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Isiah Thomas Plans to Win an NBA Ring … in New York

by Marcel Mutoni / @marcel_mutoni

Attention, Knicks fans: it is not safe for you to read any further. I strongly urge you to turn away before it’s too late. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Isiah Thomas tells ESPN that not only does he plan on running the franchise again soon — into the ground? Zing! — he also thinks he can reel in LeBron James in a few years, and help the franchise win an NBA championship.

He may not be allowed by the League to work for them at the moment, but as soon as he can get out of his contract at Florida International University, Thomas envisions himself riding a float down Broadway as a vindicated champion.

He really said this, because, um, he’s a “visionary”:

Isiah believes he can recruit James out of Miami and into Madison Square Garden in 2014. Isiah believes that, with or without James, he will someday help the Knicks win their first NBA title since 1973. “I want to be on the float and I want to get my ring,” Thomas said.

Asked if he hopes to replace Donnie Walsh whenever the 69-year-old Knicks president retires, Thomas said, “Every single day of the week. When I look at my GM/executive record, if I’m evaluated on that, then whoever’s after Donnie, if you’re not talking about some of the top people in the game, I’ll put my draft evaluation record up against anyone’s.”

… Not that Thomas is giving up on the hope of being a high-ranking Knicks executive in the summer of 2014, when James can opt out of his deal with the Heat. “I’d like to still hold onto that dream,” Thomas said. “I do think that he’ll win championships here in Miami, and they will be a great dynasty. … But I think when he comes to New York and he wins it in New York, I think he’s the greatest player ever.”

Knowing that Walsh’s days are numbered in the Big Apple, and James Dolan’s well-publicized infatuation with Zeke, it’s amazing that Knicks fans continue to be as impassioned about their team as they are.

Speaking of fan disillusionment, FIU supporters will surely be thrilled to read all about Isiah’s hopes and dreams for the very near future.

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  • ampd

    there are some instances where the league needs to step in and simply say no. the pau gasol trade was one. this needs to be another


    I’d love to have Isiah Thomas picking young talent for the Knicks in the draft. He’s got an eye for talent man.

  • Martey

    God bless this guy

  • KB8toSG8

    Ain’t gonna happen in the near future atleast. All hopes on the championship rest on CBA somehow demolishing LA,Celts,Magic,Heat,Utah,Portland,OKC,Atlanta, NO….yeah, there are that many teams better than the Knicks…

  • http://gmail dirty frank

    and then he took another bong hit

  • http://gmail dirty frank

    he also plans to walk on a cloud, go to Pluto, become president, and build a time machine.

  • Anon E Mouse

    “…it’s amazing that Knicks fans continue to be as impassioned about their team as they are.”

    Come on Mutoni that’s a real dumb statement why the hell wouldn’t Knicks fans stay impassioned about their team. It’s their damned team! Would you have us get impassioned about Chicago, Indiana, Miami????

    Man I don’t know when the rules changed, but NWA sang it right:

    It’s plain to see you can’t change me, Imma be a Knicker for life…

    OK, I’ll stop but you get the drift.

  • NJ4Life

    As a Nets fan, there is no sweeter joy in this world than waking up and reading headlines like this.

  • tRay

    Who cares?

  • http://thekobebeef.wordpress.com LDR4

    What is Isiah smoking? Seriously.

  • MikeC.

    Can someone please just roll that man up in a carpet and throw him off a bridge?

  • ClydeSays

    Hey, self-belief is important right? If this is what gets Isiah out of bed in the morning, cool. He’s not hurting anyone. He is kind of torturing Knicks fans though…

    If you didn’t read this the 1st time around, it’s worth checking out:

  • http://google c_cantrell


  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    Hmm, what’s the issue? He wants to come back and redeem himself in NYC by winning a championship. I don’t have any problem with that. Can he convince LBJ to come to NYC in 2014 – maybe? Can he evaluate talent and draft well – maybe? Can he keep his hands off the MSD female employees – I doubt it? But, hey give dude a chance.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Cub Buenning

    I guess Zeke has different plans for his current situation. I hope the kids at FIU are getting his full attention.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    I had some smart-as$ things to say, but Dirty Frank beat me to it… Co sign him..

  • Cheech

    Co-sign all of the above.

  • kos87

    I don’t know what’s more ridiculous…
    Isiah wanting to return to the Knicks organisation,or the ‘summer of 2014′ talk..

  • Jumper

    Zeke is erasing his legacy at an alarming rate. And hes doing it all so effeciently. He’s leaving no bad decision un-made

  • vtrobot

    really. please f*ck off and go f*ck up some other team for awhile.

  • http://www.kylestack.com Kyle Stack

    I haven’t seen near the vitriol in these comments that I’d expect. Maybe most of the people who’ve commented aren’t Knicks fan. I had to stop reading the article five different times because I got so inflamed at Isiah’s comments — and I’m not even a Knicks fan. This cannot happen. Knicks fans will literally riot if Isiah’s dream comes true.

  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    Isiah’s dream of coming back to the Knicks kinda reminds me of that movie “Inception”. He’s so determined, I swear someone hired DeCaprio to go into his mind and plant this idea in his subconscious.



