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Could Regal FC Barcelona Compete in the NBA?

The best people to ask this question would be the Lakers, who lost to FC Barcelona yesterday. From ESPN: “They played really well [Thursday], but they’re not up to the competition that we face night in and night out,’ [Phil] Jackson said. ‘But that’s not taking anything away from them. The physicality of our game, the size of our players, those are things that night in and night out are very difficult to contest.’ When informed of Jackson’s comments, Barcelona coach Xavier Pascual pointed out his team beat the Lakers and came close to doing it in the previous matchup while playing with NBA rules instead of FIBA rules. ‘If we played [in the NBA] and we changed our way of doing things, I think we would be able to compete differently,’ Pasqual said. Kobe Bryant let out an exasperated sigh when told about his coach’s opinion (‘I don’t know why he says these things some time,’ Bryant said) and then disagreed with Jackson. ‘I think they execute extremely well, they know each other extremely well, they move the ball extremely well and that’s what you’re looking for,’ Bryant said. ‘In the NBA, teams that do that are few and far in between, teams that play together as a unit. You see a lot of isolation game; you see a lot of guys going one-on-one. They do a great job moving the ball, they do a great job helping each other defensively, so I disagree, but, what do I know?’”

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  • http://slamonline.com mike

    Phil needs to shut up. Pete Micksel destroyed them. Rubio looked horrible. Granted it was preseason…

  • thalilbigkahuna

    Phil may have been a little dismissive, but the Lakers did also lose to the Timberwolves the other night, who have been perennial bottom dwellers in the NBA, so he kind of has a point. Beating the Lakers in a preseason exhibition game doesn’t mean that much.

  • james

    who cares? in 2 weeks nobody in America will care about regal fc barcelona or pete micksel

  • Will Lee

    Barcelona would at least be a playoff team

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Nice to hear Ricky Rubio doing nothing again in a potential spotlight game for him.

  • Nick

    The Question is: Could any NBA Team compete in the Euroleague?

  • Nick

    but the question is: could any NBA team compete in the euroleague?

  • milaz

    I second Nick.

  • hammer

    A special shout out 2 pete mickeal and terrence morris. 2 payers that I had 4gotten bout when there playing days @ cincy and maryland were over. Nice 2 c them still ballin after all these yrs….And they could compete n the nba. If they were n the eastern conference they probably could get that #5 or #6 seed. If n the west,they would b #7 or #8. Either way they would b playoff bound yr n yr out. They got their chemistry down as evidenced by that sick touch pass dunk play. I like there physical play tho that won’t fly n the L. Which sucks. We need teams like that n the L. They got a good squad w/rubio tho he struggled,morris,mickeal,navarro and sado. I wish they would broadcast more of there games over here. There an exciting team 2 watch. Don’t c why they couldn’t play n the L

  • http://Www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Regal Barca is by no means a typical Euro team. Their frontcourt players are very complete ballers, Lorbek was a revelation at Euro Championships ’09 in Poland where he helped Slovenia reach the medal round. Mickael and Morris are athletic and give them shooting and defense. And now they stole a serviceable Center from Eurocup winner Valencia, Kosta Pekovic, to keep Boniface honest. Add new addition, Lakovic (one of Europe’s best and steadiest PG’s) and they might be even better than last season. Quite sure they could be above average in the NBA, no matter what Zen’d-outta-his-mind stated.

  • T-Money

    Let’s be real here: Rubio-Navarro-Mickeal-Morris-Vasquez is a terrible starting line up by NBA standards. That wasn’t classy on Phil’s part to say that (especially after a loss) but it’s true. The Nets won less than 15 games last year with Harris-Lee-T-Will-Yi-Lopez which is a MUCH better squad than Barcelona’s. I mean, Terrence Morris wouldn’t even get a job in the league. And their defense would be terrible because you have to move your feet in the NBA you can’t just handcheck and grab guys.

  • KB2412345


  • http://Www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Man, i keep having my usual brainfart with Lakovic (for some reason i keep seeing him in a Real Madrid uniform). Course he’s not new in Barcelona, my bad.

  • T-Money

    5 or 6 seed in the East?! Are you out of your mind?

