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Deron Williams Wants Stars to Join Him on the Nets

DWill may not be willing to commit fully to his new team just yet, but that won’t stop him from helping them to recruit star players (and his new boss sounds like he’s doing a good job selling him on the future.) From the NY Post: “I want to win,’ Williams said before making his home debut in the Nets’ 104-103 overtime loss to the Suns last night. ‘In order to do that, you see the trend now: two, three, sometimes four stars in every city.’ So you need two, three, four stars. The Nets have one. Williams knows more is needed, and he must be a big part of the recruiting. A part, but not all. The Nets also have a Russian owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, with pockets deeper than the Phillies’ starting rotation. Then there is that move to a Brooklyn arena whose planned construction, seemingly, was drawn up with the blueprints for the Pyramids. ‘We have the market to do that right now,’ Williams said, ‘and I think it’s going to improve with the move to Brooklyn to attract some of the bigger name guys and it’s on not only management, but me, to try to get some people here.’ So the push to make Williams the area darling began on the local front last night at Newark’s Prudential Center, where the Nets sought far more than the sub-9,000 gathering that greeted Jason Kidd in his home debut — a season opener no less — back in 2001. Williams, who finished his home debut with 13 points and 18 assists, got a huge ovation from two-thirds full crowd, who chanted ‘Der-on Will-iams’ ala ‘Der-ek Jee-ter.’ The crowd included Jay-Z and Beyonce courtside.”

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  • http://hibachi20.blogspot.com Moose

    Hey, you don’t lose anything for trying…

  • mike

    why would he want stars to join him? it doesnt make sense….. ( sarcasm )

  • Zack

    47 assists in 3 games as a Net? rediculous

  • Cizzo

    Too Bad.. D.W. nobody want to play in New Jerse……….


    oh my god, is it actually 47 assists in 3 losses?

  • Riggs

    He needs to be more selfish in shooting right now. I know he’s battling through a wrist injury, but the man couldve had even more assists if the nets had better shooters and people who could finish around the rim.

  • Fat Lever

    As a Phillies fan, it’s nice to see our team being looked at as a powerhouse.

  • http://soulbanger.tumblr.com tapion786

    they just need to practice some more… he could have had 60 in those 3 games had he known where the other guy would be or if the other guy knew that he should expect the ball at all times.

  • http://slamonline.com Yknot

    Might have been a few wins if they had kept TWill to play with him.

  • MikeC.

    Players won’t want to go to the Nets if there’s the chance to play for the Knicks. The Nets will always be to the Knicks like the Clippers are to the Lakers. Retarded stepbrothers.

  • ab40

    so mike c who made the finals twice in the last 10 years? as long as mike D is at the helm the knicks arn’t going anywhere

  • robb

    say what you want, but they have a very good core in Deron and Brook, if they add another piece they could start winning a lot of games.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Zog

    williams come to the t wolves please we got 2 stars

  • Papa Smurf

    When did NBA stars become such whiny little b!tches. Enjoy your millions, and STFU and play.

  • dahon

    he should ask Sloan to coach, too…

  • irondan21

    Melo doesn’t even get 47 assists a month. Way to share the rock D-Will

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9S2sLe8VuMo Speedster

    Deron Williams going to The Nets is good for him. It’ll make his move to Manhattan easier when he signs with The Knicks.

    Hello Melo!


  • MikeC.

    @ab40 – When the Nets were making the Finals, fans still didn’t go to games and their ratings were still in the crapper. They just have that stink on them that they can’t get off. Jason Kidd in his prime couldn’t get that stink off.