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It’s Final: Rasheed Wallace Is Retiring

Contrary to Shaq’s rumor mongering, Rasheed Wallace is done with the NBA. At least that’s what his agent told the Boston Globe: “After weeks of speculation about his status for next year, Rasheed Wallace indeed plans to retire, according to his agent, Bill Strickland. Newest Celtic Shaquille O’Neal told reporters in Orlando this weekend that Wallace was rethinking his decision to retire and pleaded with the four-time All-Star to return for at least another season. Strickland told the Globe on Monday that his client will not return to the Celtics…Wallace has two years and $13 million left on his contract and the Celtics could reach a settlement with the power forward or trade his contract to a club who could receive the salary cap relief after the 2012 season.”

(H/T The Captain AKA The San Franciso Smasher)

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  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/features/overdribbling chiqo

    both teams played hard

  • fresh

    A very unique talent

  • Brian


  • a_whiteman

    It just won’t be the same without u sheed….If I was ainge I’d be calling NO to swap sheeds contract for posey

  • http://shinefluid@aol.com CHI-TPWN SAID IT JOE


  • http://google c_cantrell

    trade the contract in a heart beat

  • skillet forilla

    C’mon, Goon – say it ain’t so

  • http://sdfjklf.com Jukai

    Chiqo stole my respone, and probably a hundred other responses.
    Later, Sheed.

  • riggs


  • Bruno

    sheed you’ll be missed … ball don’t lie

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    In his career, Sheed went from one my least favourite players (during the the Blazers’ years) to one my favourites (Pistons, Celtics years). Dude was fun on the court, even more entertaining off-court, and always always real.

  • http://aol.com Run’N'Gun219

    sheed is my favorite pf of all time. and he would be a great couch. his bball iq is off the charts. just so misunderstood. bow out gracefully roscoe

  • http://www.springbored.net letsmotor

    at least he left of with the memory of some great defense and beautiful bank shots in game 7. damn. i’ll miss you, sheed.

  • J-MAC

    One of the best pf of this generation.

  • http://thosefishtacosarethetits.blogspot.com Th3_R3al_Chris

    Hopefully they can trade his contract for a backup 3…

  • Big Marv’

    i gues it’s final.

  • PlanetAsia14

    Dang, gonna miss Sheed. I loved his emotion and intimidation.

  • Mavro313

    Sheed was one of the greatest defending post man ever and was a real G

  • ab_40

    too bad. he was so talented. but what we got from him was great too. fun to watch. Hard worker when he felt like it. Was he a headcase? yes. but more importently was he a winner? also. I remember medvedenko pissing him off and him killing that dude for 5 straight poseesions. I’m gonna miss that. Somewhere dwight is feeling happy

  • http://www.pardonthedopeness.blogspot.com DP

    I’m very thankful for this news. Sheed a sucka. Only because he never lived up to his potential. He could have been one of the GREATS. Too busy trying to make people know he is hardcore.

  • markymark

    nooooo :(

  • Mike

    Thanks for 2004, Sheed!

  • MikeC.

    Got mad love for Sheed. Loved his game back to the Final Four days with Stack at UNC. His Bullets years were pretty raw. Every time he dunked it was like he was trying to set off car alarms in the parking lot. Over the years his game expanded. Sure, he shot too many 3s instead of grinding in the post. If he’d been a 100% low post player, his career might have been shorter due to wear and tear and we wouldn’t have been exposed to the full Sheed press conference and post-game arsenal. Hopefully we’ll see Sheed in a suit as an assistant in a couple years. Maybe he can co-coach with LB. Enjoy your golden years man. We’ll miss you.

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    That’s a lot of money to leave on the table. Guess he’s invested/saved well over the years – shows he’s smarter than what some people give him credit for. Ball don’t lie.

  • hammer

    Sheeeed! Been following him since he was w/my tarheels. Great great talent. Enjoyed him more when he was w/my homestate team p-town. Luved him as a blazer. My personal favorite blazer of all time. He was just misunderstood by the people here in oregon,the media and fans across the country. Seeing him play in portland was a gr8 experience. Unstoppable and beatiful jump shot. Can’t guard it. Could have been 1 of the gr8 pf’s of all time. He just didn’t want that. That’s not what he was about. The media really got on him saying he was a negative influence among other things. But truth is he was a team player and also note that not a single negative slur or comment has been made from his former teammates. They all luved him. Apparently he doesn’t want no1 2 ctc(cut the check) anymore. Already miss him!

  • total scrotal implosion

    Nope, we smoked it all. Kushbagsforsheed

  • http://www.twitter.com/gerardhimself Gerard Himself

    Schneezy, I demand a Sheed old school compilation of videos. Make it a good one! (not that I have the right the demand anything, but still, I like to think that I do)

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ


  • hammer

    B4 sum1 here points it out,I accidentaly 4got that there might b 1 former teammate that would disagree w/me:arvydas sabonis and the towel throwing incident. Now THAT was bad. ONLY tarnish on sheed as a bad teammate from what I could remember

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    Was showing up and playing woefully out of shape being a good teammate?

