Tuesday, October 5th, 2010 at 8:00 am  |  38 responses

Polladaday: Kobe v. LeBron?

The Black Mamba claims he could defeat LBJ in a one-on-one match in his sleep. Do you agree?

Who'd win in a one-one-one battle?

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  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    Kobe just knows a million ways to beat a defender, its the reason he’s been able to perform at this high a level this long. Lebron is a great player, but in a halfcourt setting, 1v1 against Kobe, he’s absolutely rendered futile, along with anyone else in this league. Thats just not his game

  • AT33

    LeBron is in a different level athletically, Kobe stands no chance with his smaller frame against LeBron’s quick athletic defense. LBJ is probably the most gifted athlete the NBA has ever seen.

  • Waggle

    oh god, is everyone going to rehash this again?

  • Bryan

    whoever starts with the ball would win…I dont think either can stop eachother on D. but if someone did it would have to be Lebron just cause he is bigger and stronger.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    @AT33…we’re talking about halfcourt 1v1 basketball. Fact is Lebron can get where he needs to on the court but hes not a particularly skilled ball handler, he’s become much better at it over the last year or so but he’s not a particularly skilled post player, he’s a great ‘team’ defender but, unlike Kobe, he doesn’t get too many 1-on-1 assignments. Its just not his game, and thats not a slight to him because its not always necessary to be a great 1-on-1 player.

  • http://www.slamonline.com melvin ely

    wow what a revolutionary and thought provoking topic. Seriously is anyone else just sooooo sick and tired of all the BS this Lebron v. Kobe thing has spawned? Slam, you’re being a comment-wh*re. There, I said it.

  • http://www.slamonline.com melvin ely

    there should be a poll option for “who the f*** cares?”

  • J.C.

    *brace for JTaylor*

  • http://eastofeden55@hotmail.com Waggle

    please refer to 197 comments on SlamTV

  • Nigel

    I NEED to see this happen.

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  • Jer Dawg

    If it’s a “make it, take it” one on one game Kobe will win just because his jumper is money, pump fake and he drives around Lebron, and those clever post moves. If it’s an alternating possession it COULD be tougher because Kobe would have to guard LeBron driving, driving, driving. Kobe would be winded from having try standing ground then turning around trying to score over and around Lebron. Lebron most likely won’t shoot many jumpers or post up. Although, it would behoove him TO post up with his size.
    At the end, Kobe would win IMO.

  • hoodsnake

    I’m actually one of the few who would not want to see this. Rather the Heat and Lakers in the finals thanx


    I’d rather see Carmelo vs. Kobe, and I got my money on number 15. And Kobe better watch out rising up for that nutbanger, cause you never know when you come down you might roll an ankle. lol

  • logues

    me, i’d win. there, its settled.

  • JTaylor21

    Kobe would…..HA fooled y’all for a seconds, he would lose plain and simple.


    i hate kobe but this aint even a question.

  • Thomas

    Bring it to the all-star games

  • Josh D

    up to this point – I can just imagine Kobe raining jumpers on LeBron, and he’d win only because he’d get them all in…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    It didn’t seem like so long ago when SLAM didn’t pander to the teenage crowd but I guess those days are long gone.

  • The Cigar Guy

    @Thomas – This would be much better than the dunk contest. Let’s have a mini tourney. 1-on-1 and the first one to 11 wins.

  • The Philosopher

    The King is being considered to run the point guard position for a championship caliber team, but he is not a “particularly skilled ball handler?”
    I have definitely heard it all, now.

  • the big ticket

    you cant even compare them they play two completely different positions are different heights and body frame it isnt even a legit contest

  • marc neuman

    Lebron all the way…if u look at stats numbers dnt lie…..he’s a better ball handler better passer and better 1 on 1 player…he shoots better from the 3point than kobe and better mid range shoot….just look it up….how can u stop him….dnt 4get he played kobe 1 on 1…and kobe only score 4points in a game on him….LBJ is 2 much

  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    Watch them turn this into an hour-long, game-to-three, 45-minutes-of-commercials special during All Star Weekend this year.

