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Durant, Harden, Maynor Play Pickup With President Obama

We suggest you peep Darnell Mayberry’s entire story (it’s dope), but here’s the skinny: “This is a story Kevin Durant would prefer you didn’t know. But you need to know it to know Durant. Three months ago, the Oklahoma City Thunder‘s star didn’t receive an invitation to perhaps the most secluded and star-studded pickup game ever played. It went down Sunday, Aug. 8. The guest list included numerous NBA greats. Household names like Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul. The host was President Barack Obama… What you don’t know is that Durant received his invitation — an exclusive invitation — later that month. And on Sept. 18, Durant shot hoops with the president. ‘We just played pickup,’ Durant said. ‘It wasn’t anything formal.’ But for Durant, a D.C. native, it was an introduction that held special meaning. ‘It was a good feeling to meet the president,’ Durant said. ‘Of course I always wanted to do that. Me being from D.C., it was pretty cool to see him. I was excited to get that opportunity. It’s something I’m always going to remember.’ … He called up teammates Eric Maynor and James Harden. Both had traveled to D.C. to celebrate Durant’s birthday, which is Sept 29th but needed to be enjoyed earlier because of the start of the NBA season. Durant surprised Maynor and Harden with the news that they would be playing hoops with the president. ‘It was weird because when he called me he just was like, ‘Yo, what’s your social security number?” Maynor remembered. ‘I was like, ‘Man, what you need my social for?’ And he said, ‘We’re going to the White House tomorrow.” Durant and Maynor teamed up with Obama. Harden was matched up against the president, with other White House staffers filling out the teams. They played four or five games of full court five-on-five, according to Maynor, and each team won their share.”

(H/T @StackMack)

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  • LeBron de Con

    It’s good he got this in. Obama will be toast in 2012.

  • Motown1

    hahaa, word con, word.

  • http://www.twitter.com/HurstySYD Hursty

    I’m not suprised this link came from Holly. At all. Ha.

  • http://www.google.com/news BETCATS

    not suprised at all that Lebron de Con doesnt like Obama….

  • JTaylor21

    F*ck all you Obama haters, who would you rather have in there George “Is he smarter than a 5th grader” Bush?

  • Jose

    Haha”Whats you social security number?”..very nice…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nick tha Quick

    Fox News later reported that Obama’s team lost by the largest margin ever in pick-up game history. Bill O’Reilly noted that Obama’s lefty approach to the game — sharing the ball with his teammates — inevitably lead to their loss while the “Red” team featuring “Moses” Harden played a very conservative, fundamental game that spurred the rout of Obama’s team.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Obama-hater here. Sorry JTaylor and BETCATS. LOVE the dude, but HATE his politrix…

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    @Enigmatic yeah well whose ‘politrix’ do you like??? lol

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    politics is politics, government is government, all of that partisan stuff is just a cheap flimsly facade to delude the masses and cover up what has been established for hundreds of years in this country and even longer around the world….I don’t even care to speak on it any further. All I know is Barack is the coolest cat to ever step into the White House, must’ve been pretty dope hoopin with him

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Black Rick – Honestly, I’ve finally learned what many people in this country have known for so long…ALL politicians are pieces of sh*t. But like I said, and like you’ve touched on, Obama is a cool dude when he’s not being a politician. Every time dude does something I really don’t agree with, I think to myself “Least it’s not Palin!” And for the record, she makes us Alaskans look bad. Hope y’all don’t think we’re all a bunch of idiots like her…

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    ^ You guys get wi-Fi in igloos?? J/K..

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Just a joke Enig… I live in Washington state and know how sterio types can be.. Like I listen to grunge music all day and walk around with an umbrella.. When asked, I often say im in Portland because when I say Vancouver, people think B.C. (vanc. is the 1st city north of Portland ORE.) As for the story, I think its a kool thing, would rather play ball with Obama then go hunting with Dub-ya and his boys..

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Boss Terry – yeah believe me dude, I’ve heard them all! But I don’t even trip about it because I just moved here last summer, but grew up in Chicago. So I did the big city thing my whole life, now I’m just lovin’ the middle of nowhere life.

  • http://jayemmbee23.tumblr.com Clutch Performer

    lol Boss, go hunting with Dubya and Dick Cheeny might shoot u

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    @ E some awesome fishin’ up there..

  • Big C

    So question. I’m from Australia and I can’t work out why everyone hates Obama in America. From what I can tell he made sure everyone in your country can get health care and is being blamed for high unemployment and a poor economy even thought its the recessions fault which came at the hands of the Bush government, which didn’t tax the rich heavily leading to corporate greed leading to the recession. And didn’t Obama suggest higher tax’s to the wealthy?

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    @ Big C.. I am not an Obama hater, however Bush left a huge economic mess on his way out, we still have outragious unemployment rates, Health care is not an option for many of us (myself included), we still have soldiers in the middle east, alot of things he promised to “change” is not working fast enough, and in alot of peoples opinion, he kinda has just been a “no show” as far as changing America.. Im not trying to get into a political debate with anybody, this is just the opinion I’m hearing around me, and agree with.. (I’d still take him over Bush, H.Clinton, and McCain)

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    @Enigmatic, feeling you on that middle of nowhere stuff, living in Virginia at the moment…grew up in Atlanta. And I had a homie I used to know from way back who was from Juno, lol we teased him all the time about that…I’d love to visit Alaska