Thursday, September 9th, 2010 at 10:00 am  |  10 responses

Nick Van Exel Joins Hawks Coaching Staff

Nick the Quick will play the role of Player Development Instructor in the A: “Hawks head coach Larry Drew has finalized his 2010-11 coaching staff with the hiring of former pro Nick Van Exel to the position of Player Development Instructor, it was announced this afternoon. Van Exel, comes to Atlanta from Texas Southern University, where he served as an assistant coach. ‘We’re very excited to add Nick to the staff,’ said Drew. ‘I think he brings a wealth of knowledge to the position, and given his past experiences, he’ll be really vital to the development of our young guards, particularly Jeff Teague and Jordan Crawford. With the staff we currently have on board, I believe Nick will do a tremendous job for us moving forward.’”

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  • http://hurricane823@yahoo.com jusitn

    he will b a good coach for them to have

  • http://slamonline. The Black Rick Kamla

    that makes me happy!!!!! :) He can teach a few things to the young fellow Teague!

  • LB

    Oh wow. What can Nick Van Exel teach young cats? How to jack up fadeaway 3s early in the shot clock? Is he going to teach his players how to lead a mutiny against coaches like he did while he was with the Nuggets? I was the biggest Nick Van Exel fan growing up, but damn, I never expected him to become a coach.

  • IDOT

    This is probably the smartest thing the Hawks have done all offseason besides drafting Jordan Crawford.

  • ClydeSays

    Good for him, but yeah, based on his playing career I wouldn’t have pegged him as a coach. Who’s next? Sheed? Antoine Walker?

  • The Philosopher

    Nick Van Exel has a degree.

  • unrel

    player development, guys.. not a coach..

  • hammer

    Nick the quick van excellent. Nice 2 c him back n the nba. But slam,we really need an fots on him. Hopefully its soon

  • unrel

    @hammer.. i agree.. the left handed, wrap around, behind the back pass to the guy in front of him to his left??!?!!?.. one of the sickest passes i’ve seen..

  • http://vanexel31@hotmail.com Nick’s biggest fan

    Heck yeah that was a sick pass!!! One of the top 5 EVER!!! I am so happy he is back in the league…and I know he will be fabulous in Atlanta!