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Yao Ming Has Stress Fracture in Left Ankle

Condolences to Yao, who very well may be calling it quits for good with this latest setback. From the Houston Chronicle: “Rockets center Yao Ming’s comeback suffered another devastating setback with a stress fracture found Thursday morning in his left ankle. The injury is not in the same area as the previous stress fracture, but it is a major setback. Tests taken after his Nov. 10 sprained ankle and subsequently did not show the injury. Yao had said in the offseason that he would consider retirement if he had been unable to stay healthy.”

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  • James aka…

    This is so terrible. I hope he’s not pushed to play post NBA because he’s going to have an Bill Walton like existence in his later years.

  • Drew

    He’s done after this latest injury. Sucks!

  • http://idunkonthem.blogspot.com/ albie1kenobi

    sigh. i guess that’s it huh?

  • http://www.hoopsvibe.com/features/overdribbling chiqo


  • Chinadian123

    damn… I guess this is it…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    wow, that really really sucks to see great players robbed by injuries like this. Get well soon big fella…

  • http://slamonline.com Allenp

    It was a nice career big fella. You tried hard. Happy trails.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    sh*t f*ck d*mmit b*tch *ss f*ck!!!! this f*ckin p*sses me the f*ck off!!! why cant you just say healthy!??

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Wow. This is really tough news for Yao/the Rockets… Get well soon big fella.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Why have these fractures been so hard to detect though? That’s what I’m wondering.

  • Ansonpanson

    stress fractures are probably tiny. and yao is massive thats all. he really should’ve been brought up in a country with decent milk products eg new zealand lol

  • Blasphemy

    They don’t make X-rays his size thats why Teddy.
    I was really pulling for you Yao. He should retire now. I always felt like he was one injury away from not walking at all.

  • T

    Mann, those reebok shoes are career ending.

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    When healthy he was a sight to behold and a force on the court. I will never forget his first game vs shaq….. …………. Happy birthday kenny

  • http://Philosophervision@blogspot.com The Philosopher


  • DarK_Kai

    They should be giving him lots of calcium supplements and he should be training in the water and only running through plays and skills. All his endrance and strenght work should be based on taking the load of his frame. Once you get to a certain size, your feet cant take the stress of all that weight.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Shiatttt. What a shame.

  • ai come back

    haha seriously he shoulda stuck wit nike……first broy now this…….

  • AL29

    I remember when the Rockets assembled their roster with Francis, and then T-Mac and Yao and a bunch of solid role players, with Van Gundy as coach. There was hope that they would be a formidable Kobe/Shaq-like duo, but injuries ruined their careers and pretty much the entire decade for the Rockets. I like Yao, but as a Rockets’ fan, I’m relieved if the McGrady-Yao era is officially over, so the franchise can move on. They still have a great coach and a very good roster, all they need is a reliable superstar or two.

  • http://eastofeden55@hotmail.com Waggle

    And he’s the leading vote getter on the all star ballot for west centers. Perfect

  • tavoris

    damn this breaks my heart…it always happens to the good guys

  • KING

    Guess it was good while it lasted

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    For people b!tching and whining about the All-Star ballots, please shut the hell up. Yao is obviously the best center in the West when healthy–and has been for the latter half of this decade. Since he is injured, he obviously won’t be playing in the All-Star game. It’s not like most fans are smart enough to vote Al Jefferson in Yao’s place anyways, but that’s beside the point. I mean seriously, I’ve listened to people b!tch and f*cking whine about Chinese fans voting in Yao, but WHO THE F*CK WOULDN’T VOTE FOR HIM IN HIS PRIME, when the next best center was Dwight Howard and then… Chris Kaman and… Marcus Camby?! You know d@mn well Americans were voting him in as well.

  • Hambone

    trade him to phoenix and watch him become an allstar and win dancing with the stars


    hambone knos whats up say noise see ya later yoa it was nice while it lasted i suppose hah

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/32JSE Yesse

    This is sad. Yao has had setbacks all the time, but it would be sad to see the league without him.

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    was always a bad idea gibing him the 24 minute limit, if he wasn’t ready to run 35-40 minutes the Rockets should’ve just continued to let him rehab and practice with the team until he felt ready….sad for Yao, I feel part of this is to blame on mismanagement of the Rockets

  • SpamsLots

    He and Oden were one number short of being winners of the lottery for NBA potential. Yao had tremendous size, decent strength, athleticism (before he got foot injuries as a teenager, he was supposed to actually have some vertical), a soft touch, and the background that motivated him to learn basketball skills… but his genetics also made his bones incapable of taking the pounding. 7’3″ is probably the practical size limit in the NBA – with players that height and taller, injuries become more and more frequent unless the player is built like a stringbean (Manute Bol/Shawn Bradley). Yao’s frame just can’t take it. I’m sure his rehab has been as good as it possibly can be (calcium supplements, diet, pool time) given that he is an investment of millions of dollars. Still, at least Yao Ming *had* a career for a few years there, whereas Oden is basically out before he even began (and Oden doesn’t have the excuse of immense size – his legs are just fragile).

  • Crustified-Jalepino

    ^^^^^^ cosign SpamsLots : Some big cats bodies may look but are not designed to take the physicality NBA game. Though i enjoyed his appearences in the top10 dunks over the years (T-MAC & KOBE to name a couple) he was a good guy & had a decent game. reminisin’ his first game against SHAQ. & the build up on TNT ‘ THE BIG MAN Vs THE BIG MING !!’ He’l be aight, just needs to stop ballin’ if he wants to walk laters in life.

  • http://www.twitter.com/chris_griff_3 Chris_Griff_3

    Word to Yao Ming. There’s nobody I’d rather see succeed than the big fella from the Far East.

  • Stillballin

    Now we can stop calling all tall chinese men we play at the park “yao Ming”..lol..

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