has been a franchise player and he did a lot of good things for the Raptors,” Turkoglu added. “I don’t think Chris is the type of player to quit on his teammates.”

To his credit, Colangelo refused to engage Turkoglu in any type of war of words, and wished him well in Phoenix.

Things aren’t going to get any easier for Bryan and the Raptors, as they try to convince NBA players that Toronto is the ideal place to live and work.

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  • http://thekobebeef.wordpress.com LDR4

    Toronto is a mess and Colangelo is the problem. If there was any method to his madness don’t you think that we would have seen a glimmer of success by now. I have written about the Raptors on several occasions and when I do I have nothing positive to say. Sonny Weems and DeMar DeRozan are unproven, despite their modest gains. Amir Johnson is an overpaid experiment. If Bryan wants to build an international style team he needs to leave the NBA and join FIBA. I fully expect Jose Calderon to become the next scapegoat for the Raptors’ shortcomings if he is not moved this summer.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Didn’t want to engage him in a war of words? Why, because he knows that Hedo hit on all accurate points. F*ck it, send the Grizz back to Vancouver…..kill this franchise!

  • drosefan13

    He played like garbage. Period. The only finger pointing should go directly at him. The Raptors and Blazers were stupid for offering him a big contract.

  • http://Www.lkz.net Darksaber

    Nice deflection, Hidayet. We do have eyes though, you took the dough then slumped. Solid attempt, your Agent should be commended, but YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE, cause i sure as hell don’t believe you.

  • Fat Lever

    I hope Hedo realizes he is being highly hypocritical right now. Why say those things after he left? Why don’t you take your own advice Hedo? You got your wish, getting out of T Dot. Some of these guys are real idiots.

  • G Diesel

    It’s Colangelo’s fault. There is no winning attitude in that organization. MLSE should sell the franchise to an owner who has a winning mentality and is willing to spend.
    That Euro experiment has also failed big time.

  • Toni Kukoc

    +1 to what Eboy said.


  • JoeMaMa

    Hedo has cemented himself as public enemy #2 behind Vince. He underperforms, plays overweight, doesn’t really try hard, and all this after Colangelo signs him to a big contract. He screwed the franchise with his horrible play, and now, after leaving, talks all kinds of junk.
    And concerning what Colangelo said, Colangelo was just venting. People in Toronto aren’t really mad at Bosh, just upset at the situation. Shoot, Lebron’s team went into the playoffs, just like Bosh said he wanted, and he bolted anyways, possibly as a pre-arranged deal. So…what chance did we have at keeping him?!?!
    Hedo is an idiot. Any good Raptor fan tried so hard to stay with him, and he ate and sat and sleep his fat a** out of town. Now we don’t like him, and if you try to defend him on this site, we don’t like you too. Don’t mess with Raptors fans on this one.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ The Promise

    I always thought the guy was pretty overrated anyway, he’s had one really good season and that was 2 years ago in Orlando. Hes showing signs of slowing down, He will probably finish his career in Phoenix, a good fit for him since he can stand around and wait for Nash to kick it to him for 3′s. As for Colangelo, go easy on the guy, he has tried his best to build a team, he can’t help that Bosh had plans made to leave 2 years ago, along with Queen James. Give him a few more years raptor fans, I think your franchise is in pretty good hands.

  • http://slamonline.com Anjoe Intal

    Return to Orlando. With turkoglu, the magic can beat the heat.

  • http://sdfjklf.com Jukai

    This is crap, and Hedo’s a hypocrite
    If you were fine with Dan Gilbert bashing Lebron, then you’re fine with Hedo doing the exact same thing, and yer not allowed to say anything about this matter.

  • The Philosopher

    Babies. All of them.

  • Vince5

    @ Hedo : Man, shut up! Like you’re the one to talk. This season was terrible, you played very poorly while getting big money. You don’t deserve to say those things.

  • ConeyIslander

    Why are we still talking about that team?! Lottery ticket punched!

  • http://twitter.com/HarryByrdMan44 LA Huey

    Hedo and B. Colangelo both suck.

  • floe

    unfortunately the raptors have been filling out seats via mediocrity while teams like miami were closing off sections even with one of the games most exciting superstars. lets face it colangelo ain’t going anywhere yet cos toronto loves a bit of flair.
    anyone willing to bet toronto wins more than 15 games this season?

  • http://slamonline.com Spaceship Jay

    Co-sign Darksaber.

  • underdog

    “Chris didn’t quit on the Raps, I did.” Hedo not necessarily add.

  • Joey

    I will start by saying VC has been traded twice, and the US is now seeing he is not the same guy the world loved years ago, so to continue to have him public enemy #1 is stupid, i feel nothing for VC as a fan, or non-fan, and it is time for toronto fans to let it go! the same cannot be said for Hedo Turkoglu, who may have been right about his criticism towards BC, but people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw heavy stuff! he did not bring it when he got here, and when in Phoenix, he will be a lot better, therefore #1 on toronto’s enemy list!

