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Jared Jeffries Named Knicks’ Starting Center

He’s of course not the ideal candidate to play the position, but Mike D’Antoni doesn’t have too many options on his roster, so Jared Jeffries will have to make due. From ESPN: “Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony are going to get all the ink. Jared Jeffries will go down as a footnote: The only member of the New York Knicks who failed to score a single point in their highest scoring game of the season, a 131-109 drubbing of the Utah Jazz. But Jeffries is more than a footnote. He will likely remain the starting center for New York for the remainder of the season, a mini-bombshell that coach Mike D’Antoni dropped before watching his superstar duo click together better than they had in any of the eight games since the epic MeloDrama ended with the blockbuster trade that bought Anthony to New York. ‘He’s a very good defensive player, he moves the ball, he understands what we want done, he gives us that multiple possessions on the offensive rebounding, tapping balls out. He’s just an energy guy that kind of glues everything together,’ D’Antoni said. ‘He’s a valuable piece for us although he doesn’t score, but he doesn’t have to. This team is a little bit different than a normal team. You don’t have to space the floor as much because you have such good individual players, so I just think it’s a perfect fit for us.’”

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  • TSmoove

    Let’s remember we gave up Corey Brewer for this guy…an not Renaldo Balkman…

  • riggs

    i dont think they couldve ate balkmans contract, and he wasnt willing to be bought out for less from what ive heard.

  • Fat Lever

    Allow me to display my thoughts on this latest development: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

  • http://www.bobbieden.com RunNGun

    This sucks but that’s okay. Soon Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, and Kevin Love will be suiting up for the Knicks. Make it happen, Walsh.

  • http://SLAMonline.com GotHandles?

    derrick brown should start

  • Josh

    Jesus couldn’t make that happen, RunNGun.

  • Nine

    I’m just glad he’s no longer on the Rockets, him on the roster kept me up at nights.

  • http://www.bobbieden.com RunNGun

    @josh LOL and then 2K11 happened…

  • http://www.slamonline.com/ niQ

    I really don’t understand the Knicks infatuation with Jared Jeffries…

  • http://www.boogliewillaims.com Boing Dynasty

    STAT should be ashamed of himself, hes bigger, stronger, more ath-a-letic(#Barkleyvoice) but hes going to let Jefferies try and D up Dwight n em in the playoffs??

  • http://zenguu.com Max

    What about Ronny Turiaf?

  • Omar

    RunnGun – Please keep Kevin Love, we don’t want him.

  • Riggs

    he’s actually been playing some good defense (forcing turnovers, blocking and offensive rebounding). The only downside is having absolutely no offensive capability outside of making screens and a good pass once or twice.

  • http://jaredmintzisthetruth.blogspot.com Jared

    Boing, he’s a four and he’s never played defense in his life. His value is at the offensive end, and don’t forget he’s an MVP candidate on one of the leagues most up-and-coming teams. Why should he be ashamed of himself? Let someone else do the dirty work on the defensive end, while he occasionally comes over for the help-out blocked shot. The fact that he doesn’t rebound more is the shameful part.

  • http://jaredmintzisthetruth.blogspot.com Jared

    Mike D likes Jeffries diversity, he’s like his Boris Diaw (minus any kind of offensive capability).

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Isn’t there any “out of work” bigs the Knicks could throw a couple thousand dollars at to play out the rest of the season?? PJ Brown style..

  • Big Marv

    WTF? I remember him being a backup shooting guard on MJ’s Wizards….

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Kinda reminds me of Hakeem Warrick. Technically he’s a big, but plays more like a 3 or 2..

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Knicks just haven’t been the same since they lost their star center- Chris Dudley.

  • O

    Anyone who actually watches the Knicks game can see that Jared HAS become a valuable asset. He doesn’t score, but he does play defense and hustle like crazy. If he took steroids he’d be a problem.