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Mike Krzyzewski Not Interested in Replacing Phil Jackson

Once Phil hangs up his clipboard at season’s end, Coach K says that Lakers fans shouldn’t expect him to begin stalking the sideline at Staples Center. From ESPN: “Krzyzewski said Wednesday his answer would be the same if the Lakers, who could be in the market for a head coach if Jackson goes through with his plan to retire after the season, decided to call him again. ‘I’ve never thought of ever leaving Duke for another school but there were three serious times where I almost left to go to the pros,’ Krzyzewski said. ‘One was when Dave Gavitt took over the Celtics [in 1990], another was with the Trailblazers [in 1994] and the one that I took to a really far level was the Lakers situation. They were great with me. I just could not give up what I’ve done and gotten at Duke. It just wasn’t worth it.’ Krzyzewski, who has won four national titles at Duke, was reportedly offered a five-year, $40 million deal after Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak met with him around the time of the 2004 NBA draft. Kupchak would later fly to meet Krzyzewski in North Carolina while Kobe Bryant reportedly tried to recruit Krzyzewski to come to the Lakers over the phone.”

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  • Joe

    Insert stupid comment about Coach K to the Knicks.

  • bill breedley

    College coaches rarely makes good NBA coaches

  • RunNGun

    Keep D’Antoni. Make it happen, Walsh.

  • http://Nba.com GP23

    Brian Shaw will take over as Head Coach.

  • bull22

    hey run and gun are you in love with walsh or something?? it seems you must have alot of time on your hands dreaming up ridicilous scenarios! hahahahahahahahahahahahahaa


    cosign bulls22

  • Nate C

    Run has nothing better to do with his (or her) life than to comment on every story and say something dumb about the knicks(lose a lot of games: make it happen walsh, oh wait….). And Coach K will NEVER leave Duke, he will retire and let Johnny D take over before he goes to another school or NBA team.

  • Brahsef

    I understand coach K has got the life at duke, but to not want a shot at coaching at the pinnacle of your sport (same for any job) just seems like your scared to me.

  • Nate C

    @Brahsef that goes both ways, because if he leaves for the Lakers, Duke fans will say he “sold out”, so its unfair to say he is scared

  • RunNGun

    LMAO Yeah, I got called out. I guess I have no life so I post here. Funny, what are you doing posting here too?

  • Yesse

    It will be a sad moment to see Phil go. Whoever is going to replace him has some big shoes to fill.

  • elmaar

    coach k is an ok teacher/communicator for young pups who are trying to get to the nba and we can argue about how good of a coach he really is, looking at all those title teams I have to say they were nothing short of fully loaded
    in the nba he would not survive a season, he’s just too soft
    would have loved to see him try coaching that 2004, bet he would have never even consider coaching pros again

  • http://nobulljive.com Enigmatic

    If Coach K can handle all the combined egos on those olympic squads he’d do fine in the NBA.
    If he doesn’t wanna do it, that’s on him.

  • elmaar

    that 2008 team was built year by year and the core of that team all witnessed what was wrong in 2004 and how not to play plus the cast fit together unlike the 2004 where iverson and starbury ran the point so to say

  • Nate C

    @RunNGun you post on like every story with your retarded Walsh comments. He made it happen, and you all are going backwards. Good Job

  • http://slamonline.com Brad Long

    People have enough reasons to hate the Lakers.

  • Spursnation

    He can’t control NBA players like he can control his over-priveleged trust fund babies at Duke :D .

  • Josh

    While having Coach K would be pretty cool, especially since Kobe has so much respect for the dude, I cant help but think Shaw or Hamblen will take over to keep running the same system. I like Coach K’s loyalty to Duke too, great guy.


    @Josh: LMAO at Frank Hamblen becoming the head coach of the Lakers. He likely retires with Phil, or continues with his low stress gig of being an assistant.