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Amar’e Stoudemire: Andrew Bogut Was Looking for Payback

STAT feels terrible for what happened last season, but thinks the big Aussie may have been looking for revenge, and took things a bit too far last night. From the NY Daily News: “Amar’e Stoudemire accused Andrew Bogut of intentionally striking him with his elbow and hinted that Milwaukee’s game plan was to exact revenge for Stoudemire’s role in the center suffering a season-ending injury last April … ‘It got out of hand,’ Stoudemire said. The game nearly got out of hand when Stoudemire was whistled for a technical foul for taunting Bogut, who is still not fully recovered from suffering a gruesome arm injury last April 3 against Phoenix. On that night, Stoudemire barely shoved Bogut in the back as the Milwaukee center was going up for a breakaway dunk. But that slight push caused Bogut to lose his balance and crash awkwardly on the court, suffering a broken elbow and wrist. Stoudemire left a voice mail to express his regret for the play and Bogut, who disputed Stoudemire’s claim that they spoke, absolved him of any blame. And yet, when Stoudemire was asked Tuesday night if he felt Bogut’s physical play was payback for last year, the Knicks forward said: ‘Possibly.’ As for being hit by two elbows, Stoudemire claimed, ‘It was intentional.’”

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  • http://Www.fiba.com Darksaber

    You know what, STAT? Call the waaaahmbulance.
    (luved it when Bogues sent his weak ish away then sprinted downcourt for the flush btw)

  • The Philosopher

    Stoudemire should not even talk about it, in my opinion.

  • rikson

    Yeah, and you damn deserved it for breaking that guys elbow… Now whine somewhere else STAT!

  • arjae828

    He almost ended poor Boguts career. Even if it wasn’t intentional, I’d probably still be pissed about it too

  • vanillagorilla

    Stat knows full well what can happen when altering a big traditional 7 footer in the air. The force of somebody with that much mass moving at a high velocity is much greater than a 1 or 2 so crashing to the floor with that much more force results in the body not being able to withstand the impact trying to displace all that kinetic energy not to mention the decreased mobility and body control of a 7 footer unable to adjust himself in mid-air and brace for the fall. It was an irresponsible foul that can be potentially dangerous to even big pgs let alone a bulky center. Bad move Amare, thats Devin Harris low haha.

  • riggs

    am i wrong or did everyone on slam forget what they said last season when it happened? cause i remember everyone saying it wasnt stats fault, but hey “what have you done for me lately” i guess.

  • ab40

    dude should’ve hit the showers and gnoe home. He got outplayed by drew gooden last night

  • Stepfan

    Amar’e stop crying just because you got beasted last night. Run back and get on D.

  • Zak_Knutson13

    Watched the entire game last night and saw nothing dirty from Bogut at all. Is STAT really complaining about a couple of elbows?

  • http://nbaforum.net/superdroid.nettodownloadthisapp Holy Karron

    this is going to be a wicked season indeed cuz Bogut playin with a chip on his shoulder with a pg like Jennings dont sleep on da bucks

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ


  • http://slamonline.com JJAkroyd

    Elbows? Get out of the post and shoot jumpers then you crybaby. Works well for… um Bosh…
    And I dunno, maybe Bogut should have just eurodunked it like Pau always does haha, no chance of screwing up.
    “Eurodunk” should definitely be a term.

  • rob

    thank god i traded amare for david lee in my fantasy league. amare is fu$%^& garbage on boards; below average on that aspect. david lee is way more productive

  • ciroqobama

    Wow Amare’… what a pu$$y

  • vtrobot

    ha ha riggs. people forget things quickly around here. i mean that was a whole season ago now.

  • dave19

    Hmm… way to spend your off-season learning to be Jewish, Amare…

    (haha i’m sorry, but i had to)

  • Kyle

    Amar’e one time had a point when complaining of dirty play(the Spurs Bowen repeatedly tried to injure him), but this is pathetic.

    No way did he mean to hurt Bogut, but a big playing physical, and actually fouling hard is trying to hurt you now? NY is regretting this signing I bet… did they know they were getting Woody Allen in the body of a 6’10 specimen who has a vertical of 40 inches?

  • Baby Bogut

    Amare barely touched the dude. Let’s be honest… it was just a clumsy clumsy play and Bogut went up and toward the rim and tried to hang on… losing his grip. Don’t blame anyone else for being clumsy.