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Phil Jackson Not Too Excited About Three-Point Record

Wiith Ray Allen set to tie (and possibly break) the all-time three pointer mark tonight against the Lakers, Phil Jackson isn’t all that jazzed about the milestone. From the Boston Globe: “The opinionated coach offered his thoughts on Allen, who needs two 3-pointers to break Miller’s record of 2,560. ‘I got kind of a kick out of it because we don’t really celebrate 2-point baskets but somehow or another the 3-point basket has now become a really big thing,’ he said [Wednesday] at Emerson College. ‘I guess because maybe there’s so many 2-point field goals. But Reggie’s going to be here. Ray’s going to be here. It’s like one stepping over the other at that time. So it’s pretty cool.’”

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  • Oh Nose

    Zen Master at it again..

  • http://nicekicks.com Meloman2.0


  • rog23

    Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like Reggie is HEATED about Ray passing him?!?!?

  • Dave

    Whenever the C’s play on TNT half the broadcast is Reggie talking about how he doesn’t mind Ray passing him and how great it is and how Ray is such a good shooter, but it definitely sounds forced. He’s definitely a little pissed.

  • Detroit Davd

    I think Reggie respects the fact that he KNOWS Ray Allen puts in Work and practice at the craft. He would probably be pissed if a guy like Antoine Walker or Baron Davis got the record because they simply just jack up shot. Game Recognizes Game. How can you hate on Ray Allen?

  • bashmo

    Phil being a hater, plain n simple. This is a hell of an accomplishment for Ray Ray, he is making history and is the best shooter of all time. As for Reggie, I understand if he’s a bit pissed but who wouldn’t be in his position. Ray Money Allen I gots madd respect for Shuttlezworth, and Zen Master is doing his usual thing all over again. Again, this is a very incredible accomplishment, his record will probably not be broken any time soon…respect for Ray…future Hall of Famer!!

  • vtrobot

    “it’s pretty cool” = “not too excited”? “we don’t celebrate 2-point baskets”? so if someone breaks kareem’s career record, it’s gonna go pretty much unnoticed? there were a couple 2-pointers in wilt’s 100 and kobe’s 81 and i think those received some coverage.

  • Josh

    Phil isn’t being a hater at all. You must have looked at the title and none of the story or something. He said it was pretty cool. He raised a valid point about the celebration of 3 point field goals, but at the end he said it was cool. There was nothing about him saying he did not care, so read the story fools.

  • rog23

    @Josh: some phil jackson sarcasm?

  • http://staticseth.blogspot.com Seth

    I’m getting tired of hearing what Phil has to say.

  • T-Money

    what is so zen master about this? phil feels like he needs to express an opinion on everything. again, he’s not great because he stirs controversy and acts like a prick. he’s great and he also happens to like to stirk controversy and act like a prick.

  • Bruno

    “phil feels like he needs to express an opinion on everything” … I think it’s reporters who ask him evey damn thing, he just answers the question and then websites put that as news

  • http://facebook Stephen falatovich

    Ray puts in 3hours shooting before he plays…most people would be tired after that.He’s one of the best shooters in the game and he doesn’t look for attention like some stars do.Ray is a true team player and that’s what makes him great. Congrats to you, Ray.

  • mike


    This guy is great. Lakers get no respect in Boston.

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Who cares about this record, this record is more about Ray Allen playing for alot of seasons, playing a lot of unmeaningful games as a Buck and Sonic. Ray is overrated, so if I was Reggie I would be pissed. Because Ray has never been considered a great player or a team leader, thats why he has been traded and seen as just a piece on a good team. Now Ray can play with other good players and only shoot threes, trust me Reggie is pissed. I agree with Phil, who cares. BOOK IT!!

  • mike

    Ray is overrated? That’s funny.

  • Yep

    @The Seed: Playing for a lot of seasons? He’s gonna murk this record in 300 less games than Reggie. Then he’s got a few more seasons left to space that gap. His 3pt% is a bit higher. He’s a 10x all-star (soon to be 11), Reggie was a 5x all-star. He’s got a ring. Reggie doesn’t. In the last 30 seconds of the 4th or OT he’s shot .619 from 3 since he came to Boston (CLUTCH). His career averages are 20-3-4. Reggie is 18-3-3.

    Continue talking, please.

  • Riggs

    i always thought it was kobe who made the lakers seem like douchebags, looks like i was wrong.

  • http://www.redraidersports.com Nicolas Fleming

    Jesus Shuttlesworth has always been considered a great player. He even debated going to the NBA straight out of high school before deciding to play his college at Big State…or UConn?

  • JTaylor21

    So let me get this right, there are people out there who think that Ray’s overrated and not a great player but Reggie was?

  • LakeShow

    I am in seattle and watched ray have his best years here on the sonics. he’s 1 of 3 celtics i like cause he is a true good guy. i watched him and rashard lewis make the sonice credible w/o much else talent wise. he is better than reggie and a HOFamer withouddadoubt.

  • Red Star

    Zen Master up to his Jedi mind tricks again!

  • toinefan88

    Reggie gon stick his leg out to trip Ray.

  • Heals

    No it’s just you Rog, and if anything Phil’s last line cancels out the first about not being excited. How are they JMT’s when dude is being asked the questions; didn’t any of you watch the movies how are his statements JMT esque???

  • http://dodgers.com Joey E.

    i think reggie is ok with it, but deep down he freaking hates it. Dave(4th commenter) up there said on TNT when he talks about it is sounds forced. totally agree

  • elrompeculosdeloslakers

    Who the hell is phil? ah! another member of the hollywood fakers! Get a life Fool! Is reggie crying? there is no crying in basketball!

  • bashmo

    Josh are you cool? I guess your right but the Zen Master really throws in his input at the wrong time or situation…no negativity should be shed upon this piece of work by Jesus Shuttlesworth. Thats all I’m saying.

  • tavoris

    Reggie is happy for Ray. He sees him as Reggie 2.0

    Plus, he knows nobody will catch either of them.

  • Justin

    Man, I thought The Seed was an idiot before. Having him say Ray Allen is overrated may just go down as one of the dumbest things ever stated on this or any other site. Talk about losing credibility forever. lol

  • BostonBaller

    Phil is fine..he answered a question and there was no disrespect there that I read. It still amazes me how fans can find fault or criticize someone unjustly when they dislike a TEAM. Laker haters will jump all over something one of them says that is totally innocent and Celtics haters will do the same, even when it’s a classy guy like Ray. Know the game, watch the game and respect the game.

  • annonymous

    IMO, Nash is the best shooter in the game. Unlike Ray, he has to create his own shot. Most of his threes come off the dribble, which is substantially more difficult than set up threes. He also shoots a significantly higher percentage than any of the more renowned shooters.

    Nash will never attempt as many shots or make as many as a guy like Ray, but he is more consistent and more efficient.