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Post Up: Blake’s World

And no, you’re not even living in it.

by Adam Figman | @afigman

Happy belated Turkey Day, SLAM Fam. Admit it, you missed The Post Up during yesterday’s day off. You did! I can tell. Well, just because you were able to spend your Thanksgiving night on a couch struggling through a post-meal coma doesn’t mean every professional hooper had the same fortune. The NBA overlords scheduled a pair of, um, decent match-ups for Thursday’s NBA on TNT lineup. Let’s get to it.

Atlanta 116, Washington 96

After a series of surprising losses, the Hawks were finally able to get back on course with an easy runaway against the Wizards. Josh Smith put up 20 points, 14 boards and 5 assists, while Joe Johnson led the team in scoring with 21. Washington just looked off, shooting 38.6 percent from the floor as they fell behind big—and later cut Atlanta’s lead down to 20 in garbage time. That’s never a good sign. ATL will look to keep the momentum rolling Saturday against the suddenly-surging Knicks.

L.A. Clippers 100, Sacramento 82

Once the Jets-Bengals game ended—assuming my educated estimation (read: complete guess) is correct—this was the only nationally televised athletic event being shown at the time. Gonna go out on a limb and say it didn’t convert too many non-NBA fans into believers, which is unfortunate. The Clippers jumped out to a 15-point lead after three, and held on for a relatively smooth W. Eric Gordon dropped 28, while Blake Griffin (see below) was, as usual, a motherfuggin monster. ‘Reke Havoc didn’t live up to his nickname, going 2-13 from the field and scoring only 8. I can’t imagine the Clips making much of a playoff push these next few months, but they definitely didn’t appear to be at Worst in the League status last night—for what it’s worth.

Performance of the Night: Blake Griffin: 25 points, 15 rebounds, 5 dimes, 1 steal.
Moment of the Night:
Uhh…lots of turkey? Yeah, that’ll have to do. Anton will hold you guys down all weekend, and yours truly will be back Monday following a break dominated by leftovers and League Pass. We promise, no more days off. (Until, like, the next important holiday. Isn’t Secretary’s Day coming up? Take Your Child to Work Day?) Peace!

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  • http://bugmarley.com LeoneL

    Alfa’s nice too.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    What a day of games to have no TPU.
    Derrick Rose blatantly ignoring open teammates to jack up shots, clamoring to being the hero, making some clutch ones then fouling out.
    CJ Watson (w.o.w.)
    Steve Nash looking very fragile and unable to get his boys into their sets on time on multiple occassions in the 2nd half.
    Noah (MVP of that game) doing EVERYTHING to keep his team in it (D on Nash, tip ins, assists for game tying baskets, rebounds, you name it, dude had it). Tough loss for the suns.
    Oh and Dirk killed OKC (u too, Tyson)

  • ShadiestBen

    The lack of Post Up was a killer Adam. I was looking for some D Will/CP3 coverage, although the game was anti climatic after a good first half.

  • The Fresh Prince of Nsam

    Somebody betta find Blake Griffin a cool nickname quick

  • Hammer

    What more can griffin do 2 convince the doubters that he is undeniably,undisputably the ROY? Mayb its cuz its becoming the norm 4 him 2 put up those #’s? His teams record? Don’t know what it is. But he will convince the doubters sooner or later.

  • Hammer

    Still full like a fool from all that food yesterday. How bout my bulls! Coming back from 23 to win n double ot. Cannot nobody hold them down like puffy and mase. Rose 4 MVP!!

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    OK, Darksaber, if Derrick Rose doesn’t “jack up shots and try to be the hero” who else will? People still hating on Rose even after the incredible year he’s been having. SMH.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Hmm, didn’t know that stating the obvious could be seen as “hating”, then again this is Slamonline, where objectivity goes to sleep when it comes to one’s favorite players.
    Sorry if taking 33 shots to score 35 seems highly efficient to you, Enigmatic, but for me, Rose chucked up a storm. (1-5 on three’s, but less than 10 FT’s?)
    Noah, Johnson, Korver and (in spurts) Deng had it going on in that game, wouldn’t have hurt to work that ball around a bit more and maybe reward Yannick’s son for, i don’t know, busting his a** and keeping the Bulls in it.
    My 2 cents, if that makes me a hater, i could care less.

  • http://hansdeiter33@gmail.com Bmack

    No darksaber that just makes you dumb.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Again, Rose HAS to play that way, he HAS to “jack up shots”, especially when they’re down the way they were, and were without Boozer and Gibson. In case you haven’t noticed, Rose is the best scoring point guard in the NBA, and when your team is down by 23 points, it’s time for your point guard to score to get you back in the game. Taking 33 shots to score 35 points may not be efficient, but it got them back in the game and got them the W, so I’ll take that over him getting 16 assists and losing the game, as Nash did, any day of the week.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    And call me crazy, but Yannick’s son was probably happy and content with his 17, 15 and 5 night, and most importantly, that they got the win. Deng got his, Korver got his. Not a man on that team is upset that Rose had to be more of a scorer than facilitator in that game.

