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Is Vince Carter a Hall of Famer?

Since VC joined the 20,000 career points club earlier this week, it’s a question on many hoop fans’ minds. The Orlando Sentinel believes that Carter should be a shoo-in: “According to ArizonaCentral.com, of the 36 previous players who have reached the 20,000-point milestone, only 10 are not in the Hall of Fame and eight of those are either active or not eligible for induction yet. Only Mitch Richmond (20,497) and Tom Chambers (20,049), the next two ahead of Carter (20,020), are eligible and have not been inducted. Personally, I think Carter will end his career as a Hall-of-Famer. If he plays a couple of more years, he could surpass guys like Larry Bird, Elgin Baylor and Charle Barkley on the all-time scoring list. Couple that with the fact that he is generally considered to be the most prolific dunker in the history of the game, and I think that puts him over the top even if he never wins a championship. And also remember that the Basketball Hall of Fame takes into consideration a player’s entire body of work — pro and college. Even though Carter never won a national title in college, he did lead North Carolina to two Final Fours and was one of the most notable college basketball players of his era. For this reason, I would vote Vince Carter into the Hall of Fame.”

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  • AMax

    this has to be a joke..do they make a HOF for players who quit on teams?

  • http://www.bulls.com Enigmatic

    I don’t think so. But that’s just me. I personally take both individual and team success into account when talking about whether someone should be in the HOF, and unless I’m mistaken, Carter has only played as far as the ECF. Once.

  • Joe

    This is why the NBA needs its own Hall of Fame….so guys like Mitch Richmond, Tom Chambers, and Vince Carter can be recognized for the great players they were/are. They weren’t/aren’t just the average player in the NBA, they all of significant achievements that need to be acknowleged…………….Leave the Basketball Hall of Fame to the once in a lifetime player, the greatest of the greats, like Larry Bird, Elgin Baylor, and Charles Barkley.

  • http://slamonline.com THE REAL RIGGS

    nah sorry VC, if you had stopped jacking three pointers just because you wanted to prove to whoever that you werent just a dunker then maybe your career wouldve been diff.

  • http://leetreble.tumlbr.com Lee Treble

    I made a case for Vince being in the HOF here —-> leetreble.tumblr.com

  • Overtime

    @ Joe, if anything Carter would make the basketball hall of fame over an NBA version

  • Coggie13

    Are you kidding, vc could smash the ball. But when it comes to getting the job done the man fell short. Don’t get me wrong he could play. In 5 years will we be asking if joe johnson will be h.o.f? On the court they won’t achieve a lot more than each other.

  • PapaBearATL

    He could’ve been but, nah. Some great highlights and a dunk contest does not make a Hall of Famer. If that was the case then Harold ‘Baby Jordan’ Miner should be a HOF contender.

  • burnt_chicken

    does commitment to the team count as a category of consideration? Because Vince is well lacking in that regard.

  • tavoris

    I think he should be in. Dude was largely responsible for carrying the league (popularity-wise) in the post-Jordan, pre-Lebron era.

  • tavoris

    papabearatl-Harold Miner didn’t have 1/20 the resume VC does. U can’t discount all he’s accomplished in college and professional basketball.

    If the induction committee was half as strict as the commenters up here, there would only be 20 people in the HOF.

  • http://www.boogiewillaims.com Boing Dynasty

    “He jumped OVER his head.”

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    If he wins a championship somewhere it’ll be easier to fathom. But the only way he’d make it without one, is if he actually surpasses Larry Bird, Elgin Baylor and Charles Barkley on the All time scoring list.

  • http://blog.mysanantonio.com/spursnation/ Anthony

    I’d put Manu over VC any day of the week for a HOF spot. But that’s not the question, so no i dont think he deserved it, we all remember his dunks but what about his Playoffs performances ? I cant think of anything in particular. Maybe im being too harsh here but except for his dunks he’s not a special player.

  • Mike

    Some people are still so brainwashed from all the VC hate that the media has created over the years. The guy will end his career with 23,000+ points, 8 all-star games, been to two final fours, and was the leading scorer on the gold medal winning olympic team in 2000. The guy is a shoo-in.

  • add

    are you kidding me?! vc when he played on unc with jamison plus the great years he had single handedly carrying the raptors and his pretty good years with jkidd and the nets!

  • Charles

    Hahaha. The most fragile player in NBA history, no way!

  • http://blog.mysanantonio.com/spursnation/ Anthony

    Mike, i recognized all his accomplishments, the only thing that’s bugging me is his playoffs resume. But maybe it’s not needed for a HOF spot.

  • AT33

    He should be indicted into the HOF just because he jumped over a 7footer!

