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Kobe Bryant: Carmelo Should Take the LeBron Route

KB24 doesn’t think ‘Melo should worry about what the public thinks; he needs to do whatever it is that makes him happy with his career. From Newsday: “Carmelo Anthony and Amar’e Stoudemire have a good relationship, but no NBA player is closer to Anthony than Kobe Bryant . The two have talked about Anthony’s future and the decision that he’ll have to make about signing an extension or testing free agency. At Lakers practice Saturday, Bryant said his advice to Anthony was simple: ‘Do what makes you happy.’ … Anthony has been extremely careful with what he says and does, mainly because he wants to avoid the firestorm of criticism and backlash that met LeBron James when he left Cleveland for Miami last summer. But Bryant said Carmelo shouldn’t be concerned about pleasing everyone. ‘LeBron did it, and obviously, the way he went about it [pissed] a lot of people off,’ Bryant said. ‘But the core of the decision was that he wanted to do what made him happy. I think Carmelo should do the same thing.’”

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  • http://slamonline.com Kieran

    What a riveting story

  • TSmoove

    Good advice…tell Melo to take ur family to the West because im tired of u bullying me when we play. I just dont want to see my favorite player in a Net Uni.

  • TSmoove


  • Oleroo

    Everyone is pissed at the 1 hour spectacle that LBJ pulled. T.O. hates Chris Bosh because of the surprise announcement on ESPN.
    I don’t hear people hating on Amare. He did it the professional way.

    Ultimately fans can’t dictate a player’s decision. Players; if you disrespect the fans, the fans will disrespect you.

  • bakers’-dozen

    This is newsworthy? In other news, Phil Jackson told Kobe Bryant that drinking mochachinos in the nude makes him happy, so he’ll keep doing it.

  • greg

    bead me to is smoove i remember that playoff series, i think that took years off kobes life nevermind his career

  • 2KInsider

    This is almost word-for-word the same story Slam posted a few months ago. Everyone commented on how “shrewd” Kobe was for wanting Carmello to go to a sh!t team in the east thus eliminating one more good team from the west.


    didn’t kobe want anthony to stay loyal to denver before?

  • Gman

    T.O doesnt care that CB4 did it on ESPN, we already knew he was leaving lol. Hopefully no one hates on him when he comes into town, because he didnt lie, or tank the season.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Anon e Mouse

    @ 2KInsider I was thinking exactly the same thing this is definitely a repeat story, almost exactly the same.

  • cool j

    Gman cosign that!As distasteful as “Le decision ” was it doesn’t come close to Vince tanking the season and bragging about it on tv and giving the opposition his team ‘s plays.
    Bosh left so what?! it is a business guys are traded all the time and they have to choose to play for a team when they are free agents.

  • T-Money

    Kinda twisting words a bit. He didn’t tell him to leave – just to whatever he feels like doing. I’ll give one thing to Kobe, he understood a long time ago that most media guys are suckas. They’ll claim you’ve changed when you’re back on top even though it’s just their perception that’s different (i.e., AI when he went to the Finals being the same ol’ Bubba Chuck, Kobe when he went back to the Finals)

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    So over all things Melo.

  • http://www.twitter.com/chris_griff_3 Chris_Griff_3

    Must be nice for Kobe. He can make comments like this since he’s been the alpha male of the NBA from the 2-3 positions for the duration of both Melo’s and James’ careers. His legacy may end up being that his competitors had no choice but to join forces in attempt to knock him off, much like Shaq’s legacy is that he changed the Center position forever by warranting it extinct and turning “true Centers” into Power Forwards (See: Duncan, Tim and Dwight Howard’s career before Shaq began to decline).

  • 6marjons

    he’s telling melo to go to LA

  • $am

    Kobe to Melo: “Be careful when cheating on your wife with hotel hostesses up there in Denver. Might as well get out before the media gets a hold of it and all hell breaks loose” : )

  • unrel

    @t-money.. i was thinking the same.. if you’re out west.. and you want a shot at the title.. you either 1.. join the lakers.. or 2.. go to the EC

  • http://google c_cantrell

    worthless read

  • 3John3

    Your right @C_cantrell, I just wasted 2min in my life just to read it.

  • bubblecat

    At least it’s better than the “Make sure you make the right decision” advice Kobe gave him before.

  • Shem

    If he leaves in a respectable manner I’m sure denver fans will appreciate what he did. I respect the 7 years bosh gave toronto but I hate the way he left. If he didnt talk all that smack about the city and told us right when the season ended he was going to leave, toronto might not boo him so hard.

  • ranrice

    Just go to new york or something cause the nets stink. You’ll have rip hamilton at best & a rebounding non-scoring brooke lopez. nobody won’t got there come any free agencys & he’ll be unhappy once again, just go to new york.

  • JC

    Kobe is creating another villain, so people’d forget what an axx he is.

  • jrok

    kobes words kinda got twisted here as several have said… hes just telling carmelo to do whats best for him, doesnt sound like hes disparaging denver or the nuggets in this, just one guy to another telling him to do whatever makes him happy… if carmelo wanted to stay in denver, im sure regardless of what he decides to do, the other players wont fault him either way whether he stays or goes… the topic line is pretty misleading, “taking the LeBron route” i thought has a more negative connotation to it than what kobe actually told him…

    that being said, this melo to NJ rumor/almost-trade, its making me sick… thats pretty much the only team that i dont wanna see him go to… it will be worse than what he has in denver… anywhere but NJ…

  • J Macc

    i think so f*c da bulls**t its about dat ring if he cnt make it dis year wit da nuggets i say duces

  • MB

    Melo should not make the fans too mad in Denver. If he makes them happy he will always have a loyal fan base.