  • EJ

    Watch some videos of Kobe shooting jumpers on Lebron’s face and decide who wins.

  • http://twitter.com/HarryByrdMan44 LA Huey

    I have as much interest in this as watching Steve Francis and ‘Toine Walker play each other for $1 million.

  • Dagger

    Lebron is way too big, too fast, too athletic. And it’s worth remembering we’re talking about Lebron 2010. Lebron right now has a jumper, and his dribble is tight. Neither is quite on Kobe’s level, but with his other advantages Lebron would take this. After all, aren’t his head-to-head stats better than Kobe’s?

  • BBaller

    This 1 on 1 concept for the All star weekend is not that bad an idea. If the right parameters are set like 2 points for a 3 point shot and for dunks, 1 point for anything else. At least 7 points needed for a win,2 personal foul system with the 2nd putting in the penalty, possible divisions like in boxing eg Guards vs Guards, Forwards V Forwards etc in qualifying rounds then a anything goes final so Shaq could go against Nate robinson. This won’t really settle who’s better but i would pay money to see Tim Duncan Vs Kevin Garnett! As someone stated before i just hope they don’t turn it into an 45 minute circus WWE style filled with ADs. Please make this a reality.

  • BBaller

    BTW i think there are more interesting and better 1 on 1 match ups than Lobe v Lebron, eg Lebron v Pierce,Rose V Wall, Howard v Shaq,Kobe v Wade, Carter v Mcgrady, Williams v Parker, and if i had a time machine i would like to see D.Robinson v H.olajawon or TD v DRob, i’m a SPURS fan

  • M5

    That’s all I have to say.

  • M5
  • Mr. TKO

    Ya’ll must not have played a lot of 1 on 1, or if you have, you guys aren’t that big. Personally, I’m a big guy (not NBA big, but “hope you don’t see somebody my size at night when you’re all alone big”) and in a one on one game my height and size doesn’t help me too much with somebody that’s better than me. My handles ain’t good enough to give me free space, nobody is setting picks so that I can get up to full speed and when I post them up, my footwork ain’t really good enough for me to really do some dominating down low. I’ll get my buckets but it ain’t as easy as ya’ll are thinking.

  • Mr. TKO

    Starting from Half court, Lebron has the ball and Kobe is all up in his grill. What’s Lebron gonna do? He can’t break Kobe’s ankles to get free to use his speed, his jumper ain’t wet enough to be automatic buckets and even if he posts, he’s not good enough down low to be a certified beast. (Watch Hakeem training Dwight, and you’ll see a big difference in between somebody that’s big and somebody that can kill you various ways in the post) I’m pretty sure Lebron ain’t even as good as Dwight in the post so all that size, strength and speed isn’t helping that much. Plus there’s the fact that Kobe is a great defender when he wants to be, (watch Kobe vs Melo in the playoffs last year, Melo is much more suited for a 1 on 1 game than Lebron and Kobe still gave him problems)

  • Mr. TKO

    Even though I don’t like Lebron much, I can recognize that he’s a great player but it’s just like everybody has always said in the Kobe vs Lebron arguements, Kobe is a great scorer 1 on 1 player and Lebron is supposed to be the epitome of a team player. That’s why people have alway said that Lerbon is “a better player” than Kobe supposedly. So now that you take the teams out of the equation, I don’t know why people want to act like all of a sudden that Lebron is also a better 1 on 1 player than Kobe.


    81. FIN.

  • jay13

    lebron just cause he is younger energy and all that .. kobe doesnt always have his “jumper” some games if u actually notice it takes him a while to geet started, lebron would win but it would be close. and lebron on his 1 on 1s vs kobe this past year won, he shoots better just look at the stats he doesnt need to take as many shots as kobe yet scores moore ; ]

  • Lovett

    BBaller… Hakeem ‘the dream’ would destroy The Admiral, would love to see the match-up…. not if i was a Spurs fan though!