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Joakim Noah: ‘We Have the Best Closer in the World’

Noah has great faith in teammate Derrick Rose’s remarkable ability to close out tough games, a belief that’s tough to argue with. From Bulls.com: “Sure, the Pacers could decide they want to try to go back to Chicago next week and come storming out in Saturday’s Game 4. Though it seems like they tried just about everything they had left Thursday and still lost, yet again down the stretch as Derrick Rose scored on a twisting, left handed drive through a mass of Pacer with 17.8 seconds left in an 84-84 game. ‘The whole time I was just thinking, ‘Go to the hole,’ said Rose, who had 23 points and was just four for 18 shooting against Indiana’s relentless trapping defenses. ‘It was tough the whole night the way they were playing me. I missed shots I usually hit. At that time, I saw space and opportunity and I just went.’ Rose somehow got through and forced in still another game winner in which the Bulls never could shake the Pacers. The Bulls have yet to lead in this series by more than seven points at any time while the Pacers had led the majority of time in the series. But once again the Bulls had the closer and the Pacers had the door slammed in their face. It’s been a remarkably, unusual series with the Bulls tested through all three games by the Pacers, actually outscored in the first three quarters of the first three games combined by seven points. And then winning the fourth quarters by a combined 22 points with Rose averaging more than 10 points per game in the fourth quarter alone and 32.7 for the series. ‘We have the best closer in the world,’ said Joakim Noah, who had 11 points, 10 rebounds and four blocks. ‘Everybody knows it. They know it. We know it. Their coach knows it. They all say it. They have no problems saying it. We all know it. That gives you confidence for your team.’”

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  • AD

    stfu how dare you disrespect kobe, melo n wade rose is clutch but CMON SON.

  • mike

    No, Joakim. The Yankees do.

  • Ali

    What my man Black Rob used to say “LIKE WHOA” slow down Noah…your getting ahead of yourself


    Noah on the kool aid.

  • Brandon

    No like seriously..besides Kobe, D.Rose is the best closer..watch tape

  • Tyrant56

    dis guy funny

  • tRay

    Man whatever this fool is smoking must be stronger than what I have in the past lol I’m sorry but that title is reserved for KB24. I like the confidence but lets not be stupid.


    @tRay – SMH, don’t let those SportsCenter highlights mess with your head. Sincerely, Henry Abbott

  • tRay

    @IAMORANGE trust me I understand that Kobe miisses shots I’m a Laker fan so I see a lot too understand. If anything I think Melo is more clutch than Rose.

  • bull22

    hard to argue with NOAH, i cant remember the last time one player made clutch plays in three consecutive playoff basketball games contributing to winning games. MJ is maybe the only one that comes to mind, and i watched all of his playoff games and if he did, dont remember.

  • Kid Dynamite

    (In Chuck’s voice)You a funny guy Joakim!! Hahaha..Noah’s been known to rattle off his mouth plenty-let him be, for he know not what he speaketh…

  • http://Slamonline.com Caboose

    Oh Bulls fans, still trying to compare Rose to Jordan. Sad, really.

  • JTaylor21

    Nobody in the NBA is a closer, save that sh*t for baseball.

  • http://theurbangriot.com The NUPE

    I’m not sure I can disagree with him. As of righ NOW during THESE playoffs, I think D Rose is currently the best closer. Of course I’m assuming that Joakim was speaking only in present moment and not in terms of best closer ever. And if all the Kobe/Melo and whomever else fans are honest, nobody has been closing out games as well as DRose.

  • Lloyd

    co-sign NUPE

    DRose the best closer RIGHT NOW. Nobody is playing as clutch as he is.

  • http://nobulljive.com Enigmatic

    Whether you agree with him or not, you gotta love how Noah always has his point guard’s back.

  • http://pickandroll.tumblr.com airs

    some of y’all are really sensitive huh?

  • http://slamonline.com AlbertBarr

    Good point, Enigmatic

  • http://slamonline.com The Ambassador

    What about Dirk,Kobe,Melo,Wade, or even some cases Lebron.

