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Melo Open to Multi-Year Deal with Rockets, Nets

by Ryne Nelson

Although strictly hypothetical, Houston and New Jersey can be added to the list of Carmelo Antony’s prospective destinations.

Chris Mannix of SI.com reports that Carmelo would “be open” to signing a long-term contract with one of those teams if he were acquired in a trade:

Multiple league sources familiar with his situation told SI.com that Anthony would also be open to signing a long-term deal with Houston or New Jersey should either of those teams offer the Nuggets an acceptable trade package.

Getting Anthony, 26, to agree to an extension is the key to any deal as he can become a free agent after the 2010-11 season. Denver has offered Anthony a three-year, $65 million extension, but he has balked at signing it and is reportedly looking for a way out.

There’s no reason that Denver has to be in a hurry, and we shouldn’t expect a deal until this February’s trade deadline. Once the Nuggets have checked out all offers, they’ll make a decision, though maintaining their franchise player remains the No. 1 priority.

The Knicks and the Magic are also involved in the current Anthony rumors.

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  • http://google c_cantrell

    wow.. rumors spread so fast on this site lol.. this is like lebron all over again.. i could see him landing in new jersey tho for sure.. promising future for that team with an owner who isnt afraid to throw some money out there.. the rockets.. cant really make any sense out of anthony goin to the rockets.. ming doesnt have long left and the team has many holes to be filled.. jus not a good fit

  • tgm

    melo is going to the nets! it is the best trade for all teams!

  • mIG

    brook lopez to the nuggets and some other dudes haha

  • mIG

    if they got brook lopez and some one to fill melos shoes to put up points like if jr smith stepped it up they would be gooood

  • todddd

    is there any possible way he could ever land on the lakers?

  • http://google c_cantrell

    they would most likely have to involve bynum in the trade but yes it could be done

  • mIG

    Derrick Favors and Brook Lopez and some other dude for melo to JERZEY haha that would be tight but i honestly dont want melo to leave hes a dumb ass he can win with the nuggets i dont get why you homos all say he cant i KNOW they can just wait till phil jackson retires next year and the lakers wont be so good… think about it THINK

  • MusketeerX

    If the Nets give up Favors and Harris (or Lopez and Harris), the team wouldn’t win anything. One of the worst records in NBA history… Adding melo to the mix doesn’t change much.

    Better bet would be the Rockets, but if you’re Denver what are you willing to take? Scola (slightly above average player), Yao (constantly injured and a good chance you’d only get 30 games out of him)… Brad Miller (decent player with a big body). Maybe Aaron Brooks? Everyone loves his bow ties! One helluva shot, too.

    If I am Denver, I look to to rebuild. I get young talent, like the Knicks have to offer, expiring contracts, and first round draft picks.

    Gallinari (making at most 5 million in 2013), Chandler (expiring after the 2012 season), Curry (expiring contract), and a first round draft pick. I may try to squeeze two first rounders out of them.

    The Knicks who are deep in the three spot can probably get away with this (though they may think its too much).

  • http://www.twitter.com/RealBisi Bisi

    I’m not believing any of this bull. The NBA wants to remain in the news. LeDecision all over again.


    This is not good news for the Knicks. :(

  • NBA kid

    I’m still hoping he goes to the magic. The southeast division would be insane

  • http://google c_cantrell

    ^nba kid..
    i would love to see that bro

  • NBA kid

    jameer/redick/melo/shard/dwight vs. chalmers/wade/bron/bosh/z would be a rivalry for the ages

  • total scrotal implosion

    The nets will have nothing left if they trade for melo. Houston? What would they trade? I dont like either senarios

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Here we go again…won’t be too long before Ric Bucher, Chris Broussard, Steven A. Smith, Worldwide Wes, that dude that hangs on the corner of your local 7-11 all start going on about how their “sources” claim he’s going to this, that and a third place. I bet Broussard and Bucher are grinning ear-to-ear knowing they’ll once again get a whole lot of airtime on ESPN…wouldn’t be surprised if one of them writes a book, “My Sources Confirm You Will Buy This Book” or something stupid like that. No hate for Melo though, he’s at least being pretty open about the whole thing.

  • http://gmail dirty frank

    @ NBA Kid – Z’s already been around for ages

  • http://gmail dirty frank

    Why does Melo want to leave? Denver’s a great city and the ownership has almost always put together a competative team. I know the current team doesn’t have what it takes to go to the next level but neither do any of the other teams he’s talking about, (especially if they have to trade for him). Why not just stay put and let them rebuild around him?

