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Report: Knicks Want First Round Pick for Randolph

by Ryne Nelson

This Melo trade talk is heating up like it’s wrapped in flannel.

The Daily News is reporting that Anthony Randolph could be headed to Houston for a first round pick which could help land the Nuggets‘ star, who will play in New York tomorrow (or will he?) as the Knicks try to make it… EIGHT wins in a row?!

“Anthony Randolph’s value to the Knicks can’t be measured in points and rebounds. Instead, he could be the guy who gets them Carmelo Anthony.

“The Knicks have fielded calls from several Western Conference clubs regarding a deal for Randolph, according to a team source. The most compelling conversations have been with the Houston Rockets, who in one scenario would trade the Knicks the first-round pick they obtained in last year’s Tracy McGrady deal.

“Knicks president Donnie Walsh has admitted publicly that he regrets trading that pick and has been trying for two months to acquire a 2011 first-rounder. The pick is critical if the Knicks want to acquire Anthony, who is likely to be traded by the February deadline.”

AR is worth more than a first rounder, but you have to figure the Knicks will trade their seldom-used forward if it means landing Melo.

And remember, Michael Beasley was traded this summer for a second rounder. It’s possible.

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  • Josh

    How good would this be for the NBA and its fans? New York has already turned it around, now with another proven guy in the run and gun offense, this could actually be a tough team to beat. It’s about time the Knicks got back on track. Hope Melo is there soon!

  • eboyisachump

    very fair trade for any team over the .500 mark

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    This sounds promising, but the Knicks already have something good going for them. Amare is proving he’s a legitimate 1ST option on offense and guys like Wilson Chandler, Danilo Gallinari are still able to get enough touches. But of course, Melo IS Melo after all.

  • ab40

    how can you not succeed with first don nelson and than mike d’antoni? I can’t think of a team where he would fit in. maybe indiana or milwaukee

  • http://twitter.com/smileyoufckers Bryan

    I don’t want this to happen.

  • LB

    What Randolph needs to do is study tape of Lamar Odom religiously.

  • Jose

    Well Amare is definitely making MSG look appealing to Melo, All those losing seasons up to free agency may have been worth it if NY manages the Melo Heist…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Allen K

    I pray to god the Knicks don’t trade Randolph unless there’s some sort of guarantee in place that Carmelo will be dealt to the Knicks. Randolph is worth way more than a 1st rounder.

  • T-Money

    The Mike Beasly story never gets reported correctly. Simmons also couldn’t believe that nobody offered more than 2nd rounders to MIA. Miami didn’t want players back, they wanted to give Beas for free in order to free up space to sign Mike Miller.

  • T-Money

    ANd I don’t know who’S giving up a 1st rounder for AR…

  • mike

    Isn’t it kind of a red flag he can’t seem to put it all together wherever he has been?

  • http://slamonline.com coldasice

    as long as they don’t trade fields,douglas, im gd. as far as youth goes.. they do the dirty work

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  • KnicksSuck

    WOW the Knicks win a couple of games in a row & people are acting like they’re contenders. They need more then melo in order to have a chance.

  • http://www.blacktree.tv DJ_Sweets

    AR needs to go…unfortunately NYC is not a place to “grow”…we are not patient enough as fans and will let you know it….your either nice from day 1 (Landry Fields) or your gonna get booo’d everytime we see you (Timothy Mosgov)…

    if your psyche can’t handle it the you need to go to a team with less demanding fans to have a chance to flourish….or sit on the Knicks bench, QUIET, and be a practice player and cash your inflated paychecks…..

  • http://www.twitter.com/CFleguel The Stro Show

    I’ve never seen what everybody is so excited about with Randolph.

  • Omar

    Co-sign T-Money. Trading anything more than a mid-1st rounder for AR is going to get someone fired, with that said, him and Gallo need to be in that Melo trade.

  • http://www.slamonline.com/online/media/slam-tv/2010/08/video-michael-jordans-love-of-the-game/ notblack

    And I want Kim K. THere are just some things in life you have to live without and cosighn lb

  • rich

    they shouldnt trade for melo they should just wait till hes a free agent then sign him and another center maybe tyson chandler

  • ClydeSays

    So, Walsh traded away a 1st round pick and now he’s trying to trade to get it back?
    I know NY is Melo-crazy, but think about what 2 shoot first frot court guys are going to do in Dantoni’s offense without a legit pg handling the ball. They’re going to shoot first, ask questions later. And don’t expect either to show up on D.
    The Knicks hot streak has them feasting on losing teams. They’re 1-1 when playing teams over .500.

  • ab40

    that’s a sick stat clyde

  • jason bourne

    Sounds more like smoke from the Knicks to me. AntRand is another Gerald Green, but at least Green won a dunk contest.

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