    Brian Colangelo looked like a bit of a chump by calling Bosh out after all this talk about him being the cornerstone of the franchise, as well when he felt we had a chance to re-sign him this summer as well, once the choice was made to go to South Beach, where his fame and notoriety would florish, since it seems no one knows how to help NBA superstars achieve that in canada (makes no sense) that being said, Bosh put in his work in Toronto for 7 years through good and bad, and to boo him would be a shame, but sadly is expected. The team as an organization needs to fix this, and quickly, or canada will not have an NBA identity except for when hoop it up comes to Canada!

    and Van City, you wish the NBA comes back, we all know how that nonsense ended, that’s why the team had to fold! there was far worse representation there than in Toronto, don’t forget that! LOLOLOLOL

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I’m still trying to figure out what Hedo said wrong?
    Talking bad about a player AFTER he leaves, seems like a chump move. Now, Hedo did play like a bum, but that wasn’t exactly surprising to anybody who had actually watched dude hoop. well, at least not to me.

  • Dagger

    Tell me again why we should shell out money to watch these overpaid, ignorant, arrogant morons play a game? This summer has been a continual display of all that’s wrong with the NBA. But the worst is yet to come: I can’t even imagine ESPN’s coverage of next year’s lockout.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I say don’t spend your money.
    I watch cause I like basketball played at its highest level. No more, no less.

  • Shem

    Brian Colangelo did absolutely everything to win. He wanted to build a team around Bosh and tried in so many ways to find the right fit. Scoring PG, in TJ Ford, he brang in a point forward in Turkoglu, he brang in a defensive center in Jermaine O’neal. He did absolutely everything. Chris Bosh is not a #1 guy on a winning team and never will be. I’ve loved him for 7 years but he’ll never be a #1 guy. I’m not hating, I’m stating. We’re going into a new era. For the first time in our 15 year history, the MLSE has given us the opportunity to go over the luxury tax. The Lakers, Celtics and Magic are all over the tax and are the teams that have made the finals the last 3 years. We broke one building down and now we gotta build it back up. We have to either hope one of our guys can be a #1 guy. Next year is Bargnani’s chance and we’ll see whether he is going to be on Dirk’s level or not. Dirk did say Bargnani was much better at his age then Dirk was. Demar DeRozan is killing the summer league. I’m just saying, you guys gotta understand we’re not that bad of a team and considering we’ve never gone over the tax and made the playoffs twice in the last 7 years shows we’re an average team and have the opportunity to be good. We’ve had good players come in, it just hasn’t worked around Bosh. As for Hedo, he should take his own advice.

  • Goattree

    I agree that Hedo sounds like an idiot, criticizing a team on which he was the second highest player, but maybe the 4th or 5th best producer.

    Also, for those posts at the top claiming what has BC ever done for Toronto? How quickly you forget that in his first season as the GM (not owner like many people are saying), they won 47 games AND their first ever Atlantic Division title. If Garbo still had an ankle that team would still be balling….his injury was the beginning of the end.

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    Hedo gets the big contract (yes the Raps will spend) after showing he could be really effective in Orlando the previous year. On paper it seemed like the Raps were making good moves to build a team around Bosh. Then after getting the money Hedo seemed to check-out, saying he was sick and then showing up in clubs eating pizza. If he would have focused on plyaing the way he had previously, then the Raps would have actually been much better and made the playoffs etc. Now for Hedo to ‘blame’ the organization/Coangelo is just BS. Like the Cavs situation, there are things that you try to keep internal to the organization while your ‘star’ is still there and you have opportunity to improve things going forward. So I don’t necessarily have too much issue with the fact that Gilbert or Colangelo expressed their perspective thoughts about what/how they saw things. (I do however think that Gilbert’s letter was over the top). In both the Cavs and Raps the teams seemed to really try to put the right peices together to make winning teams. In neither case did the moves really pan out, and both teams lost franchise players. Hedo needs to stop eating pizza and trying to bash the Raps.

  • i keep it real

    Well Turkoglu played like crap this year, he took a sick day right before a game, then was found at a club. And the only thing he did good in Toronto was a Pizza Pizza commercial and even that was mediocre cus his pronunciation was trash. And he is in no position to criticize the fraichise, he played like he was primitive, and if he wasnt happy he should have said something before the trade deadline and it is sad cus he lost his spot to Sonny Weems, which was a better move than signing him in the first place

    Raps > Turkocrap

    Weems > Turkocrap

  • riggs


  • jose

    Wade defends lebron and Turkoglu defends Bosh (kinda).lol but i agree w/ ya’ll very hypocrite he was by saying that

  • ALEX80

    Come back to phx.