  • tgm

    troy murphy, traviw outlaw and for carmelo and the nets have a deal! it’s one of the best deal’s and maybe maybe if magic offer gortat and vince!

  • NBA kid

    dirty frank, I know but I needed to fill in someone for center position for the heat haha

  • Nova

    Isnt going to the rockets basically the same situation the Nuggets have?

  • JTaylor21

    If Melo lands in HOU, the Lakers will began to sweat and panic even more. It’s already hard enough to contain ABrooks, then you throw in a healthy Yao Ming and then the best scorer in the NBA, the Lakers easy a** road through the western conference just gets a lot much tougher. Not to mention one of the best coaches of all-time and a pretty nice supporting cast. It could be Clutch City all over again. A Melo/YMing/ABrooks vs Bron/Wade/CB finals would be one for the century.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    ^^^Lakers are really sweating the Rockets. Melo on the Nuggets are a bigger test, than him on the Rockets Cat. LOL!!!

  • The D Train

    Trust me, from the fan of a team that was one of the top 2 or 3 teams in the running for Lebron and Wade, let’s just say that fans of these supposed front-runners should just relax and see what, if anything, happens. In my drunken times, I made some comments about “if Wade or Lebron signs in Chicago…” that my buddies are now throwing in my face like so many Peter North man-made-mayo grenades.

  • JTaylor21

    Kobe’s seed please name one big on the nuggets who remotley close to being as good as Yao and with Billups age, ABrooks is his equal if not a better player than him. Then throw in a coach who has given the Lakers and PJax way more trouble than any other coach. What do you have; a better team and situation than the nuggets. The nuggets peaked about 2 years ago and they still could not take the lakers to more than 6 games while the rockets a few years back took the lakers to a game 7 WITHOUT both T-Mac and Yao. The seed, u are out of your league when to comes to discussing REAL basketball topics. Stick to your fantasy/La La land where you can focus solely on worshiping the Black Mamba.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Co-sign D Train. Every time I hear a Bulls fan say “We might get ‘Melo!” I just wanna slap ‘em. Like…don’t y’all remember we went through this already? Hopefully the fans of these other cities don’t get too caught up in this. And LOL at the Peter North reference.

  • Severus

    Yao, Kevin Martin and a draft pick for my man melo

  • Tony

    Isnt Carmelo and Amare too offensive minded to play together? and i dont think he should go to a franchise that doesnt have bright title chances, Houston looks like the best place right now

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ The Promise

    I’ll agree with JTaylor on this one, they add Melo, who, in that system, would probably average like 35ppg, And if Yao comes back, Melo could carry the scoring load, aloowing Yao to cruise through the season and he could turn his game up come playoff time, he would be a nightmare for Bynum to guard, because of his limited mobilty. Add Brooks, Scola, and Hayes, and you have a formidable lineup. But I still think Melo will land in New York either at the trade deadline or after the season. Denver might as well trade him, or they are just gonna lose him for nothing. I still don’t like how he’s handling the situation. LeBrick has started a trend, now, when superstars decide they don’t wanna play in their city anymore, either they just get on Twitter and throw their franchise under the bus, or rub it in even worse by getting on national TV and letting everyone know where they are going, most likely to a superstar-laden team so they can pile up rings and get all the glory. I won’t pull any punches on Melo, he’s a punk just like LeBrick, they are in the same boat.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Yao first off is not healthy and Bynum would eat him up. Lakers can put Shannon on Brooks now or even let Kobe guard him straight up to slow him down. The Nuggets/Dallas was the only two teams I felt could have put the Lakers out last year. The Houston seven game series two years ago, was the will of artest to challenge kobe and the Lakers. Not Houston overall team play. The Nuggets lost their coach, Billups could not run the team. The nuggets coached by karl or a better coach have a real shot this year to put the Lakers out. Nuggets have plenty of inside pressence and to me with Melo/Billups have the best chance to unseed the Lakers. Maybe you need to stick to corny punchlines. BOOK IT!!