  • KB2412345

    The lakers played just as hard as they did against Boston in the finals didn’t they? lol. i love the Euro’s, but be kinda serious here…

  • http://google c_cantrell

    hey they did really really good.. i enjoyed watchin the game.. wasnt really impressed with the lakers but i could tell odom and gasol where playing hard and trying.. and kobes right they play together better than any team in the nba n thats jus how fiba is they play together instead of letting individuals shine n do it all as much as they could in the nba.. this team could be very competetive in the nba i believe.. maybe not contenders but post season action every year for sure

  • http://google c_cantrell

    ^if they played in the nba the same way they do in fiba

  • vtrobot

    I’m going to insult you, but please don’t take it as an insult. Awesome, Phil. You pr*ck. What? Kobester isn’t being fake? Nice one. Gracious in defeat? That’s a great look for you, my brother. I like this version of the Mamba a lot more.

  • Papa Smurf

    Nice compliments by Kobe.

    And, yes, they could compete – because (unlike many NBA teams) they play as a team

  • James

    I was watching the game and Pete Mickael wanted to get a piece of kobe, it was just ridiculous. Kobe reached out with his hand and Pete Mickael just smacked it away. so disrespectful, acting like he’s 10x better than Kobe. I just wanted to go all Dexter on pete mickael.

  • http://slamonline.com Kap

    Aren’t the Raptors a Euroleague team?

  • Yesse

    Well, it was preseason, but FC Barcelona played a great game.

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    Can they compete – yes. That’s evidenced by the game yesterday and last year. If this was the middle of the regular season and the Lakers were in shape and use to playing with each other, then I don’t think there is a way that Barcelona would beat them. However, I could see them beating the 76ers, Cavs and other fair to below average squads.

  • The Duke

    Nope. The rules in Euroleague are different, and the players in the US are physically more strong.

    On a 82 games long run, they couldn’t make it.

  • feez22

    lol no way… so a euro team beats the lakers in PRESEASON and they are automatically deemed able to play in the NBA? wtf? lol seriously… the nets would sweep a season series vs. barcelona. 5th or 6th seed in the EAST? wtf are some ppl here smoking… so you’re telling me that a euro team that wins a preseason game can be better than the bucks/knicks/hawks… LOL ridiculous. This euro team with nba rules would have the potential to be the WORST defensive team of ALL TIME. yes even worse than a raptors defense. no way can they compete in the nba.

  • hammer

    @james. I’m not a kobe basher or hater. I luv kobes game. But u mean 2 say that kobe doesn’t show disrespect neither? With his frusturated glances and gestures that he constantly throws 2 the officials,opponents and his own teammates. Its just a pre-season game 4 kobe. That’s why he all friendly. Mickeal didn’t care if it was kobe or not. Mickeal and barcelona have already started their season. They r already n competition mode. They weren’t there 2 f**k around. They were there 2 compete. And that’s how kobe will b once the season starts

  • Lenwen76

    Not only could they compete in the NBA .. but they would be title contenders ..

    They just took out the NBA champions .. while playing a very horrible game ..

    Please this is not even a question ..

  • tyquez

    can they stop lebron james or melo dont think so?



  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Co sign tmoney. And lewen must be on crack

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    anyone that buys into a preseason game is an ignoramus. plain and simple. this FC Barcelona team would only be able to compete in the NCAA.

  • T-Money

    i played university ball in canada. we would always play ncaa d1 teams in september and actually hang (close losses vs top 25 and even wins against decent mid-majors). could we hang with these teams im march? hell naw!!

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    T-Money as a college athlete you know damn well a D-1 team in september (which obviously is still learning its offense, defensive sets/schemes, pacing, rotation) is not comparable to that same D-1 team in january-april. This FC Barcelona team just beat a Laker team that really could care less about any preseason games, let alone ones where their best player is rehabbing his knee, and their big man is not available. There is a reason the majority of these guys are not scouted by the NBA, and it isn’t because of the continent they play in.

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    The pipe is dangerous.

  • flipnoyce

    Winning is Winning period. Losing is Losing period…. There shouldn’t be any damn excuse in between. If they could have won then would have won, BUT They Loss. It don’t matter where you play at whether in the street or in the gym. When you win you get props but when you lose we didn’t do our best. Same old story!!!!

  • JTaylor21

    Thank you EBoy, Ricky Martin Fabio lays another huge a** dinosaur egg on the court and people still choose to gas up this sucker. What has he shown on the court that causes all these morons to continue to treat him like the second coming of pistol pete.

  • TrailBlazing&SportingLisbon

    I dont give a sh1t bout Rubio but can some1 please take the offered well fare computer out of JTaylors hands?