  • PapaBearATL

    If you can manage to be semi-relevant and stick around long enough in this league you reach that milestone, that doesn’t make you a hall of famer, he has a gold medal and… NCAA chips? NBA chips? He was an entertaining player to watch but just like his cousin, something is missing. Drive? Heart? Idk, there’s a reason he isn’t a ‘franchise’ player and it’s probably the same reason a lot of us don’t consider him a HOF player.

  • MikeC.

    Co-sign that the NBA needs its own HOF. For his international play and 2 Final Fours, Vince has a case for the Naismith HOF, but his NBA resume seems a little lacking.

  • g

    Its funny how guys talk about Vince Carter quitting on his teams but you don’t quit on your team and are considered lazy and end up scoring 20000+ it just doesn’t happen so bitter fans in toronto need to understand the fact that if toronto never got VC the team that they call theirs might not exist. First of all toronto was and still is considered a hockey city VC help create a fan base that now watches basketball so toronto fans need to appreciate what he did and be happy that their team didn’t turn out like vancouver

  • http://www.laumol.nl/weblog Laumol

    One dunk over one large Frenchman owes Mr. Carter one ticket to the Hall of Fame

  • Mike

    People have been saying the same stuff about Vince since he left Toronto, that he was a quitter, that he couldnt lead a team, that his legs/knees were shot, but here we are almost seven years after that trade and Vince is still putting up 19 ppg and will likely continue to do so for another 3-4 years. My whole point is, when its all said and done, there will be no way that they will be able to keep him out with the numbers he’ll have. Another way to look at it is if you took the name away from the numbers and said here is a guy with probably around 23-24 thousand points, 8 all-star games, and a gold medal. Do you not think about 99% of voters would vote that person in if they didnt know who’s numbers they were?

  • Vince5

    ehhhh, no. He never went to the NBA Finals and he only went once to the Semi-Finals (last year, when he became a role-player).

  • whatwhat


  • iheartcoffee

    Jordan, Magic, Bird, Wilt, Russell and Carter?!?!?
    Is this a joke?

  • Exile

    He has done well and has reached some pretty elite milestones, but if he makes it to the HOF, it should somewhere in his write-up state, “he could have been so much more.”

  • http://theurbangriot.com The Nupe

    Yes, he should be in. Simply put stats don’t lie. If Dennis Johnson is in, then how can you not put VC in? Not only will/does he have the stats, but as mentioned he’s an NBA dunking great and during his prime was a human highlight film that brought a lot of new fans to the game. I don’t buy-into championshipd being a real marker of ‘greatness’, because then I’d have to put in people like Robert Horry or John Salley (who both actually contributed to championship teams but neither have the Stats to justify a HOF bid). There are various levels of Hall of Famers, players like Magic, Oscar, Bird, Russel etc are in a special class by themselves as all time greats, but then you have players like VC who aren’t in the top .5% of all time, but certainly make it in the next level which is worthy. If the Hall was consistent that only the top .2% were in, then I’d be o.k. with excludeing VC, but it’s not that eilite.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    was always a second tier player.. i dont think there should be room in the hall for players like him.. he was exciting yeah and damn good but he just should not be considered hall of fame material.. the hall of fame is a place for players who dominated the game such as jordan, magic, bird, shaq, kareem, wilt, kobe, barkley, pippen, hakeem, robinson, duncan, and one day wade and lbj.. no one would dare place carters in name in the same sentence as these when speaking of greatness.. so no dude does not belong in the hall

  • Overtime

    I’ve got to agree with the comment about if the numbers were anonomous, he would get voted in (and it’d make a cool game to play).
    And I also cosign all comments questioning this ‘quitter’ label that VC has. If he had it with Toronto, Melo, Lebron, Bosh and mebe even Chris Paul should have it now. He didnt quit whatsoever in New Jersey after Jefferson and Kidd left, and played dam hard for Orlando too

  • monkeyball

    Definitely not a HOF. Scoring 20,000 shouldn’t be the standard. However, I would argue that Vince’s legendary dunk contest performance deserves to be remembered as one of the significant moments in the history of the NBA. In the same way that the HOF recognizes special teams, personalities, events, Vince’s contribution to the NBA as a show should be recognized.
    As a player, he should not get in.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    VC belongs in Raptors Hall of Fame. VC does not deserve to be in HOF, because what did he contribute to the game or what did any of his teams do with him leading the TEAM. NOTHING, BOOK IT!!

  • Gman

    @G… i am from Tdot. And im not bitter. And we would never turn out like Vancouver. Any sport here will keep getting sales.
    In any case. If not HOF then Toronto needs to retire his number!!