  • http://nicekicks.com meloman2.0

    Going to the Rockets would make no sence… their team is exactly like the nuggets team right now (assuming Yao stays forever injured). The Nets would probably be a better fit, seeing as u have the most talented Centre in the east ( Offensively atleast) and D harris… Orlando would be the best place though

  • http://twitter.com/darrellma dma

    @bisi i agree this is nothing, just the nba trying to steal the spotlight from the nfl again like the dress code and ball a few years back. david stern always has something new to make us talk

  • JTaylor21

    Kobe’s seed who was the last player Bynum has even come close to destroying. Stop gassing dude up like he’s shaq and wilt combined. Also all of a sudden the nuggets have great inside presence, where was all that great presence during the Lakers series? The major reason LA beat Den was because the nuggets couldn’t handle Gasol/Odom/Bynum. And you’re gonna let shannon brown guard one of the fastest guards in the league or even Kobe who would get torched because Brooks’ like Rondo except with a way better jumpshot and great 3pt range. The reason Hou took La to 7 gms that one year was because of their great team play and defense not artest alleged will to challenge Kobe. Stop looking at the game of basketball as a one on one challenge but rather as a team game, it will help you realize that kobe’s teammates not him are the main reasons for his 5 chips. You can try to act like you know what the hell your talking bout, but everybody knows that when it comes to discussing the game of basketball, my records impeccable.

  • tavoris

    the Rocket’s don’t have anybody Denver would want. And I’m sure the one guy on the Nets they want (Lopez) is pretty much untouchable. Man up and play out ur contract Melo. The grass is NOT greener on the other side.

  • tavoris

    Oh, and neither Brown nor Kobe can stay in front of Aaron Brooks. The players who can stay in front of him=Russell Westbrook. NO ONE ELSE.

  • ethan

    if melo wants a winning team he wouldnt do the trade and would just sign withthe knicks or nets

  • http://www.twitter.com/TheDiesel Anton

    Favors is great and everything, but I don’t see the Nets as free agent magnets beyond over paying for role players.

  • The Philosopher

    Jtaylor21 gettin’ it in.
    Preach to the masses, brethren!

  • Shem

    Troy Murphy, 1st and 2nd round, cash, Devin Harris for Ty Lawson and Melo!

    Lawson, T Will, Melo, Favors, Lopez. That trade definetly favors the Nets but remember expiring contract and the Nuggets would get something rather then Melo just leaving.

  • http://hoopmixtape.ning.com/ Simon S.Y Lawy

    @jtaylor, Lakers is the champion, it’s the reality. Stop the hate, KOBE is the BEST

  • http://hoopmixtape.ning.com/ Simon S.Y Lawy

    @jtaylor, i don’t think Jordan or Magic coulda win the ring all by himself, neither the great KOBE, they all have great teammate

  • NBA kid

    jtaylor just really bugs me with his comments cause he never backs up anything he says with concrete proof. he makes assumptions and then uses subjective “facts” as evidence. I’m with the seed on this one, only because he has constructed a better argument

  • jb

    Being from Bmore and being around people in the know all I have to say is this Melo will not be back in Denver. There is one place he wants to go even though it might not be worked out and that’s L.A.

  • Nick the Quick

    How quickly a post about Melo quickly devolves into a Kobe/Lebron love/hate debate.

  • Ali

    Melo and alot of NBA fans understand that Denver’s window to finally beat the Lakers and get over that hump is just about closed!. Never gonna happen. They’ve gotten close and have had some nice teams through the years though. Going to Rockets/Nets or any of the other middle/lower half teams in the league aint gonna do shi* to get him to that ring. He’ll get a huge payday which is coo…but he will never win anything. Any top tier team that goes after him be prepared to say goodbye to 2 or 3 of your best players and start re-building!

  • JoeMaMa

    I’m going to start a petition, advocating that every post on this site MUST descend into LeBron/Kobe sucks/rules. And occasionally a joke about Ron “he so crazy” Artest (that will also devolve into LeBron/Kobe shenanigans)

  • robz


  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    LOL @ The Seed: Bynum would eat Yao up? Like when he said how “excited” he was to get a chance to prove himself against Yao Ming but couldn’t stay in the game for more than 20 minutes due to foul trouble? Bynum is good but he isn’t eating anyone.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    @ MusketeerX: Scola is not just a “slightly above average player.” He’s actually pretty d@mn good and one of the most skilled post players we have left in the NBA.

  • http://soundcloud.com/boy-sanchez Boy Sanchez


  • http://www.twitter.com/TheDiesel Anton

    This league needs competitive balance and better officiating. I’m sick of superteams and bottom feeders and rigged games. Unfortunately, the league cannot regulate the wimpification of players.

