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LeBron James Expects Less Hostility in Cleveland Tonight

James is probably right, there’s no way Cavs fans will be able to work up the same kind of hatred they did during his initial trip back to Cleveland, but he shouldn’t expect a standing ovation, either. From the Akron Beacon Journal: ”It can’t get no worse than it was December 2,’ James told Miami reporters. ‘I know that. I know that for a fact.’ Perhaps it was the way James manhandled the Cavs in that first meeting, the Cavs’ miserable season since or the drastic turnover on their roster, but for whatever reason, interest in this game is down. Even Cavs coach Byron Scott senses it from his dealings in the community. ‘When I first got here, it was almost everywhere I went, which is understandable,’ he said. ‘I can’t remember the last time somebody said something about LeBron to me the last three or four months. Even the fans have come to the realization that he’s a Miami Heat and that’s the way it is.’ Four months ago, James was deluged with ‘Quitness’ T-shirts, chants of ‘Akron hates you!’ and a sold-out arena that taunted and jeered his every move. It was a bubbling kettle of hate that superseded any other regular-season game in the history of the NBA. James responded to the vitriol with a magnificent 24-point effort in the third quarter and 38 points in the game, despite sitting the entire fourth quarter in the Heat’s 118-90 victory. ‘I think [the fans] remember what happened last time we played here and so do we,’ Scott said, conceding the Cavs suffered from a case of stage fright the first time. ‘We want to make sure we come out and we’re not tentative whatsoever.’”

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  • Feez22

    I’d say that its always bad to return to the scene of the crime… wait not crime, more like the scene of the rejected. The way cavs fans weeped and cried after the decision had me thinking that lebron must’ve stolen something from them. They were just weeping of a broken heart knowing that they will be myid in mediocrity without him. Hopefully nobody goes crazy tonight in the Q. Only 3 cavs players remain from lebron’s regime there so hopefully yall have moved on? Fat Baron Davis will guide the way cavs… if not to a victory he will guide you to the 10 gallon tub of ice cream he feasts on after every game. Have fun either way.

  • http://hibachisabas.blogspot.com/ Toni Kukoc

    who really cares?…

  • http://pickandroll.tumblr.com/ airs

    cavs fans drained any energy they had left to root for their team last time bron came, just not worth it for em to lose their voices again.

  • 1982

    If they really wanted to make a statement, they shouldn’t show up. But I doubt anyone there thinks about that…just about booing the reason they came to the game.

  • http://pickandroll.tumblr.com/ airs

    nah, they should’ve done that the first game. if they do that now it’ll look like its just cuz the cavs suck. which is, well, true.