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    we all know when people get a chance to play a team from the next level up they get hyped up for the game. It happens in high school (JV plays Varsity) college (canada team plays D-1 school), and in the pros (FC Barcelonda plays Lakers). Just examples ofcourse – and the “superior” team does not take the game as seriously. The main players play less minutes, are less engaged and are more focused on improving execution and chemistry then winning the game. Essentially these games are for entertainment purposes and aimed to increase NBA popularity across the world….that’s it

  • http://elchinas.wordpress.com El Chinas.

    A few points to note:
    1) FCB was playing under NBA rules, which the team was not accustomed to.
    2) This was not the first time a top euro ball club beat an NBA team.

    I think what this tells us is that on a given night, the top euro teams can compete with NBA clubs. Of course the key lies in whether they have the physicality to sustain high level play in an 82-game season. A team like FCB will probably play upwards of 50 games a season (domestic league games + euroleague tournament), but that is still 30 games short of the NBA season.

  • http://slamonline.com nbk


  • thalilbigkahuna

    As an example, last year at the start of the college basketball season Syracuse played an exhibition game against Division 2 Le Moyne and lost. An article about the game said this: “Not too much should be read into Syracuse’s loss. Division I teams often enter these preseason games with a much different approach than the non-Division I opponents they’re playing. While Syracuse could easily have taken Le Moyne lightly, you’d better believe Le Moyne was highly motivated to knock off its crosstown neighbor.” No one cared about the loss. Syracuse was still a top 25 team, and still one of the top four seeds in the NCAA tournament. No one said that Le Moyne could compete at the Division 1 level. Why? It was an EXHIBITION GAME. Le Moyne, as the underdog, was highly motivated and Syracuse was having a warm up game before their season started. This is the same situation. Could FC Barcelona compete with some NBA teams? It’s possible, but to act like they would be competing for championships is absurd.

  • Quantumphysix

    BBall is a TEAM game right?? and even the best teams lose… no one goes close to winning all 82 regular season game ( Bulls excepted ) but those games they did lose, like all games are to the lesser teams.Meaning the Raptors, knicks etc all get victories ove Lakers etc. Any one who plays NBA on xbox knows any team can win. Thats the beauty of the game.. So no, FC can`t compete in the NBA but in the olympics they might get a crack. I mean Argentina was world champs only a few years ago… Ginobli is damn good but the only legit all star from Argentina. i mean c`mon guys??

  • http://hoopistani.blogspot.com hoopistani

    i think FC Barcelona can be a top 10 team in the NBA

  • http://www.euroleague.net/competition/players/showplayer?clubcode=pan&pcode=BEZ ANTONIS FOTSIS

    BARCELONA(best team in Europe in the last 2 years) and PANTHINAIKOS(best team in Europe in the last 20 years) are easily somewhere between 4-8 in the top teams in the world (the rest are NBA teams). Top-20 teams in the world have at least 5-6 from Europe. In a way i don’t like what happened yesterday cause slowly we gonna lose a big part of the unintentrional comedy in this site. The part when my kids (Eboy,allenp,jukaitavoris,tealish,etc, ok not the brightest ones…) make comments like “i’ll take the NBA champs over SPAIN everyday!!!”. Of course the fact that the NBA champs could’t beat a team that doesn’t have even half the roster of Spain never rings a bell to kids that their only contact to bball is through videogames and fantasyleagues….that’s my kids and that’s why i love it here.

  • http://www.euroleague.net/competition/players/showplayer?clubcode=pan&pcode=BEZ ANTONIS FOTSIS

    just check Kobe’s comment. You have an all-time great that has the integrity and knowledge to analyze the game like very few ‘experts’ can. The Jackson reaction is nothing new to those following this game many years (ok, i’m propably the only one here). IN 1997 then NBA champs BULLS played in Paris on the semifinal of the McDonalds open with a team lead by the legendary coach Bozidar Malkovic. BULLS where without Scottie then but they had a really big advantage talent wise(Lakers do not have that much difference from Barca) against Bozidar’s team that was NOT one of the best in Europe BUT they were the homecountry participant(i tihnk it was Ortez, not sure on this). The game went close till the end cause Bozidar ,although arrogant and strange, is one of the greatest tactitians this game has seen. He really desorganized the Bulls game and destroyed anything Phil tried against him. In the end the Bulls unable to execute anything gave the ball to M.J and since there was noone even near his talent in the opposite side (i told you the FRench team was not one of the best then) he managed to get the Bulls a hard win and avoid the humiliation of not even making the final (they won more easy there against Olympiakos). AFTER the game Bozidar made the obvious (for everyone that actually saw the game) observation that the only difference between his team and the Bulls was M.J. Phil got really mad BUT ,since Bozidar was right and he had nothing rational to say, he went to philosophical arguments like “how can this guy say that tihngs, how can he know what will happen if jordan was on his team,how can anyone know the future,etc “. phil’s comments were actuallly ridiculed (he is not treated as a god in Europe) since the guy was answering vague things on accurate Bozidar’s observation. To make the (once again….)long story short: everybody knows that Phil is basically a primadona administrator and cannot be compared to mastermind tactitians like Obradovic,ivkovic,coach k and the other great ones of the world. His yesterday’s strugles nothing new to those who know him for a while(sorry hursty).

