Saturday, January 8th, 2011 at 9:00 am  |  16 responses

Polladaday: Griffin an All-Star?

Blake Griffin has certainly turned some heads thus far this season, putting up huge numbers and throwing down huge dunks nightly. But, in a Western Conference with plenty of worthy forwards, should he be selected to the All-Star Game?

Should Blake Griffin make the All-Star Game?

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  • RunNGun

    He’s playing on a losing team where he can stuff his stats just like Kevin Love…

  • Yesse

    Well, he should be an all star but he is going to be in the dunk contest and the rookie challenge (i think) so i think he has his hands full anyway.

  • underdog

    I would like to know why would anybody vote NO on this one. Dude puts up better numbers than Tim Duncan in ’97-98 when he was a rookie. And TD made the big game that year as far as I remember.

  • greg

    ill take kevin love over griffin for all star. dude has been rebounding on a team that has micheal beasly who is basicly a 4 and darko starting beside him. no matter what team you put him on i think he would still eat glass at this rate. he has a 3pt shot and a big body. griffin can have it for the next 10 years of his career, its time for love right now

  • Jer-Dawg

    If it wasn’t for the opening season start and if Clippers were on a close pace to .500 season it’s only right for Griffin to get serious consideration. Kevin Love, too. Go Clippers!

  • ab40

    yeah that duncan team was winning. get lemarcus aldridge in dude is balling and his team is over .500

  • Greydemon

    Yes , he is making big number and who is making numbers in the power foward position.

  • Karron “Da Holy Karron”

    I say put all 3 of em in cuz Love can play da 5 and 4 so can Aldridge but Blake is puttin in mj lbj buzz thats major as a rook winning or losing

  • D

    Number schmumbers. You don’t have to vote based on numbers. That’s what the coaches will do with the other votes. Vote for entertainment, please! Blake Griffin for me is by far the most entertaining player in the league. Fans actually get a chance to influence something in the NBA and they waste their votes on the likes of TD, and Dirk. Shame.

  • http://www.slamonline.com AllBall247

    Swap Aldridge with Griffin and who gets better? Not Baron Davis.

  • Jose

    I feel like The blake griffin vote is similar to the Monta Ellis. Big Numbers, losing record. And theres alot of talent at the Posistions they play in their conference. Dirk, Gasol, Melo, Durant, Duncan, & Kobe, Nash,CP3 deron, Westbrook, Kidd etc. Although i would mch rather have BG in the ASG than Ellis if it somwhow came down to those two

  • D-Block

    Griffin is obviously (all dunks aside) putting up all-star numbers, but the fact that his team has a losing record makes it hard to justify selecting him. K-Love is putting up arguably better stats (without the reel of highlight dunks of course) than Griffin on a losing club as well. I think statistically Love deserves it more this year, but Griffin is clearly a fan favorite. My vote: No.

  • Mr. TKO

    I gotta say No.

    There’s not a lot of room for forwards in the ASG and KLove is putting up beastly #’s. He’s not flashy or a Sportscenter favorite like Blake, so go ahead and let him get it while he still can.

    You know Blake will have his name all over the Ballots for the next decade or until he blows up a knee whichever comes first

  • 2KInsider

    I thought there was already a poll for this called “the NBA All-Star ballot.” LOL, just kidding. I want highlight players who will actually try hard in my All-Star game, so Blake should definately be in.

  • DeeDre

    I think some people are getting All-Star mixed up with MVP. If the roster allows then why not have Blake Griffin on the team? He doesn’t have to start in front of anyone but just have him on the roster because he’s certainly putting up All-Star numbers especially for a rookie. Should he win MVP? Not by a longer shot because the Clippers are terrible. Is he an All-Star? Definitely

  • cris

    Clippers are 8-3 and the second best defensive team in the league over that stretch. You guys don’t think Blake has something to do with that?

    C’mon.. he’s a game changer, Kevin Love hasn’t even made his team any better, they sucked when the season started and they still suck now.