Friday, January 14th, 2011 at 9:15 am  |  19 responses

Cavs Looking to Trade for Gerald Wallace?

Wallace‘s name has been in trade rumors all season long, and the latest has him possibly heading to Cleveland. Reports Yahoo!: “The Cavaliers would use their trade exception to acquire Wallace, but have also pushed for a lottery-protected first-round pick for them to take on the two years and $22 million left on Wallace’s contract through the 2012-13 season, the source said. No deal is imminent, and the Cavaliers have until July 10 to use the $14.5 million trade exception created from the sign-and-trade with the Miami Heat for LeBron James. If the NBA and Players Association haven’t reached a new collective bargaining agreement by the end of June, the Cavs would run the risk of having the trade exception expire during the lockout. The Cavaliers are in freefall, with an 11-game losing streak and an NBA-worst 8-30 record. They have had numerous discussions about absorbing a player into the exception, but are strongly considering the proposed Wallace deal.”

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  • mike

    If he stays he loses…if he’s traded he loses

  • http://gmail dirty frank

    ^well said^

  • d.macaroni

    Gerald has been busting his ass his whole career for shitty teams. Do a veteran a favor and ship him to a contender!

  • tRay

    Where was this when LeBron was there?

  • San Antonio Gunslinger

    ^they didn’t have the trade exception when bron was there..

  • San Antonio Gunslinger

    Infact it was in the heat deal that they got the expection. Plus they were a 60 win team with incredible chemistry so they didn’t want to mix things up much when he was there.

  • tRay

    ^^good point

  • lexluther703

    They need to be looking to trade for Jesus, cause at this point that’d be the only hope the Cavs have for a bright future.

  • r2j

    They need something but next year they should be much better with all those draft picks this year.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    I dont get the Bobcats. They let Chandler (imo a decent center) leave. They let Felton leave. next is Wallace? G.S. Warriors of the east..

  • Bryan

    I dont get why Cleveland hates Lebron for leaving. They are the one who traded him haha

  • http://bobcats.com jermareodavidson

    Mj won’t trade him. Every fan here in charlotte loves Crash. He’s been our original bobcat.

  • Luiyo

    @BossTerry not even the Warriors where this dumb,at least they were always exciting to watch… The Bobcats are always one of the most boring teams in the NBA

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    ^ I see your point, but im not talking about style of play so much but the fact that they dont invest in their young talent. Warriors- Hardaway,Richmond,Arenas,Hughes,Jamison to name a few..

  • http://thephotoriot.com davidR

    cosign bossterry. the warriors let so much talent leave their squad through the years

  • http://bobcats.com jermareodavidson

    @ luiyo. Boring? You haven’t watched Paul coach us yet

  • Luiyo

    @BossTerry I know I see yours, and had to say is a great point

    @jermareodavidson I have to confess that I haven’t…

  • tRay

    Uhhhhh yeaahhh I’ve seem them and they’re still boring but I will say they are better now.

  • tavoris

    Forget Wallace, the Cavs should try to get that Lebron guy. I heard he’s pretty good.