  • rikson

    Maybe win something before acting like a FA-diva… Im sick of Melo – so overrated!

  • Ali

    Word up Anton! Alot of these new era of NBA superstars just don’t get it. That’s why it’s always enlighting to see young cats like D. Rose, B. Jennings, Derron Willims, Gay, Mayo, Roy, Josh Smith, Iguodala, M. Ellis, Aldridge, M. Gasol, Stuckey, Westbrook, Horford, E. Gordon, Al Jefferson, Rondo, A. Bynum, Durant, D. Howard, etc (sorry if I missed your fav young gun). Notice anyting about these cats! They ball out, no matter what the situation, leave it all on the court, wihtout all the media statements, excuses and b.s. For every media whore NBA player there a few cats that will keep what they do/decide on the low until decision time and just give their fans old and new everything they have until then. That’s all us true NBA fans want.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    LMFAO @ The Seed.
    You have absolutely NO idea what you’re talking about do you? HAHA.
    Houston wouldn’t trade Yao.
    It’d be for Kevin Martin and 2 first-round draft picks. We have New York’s first-rounder this year, and our own.
    I imagine Jordan Hill might get packaged as well.
    Aaron Brooks would be the logical choice to send over, since Billups is ageing now, but Houston will want to hold onto him pretty badly. (He’s still on his rookie contract anyways).
    IF Scola goes, then it means that Jordan Hill has played well enough to earn the starting spot throughout the season.

  • JoeMaMa

    Hursty, I like you because you remember Jordan Hill. I like D’Antoni, for the most part, but I don’t get why he didn’t play a raw rookie who needed experience on a lotto team. No way was he that bad. Hopefully Hill gets some good burn this year as we wait for Yao.
    And Melo, I think, will push for the East, not South. Houston is nice, but he knows that New York has Deep Pockets Dolan, big media, money making ops, and his wife is from there. Coupled with Amare and whoever else Donnie/Isiah(!?!?) gets, they’ll contend.

  • dsleepy

    @ The Seed: Bynum would “eat up” Yao? what ru smoking?!…Yao Ming is the best offensive big in the NBA, when healthy, and causes havoc on D because of his sheer length, size, and IQ. Bynum isn’t even CLOSE to stopping Yao on either end of the floor. this must be one of those things where you overhype your own player that you support in your mind, so you imagine he’s better than he is when stacked up against the best, but make no mistake about it: Yao >>>> Bynum. in 5 yrs, it might be dif. but thats the way it stands right now.

  • http://www.slamonline.com J

    Look at this idea…. Melo and a filler to the Clippers for Kaman, Gordon, plus picks.. Nuggets get an all star center, great for all their fragile bigs, and a rising star in Gordon.. Melo goes to a big city with solid teammates in Baron, Griffin and co. He also gets into a big city, good for him and Lala, he stays in West. Both teams are playoff bound. Win-win.

  • http://mogodude22@yahoo.com mogodude22@yahoo.com

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  • kundai

    Ok im gonna set everything in stone here we all know that orlando is the best situation hands down in terms of offense and defence. Melo and dwight howard can do damage. If they get good chemesrty with rasad melo dwight and nelson that can work. then the whole eastern allstar team would be in the state of florida haha.

  • Esteban lopez

    Dear, Mr. Carmelo Anthony will u please come to the rockets for shane battier and jared jeffries

  • kundai

    @ali so you basically mean anyone that isnt from the 2003 draft lol.

  • Ali

    Noted kundai. Ok lets say that happend (IT’S NOT!) So these guys are gonna play 48 min per game? Who’s the 6, 7, 8, 9th guy coming off the bench gonna be? Can someone please use some common sense and put some reality into this FA media b.s. Melo stay classy and keep your people, agent and wife from talking to the media. Handle your business behind close doors, come out for the Reg season ready to get it like you always do, and let the chips fall where they may. If this mess continues I can see the entire fan base in the Pepsi Center booing his every move on the court, until he’s traded.

  • BK Chris

    NJ shouldn’t attempt a trade because in order to get Melo they would be trading away any reason for him to resign with them. They’d have to give up good young talent in Terrance williams (due for a breakout season), Derrick Favors and devin harris for a 1 year rental. The Nets even with Melo and without those guys aren’t getting out of the first round in the East because they would have no depth.
    If Melo is as in love with NY as everyone says he is, they can just wait til the off season to sign him. they are better off saving their trade chips for Cp3 next summer when he has more leverage.
    If the Nuggets are truely getting the vibe that he’s already out the door, their best bet is to trade him before the season starts because he can get injured and not become trade eligible before the deadline then hey would definitely be losing him for nothing!
    p.s @ Hursty: Even that starting 5 in Hooston isn’t getting past the Lakers, Blazers, Jazz or thunder in the playoffs!