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    What you say about Phil’s tactical struggles against good European coaching/teams as seen in 97 and just recently, may very well be true.
    But do you think it is at all possible that he’s not trying his absolute to come up with his best gameplan in those games?
    Conversely, is it also a plausible to assume that these games meant a tad more to the French in 97 and Barca in 2010, and that might have been a factor for both players and coach?
    I honestly don’t know if these games against top NBA teams mean A LOT over there to both fan and players.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    *absolute hardest

  • Diables_bleu

    @Antonis Fotsis Nice! This is the place to discuss Lakers vs. Regal FC Barcelona.
    You bring up interesting, astute points about coaching. Phil Jackson is a good at his job as administrator because Coaches have to deal with Egos and multi-million dollar contracts in the NBA. Jackson did this in Chicago and now in LA. He’s a good adminisrtator and helps teams with big egos work together for Championships but he does have to think long term for lengthy NBA seasons.

    I like the shout outs to Coach Bozida Malkovic
    and Coach Mike Krzyzewski.
    I applaud you for your analysis and knowledge of Euroleague basketball as well as International basketball. Just remember that although athletes play to win, when it’s a preseason exhibition game, part of the strategy is to minimize risk of injury that could affect an entire season of basketball versus winning a single team-oriented game.

    I think Kobe Bryant is well aware of the different styles of basketball especially after playing on the 2008 USA Olympic Gold Medal team and practicing with international basketball stars like Pau Gasol. Kobe’s defense has hit new highs since competing on the International level and he’s a big fan of Coach K. His humble attitude of respect for other basketball teams is refreshing. Peace and God bless.

  • A l a n

    I think the discussion should be if there should be something like a World SuperCup for the winner of NBA (self-titled World Champs… not sure what US Basketball has win these summer in Turkey…) and the Euroleague Champs, as it is done in football/soccer. The rules would also be something to debate about.
    @Fotsis I think it was not Ortez but Paris Saint Germain the french team (as they played in Paris) I remenber a poster I had with MJ and Alfonso Reyes at the back with his PSG jersey. Maljkovic was an awesome coach BTW

  • http://www.euroleague.net/competition/players/showplayer?clubcode=pan&pcode=BEZ ANTONIS FOTSIS

    @Tarzan,nbk,allenp…….:unfortunatelly the years that guys with your bball “knowledge” where running U.S. basketball are long gone…..(now we get to deal with Colangelo&coach K running superior athletes…)

  • http://www.euroleague.net/competition/players/showplayer?clubcode=pan&pcode=BEZ ANTONIS FOTSIS

    @tealish……:i agree that they had more to prove, i don’t think Phil could do much more.

  • http://www.jewelzlopez.com -Mas-

    People in the USA don’t like to admit that the so called “World Champions” of any of the 4 major sports would probably not be the Champions if the World ad a chance to fight for that title. See Japanese o Venezuelan teams could gives the MLB Champs a run for their Pesos. NHL. I’m sure there is a Russian o Swedish team that could compete against any Stanley Cup Winner. Basketball. Well. Barcelona just proved that, even if they both are in pre-season form, they can compete with the NBA “World” Champs. Now, If you don’t believe me, let’s ask Stern for a pre-season 5 game series to decide on the court who deserves the title. By the way Fran Vesquez is better than any post player not named Gasol on the Lakers, Rubio is a better point guard than any on the Lakers and finally Juan Carlos “La Bomba” Navarro is a better shooter than any Laker player. This includes any player with the last name Bryant. The rest of them are good role players just like the LAkers.
    The only sport in which USA has the real “World Champs” for now if the NFL because no other country plays the sport. Yet.
    LA BOMBA DE TREEEESSSSS. Swoosh. Nada but net.