  • KC

    Can we please stop with the Kobe is a great closer talk!!!!!!!!! Damn!! When is the last time he closed out a big game seriously?????? Please someone just let me know!!!! I see an aging player who’s teams losses go up with his number of shot attempts. The numbers don’t lie folks. Kobe has been a very good player but he has without a doubt benefited from having great teammates for almost his entire career. He was rescued by gasol in the finals last year and The lakers probably would have lost the series and past two championships if it wasn’t for the poor health of the celtics (who I also can’t stand). Damn can we come down to earth on kobe please!!! He is an aging jumper shooter who can no longer get to the basket or score efficeintly! And Melo!!!!! Come on man!!! Has the guy ever even won a playoff series??? If I remember correctly the nuggets only won one series with him. Big shots don’t count in the regular season. Who cares if you hit a buzzer beater against the raptors in january??? Rose looks like the real deal but someone needs to put his little ass on the ground a few times and see how he reacts. Man, I’m having a bad day, can you tell? Go on and hate on what I said, i don’t care!!! Thanks :)

  • AD

    @kc didnt melo make it to the west con finals…… do the math…… and who cares if u hit 3 game winners against the stupid pacers…. they dont know how to play d and its only been three games.. its too early

  • Elvis Freshly

    Last I knew.. the bulls didn’t have Ray Allen. When was this trade made!?

  • Brandon

    @Elvis Ray Allen is a limited threat in the clutch..D Rose will give u whatever you need need in the clutch: jumpshot, attack the basket, makes plays for teammates. Homie doesn’t lose 4th quarters.

  • JL

    difference between rose and ray allen is that rose has to create for himself. ray is more a spot shooter running through screens. rondo creates and passes to him. so basically rose is doing what two people do, in the process creating more openings for others as well, altho he mostly just shoots it. i really am impressed after seeing rose play these few games. he has great poise and can really finish in traffic. even when the refs gives him the easy calls on driving in, he still ends up finishing and getting and 1 instead of 2 FTs. at that point it’s not a bailout, it’s a bonus.

  • Ali

    KC with all the Hate… I luv it. Hahahah….

  • T-Money

    man, the guy has not ben out of the first round yet and he’s the best closer in the world? wow.

  • Keith Bogans

    He’s complementing, his teammate. Whether you agree or disagree is up to you, no need to hate.

  • Ali

    Hahahaha….THE WORLD! top flight security of THE WORLD craig!

  • http://slamonline.com zoom

    DRose had an amazing season, and is having a really good post-season so far. But the hype is getting ridiculous at this point. Noah may be complimenting his teammate, but frankly I think he’s on crack. After what will likely be his FIRST playoff series win, he is suddenly superman. As much as I hate Kobe, I’d take him right after Melo ten times out of ten if I had to choose a closer in the league. I don’t care what the kid has done in three game versus the eigth seed, he damn sure isn’t the best closer.

  • Joblo

    All he’s doing is putting more confidence in his point gaurd, is it that hard to figure out? Soon enough everyone will realize how good he really is even if they don’t win it this yr

  • http://twitter.com/4point0show Wes

    Noah has never bowed to the NBA’s elite. He’s the ultimate teammate. That’s why Chicagoans love him and why everybody else hates him, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • http://shinefluid@aol.com JUST BCUZ

    I AGREE! i trust d.rose with the ball in his hands more than anybody. you gotta give kobe his respect for what he’s done but unless u come trap d.rose at halfcourt he gonna get you

  • Wall BAll

    D ROse beat kobe, wade, lebron,melo dirk, duncan,rondo and whoever else u east and west coast bball overhyped fans dare to mention. Kobe SHOULD WIN he’s only won with all-stars in their primes. If he passed the rock more and realized that he doesn’t to need to compete with lebron, durant, melo, rose and wade he’d win more chips…kobe u r a household name…kobe we know u and we won’t forget u. Stop chasing records and pass the pill man. U destroy team chemistry by shootin 40 shots a game. The hate u guys have 4 rose is pathetic…he has the heart of a champion and he was born to ball. Be congratulators not playa hatas