  • Ali

    @ kundai, Not a slam on 03′ draft but that is
    pretty funny…

  • jerry25

    Nets will not give up Brook – Period.
    And when has a top 3 draft pick been included in a trade to get a superstar – It doesn’t happen, so I doubt Nets would give up Favors.

    It is in Melo’s best interest for his Nets team to have their best players intact after completing this Sign & Trade. Melo should restrict his team selection so that Denver would be forced to accept less (The Knicks are eliminated however, because the best they can offer is Gallinari and a 2014 1st round pick.

    Nets will give up Travis Outlaw, Troy Murphy and maybe 2 first round picks (they have 2 from 2012) and 2nd round picks.

    Harris is possible if they get back Ty Lawson and if TWill looks good.

    Remember that Outlaw can’t be traded until Dec. 15, so nothing happens before then.

    By Dec. 15 the value of all the players will be better known.

    Nets would be an elite team by end of this season and moving on up as TWill, Favors, Lopez and Damion James develop.

    Go NETS!

  • phil

    @ TheSeed, you just got eaten up bro

  • jerry25

    You (and many people in the media) don’t understand that NO TEAM will trade for Mello outright.

    Melo will HAVE to be part of a S&T where the new team (The Nets) would assume his 3 year extension for 65 million. That is in Melo’s best interest too and he has to agree to a S&T. $65 million is a large price to pay, in light of the expected new CBA.

    And as I mentioned, if Melo was smart he would limit the teams he would consider to 1 or 2, so that the pricetag would be less. Nets will mostly give draft picks.

    Some people in the media don’t want the rest of the Nation to realize that playing with the Nets is the same as playing with the Knicks, if his wife is interested in an acting career, based in New York.

    Any of the Nets families can live across from Central Park, and any of the Knicks families can live in the better communities of New Jersey. Melo’s wife is from NJ, with relatives in Brooklyn, where Melo was born.

  • Ali

    @BK…man much appreciated! Break that shi* down to us…I see the light. The wifey and her career are one of the factors in this whole thing too. Got it, I’m gone…


    Kenyon Martin, who is also in the last year of his contract, said he understands Anthony’s situation, according to the report. “I’ve been there. I turned down $66 million in New Jersey and everybody thought I was crazy,” Martin said, according to the report. “My thing is, everybody is rushing this man to sign the extension. Why are they rushing him? He has until July to sign the thing, so why rush? The money will still be on the table.” That’s REAL TALK Kenyon! Carmelo should just play it out this season in Denver. He owes his Nuggets teammates 1 more season. Coach Karl, K-Mart, JR Smith, Carmelo (Player Option), Nene (Player Option), and Chauncey Billups (Team Option)…ALL those guy could potentially leave the Nuggets as free agents next summer. 1 more season together, to have another swing at the crowned Lakers. 1 more year in Denver, and if they win a chip, they can keep it together, and if they don’t, Melo explores other opportunities as a free agent. This would be a wise business decision on Carmelo Anthony’s part. In my honest opinion, at the end of the day, when Melo is ready to retire, Melo will have amassed the same fortune he would have made if he signs that extension in Denver, or if he waits until there is a new CBA to sign a new contract with the Knicks/Nets. The potential money Melo could make through endorsements playing and winning in New York is the juice, and in my honest opinion, the juice is worth the squeeze. Bottom line, FOOLS RUSH IN, so let that extension sit on the table. Honor your contract with the Nuggets, and then hopefully, the Knicks can sign him, and they didn’t have to give anything up to get him. This is the best strategy for TEAM MELO.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    This isn’t a question of Melo “manning up.” He plans to play out his deal, and possibly opt out.
    The Nuggets don’t want to risk that, so they are talking about trading him.
    I don’t see what Melo is doing wrong.

