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Nets Back in Carmelo Anthony Trade Talks?

New Jersey is like Jason Voorhees when it comes to the Melo-drama; just when you think they’re dead, they rise back up (reportedly). NorthJersey.com has the details: “The Nets played their final preseason game Wednesday in Boston with a lineup that could look much different in a couple of days, weeks or months. A Nets source was asked whether this would be the team that opened the regular season next week. ‘For now,’ he said. ‘For now.’ The Nets haven’t stopped pursuing Carmelo Anthony. Despite some reports, Derrick Favors still is being offered and the Nets still are in good position to acquire Anthony. According to some reports, the Knicks have gained momentum in a race the Nets have been leading all along. Some league sources believe the Nets still are ahead. ‘They still have a pretty good feeling that something could get done,’ an NBA source said. Since the original four-team trade blew up in September, other teams have tried to get involved. But talks never advanced. Now the Nets are trying to deal with Denver without including a third or fourth team, and are said to be making progress. The sources said the Nets’ latest offer for Anthony is Favors, Troy Murphy, Kris Humphries and two No. 1 picks. The sources also said they expect the talks to pick up.”

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  • abaci

    This is getting pretty lame

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    The Nets are sending ALL their PF’s?! So you guys want Melo to play PF?

  • JD

    Thats a much better deal than last time for the Nets

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    I don’t know..a lot of pieces are gonna move to make this happen…I just hope both Carmelo and Chris Paul can get together….

  • PJF

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  • RobbieJay

    melo should just be patient & wait till he can go where HE WANTS TO.

  • matt

    i’m surprised mark cuban isnt looking to trade for melo, even if dallas isnt chi-town or nyc ….

  • http://yahoo.com eboyhater

    WOW Melo is bettered of in Denver that a 11 win team in New Jersey or go to the Hornets


    If Carmelo wanted to be a Net, he’d already be a Net, but that’s just my opinion. lol

  • bnets

    He will be in a Nets uniform real soon before trade deadline, before Christmas.

  • http://slamonline.com YKnot

    If the Nets are Jason then this whole situation is Freddy. A nightmare that just won’t end!

  • NJ4Life

    Yea the Nuggets are in such a better position than the Nets. NJ just has the best young center in the league, arguably the best owner in the league, a good young core, which sans Favors consists of Harris, Lopez, Morrow, Williams, James, and Farmar. Not to mention they have ten picks (would be eight after the trade) over the next three years. Oh and they’re playing in the second newest arena now, soon to be the newest and most expensive arena of all time in his hometown, in the nation’s biggest market.

    I really envy Denver’s management, and old, injured, underachieving core (with the exception of billups and lawson who play the same position).

    At @Orangeforever whom I’m assuming is a knicks fan, face it, its between NJ and NY, and NJ has the better offer. So that means we’ve got a +50% chance of landing him. The knicks are just gonna have to settle for second-best, just like during the Kidd era.

  • Naiym1

    you know what!! I’m a Denver Fan and A Melo fan ( but first a Nuggets fan)…If you wanna go melo…FREAKIN GO!!!!!!!! Stop saying you have demanded a trade. You know what game your playing. Just go. Good Riddance and I mean that int he orginal nice way they used the term..”good Riddance” i will always be a fan of Melo ( unless he ever pulls some LEBRON bull like the Le Bron thing) but if you aren’t happy and you want to fuel the La La Land fantasy of living in La or NY for a career…..please do so. If you wnat to be next to your wife ..Go! we can’t blame you either way, but do the Nuggets and your fans a favor and make your intentions known. seriously. why not??

    And someone I love MElo, do you all REALLY think that the KNicks or the NEts will be a playoff team with Melo and Amare ( uhmm no) or the Jets Melo and Petro?/ uhmm okay good luck with that.

  • Jay

    FAVORS? MURPHY? 2 number ones?? That are bound to be lottery picks.. What the HELL is Denver waiting for???

  • rikson

    Oh shut the fu*k up already…!

  • http://Trukingiii@aim.com Truking

    Yeah Denver would be crazy not to take the offer… but Melo sould just wait until the summer and pick for himself… Fans don’t blame melo when the front office started this when they said if melo won’t sign an extension they would trade him instead of risking loosing him to free agancy and get nothing for him… Damn the nuggets Melo is top 5 on everbody list…