  • ShadiestBen

    Enigmatic – I agree with you on all counts, although averaging the most ppg doesn’t necessarily mean you are the best scorer at your position.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    ShadiestBen – I should clarify, statistically the best scoring point guard. Although I do think he is the best overall scoring point guard now (unless you count LeBron as a PG), but I can definitely see how you could make the case for say, Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Westbrook and several others.

  • Ricky

    Blake Griffin better be on the slamadamonth next month as well as the slamups

  • Ptown

    Man my Nuggets may be catching a break tonight with Rose possibly being out tonight. Its amazing to me how scutinized Rose is as a player. Guys he’s 22, not 32 and his game every year has evolved which says a whole lot about his work ethic. Every player has a hole in his game so the true shooting percentages and efficiency ratings don’t mean a damn thing if you’re not holding that trophy at the end of the season. This kid plays the game with his mouth closed and will do whatever is needed to win ballgames, and that’s what a franchise player represents

  • ShadiestBen

    Enigmatic – I think that if all PG’s had the same role for there teams D Will would be the best scorer, with D Rose 2nd. If we are talking who is the best scoring PG in the L this season it would have to be D Rose.

  • ShadiestBen

    Ptown – That’s what I like about D Rose, he doesn’t complain too officials he just plays the game. He never should of got fouled out against PHO Grant Hill flopped When has D Rose ever screened a player coming out to contest a jump shot. It was a bogus play and a bogus call but he just walked off the court didn’t say a word.

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    Ben – I could never in a million years say anything bad about Deron Williams. I’ve been down with him since his freshman year in Illinois. Last year I would have agreed with you, but I just think this year Rose has added so much to his game offensively. Of course, we’ll never know because as you’ve said, Deron’s role in Utah is not what Derrick’s is in the Chi. But like I said, just my opinion and it’s definitely debatable.

  • http://shinefluidpt2@aol.com just Bcuz

    i didnt see d.rose name in the headline. how the hell did this turn into a d.rose debate? get off his nuts…FOR ONCE

  • ShadiestBen

    Enigmatic – I just think Deron Williams has too much size, but you can’t go wrong with either of them. Talking factually D Rose is the best scorer as he’s averaging the most points. How much do you think his average will drop when Booz is back?

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    I think Rose’s average might be at 22 or 23 ppg at season’s end. Maybe less. No way will Rose finish 3rd in the league in scoring though. I’m really curious to see what Rose’s assists numbers will look like, Rose and Boozer should be deadly in the pick and roll. I’m also really interested in seeing how Boozer’s return will affect Noah’s rebounding numbers. One thing’s for sure, the Bulls will be amazing on the boards. Last year Noah, Deng, Gibson and Boozer averaged a combined 37 rebounds a game (obviously with Boozer playing for the Jazz) so it should be interesting…

  • León

    The dunk over that knick guy is revolutionary it was like a somekind of volleyball jump with waterpollo shot, just nasty.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    75-73 at the moment.
    As an admitted Heat hater, am I asking too much for yet another embarrassing loss here against the 76ERS AT HOME?
    I think so. I won’t be greedy. Hope Miami wins this one. Sort of. Nah, not really.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Hey Bmack, nice contibution to the matter at hand.
    Notice how the enigmatic one countered my opinion of his boy’s performance in that game with sound arguments and context.
    By comparison, u just let out a stinking belch in a crowded elevator.
    Might as well have held it in, genius.

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    enigmatic, while rose is having a fine year so far, deron is a much better scorer, so much so that i dont think its close. deron can shoot from anywhere very well, his offensive abilities is what rose hopes to be able to do with a few years of hard work. rose is def carrying his team now and doing a good job. itll be fun to see how well he develops, and just what his ceiling is.

  • Jagster


    I guess Derek Rose and CJ Watson are the best scoring point guards in the NBA. Cause Watson scored 33points last night san rose.

    Just kidding. And I agree, that just cause you’re the leading scoring at a position, that doesn’t mean your the best scorer.

    It’s been proven over the years, that point guards who score too much, don’t win championships, eventually ruin team chemistry and ended getting bounced around.

    Now I’m not saying, Rose will get bounced around. But there are too many AI’s STephon Marbury’s , STeve Francis’s, Chris Jackson, Gilbert Arena’s, etc. that just never seem to work out. Their fun to look at. But their really off guards in point guards bodies.

    So homeboy brought up a good point.

  • The Fresh Prince of Nsam

    U may not like the guy (like me), but (as a true BBall fan) I have 2 admit it, he’s the best I’ve seen on the hardwood since MJ.
    And that Deron guy is not that bad too, he and KB was exchanging clutch plays in the money time, like 2 tuff guys exchanging gun agility tricks in a Sergio Leone movie.
    Good D-Fence by Raja Bell, he did what he could against 24 and decisively, that steal in the 4th took d momentum outta Dah Mamba.
    It was a great game and I’m glad the Jazz won (after trailing by 19 in the 1st!)
    Have a Great Thanxgivin’ week-end Slam Fam.

  • michelle

    hope Blake Griffin is on the cover of Slam soon…