  • http://nicekicks.com meloman2.0

    @ Ali: umm, can u give me a direct quote from Melo? saying he wants to be traded or goto another team? NO, u can’t. Melo has been going about his business quietly without causing a circus ( ala Lebron, wade, and bosh). If certain “sources” say he wants out, thats their word… but Melo has stayed classy this whole time and i dont expect that to change any time soon

  • kundai

    @IAMORANGE4EVER..true i think he should play his as^ out this season. for the nuggetts. Also they werent that bad last year if krl comes back they are number 2 or 3 in the west with OKC. so they can still make noise. and its not like they can’t beat the lakers at all. They beat them 2 out of 3 last year. and if it wasnt for ariza the serie in 2009 might have been the nuggets. So they should go one more time he can again prove his worth. if he were to move once the season is over he can go to a team without the team losing the assets he wants to go there for. if im orlando im geting some space read with guys like gortat who want to leave anyway. Not to the extent that your screwed over like the knicks andnets this summer but enough to show melo this is the spot if you wanna team up with superman.

  • kundai

    But i do have a question for everyone. Dont you think another spot that he should consider is portland. Brandon Roy/Carmelo Anthony. with the solid role players they have there. I dont know there cap situation but thast a great place to be in the west if you want to contend with the up and coming teams at the lakers no?

  • BK Chris

    @ Jerry in a guaranteed scenario do you honestly believe melo would want to be traded to a new jersey team who only won such little games last year because they are no where near as good as denver is now even with melo. So your basically saying melo wants to get traded from a(borderline) contender to a rebuilding situation? If thats the case your saying he’s not intrested in winning at all which basically defeats the purpose of leaving denver in the first place.

  • Hurricane


  • kundai

    Michael jordan is the hands down greatest of all time damn kobe is never gonna get as close until he starts winning mvps outta his butt

  • kundai

    and dont say he’s gonna win more championships so hes the greatest winner either. Bill russell is teh greatest winner of all time.

  • http://null.com Reemo

    Rondo >> Aaron Brooks

  • http://slamonline.com Krishan

    You know what I’d do if I own the nets and denver told me that they’d give me anthony for brooke lopez + pieces/draft picks/money? I’d wake up. Seriously, if anyone here thinks that new jersey would EVEN hesitate to go greenlight this deal, you need to have a CAT scan.

  • unrel

    blah blah blah is all i see in comments.. melo isn’t going to houston.. he’s a top 10 dude in the league.. not sure why denver would trade him within the same conference.. so don’t expect that.. and even if he does go to houston through a trade.. expect aaron brooks to be a part of it (even through an added team).. houston has no one anywhere near the worth of melo.. unless they trade yao and half the chinese pop..

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    Then you run into the issue of whether you can convince Melo that he has a reason to stay with your team. You have to have enough pieces to compete, or enough cap space to get competitive in a hurry. I don’t know what Jersey has right now, so i can’t say. But, Carmelo understands that the East is probably more stacked than the West right now, so he’s going to have some qualms abotu re-signing with a team that isn’t strong.
    It’s the same argument folks were making for why trading Lebron would have been difficult.

  • unrel

    i skimmed and saw someone say the lakers have an easy road to the finals.. not sure why some people think that.. no matter who comes out the west.. would have a hard road.. not just the lakers.. the west had every playoff team with 50+ wins LAK (1st) and OKC (8th) were separated by only 7 games.. where as the Cavs (1st) and Chi (8th) were 20 games..

  • kundai

    @unrel.. i think what tehy mean by that statement is that even though the lakers arent far away in season records playoff experience along with mid-aging players ets them apart form the pack. San Antonio, dallas, Pheonix they have the playoff experience but are too old. The thunder and the kinda revamped jazz are too young to really pose a huge threat to the lakers.

  • unrel

    @kundai.. great points.. but it’s just hard for me to accept that coming out the west is an ‘easy road’.. even if OKC upset the lakers in the first round.. that wouldn’t seal the deal for a finals appearance.. out west (at least in the 2010 playoffs).. any two teams could have been in the WCF.. where as for the ECF, only bos/clev/orl were the only teams that had a ligit lock-in for the finals.. but, again.. great points Kundai..

  • RV

    The rockets have many holes?? They have an above average player at every position, 4 of 5 can average 20 a game on a team with less talent, and all of their back ups could start for a lot of teams. They can run, play half court, like 9 of their top 10 guys shoot better than 75% from FT and have two of the best at drawing fouls in Lowry, martin, and yao. They have a traditional shot blocker in yao and one in the perimeter in battier. Where are these “holes”?