  • Hammer

    All I can do is laugh and shake my head n disbelief. But @ the same time its soooo ridicilous its not even funny no more

  • JD

    Oh my God its way too early to think about 2014 and i think Isaiahs mind is still stuck in 2007

  • BK Chris

    He is exactly whats wrong with the Knicks. I don’t want to wait another 5 years for Lebron! That’s like saying we don’t pan on making any significant progress and we’re still waiting on our savior to take us to the promise land.

  • Haslem

    Anyone who actually defends this is seriously insane. I’m all about the subjective opinion, and Zeke was a great player. But to even say ‘give him a chance’ or ‘he’s a good drafter’ and imply that The Knicks should go round 2 with him is borderline retarted. There is ample objective proof that Isiah is a terrible, terrible General Manager.

  • http://Yahoo.com Eboyhater

    It would be funny if Lebron says no which he will because after he’s done being a winner in Miami he’ll go back to redeem himself in clevland!

  • Haslem

    I mean the dude acted like he was dealing with Monopoly money he has no financial sense whatsoever. The closest I would let him come to the Knicks is a talent scout that corresponds through e-mail only, pays for his own flights and expenses, and has no access to Madison Square Garden whatsoever.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    this is getting a little bit creepy…..just coach your colleg club Zeke…

  • Yesse

    Even if they get Carmelo, with Isiah i really doubt i’m seeing a championship.


    Zeke gotta slow down on the piff. As a raps fan i really feel for New yorkers. We both have bad teams(even if we made the playoff twice) but at least up here in Canada that sort of buffoonery was never accepted by the raptors execs. Hopefully Brian Colangelo will do for us what he did for the suns.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed


  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Also its funny, all of the other teams suck have worst GM’s like Larry Bird and others, continue to have bad drafts and Zeke gets ripped up. Who cares about him trading playings and signing, at least he was trying to change the culture of the team with a signing. It didn’t work. Also the Knicks don’t look any better with Dntoni as the coach. Zeke had some good draft picks, also if I was the Knicks and wouldn’t have signed Felton. I hope Zeke gets another shot and that it is fair shot this time, not with a bottom dwelling team with no chances to go any where. With the signings NY made, they can at least make the 8th seed. BRING ZEKE BACK. AT least I know he will fight to make the Knicks great. BOOK IT!!

  • EtheKnickfan

    sighhhhh This has to be God getting me back for thinking those thoughts about Sister Mary Margret back in grade school.

  • Nashty

    Was Isiah really that bad? I remembered when he got Steph and everybody in NY was hyped and said he did more for the Knicks in 2 weeks than their last crappy GM did in 5 years. And then of course we all know how that turned out…., but it’s not like Isiah should shoulder all the blame. And he had usually done pretty well in drafts when he was still in the L. On the other hand, MJ drafted Kwame Brown and Morris Peterson and SLAM put him on the cover.

  • Ugh

    How did Zeke go from Bad Boy to bad gm in so few steps? Is he really using the same mental/emotional skillset that made him a two time NBA champ to do make such a trainwreck of his post playing career? How does that happen?

  • Anon e Mouse

    To all those stating that Isiah wasn’t that bad when he was with the Knicks, umm yes he was. No fan wants a President/Coach/GM who is more of a side show than some of the leagues worst pouting, practice missing, selfish, too busy tweeting instead of playing, players.

    Have you forgotten the £11.6M that came out of our coffers in 2007 because Isiah thought he was talking to one of his bitches on the Ho stroll? Have you forgotten his record with the Knicks as Coach/Pres?

    F-him. Twice.

    Is that enough vitriol Kyle Stack? For the record I got no time for rioting if this happens. At this point nothing my team does surprises me but hey that what it’s like supporting your team no matter what.

  • http://ohlaglambam.blogspot.com Zabba

    It wasn’t a few simple steps. I remember when Zeke grabbed Starbury, I was really hyped about it. This is Starbury in his prime. He was a main reason why they got to the playoffs that year (the last time since, and they got sweeped as well by the Nets), but after that both Marbury and Zeke went spiralling downwards. Zeke did pick some great draft picks, I mean super great (Joakim Noah, I think, and Eddy Curry). Too bad he traded them for scrubs, or else he may’ve still been coach/GM.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/officerbarbrady what

    George Bush Plans to Win The War… In Iraq

  • Dan Druff


  • Ai come back

    hes still hatin mj………………lebron will never be the greatest cuhe doesnt work the heardest……….

  • DeAndre


  • Jeremiah Carter

    God bless Isiah Thomas. Bless James Dolan, as well.

  • ClydeSays

    Nashty, Isiah took over a bad Knicks team with some bloated contracts with a nice guy coach. If he waited out the contracts and stocked up on picks, he might have done well. But he traded for a half dozen players with equally bad contracts AND threw in the Knicks current and future picks inthe deal. When he did draft players, he traded them away or picked poorly (sweetney, balkman, lampe and Collins come to mind). Oh yeah, he also hired and fired at least 3 coaches. To cap it all off he harassed a woman he worked with and forced MSG to settle out of court. If you were an NBA team owner or GM would you want him anywhere near your franchise.
    There are a handful of NBA greats who made terrible execs (McHale, Baylor, etc), but Isiah really outdid them all…

  • Chris

    I thought he was telling us where he bought his Ron Artest raffle ticket.

  • michaelnewkirk

    All I have to say is he signed Jerome James who played the total of maybe 1 game and got paid big time enough said….

  • Mel Murphy

    As a New Yorker this is extremely…… interesting for lack of better words lol