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    My goodness. I don’t think someone who showed up fat, did not put in effort for a single game as a Rap, MALINGERED, and then has the cheek to grab like 17 rebounds in his final game, has the RIGHT to say something like this.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I don’t get how the fact that Turk was out of shape and played poorly impacts this situation. Do people honestly feel like Colangelo’s comments were the right thing to do?

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    Honestly, Hedo (and his wife) chose Toronto because it was a great place to live. It’s wholly his fault he got booed out of town because he friggin turned his back on the entire city. All this talk is just him trying to rationalize/justify his malingering act – the alternative is admitting to prospective new bosses (and his own deluded conscience) that he is a fat, overpaid quitter. As players go, Hedo is the most unprofessional slimeball I’ve had the displeasure of watching, in nearly 2 decades of watching ball, period.

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    @Allenp: “Why not have the guts to say it during the season”? Realistically, you just can’t, right? When Lebron quit in Game 5 for example, the whole world can say what was obvious to them, but within the team had they issued some statement that said “Lebron quit on us” at that point, would they have had a chance at all of him coming back? I feel it’s the same with the Raps. That said, it obviously is never a good thing to say this about your former All-Star. I just feel that Hedo is in utterly no position to criticize anybody at this point. He’s just being really defensive since he quit on the team himself.

  • kousinkar

    What’s the deal with NBA players not digging Toronto? I’ve visited a few times and found the city to be really diverse/multi-cultural, and from watching the games, it seems like they have a pretty solid fanbase.

  • rich

    the big deal is that no1 cares about them nd they wanna b treated like superstars. stars come to toronto and see that ppl treat them like a regular person and they think ” wtf im _____” nd because no1 will see them on tv if they are in canada

  • The Philosopher

    ^It’s the money.

  • http://shinefluid@aol.com CHI-TOWN SAID IT..


  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    Hey, want to be loved in Toronto? It’s pretty simple. Give a damn, show some fire. Throw a punch or something. Pick up your teammate who gets knee in the balls. It IS Colangelo’s fault for constructing a team that is mismatched defensively every time they take the floor. It ISN’T his fault that Hedo played like a spoiled brat every time he took to the court. Nobody gave less than Hedo last year.

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    “Why not have the guts to say it in the season” indeed. Guts? Hey Hedo, WHY NOT HAVE THE GUTS TO TALK ALL THIS TRASH WHEN YOU’RE IN TORONTO, AND NOT HIDING AT HOME IN TURKEY? Spineless.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Hedo was asked about Colangelo’s statement and he said it’s indicative of larger problems in the organization. Now, I understand that Toronto fans feel like he cheated y’all, but honestly I think dude had NO chance of living up to the hype of htat contract and his courtship. He did a poor job, but he was overpaid from the jump.
    And, I think he’s right to question why Colangelo would make those type of statements about a player the team was trying to resign a few weeks ago. Why would you want to bring a player back that you feel quit on you for half the season? That doesn’t make any sense, right?
    So that’s why it’s shady to me. You beg dude to play for you, then when he says “No thanks” you call him a quitter. Or like Gilbert, you take even worse shots. It’s lame to me.

  • http://www,myczechrepublic.com SAB

    i don’t get it. the Toronto team surely has a HUGE advantage over ALL the other teams. i.e. it’s not in USA! you only have to spend 41 nights in the crappy states (+playoffs (optional)), the rest of the team you can enjoy a GOOD country!

  • http://www,myczechrepublic.com SAB

    ….wrong audience, huh?

  • total scrotal implosion

    Im still salty spurs let stephen jackson (pa tx!) to bring in this defensive liability

  • JoeMaMa

    AllenP, you say that he was overpaid, and then you say he can criticize Colangelo, the guy that apparently gave him more than he deserved. What?
    Cosign Joel. I’m not so mad, but the guy needs to shut up and realize how badly he played and screwed the franchise. It’s called common sense, and he lacks it.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    I never thought he was a premier small forward. So, I didn’t think he should have been paid like one, which is why Orlando let him walk.
    Just because somebody gives you a lot of money doesn’t mean they are good at their jobs. But, He criticized Colangelo mainly for how he handled the situation. And, his comments only came after he as specifically asked to address the Bosh situation. People are acting like he just randomnly took a shot at Toronto and Colangelo, which didn’t happen.
    Colangelo kinda floated the idea that Bosh refused to come back fast enough from his injury and that was unprofessional and kind of slimy. That’s what Hedo criticized.

  • http://slamonline.com Ghost

    Dear Hedo,

    There once was a time when you were a respectable player that had a few teams drooling over your basketball talents due to your stellar play in Orlando. From the bottom of my heart I just want to congratulate you on successfully giving Bryan Colangelo the worst case of “blue balls” known to man, and with your departure I have one question for you…Why are you so fat? That is all.

