Monday, March 28th, 2011 at 10:00 am  |  27 responses

Nene Has ‘For Sure’ Thought About Playing in Miami

There’s mutual interest between the Heat and Nuggets’ big man Nene, but the Miami Herald reports that it won’t be easy to make the deal happen: “Nuggets center Nene, an impending free agent, is amenable to re-signing with Denver but told us last week he has ‘for sure’ thought about playing for the Heat: ‘They have a great team. They have a large Brazilian community.’ The Heat is interested but isn’t optimistic it has the pieces to trade for him this summer.”

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  • coggie13

    Take the mid-level Nene

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    The Heat have trade pieces?

  • AT33

    Trade weak ass Bosh! He is no good in Miami! Someone like Nene would be a good fit although is injure-prone, I’m sure for Bosh Miami will get a better post player in return.

  • Fat Lever

    All this is conjecture until we see the new CBA and the new cap.

  • johnny c

    did we all forget that bosh plays with lebron AND dwade? those guys own the ball, bosh is a 3rd option, and in that system his stats take a drop being the third option behind freakin LEBRON AND WADE!!! i aint saying bosh is a tough gritty player, but he aint half as bad as people say he is. and no, i’m not defending bosh for being soft, i’m just saying he aint as bad a player as people like to think

  • T-Money

    Riles gets them all discounted: Wade, Bron, Bosh, UD, Miller, Bibby. If you get a player in a room with Riles, anything can happen lol – he’s the ultimate salesman. Miami could give him more than the MLE if they can work out a S+T. A lot of it will depend on what happens in the season but I’d give up Haslem (DEN offered him a contract last summer), Miller and Anthony for Nene. A legit center who shoots 62 from the field and 75 from the line? Sign me up!

  • Fat Lever

    T-Money, if you think that POS package gets a player like Nene, wow. Unless there’s money coming off the books, then that deal is terrible for Denver. Joel Anthony might be the worst player in the league. Haslem is coming off a significant injury and Miller hasn’t been able to stay healthy. Neither Miller or Haslem are young guys either.

  • T-Money

    It’s not about the package “getting a” player like Nene, he’s opting out regardless. So it’s up to Denver to either just let him walk or try to get something back. They have no say on what Nene will do next summer.

  • Ben Ireland

    Miami can’t trade Haslem, Wade literally took less money, as did UD himself, so he would be on the team. And he’s a rock solid player. Not a star, but a damn fine player. Haslem is safe in Miami forever. Or else they really will become the ultimate villains in the NBA, cos they’d get killed in the press.

  • T-Money

    Ben: Of course they can. They’ve also cut Arroyo who has very deep ties to the city and who they were promoting extra hard to the Latin community. This is Riles, man – he’ll do anything. They won’t give away UD but if it can sweeten the deal for Nene and DEN wants him, he’s gone. And if you think Riles care about negative press, you haven’t been following his career.

  • dsleepy

    i would rather let nene walk for nothing than get back mike miller (really bad contract for his actual value) and joel anthony. free some playing time and bench space for developing talent.

  • Ben Ireland

    T-Money: It’s not just bad press he’ll have to deal with. Riles can’t turn the team into a money-making factory with no regard for the players. Wade would be super pissed for a start. UD is co-captain with D-Wade… How can you possibly justify that to the players, dropping the heart of the team as a throw-in for another player? Players other than the Big 3 will worry about their own spots then; not exactly a championship winning environment. UD is safe. Or the Heat will become universally despised, until the morons start hopping on the bandwagon when they win…

  • rondo4mvp

    Pack up bibbs haslem and zy for ray felton and nene the heat would actually play a bit of d then

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Ben Ireland must have been in a coma since July 2010 if he thinks the Heat will “become” universally despised if they make some questionable roster moves. This is a 9 month old scenario already.

  • RunNGun

    Nene would look good in a KNICKS uniform. Make it happen, Walsh.

  • bull22

    yeah bright idea nene, take a big pay cut to play for these guys when you can get a big payday elswhere… and then when your career is over, see if riley will give you some appreciation pay for playing for peanuts after you blow you knees and retire…

  • suckitbosh

    bosh for felton and nene

  • bull22

    all of you who have MAKE IT HAPPEN DIARRHEA people can do this by creating your scenarios on playstation 3 or xbox (NBA LIVE) because its apparent that you little childish JACKWAGONS
    are inept at making revelant real world reality based basketball comments……

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    I wouldn’t put too much stock into the front office’s loyalty to Haslem. If the Bulls would trade Oakley against MJ’s wishes and Ainge would ship Perk despite Doc’s objections, the Udonis will be shipped for the right price.

  • Jose

    they trade haslem, i think i’d die a little bit inside. . :( . . .

  • add

    sixers could use a good center.

  • rich

    nene can opt out and be a free agent this year if he wants to be, since he is the only free agent center he can go get overpaid by someone else rather than go play in miami for a mid level contract.

  • O

    I was waiting for RunNGun to say something about Nene in a Knicks uniform. Truth is, everyone is going to want to hop on the Big 3 d*cks because they want to be a part of history if they go on that magical title run. Before being traded to the Knicks, Billups said if he were traded to the Nets he’d want a buyout and go and sign with Miami. I’d laugh my ass off if Miami ever traded Bosh. But no way they’re trading Haslem.

  • Ben Ireland

    Eboy, I know people hate them already, but it died down as they played better and better. And even if they’re still an unfinished product, they’re a good team. And even with all the hatred, no-one had anything bad to say about D-Wade. Miami can’t afford for Wade to be unhappy, and complaining. Players get traded, but UD is safe. Too much risk of becoming a corporation team, and an even bigger villain. Even Riley doesn’t enjoy being the villain. He was a hero during the showtime days. The man wants to win. But no way the players let the cost of that be UD. Not as a throw-in anyway.

  • glovechops

    dexter pittman see ya ur a nugget this summer-joel anthony see ya ur a nugget this summer-2016 1st rd pick- $3 mil cash = NENE on the back of a Heat jersey

  • glovechops

    after players have been in the league 7-8 years… they dont care as much about the paper… yeah they gone fight to get their bread… but at the end of the day players want to hold that golden basketball in the air, cut some nets down, pop bottles, and ice ya pinky finger wit a big a$s ring… except for brothers like ron artest who get their first championship ring and then auction it off… smh

  • glovechops

    oh and by the way… if NENE went and played for my Oklahoma City Thunder… It would a rap for the next 6 championships believe that… watch out for the Thunder in the Playoffs… they may shock the league… you heard it here first… OKC ’10-’11 NBA Champs #pop bottles