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Allen Iverson: Officially Bound for Turkey

The word from the A.I. camp is out, and they’ve officially declared that they’re on their way to Istanbul. Larry Brown expresses the sadness that all Iverson feel today. From the Philly Daily News: “A media advisory sent last night said the former 76ers star agreed in principle to a 2-year, $4 million contract with Besiktas, a professional team in Turkey. He is expected to sign his contract this weekend and begin his overseas career the week of Nov. 8. Iverson is expected to attend a news conference at 2 p.m. today at the St. Regis Hotel in New York … ‘It’s sad, having him have to go to Turkey to finish his career,’ Larry Brown, his former Sixers coach, said the other day. ‘I wish there were some way I was in a position to help. You don’t want to see him end his career this way.’”

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  • IHaveADream

    People are still scared of AI. The bad guy of the league still. The real dude. The guy who told LeBron years ago that after one mistake, the people who loved him would turn on him…look how that has now come to fruition. I wonder why we have not heard from him. I’m tired of the Gary Moore quotes, we need to hear from AI…his fans need to hear from him. It’s a sad day for the true fans of AI. Always will be the best little man to ever play.

  • Seren Serengil

    I don’t understand why you Americans are so down on Turkish basket. It is a beautiful country here, with good money and it’s tax free. There are a few players in NBA, stop treating Turkish league like shit. It is insulting unbelievably. Besiktas overpaid

  • edmalhas

    bet he won’t last 3 months there! Who’s taking it?

  • http://twitter.com/on_ray henry

    well sign him Larry!

  • Martey

    What A.I. fans(and believe me I’m one of them). need to realize are the facts. Allen Iverson is 35 years old (John Wall is 20). Point guards are the first to wear out in the NBA. Especially the ones who take a beating like A.I. did during the course of his career. Also notice the only old guards that survive in the NBA are passing guards(Kidd, Nash, Miller) as opposed to scoring guards (AI, Marbury). People forget the fact that AI would sometimes chuck 30-35 shots a game. That’s just not acceptable anymore. Especially with teamwork making a resurgence in the league. We all would like A.I. to come back and go out with the acclaim and the ring he deserves for a great career but he did this to himself. The NBA is a business, why would they blackball him and not Stephen Jackson, Ron Artest, Zach Randolph. Its a martyr’s complex that he had his whole career.If they felt he could contribute to winning he would be playing. We’re watching on tv but those behind the scenes know. Sometimes it’s not just talent. He could start on many teams in the league, but there are other factors that could have cost him that shot.

  • http://gmail dirty frank

    Well said Marty. Had he been willing to adjust and adapt his game and attitude he would still be in the L. I didn’t want his carear to end up like this but the man can blame nobody but himself.

  • Addam

    Eastbound and down! “F*ckin’ Turkey!”

  • http://klatschendom.wordpress.com/ speedy

    Cosign Martey.

  • http://AlhambraSeven@aol.com Jalal

    Maybe Allen Iverson is converting to Islam and he feels that Turkey is the best place for him to do what he loves and practice Islam.

  • Stillballin

    If ai have a great year in turkey. He might still have a shot next year for that NBA ring..the could have just retired already, the he still love the game.that’s the reason why he still choice to play in turkey.for the love of the game..

  • permaculture james

    Does anyone know if he is hard up for cash or just loves balling? Hope it’s the latter. Istanbul is a helluva place: rivers, seat of two empires, history going back 6 centuries BC. I hope he digs all that it has to offer. Cosign Martey.

  • phil

    I spent 2 of my best years in Izmir, Turkey.
    Its a beautiful place w/beautiful people.
    AI will fit in nicely. 1stanbul is off the chain.
    Too bad he’s playing for BJK (Besiktas) & not Fenerbahce….the reigning champs!
    Genc FB!

  • James

    Why is it when people discuss Iverson, they always refer to him as a point guard? The majority of his career he’s played a shooting guard. I hear all the shoot first PG BS people throw out their and I truly wonder if they even watch the guy play. He’s had one year as a PG and he ended up with his best statistical year. Eric Snow was the Pg in Philly, Steve Blake and Carter were the Pgs in Denver, Stuckey was Pg in Detriot, Conley was pg in Memphis, and Jrue Holiday was PG in Philly last year.

  • http://www.nobrain.dk omer urundul

    it seems lebron will make another choice next season. besiktas will be the best team in a few years.

  • whoooo!

    Martey said it best. AI never understood that it wasn’t always about him. he looked so ridiculous talking about “i dunno any MVP’s that come off the bench, how come Allen Iverson?” that was the same year Duncan (2x MVP) came off the bench when returning from injury, just like they wanted AI to do. and really, how badly does he want to be in the league? he didn’t appreciate it when they asked him to come off the bench, and if he couldn’t accept that, well, then there’s no place for you in the league. how bad do you want it Allen?

    Turkey is an incredible country so rich in culture for him to be going to. it could be the best experience of his life, and his family and children have an awesome opportunity, IF they go open-minded and make the most of it. adopt it as their own, and i know the country will welcome them with love. but from a basketball standpoint, and for someone that cheered the guy so much when he was younger, dude never grew up and not getting a job in the L is exactly what he DESERVES.

  • http://twitter.com/smileyoufckers Bryan

    So sad.

  • a-town

    As a Turk, despite living in the US, I am excited about this deal, and glad to see that most people here appreciate what a great place Istanbul is. Plus Besiktas fans are known for their passionate support and love for their players. They will go nuts. AI will be amazed at the fan reaction. I bet he never saw anything similar in the NBA.

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