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Does Mike D’Antoni Have Job Security in New York?

With the roster the Knicks have recently built, there is now question as to whether or not Mike D’Antoni is the right guy to lead the group. The NY Post speculates: “Following the blockbuster additions of Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups two weeks ago, the Knicks have assembled a club that is not built in D’Antoni’s speedball image. So with one year left on his contract and his biggest supporter, Walsh, up in the air, there is mystery to D’Antoni’s long-term security — fairly or unfairly. D’Antoni’s greatest attribute as coach is perfecting a high-speed attack, which the club is slowly moving away from. One league executive told The Post, ‘I think the question for next season will be, is D’Antoni the right guy to lead a team with a halfcourt star in Anthony and a [soon-to-be] 35-year-old point guard [Billups]?’ Dealing with another roster overhaul should be par for the course for D’Antoni. Every season as Knicks coach, he’s dealt with roster-rocking, in-season trades. In his two-plus seasons, D’Antoni has coached 34 players, which amounts to essentially three different teams. Entering training camp, D’Antoni hoped this would be the year of roster stability. How wrong he was.”

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  • RunNGun

    D’Antoni is safe as long as the Knicks don’t play any defense. It’s an easy philosophy to follow… SSOL aka Seven Seconds or Less. In other words, score a bunch of points, score more points than your opponents, and if you do both… you win. Easy, right?

  • knicksvet82

    Does Jeff Van Fundy have any interest? Lol

  • ClydeSays

    I’m sure Dolan will be discussing this with the Knicks’ braintrust in the offseason. Whatever Isiah wants, Isiah gets.

  • knicksvet82

    Does Jeff Van Gundy have any interest? Lol

  • knicksvet82

    Sorry bout the double post**

  • martey

    I always though byron scott would be great in new york as a coach although as a person he’s been rumoured to clash with players..avery johnson would have been a nice pick. Gritty defensive minded coaches are what new york needs..

  • Josh

    I think D’Antoni is a good fit in New York. This isn’t a team that is ready to win yet, they are still clearly way behind Boston, Chicago and Orlando, not to mention teams in the west. Why then, if they are not going to win a championship should NY put in a defensive minded coach? Knick fans have been dying for something even sort of relevant to be happening in the Mecca of Basketball, and now they have two stars, and team that is exciting to watch. I think NY needs the glitz and glamour of a fast paced offense, like I said, they aren’t going to win so they should atleast remain a team that is fun to watch.

  • Kas

    Writing sorry for the double post only makes things worse. Two wrongs don’t make a right… hehe

  • Wrong

    I think Isiah would be a great fit for coach in New York.

  • riggs

    theyre playing defense, just not as good as other teams. They played great D against the Hawks.

  • 1982

    D’Antoni is questionable but Spoelstra just has to keep repeating, “we need to stay together” and he’s fine?

  • MikeC.

    I doubt hiring a defensive-minded coach will be the answer. If their players are suited to focus on offense, then a defensive coach would clash big time. Kinda like hiring a fat guy to be your personal trainer.

  • Charles

    Sam Mitchell would be hilarious in NYC.

  • http://www.walshsportsblog.com Darren

    Strange time to be discussing this. Let’s see how they finish the season, and it seems like he’s adapting his ideas to fit the players pretty well anyway.

  • Nigel

    Anyone wanna put some money on Isaiah making his return to the Garden sidelines?

  • MusketeerX

    They play great defense against teams that emphasize one on one offense… Not so much when the team moves the ball (Cavs).

    Its because MDA doesn’t emphasize defense.

  • http://slamonline.com knickfan

    Knicks need Byron Scott. They will win with D’Antoni gone and a defensive-minded center. Dalembert would help.

  • X

    D’Antoni has done a great job considering the turmoil around him. Dolan should give him a contract extension.

  • http://slamonline.com Ugh

    It’s hard to answer that question – certainly the team won’t be a contender under D’Antoni because he’s simply not a good enough coach, not to mention that when he gets a vendetta against a player they’re done for, but if there’s an owner who repeatedly rewards failure it’s Dolan. So who knows?

  • http://www.hehe.hotmail.com jebac

    phil jackson is goooooooooing back to new york for sure…… tree-peat no. 5 and 6 is waiting..

  • rubs93

    pjax in nyc would be interesting. the triangle works best w two talents like amare and melo and there is no emphasis on a pg just guards who can pass and defend. the big ? is if amare and melo would commit to playing D