  • ripslam

    Seriously. If an article has “league sources” anywhere in it, you can take it with a dump truck of salt.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    OK, everyone thinks Yao is better than he was. Bynum can contain a unhealthy Yao. Whats wrong with yall cats, also Brooks can be contained with Shannon or Kobe guarding him. I would let Brooks take those 3 point attempts, its not like he is automatic from the 3 point line. Brooks key is getting inside the lane like Rondo, The Lakers game plan against Rondo in this Finals can be applied to Brooks. Yes he can shoot better, but if he forces up shots, like he is prone to do, then his speed is not a benefit anymore. Brooks is good, but come on with him and Yao and Melo is a better team. Melo on the Nuggets is a greater test for the Lakers than Melo on the depleted Rockets. If Rockets had Artest with those three then it would be a different story. Lakers have found a way three straight years to make the Finals and please remember folks, Rondo speed and quickness was not the key to the 2008 Celtics winning. It was the soft inside play of the Laker frontline that got out rebounded, that killed the Lakers, Leon Powe looked all world that series. So to all that think Bynum can’t guard and ageing, hurting, barely can move YAO. Yall need to BOOK IT!!!

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    The Seed: Did you even watch the series two years ago? Artest was my favorite player that year and even I can safely tell you it was NOT “the will of Artest against Kobe” (WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!) that forced seven games, it was the TEAM PLAY led by Aaron Brooks. Which is why Artest didn’t shoot well after the first 2-3 games. Please get your facts right.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Also, Brooks is actually pretty damn good from 3–that’s one of his strengths. He’s a better 3 point shooter than any player on the Lakers. And no, Kobe Bryant cannot guard Aaron Brooks, nor can Shannon Brown.
    And Yao Ming never relied on athleticism throughout his career, so an unhealthy but incredibly skilled and still 7’6 Yao can own Bynum. I’m sorry, but Bynum is nowhere near as good as Yao at this point.
    And dude, you are overrating Artest’s role on the Rockets. He was my favorite player that year but the Rockets were great all-around, and still are. Artest was fantastic but remember Aaron Brooks was, at that time, nowhere near the player he was last season and Scola has only gotten better.

  • JTaylor21

    That’s why I fu*ks with Teddy-the-Bear. He’s actually someone who watches basketball and talks like someone who knows exactly what the HELL he’s talking bout unlike The SEED. Yao has never been a great athlete and never been a quick player, so how is Bynum gonna be able to contain him. Yao’s the best mdrange shooting big man in the league besides Dirk while bynum struggles when he has to step outside the paint. Also there’s no way in hell that an aging Kobe or non-defensive Shannon brown can stay with and contain one of the fastest guards in the league. If you give him space like the lakers did to rondo, he will kill you from the perimeter. Play him to close and he will blow by anyone and finishes nicely around the rim.

  • http://www.hibachi20.blogspot.com Hursty

    Seed, you’re an idiot. Just give up.

  • Mirsad Turkcan

    LOL! The seed has no idea what he is talking about! Yeah let AB take open 3s all day, would love to see that! You should get a job putting together the Lakers scouting reports together. LOL!
    Then I also read someone talking about NY trading picks for Mello… Hello?! The Rockets have NYs picks pretty much for the next two years cause of the SheMac trade.

    Battier, JJ, Hill, NYs picks, and cash for Mello


    Lowery, CBud, Patterson, Rockets picks, and cash for CP3

    Lebron (LRMR) is going to convince them (Mello and CP3) to stay in the west so they can meet in the finals for the next half decade. LRMR doesnt want its guys bumping heads till the finals. They realize how strong the market in Houston is with its globalization.


    Oh yeah gotta use the 6 mil trade exception the rockets just got on the cp3 trade but all the money works. That cash is thrown in so Battier can be bought out and return to the Rockets after a month a la Big Z with the cavs last year.

  • kundai

    oh ya THE SEED is very bias very very bias on this one you can tell. and bynum is not that good he is overpaid potential and a body that they put in the way of other players. The other thing i would liek to bring up is that since 2008 kobe bryants defense has sucked as$ he is only making the all defensive team casue of his name. they guy is not as good as he once was on defense. Against paul pierce someone just as slow its easy to say kobe is a good defender.

  • tavoris

    Allenp-his whole “not deciding” reeks of trying to force the Nuggets into a sign-and-trade. I don’t think he’s doing anything wrong either-as I’ve gone on record many times about the Nuggets being “fools gold”.