  • http://Philosophervision@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    Not only is Carter a Hall of Fame player, he is a first ballot Hall of Fame player.
    One of the most influential basketball players in NBA History.
    Nearly lived up to the “hype”.

  • al

    not if I were comparing a no name/i didn’t know the name, to a guy named Vince Carter

  • al

    NBA live Hal of fame, he is the first human to be like a video game, but only live up to the hype in the video game…

  • robb

    no way!

  • Anonymous

    A better question is: Now that Tao’s best days are behind him is HE a hall of famer. What about Steve Nash? Hypocrisy overflow in 5,4,3…

  • http://yahoo.com The Ambassador

    I agree with C_Cantrell. Vince Carter never dominated the game like Kobe and Lebron did. When I hear Kobe or Lebron I think of great players with great scoring,passing and defending ability. Then I think of there many highlights and GREAT playoffs performances Like Kobe against the Kings or Lebron against the Pistons when I think of Vince Carter I get some nice memories but then I think of when he didnt play in one ECF game to go attend someones graduation or something like that. he isnt a hall of famer because he also doesnt have the titles under his belt like a ring or defensive honors or other things that make a NBA player a Great player.

  • Anonymous

    Yao lol

  • http://yahoo.com The Ambassador

    Now there should be a article about T-MAC being a Hall of Famer.

  • Anonymous

    Yao phuck auto complete

  • http://www.redraidersports.com Nicolas Fleming

    @AMax…Yea, it is headed by Scottie Pippen

  • http://slamonline.com Hossy

    wince is a lock for the hall of shame

  • http://www.twitter.com/JoshElam JE

    his career isn’t over.

  • grogisgood

    Dominique Wilkins is in the HOF. Vince should be in

  • http://www.redraidersports.com Nicolas Fleming

    Ambassador…Well Vince and T-Mac are cousins. I think you can then tally the resumes as one and would that get Tracy Carter into the HOF? If a dunk contest alone can not, how about a dunk contest + 30 points in 12 seconds?

  • grogisgood

    He didn’t miss the ECF game. He attended the graduation in the morning and then played in it and ALMOST win it at the buzzer with a jumper. He played really well in the series as well. Are you really going to blame a jumper on a grad ceremony?

  • yes.we.did.

    tmac gets in first

  • http://www.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    Hes in. The person who said if you just look at his resume without knowing the name, he would be in, is correct. And vince isnt done, a few more years.

  • youngmuggsy

    Good player in college, Olympic gold medalist and one of the best players of his generation in the NBA. Definite HOFer.

  • http://www.storyActive.com Marten Go

    Most definitely he is. Vince winning the dunk contest is constantly uttered and thrown about as if it was on the level of Isaiah Rider or a Gerald Green type.

    People tend to overlook or blatantly undermine, in my opinion, what Vince did that night in Oakland. It was a tour de force. NBA ballers on the sidelines were reverted to giddy children, in awe of what they were watching as were the millions glued to the tube.

    Still to this day, the NBA is trying to find a successor to that historic night, but haven’t come close because a performance of that caliber (innovative, creative, inspirational) comes once in a lifetime and can never be duplicated.

    For a player to be hated so much, as if he had murdered a family member of yours is really unfathomable.
    So the logical reason for this, to me is that: these haters once loved Vince Carter.

    Hatred protects us from having to feel the pain of loss.

  • thegfunk

    If not in the Naismith hall of fame then Half-man Half-amazing will forever be in the slam hall of fame.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    Wow, some detractors here have mentioned a few legit points, but people are saying Vince has always been second-tier? Get out of here with that nonsense. You guys forget fast. Dude was legit. One unnecessarily honest interview and the subsequent media/public cruxification changed all your minds.
    HOF is a close call. I’m beginning to see both sides of it. Either way wouldn’t bother me.

  • http://yahoo.com The Ambassador

    @groisgood my bad but I still dont think Vince Carter should be in the Hall of Fame.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    Overall, I’d say he’s slightly ahead of Tmac in the HOF resume too.

  • reald1


  • http://Egotastic.com Michael


    He’s made two all NBa teams in his entire career. The last one coming in 2001. Penny hardaway and Grant Hill made more than that.

  • reald1

    @Iheartcoffe: THERE’S MORE PEOPLE IN DA HALL OF FAME THEN:Jordan, Magic, Bird, Wilt, Russell IN CASE U DIDN’T KNOW



  • underdog

    Well, he sure is in the dunkers HoF.

  • Clownfish31

    @AMax: you’re right. Carter doesn’t deserve to be HOF because he quit on the Raptors. Just like LeBron will never be a HOF because he quit on the Cavs and Melo will never be a HOF because he is quitting on the Nuggets. You gotta love ridiculous generalizations on the Internet.