  • Brandon


  • Lev

    @Wall BAll…Ahahaha..U Just Dissed Kobe For Shooting Too Many Shots Although Rose Was 10-23 (.435) In His First One With Bout 20 FT Attempts….Kobe Was 13-26 In His First One (.500) & 3-10 In His 2nd One….Rose Was 11-25 In His 2nd One & 4-18 In His 3rd One…HIS ABILITY TO CONVERT IN THE AIR & DRAW CONTACT TO GET TO THE FT LINE Makes Him Seem So Much Better Than His Actual Scoring Is…

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Kobe is more clutch, was just voted by NBA players, not slamonline commentors. Rose is not clutch he just has the ball in his hands all the time for the bulls. Its like Durant, he has the ball takes the shots, but not clutch. I would take Wade second on my list and Dirk third over Rose.What player hit the most game winners in one season and has 5 rings. KOBE, BOOK IT!!!

  • Debbie

    nobody hatin the man is having a good year no doubt but the best closer????? Please!!!! when he has record like kobe then we can talk!!! tell him to bust 81!!!! NNNNOOOOTTTT!

  • Fab-5 Elite

    As of right now, nobody can stop D-Rose..! Nobody! He’s been clutch throughout the entire season & has stepped it up even more in the playoffs. Its not hype, its real. & if you still doubt he’s one of the best closers in the league… just watch the rest of the bulls playoff series & then make your comments…

  • Brandon

    If you don’t think D Rose is clutch your basketball illiterate. Ask Stacey King who’s been the most clutch player this season.

  • Byebye

    Since when do we crown superstars cause they ave 25 points a game in the reg season rose is nice but he shoots 23 times a game
    Give me Russ westbrook all day

  • Zabba

    Since Melo entered the league he’s had 16 game winners, one more than Kobe in that same span. DRose on the other hand is piling them up pretty quick.

  • Charles Breen

    Nah everyone commenting is crazy. Rose is a better finisher then lebron, wade and even kobe (in apick n roll situation) ..througout the season melo was a better closer but after that 3 point shot vs NY in the playoffs i’d say rose has been better. The only closer in the playoffs that might be better the Rose is maybe pierce but watching Rose this playoffs he’s put himself up there with the other closers. Dude could finish

  • jumpman3224

    Rose is certainly clutch. But, Kobe has done it before on the biggest stages. Multiple times. Kobe’s clutchness is a rep that has been earned over the last decade plus, a time span which has seen him lift 5 different Larry O’Briens.

  • Fat Lever

    TNT strongly disagrees with Noah’s statement.

  • Omnixyience

    Wait people you’re seriously comparing
    D-rose clutchness and ability to drive
    through the lane and create his own shots
    to the Kobe who’s 32?!

    Gimme a break!!!
    If Kobe’s the same age as D-rose…
    Nah I don’t even want to say it…

  • sunny wiimz

    derrick rose is not the best closer….paul pirece is end of story….and the bulls are facing the pacers oh plz

  • PlanetAsia14

    @ The Ambassador: You really got Dirk over Kobe as closer? Hahaha, man Kobe would wreck Dirk any day of the week.

    @ Wes: Dude’s got a point.

    @Fab-5 Elite: Right now, it is only the first round, remember Kobe can basically do anything at will…

    @Charles Breen: I agree with you about that, nobody can really stop Rose, he is definitely the best finisher in the game.

    And @Sunny Wiimz: Bruh, what you smoking? Ha, Pierce is good, but we all know Kobe’s the best.

  • r2j

    1. Kobe 2. Melo 3. D-Rose. Rose has saved the Bulls from losing a lot of games we should’ve won.
    I’m from Chicago and dude went hard in the 4th quarter unlike LeBron. Wade is in the conversation too cause Wade and Rose went at it when the Heat and Bulls played each other earlier this season.

  • Brandon

    @r2j we’ve seen what Melo does in the clutch. He passes the ball to scrubs that can’t make plays. D Rose goes 1 on 5.

  • mannyec0409

    The only thing that Noah has going against him in this argument is that D.Rose has not been doing it as long as Kobe or ‘Melo have. D.Rose has definitely been clutch this whole season because whenever they need him in the end, he always comes through for them.
    Some of you sound ridiculous saying that D.Rose has no place in this argument as the top clutch player in the league. Of course he does! If he is not clutch, then who is?
    I sense a bit of hating going on here…