  • Tommy

    a very very smart move from him to retire though he could take that money while not playing in the regular season and just get it done in the post season. nevertheless i think he was a very special player who didnt play a role and was just himself. i loved to see him get after the refs even when they did a good job :) . we’ll miss u sheed.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ The Promise

    One of my favorite players ever. I will really miss seeing him freak out over bad calls. Peace out Sheed, the NBA won’t be completely the same without you in it.

  • BobbyD

    Ball don’t lie.

  • AL

    technical fouls called wi!! never quite be the same without you to compare it to in the L sheed..;)

  • http://www.twitter.com/TheDiesel Anton

    Both Sheeds played hard

  • http://nicekicks.com meloman2.0

    he played in AIR FORCES!! anyone who plays ball knows how hard that would be, especially against the best on the world. imagine what he would have done with legit ball shoes

  • roebro

    TNT, you’re on the clock…

  • TrailBlazing&SportingLisbon

    fu(k you Sheed! you had game but you was disrespectfull to some teammates and coaches, like trowing sh1t to their faces and all that…fu(k you very much..entertaining personallity and all but he was prolly the main catalist for the darkest era of the team I root for so fu(k him..COULDNT MAKE A J IN THE FOURTH QUARTER OF THE ECF IN 2000?? GO FU(K YOURSELF SHEED!

  • TrailBlazing&SportingLisbon

    i meant west finals not ecf obviously

  • http://www.slamonline melvin ely

    Hey Lisbon u mad? :)
    Although a little of the sentiment in what you said was true…Sheed was just sooo frustrating sometimes, he had the talent and the gifts to truly be great, not just 4-time all star 1-time champ great. I mean HoF great. But he had to throw it all away for being, well, for being him really. There was just something not right about that boy. But I digress, one of the most memorable players to play in our age. Good luck to him.

  • MikeC.

    We need RZA to do a remake of his early classic. “Ooooh…we love you Rasheed.”

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    Atlanta says a collective “thanks for the memories Sheed”.

  • Yesse

    Too bad. Well, atleast Shaq has more playing time now.

  • thurgod

    My favorite Hawks playa!

  • T-Money

    One of the most overrated players of all-time. Really arrogant until he catches his patented deer in the headlights look in the 4th quarter of most big games. If he goes into the HOF, then the institution is pretty much a joke.

  • Hussman25

    Sheed wil (eventually) get in the HOF. Book it!

  • ClydeSays

    Sheed might have never played to his full potential, but he was totally entertaining.

    It would be great if some Philly team hired him to do commentary…

  • http://big11mel@yahoo.com Big Mel

    I recall nobody on Portland could hit a jumper in the 4th and that was after Dunleavy took all his starters out to help blow the lead.

  • Brian

    Rasheed Wallace played in 177 playoff games. KG has played in 96. What is the point of playing?

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    @ melo, its not about the shoes..

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    i never really liked sheed to be honest.. and i hated him many times at some point, but i got respect for him overall, well goodluck dwight stopper..

  • T-Money

    brian: robert horry played in a billion playoffs games, d-fish too. sheed and kg can’t be compared because sheed never had to be the focal point of a team and played with more talent in detroit and portland than kg in minny. also, kg is twice the player that sheed is. / what is there to respect? he was lazy as hell on the boards. didn’t want to put in the work to improve his body or conditioning. shied away from responsibilities. constantly put his team in precarious situations by going off on refs. yeah, ok, he had talent. so what? he didn’t care enough to maximize that talent and we should applaud him for that?

  • vtrobot

    @ TrailBlazing&SportingLisbon: The JailBlazers era was soley Sheed’s fault? Wow. Bonzi, Qyntel, J.R., Z-Bo, “Kobe-stopper/Rapist” and none of those guys were responsible for those dark days? Hmmm. Sheed may have been part of the reason that the Blazers were in the WCFs. The Blazers got so much better when Sharif came to town. That was also coincidence that Sheed’s arrival put DET over the top? OK. I see. Thanks for clearing everything up. AND THANK YOU, RASHEED.

  • vtrobot

    oh, i love Sheed and there’s no f*cking way that he’s getting into the HOF. maaaaaybe for some of the T’s records, but that’s it. and one more thing to TrailBlazing&SportingLisbon, “disrespectful to some teammates”? how about “disrespectful to one teammate whose giant, lithuanian arm hit him hit him square in the face during a flop”. i loved sabas too, but the towel incident got a little overblown by the sheed-hating/sabonis-loving portland media.