  • horsey

    if Dennis Rodman isn’t in the Fall of Fame for being one of the most polarizing figures of the 90′s AND the greatest rebounder in the modern era (AND 5 time champion AND a guy who lead the league in rebounds for 7 straight years), Vince Carter shouldn’t go just because he still takes 1000 jumpers a season. the NBA should find out what it really wants from its players to be in the Hall and stick to it. i guess Vince did sell more jerseys…

  • Yesse

    He might get there someday, but i doubt he gets there immeadetly after the year limit goes by after he retires. He has not got a championship, not even an MVP so i doubt he is gonna walk into the hall of fame just like that.

  • MikeC.

    The HOF should have a tiered system. Guys like Jordan, Bird, Magic, Russel, etc would be top-tier guys. They won championships, were all-stars numerous times and changed the game. Level 2 guys would be great winners like Pippen, McHale, etc. Winners, all-stars, but not “the guy”. Level 3 could be for guys like Vince who impacted the game but didn’t win much on the pro level, or guys like Horry who won piles of rings but didn’t pile up stats.

  • http://bedotwater.bandcamp.com BE.water

    Vince Carter will be HOF.

    my argument needs to go no further.

  • http://yahoo.com The Ambassador

    @horesy your right I would 100x prefer Dennis Rodman that Vince Carter.

  • rashado


  • monkeyball

    @MikeC: Great idea. It was a great idea three years ago when Bill Simmons wrote about it…

    @BE.water: What argument?

  • Justin

    He will make it, and as grogisgood stated, if Dominique Wilkins is in then so should Vince. This whole thing of “how many chips did they win?” is so ridiculous. How many championships did Karl Malone, John Stockton, Dominique, Patrick Ewing, and Charles Barkley win? I believe that’s a big goose egg. And all those players played on much better teams than Vince ever did. Hell, if we’re going to use the championship debate let’s put in Robert Horry and Steve Kerr for their multiple championships. Ron Harper has to be in for all of his as well. Bottom line is, dude put up numbers and he’s going to put up decent numbers for the next few years. Maybe not first year but second for sure. And yes, DENNIS RODMAN TO THE HOF!

  • ClydeSays

    Being a key player (starter or 6th man) will definitely get you into the HoF (Rodman, DJ). Being a great player for many, many years will also get you in (Stockton, Malone).

    Being a bit player on Championship teams, big baskets or not, shouldn’t get you in (Kerr, Horry).

    Being the featured scorers on typically mediocre, losing or lottery teams doesn’t seem like it should be a lock for a HoF spot. I guess time will tell…

  • Timmy P

    its not a if its when and yeah he might quit on a team but if play for toronto i would too and plus lebron quit on his team i meqan almost everybody do its so they can have a better chance of um idk kno the word oh yea winning

  • Timmy P

    and plus Karl Malone aint never won a championship so why can he get in but VC cant???

  • http://nba-point-forward.si.com/ datkid

    Vince should be in the HOF…I mean come on Dominique’s in there. Vince was amazing back in the day, he was right up there with t-mac , A.I. and kobe… and yeah that was a while ago but still. also rodman should be in there too.

  • fitaboi

    is Steve nash has a ring???? VC should be in the HOF… but those two will and should be in the HOF!!! all vc haters always compare vince to jordan/kobe!!! he’s not kobe nor jordan he’s vince!!! w/o him NBA is soooo boring during post-jordan!!!

  • RG

    @ Overtime. Thank you for correcting Joe. If the NBA had its own Hall of Fame, VC would have LESS of a chance of being inducted (somewhere Bill Simmons is dying laughing at the very notion). Naismith will consider his college contributions at UNC, which will only help him. And VC’s NBA career is certainly no reason for the NBA to create its own Hall of Fame (there may be an argument in favor of a separate Hall, but VC’s NBA tenure is not it).

  • Danny

    Carter is undoubtedly a hall of famer. Some of you guys are saying that he never had any good playoff games? How about the ENTIRE Raptors/6ers playoff series in 2001. Carter and Iverson threw 35 point performances back and fourth at each other until game 7, where yes, Carter did miss the game winner, but that doesn’t take away the fact that he was a STUD in that series. Along with being the best dunker in the history of the game, he took the Raptors, who were not even considered an NBA team at the time, to their first playoff birth in the history of the franchise, and then a year later won their first playoff series. 20,000+ points, best dunker ever, gold medalist, and MANY clutch shots throughout his illustrious career make him a no doubter. Some of you people only know the Vince since 2009, where his ppg has dropped drastically. The man has still averaged 21 poitns a game in his career and is an 8-time all star (Three times leading the entire NBA in votes)…HOF