    Ghost and Raptor Nation

  • http://www,myczechrepublic.com SAB


  • bnets

    da raptors are goin to be da worst team next season beating da 76ers worst all time record

  • Ngoie

    Cosign AllenP:

    I think Colangelo is bein hypocritical because if you think your franchiseplayer let the team down during the season why would you want to sign him to a MAX contract?
    Was he afraid that Bosh was actually the only ‘super’star that might have stayed in Raptorland?
    That must be the reason, cuz if one looks at Otis Smith and his comment to Dwight about stop bein a baby and start playing then you know he waited till Bosh was gone to badmouth him.

  • Sonicproof

    Move the Raptors to Seattle. Bring back the Supersonics!

  • Jon

    Wow people not wanting to play for an NBA team? Screw them and give me the job!

  • JoeMaMa

    AllenP: As a Raptor fan, I’m going to say that Hedo should keep his fat self from saying anything bad about the Raptors. His failures were abundant, and we gave him all the time and attention he needed to flourish. I don’t care if Jose Calderon comes out and says Colangelo made a pass at him in the dressing room, Hedo needs to shut the f*ck UP!
    He has no credibility with the fans or organization. Anything he now says concerning the Raptors should be laughed at, because he was so bad that he obviously is lashing out to make his sorry year look somewhat excusable.
    Having said that, I love Bosh, I think Colangelo said what he said because he was upset, and will let it pass with a very small shake of the head. I’ll cheer Colangelo’s efforts to get us wins, I’ll cheer Bosh’s return, and I’ll throw creamy garlic pizza sauce on the floor when Hefty Turgkoglumpy visits.

  • total scrotal implosion

    jon, i doubt youre competent for the available positions

  • http://slamonline.com the underrated one

    hedo needs to really stut his mouth and be glad that another nba team took a risk on him and his contract. this guy was the most lazy, overhyped, disinterested basketball player i have ever seen take a basketball court. the guy had one good game the entire season and it was agains the friggin knicks for crissakes!! and as for bosh quitting, i think that its trrue cuz you could say the same for lebron during gm 6 against the celtics. dude looked like he was makin errand passes on purpose

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    @Allenp: Bang on with your last statement. Neither Colangelo nor Gilbert would’ve said this had their guys re-signed. I agree with you, I don’t like how these two guys behaved; it’s not classy at all and makes their organizations look bad.

    Don’t want to make excuses either, but I just think Hedo should be the last one to say this.

    It was a bad contract that brought high expectations that got Hedo to town for sure, you’re right. Yet Hedo made those expectations redundant, since his behaviour last season wasn’t even that of an NBA player, it was far far below any reasonable standard you’d expect from any employee, anywhere.

  • http://joeloholic.wordpress.com Joel O’s

    @JoeMaMa: Entirely agree.

  • http://gmail dirty frank

    The Raptors have had issues even in good times. I remember an interview with TMac, (I don’t remember where), when he went to the Magic and he said it was like he’d gone to a different league because of how the team was run and the expectations on the players.

  • Ali Duyar

    Hedo said ”exactly” that, Colengelo doesn’t behaves like GM,he behaves like a ordinary fan.I am from Turkey and I watched that interview.Toronto fans arem angry with him,but think again Hedo gone,Bosh gone,Vince gone.Who has responsybility all about that?Now,who is the star of the Toronto?Andrei?

  • http://hoopistani.blogspot.com hoopistani

    Hedo was a bum all year, but he’s speaking the truth here

  • http://jayemmbee.blogspot.com/ ClutchPerformer

    BC shouldnt have said jack, cuz Bosh gave it his all, and all BC did was fill the team with euro crap, which brings us to Hedo, he shouldnt talk, i tried to like him but he did nothing, Hedo is public enemy number #2 after VC, because both of them lack effort and we dont respect that, Bosh is greatest raptor because of effort, BC has done good things for the team but also some dumb things, raps need to pull of a stellar move b4 the season starts for any saving grace to hold their heads up. but the raptors are in danger of falling in MLSE trap, the Leaf trap, put garbage on display and claim your changing but do nothing and over charge fans because you know they will keep coming and it up cuz its the only show in town, they already did it to Toronto FC, luckily they dont own the Blue Jays, not that it would work in MLB

  • truthteller

    In all fairness, Hedo may be correct but he is in no position to say those things because of his performance in Toronto. I actually forgot that he was in the NBA talk less of playing for the Raptors!

  • Migs

    I love how some of y’all are saying that they need to relocate the Raptors… as bad as the Raps have been in its 15 1/2 year existence, they’ve also managed to do well at making money. They were ranked 11th last year by Forbes in terms of team value and continue to sell tickets despite crappy post-season results.