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Mike Miller Out With a Concussion

Miller won’t be in the Heat lineup against Toronto tonight because his head has been taking too many hits of late. The Miami Herald reports: “Heat forward Mike Miller was taken to a local Indianapolis hospital on Tuesday night after suffering from symptoms associated with a concussion. Miller was elbowed in the eye by Pacers power forward Jeff Foster in the third quarter and went into the locker room with Heat trainer Jay Sabol before the start of the fourth. Miller did not travel to Toronto with the team on Tuesday night and instead was scheduled to return to Miami on a commercial flight after being cleared by doctors. Miller suffered a slight concussion last Friday during the Heat’s victory in Detroit. He was evaluated at a Detroit hospital and received base-line testing before being allowed to fly to Boston. Against Boston, Miller received another blow to the head during a collision with Kevin Garnett. Garnett blindsided Miller on the play and Miller was slow to get up from the floor and sat out most of the fourth quarter. ‘Sometimes that’s the luck of the game,’ Heat coach Erik Spoelstra said. ‘When you get hit one time it seems end up getting hit one time in the same place over and over. You could go several games without ever getting hit.’”

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  • True H

    you know what slightly annoys me. Like when all this big three stuff first started I saw like 5 different magazines saying “The key to the heat’s success is Mike Miller”. REALLY? He stretches the D a lil bit with the attention focused on bron and wade, but is he really the key to their success? Its almost like they cant validate a team unless a white man is credited somewhere. The lakers are/were great because of Shaq, Kobe, fisher et al, but credit is so easily thrown to the zen master. The bulls had mother effing Michael Jordan and Pippen, but their success was probably due mostly to an old crusty as white man telling them to read abstract novels and meditate. Yep the stuff of NBA legend.

  • riggs


  • http://www.slamonline.com Stepfan

    Miller has not had a good season. Wish you was still in Washington but I’m pretty sure he not.

  • Ganchan

    I feel sorry for true H

  • Jamel

    miller is garbarge

  • T-Money

    I’m not gonna lie, I’m a little disappointed by his game this year. He’s way less explosive than he was last year and he doesn’t seem as comfortable handling the ball as he was in DC, Memphis and Minny. His rebounding is excellent and his shooting is coming along but I was expecting him to be even more versatile. Maybe he just needs more time.

  • 1982

    @True H, I don’t think Miller was really considered the key. He was more like one of the better shooters in their particular line-up. If Mo Williams was on the Heat at the time, the same might’ve been said about him. Bringing race into a piece about Miller getting a concussion is key to missing the point…

  • dsleepy

    @True H: …what are you talking about…? “The bulls had mother effing Michael Jordan and Pippen, but their success was probably due mostly to an old crusty as white man” –> Find me 3 people in the world who would agree with that statement. Everyone who was around then remembers Jordan’s last shot…how many people remember Phil’s last clipboard play call? Phil got credit b/c he was the coach, not b/c he was white. you’re making something out of nothing.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    ^True H.. dude just stfu and gtfoh

  • vtrobot

    i think most people would say that UD is really important to the heat and he doesn’t appear to be very white at all.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    @trueH.. The only reason the Pistons won the championship a few years back was because of Okur… Also, Mike Miller has a pet monkey..

  • http://slamonline dma

    Back when my great grandparents owned some coloreds, they knew how to handle people like trueH.. Got a nice Oak tree for ya in the backyard..

  • True H

    not even black. lol!!!!!