  • http://google c_cantrell

    ^the seed..
    dude brooks won the ncaa 3 point shoot-out

  • jerry25

    @BK Chris from Jerry:

    With the addition of Troy Murphy, the Nets, if they make no further trades this year should win about 40-43 games, without having everything go right for them. That is not a Re-building team, even though they would get better yet, in subsequent years, because they are so young.

    And if Melo was added without giving up too much other than 2 1st round draft picks and Travis Outlaw, they would be an elite level team in the East. If they had to forfeit Troy Murphy to make salaries match, then they would be an elite team next year.

    Melo would come to Nets because his wife wants to live in the New York area, where her acting job would be located and where her relatives live. She grew up in New Jersey and Melo was born in Brooklyn.

    Yes, he would be in a better situation for both himself and his wife with the Nets.

    The Knicks best draft pick to offer is for 2014 (although Knicks could be one of the worst teams in NBA that year.

  • cbchris44

    Most of you fools talkin down on Houston are pretty f***’n stupid obviously they have more talent then new york or nj just look at last years records. New york only got slightly better stadumires stats are highly over inflated by playing next to one of the best pg’s in history Nash… whos going to be dishing him them ball now? Raymond f***’n Felton?!? haha!! they lost two very good players tring to get LeBron!! The rockets won 42 games with a 6’6 center! now they got yao back brought in brad miller kevin martins first FULL year with the rockets got rid of that piece of crap ariza, and we got Dumb@ss new yorks roster picks. Houston has the best chance for melo let me not get on last years worst team in the leauge NJ.

  • Pingback: Melo Open to Multi-Year Deal with Rockets, Nets | Houston Rockets

  • jufu

    @cbchris44 let me say right now that nj was definitely not the worst team in the league. on paper they’re as good as a near-top tier team. give them a couple of points here and there and youd be trashing the knicks next. hop back on to world of warcraft and stop talking like you know $h1t.

    Devin Harris
    Travis Outlaw
    Terrence Williams
    Carmelo Anthony
    Brook Lopez

    the nets are coming. and we’re hungry. cbchris44 if you tell me we dont have a shot at melo get the hell out of your rock and follow basketball.

  • Hamdidy12

    ohhhhhkayyy now…im about to get into this, someone with great knowledge about the NBA, and the rockets. and i like the way jtaylor and teddy bear are talking cause you guys are speaking the truth and backing up with factual evidence. about theseed….like dude just stop it right now cause everything you say just sounds soo stupid! like seriously the statements about ‘bynum eating up yao’ and 7 games series going that far on the shoulders of Ron Artest??? or the will you say??? come on! you obviously didnt watch that series like i did..every second of it! if you know the series, or simply if you know the rockets, they are a team that has always been about chemistry, team work, dedication, and a team that always gives it their all on the court. one of the best chemistry teams in the NBA. not alone speaking about there great scrap players who work so hard (LOwry, scola, used to be Landry, hayes, and most importantly shane battier) no one in the nba compares to wat shane does…all of his ‘non-statistic’ type stuff he does really makes him a true MVP in this league. that series was led by brooks and the team chemistry, and would have clearly been won with the help of Yao.

  • Hamdidy12

    alsoooo, ron artest shot horrribbly after the first 2 games of the series..okay yes he gave kobe a hard time throughout the series which was extermely helpful but his offensive game was really bad and we needed him but he didnt show up..speaking about the topic really, i dont think carmelo will come to houston just cause for the rockets personally we will be giving up to much, i think with the let go of ariza we earned a lot of salary cap space which will allow us to earn anoother great player during the season which will help the team. melo would be great but would tear up this team from the soul of which it has been based on for many years. this team is not ready to start over and rebuild yet, they have a couple more runs in them….releasing a battier, hayes, and maybe a brooks in which we would have too would hurt us really bad

  • Hamdidy12

    hahahah im still laughing at the comment about bynum can hold yao. its simple and theres no argument in this discussion. YAO (2 YRS AGO WHEN HE WAS HEALTHY) IS THE BEST BIG MAN IN THE LEAGUE. only dumb people wuld say dwight howard is, all the nba analysts agree, everyone agrees. yao is a big man that has a lethal turn around shot, yet alone is shot period is gonna fall no matter where he is on the court, one of the few big man that the NBA has ever had that can shoot free throws like him. u dont send him to the line at all cause he’s gonna hit his freethrows. he increased his size and stature to make him a lot more stronger and dominant when it comes to the low post and his defense is outstanding. dwight howrad simply doesnt compare AT ALL!