  • http://www.euroleague.net/competition/players/showplayer?pcode=BEZ&clubcode=PAN&seasoncode=e2010 ANTONIS FOTSIS

    @-MAS-……:though your player comments are obviously correct i still take Lakers&Celtics over Barca or Panathinaikos in a 7 game serious(4-1 or 4-2). I maybe even take a healthy Spurs over them….And,judging by your accurate observations , i think that you would propably do so….Now, are the top 3-4 teams in Euroleague able to compete&win most of the other NBA teams? I think any knowledgeble bball head (even in the states, don’t judge a whole country by some kids in this forum) can assure you about that. I mean,even the results in the last decade speak for themselves….

  • KB8toSG8

    LOL. Some of these comments really make me laugh.

    This was the Lakers’ 2ND game in a LONG time. 2ND. FC Barca was in the middle of a season. Kobe couldn’t even get ANY lift from his legs yet and looked totally rusty. Pau still seemed rusty and a bit flustered at playing in front of their home crowd. Hell, the only guy who seemed to be able to play his game was Odom. Lakers-June would’ve crushed them. CRUSHED them. And no, FC Barca can’t be a top tier team here. Maybe a mid-conference type team. A good team that can’t get over the hump.

  • KB8toSG8

    The Lakers, in their 2nd game…..while playing their C- game lost only by a freaking 4 points to a team that was playing their A- game. A team which was playing already in the competition there. And the Lakers lost only because of their abysmal 3pt shooting. Nothing to be worried about.

    And regarding the Timberwolves match. Trust me, that’s the last win they’re gonna get this season over the Lakers :D

  • http://www.borntocompete.com Money$hot

    I think the 3 second in the key rule is big, if a euroleage team ever plays with just NBA rules then we can see truly how good they are.

  • http://jayemmbee.blogspot.com Clutch Performer

    For the Love of God ITS PRESEASON and I hate the lakers, this Euro team cant hang, face the Lakers on Christmas day or even the heat, bring them back after the All star break, bring them back in June and see the massacre, its pre season Kobe is nursing and in all these games its the euro team that takes it more seriously, the NBA guys are testing out new plays , and theres guys tryna make the roster, and Vets avoiding injury, no one takes it seriously cuz it has no meaning if they win, but if they lose its like OMG end of the world, in all the years Euro teams have played NBA teams I think they only won 3 times, once against the grizzlies but hello, the raptor 81 points anyone? and now the Lakers who obviously are world champs and couldnt give a care, its nice they won but lets not blow this out of proportion

  • http://sdklff.com Jukai

    Didn’t Navarro already prove he could play in the NBA just fine?
    I’m not saying they’d be a contender, but like, saying they wouldn’t make the playoffs is downright silly.

  • Ammo

    Uhm, really? The Lakers lost in a pre-season game without Bynum, without a healthy Kobe, and by playing their scrubs/2nd unit/rookies big minuntes.

    And you think that Barcelona has a chance against the Lakers? Because of a pre-season, mean nothing game?


  • http://www.jewelzlopez.com -Mas-

    It was a PRE-season game for both teams. Not just the Lakers. Make sure you know what your talking about before you show your lack of knowledge in a comment. And sure NBA teams go out to Win every time. It’s about the brand. Oh and Bomba Navarro held the NBA record for most 3′s made by a rookie before his buddy and Future BARCELONA player Rudy Fernandez broke it.

  • KB8toSG8


    Practice before you preach, my friend. They’ve played quite a few matches since August. This was the Lakeshow playing their 2nd game after a long layoff.

  • FoCo

    @Mas You are wrong about the MLB and NHL. Japan is where washed up Americans go to play. They definitely have some excellent ballplayers but they aren’t going to beat an MLB team with a Nippon league team. They may win the WBC but for most countries international competition is a big deal while we trot out teams with old guys and college kids all over the roster. As far as Venezuela all those cats are in the MLB (see the Colorado Rockies) the goal is to impress an MLB scout in the academy to come play major league ball.

    The KHL can’t even pay half their players and get old dudes like Jagr to come back from the NHL (i.e. where all the star players go.) Look at these teams Olympic rosters and see how many of the stars are playing in the NHL vs their home country. I love Peter Forsberg (one of the all time greats even with his health issues) but the dude skates all season with MODO but just can’t bring it to the NHL level.

  • Trey

    barcelona suck! they got lucky as hell. all those whack slow white dudes playing slow boring white basketball they wouldn’t win 12 games in an NBA season