Thursday, February 24th, 2011 at 4:27 pm  |  20 responses

Marquis Daniels Traded to Sacramento

According to Ken Berger, the Celtics have dealt Marquis Daniels to the Kings for cash.

It may not be as big a deal as the Kendrick Perkins trade, but it’s an important deal, too.

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  • blackjesus


  • Roy

    oh my god!!!! what a shocker!!!! what are the celtics thinking!!!!
    lol jk

  • paul

    Danny Ainge appears to have spent too many coffee-fueled nights, plugged into his cell phone, going stir-crazy in his office; not only did he start rebuilding in the middle of a season where the Cs had a legitimate title chance, but he barely got anything for what he sent away – which wasn’t much, just the heart of the Celtics defense.

    Celtics fans are throwing up over this, I think.

    Apparently Danny Ainge has a LOT of faith in Jeff Green.

  • Bojangles

    They get some cash back which they will use to sign troy murphy.

  • chicken

    Does Danny Ainge even realize how stupid he is? He better sign Troy Murphy’s ass, and quick.

  • WhiteBoy

    or a buyout of Marcus camby.

  • el_larsen

    it would be great
    @paul:shocked that ainge traded perk!!perk was the anchor of the defense(along kg of course)!and for jeff green?good name but he seems so soft!

  • Overtime

    Real shame for Daniels

  • http://google c_cantrell

    how embarrassing

  • LA Huey

    The only tragedy for Boston in this trade is if they don’t get to keep Marquis’ ridiculous chain.

  • Eldon Khorshidi

    Sad to see Q6 go, but the mixtape game is crazy in Sacramento.. 1090 Blok Boys stand up


    Damn. Grand Marquis is gone. Just further proof that the L is strictly business. As soon as a team sees ur r no good no more, they dispose of u just for sum $. On to the next. That’s gratitude 4 ya

  • Jammer

    Is “Sacramaneto” an expansion team? Ive never heard of them

  • Coney Islander

    As a Knick fan I just have to say how much I love these Boston trades.

  • http://www.reddoorsociety.blogspot.com rainman10

    Danny Ainge has never been a stupid GM. He drafted Jeff Green in the first place and traded him on draft day for Ray Ray and Big Baby. Boston may not be done, moving Harangody, Erden, and Daniels and getting no players back, don’t be surprised to see Troy Murphy, Marcus Camby, or Rasheed Wallace in Green and White come playoff time.

  • http://zoran_dakovic@hotmail.com RickyRude

    Hopefully Sheed comes back and fills up that PF slot.

  • http://www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Leon Powe, Erden, Quis, Perk, if you are not part of the C’s big whatever, don’t get hurt. Danny’ll ship yo ass out.

  • eazy

    someone like troy murphy has no place to be on a title contending team hes a worthless body like many guys in the league who just got into the league just on LUCK. danny ainge made enough terrible decisions he better not sign troy murphys pale behind

  • ab40

    they’re gonna sign powe for the rest of the season and greg oden next summer. Now it’s time to get those bigs healthy for the playoffs.

  • Red Star

    The NBA is so cut throat now it’s not even funny!!! All the best MD!