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Kobe Bryant on the Lakers: ‘This Team is So Weird’

Kobe doesn’t quite know what to expect from his team as it heads into the Playoffs. The LA Times reports: “Surely, it was suggested to Kobe Bryant after Wednesday night’s overtime victory over the Sacramento Kings, there have to be some good vibes about the Lakers now that the playoffs are here. After all, the 82-game regular season was tedious at times for the Lakers. But now they can focus just on the New Orleans Hornets, their first-round opponent. How does Bryant feel about the Lakers going into the postseason? ‘I’m not sure. I don’t know,’ Bryant said, chuckling. ‘This team is so weird. I don’t know what the hell everybody is going to look like tomorrow. So I don’t know.’”

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  • Joe

    >>>> Hornets
    >> Mavericks
    > Spurs
    > Celtics/Heat/Bulls

    Expect a three-peat Kobe.

  • robb

    yeah, they are a very weird team

  • R3tRO

    Isee kobes learned a few things from Phil bout JediMindTricks ha .. Mambas gonna go into game 1 @ Staples & kill for a decent 28/7/6 .. its the Mamba & the PostSeason . Thats like PB&J my friends..

  • Anthony

    kobe shut ya corny ass up………… dats why dwade is better than you……. and ya gone lose in 6 by the thunder second round

  • http://nba.com gp23

    I feel a 3-peat, and a third Finals MVP for kobe.

  • Riggs

    lakers arent making it to the finals

  • Eddie

    Mavs aren’t making the second round. The illuminati curse is in full effect.

  • bull22

    la lakers are not repeating…. that you can deposit in the bank! phil jackson should not have gotten too greedy and walked away a winner last year..

  • Red Star

    I feel the same way!

  • vtrobot

    he should have described them by using anti-gay slurs. they have a pretty easy road to the finals, but i don’t think they’re 3-peating. too many hungrier other teams.

  • Red Star

    @Anthony when DWade has 7 rings he’ll be better than Kobe. Shouldn’t be hard considering they have projected themselves to win not 5, not 6, not 7…. LMFAO!!

  • JTaylor21

    Sure, rings is all that matters. When Kobe has 8 rings, he’ll be better than Sam Jones and Robert Horry.

  • http://slamonline.com LakeShow

    Everyone hates a winner these days…

  • http://slamonline.com The Ambassador

    Kobe to Jtaylor “F*ucking F@ggot”

  • monkeyball

    Kobe has a point, if we put aside the hate/love for him as a person. The Lakers played worse than a team cruising through the regular season. They had four and five-game losing streaks. Artest has been very inconsistent, so has Pau (though at his worst he’s still a top PF), Fisher’s old, Bynum’s hurt. There’s no way to know how they’ll play. That wasn’t true last year or the year before.

  • http://www.double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    Co-siggy @ LakeShow.

  • Yesse

    They should start playing for real right now. It’s all or nothing.

  • Anthony

    @redstar….. wen kobe has 6 rings he’ll be better than charles barkeley

  • bull22

    wow kobe, what a way to back and encourage your team… getting a little greedy and obessed with winning a another 3rd straight title so you can diss shaq again… the good times are about to get to stopping, whiner……

  • dsleepy

    kobe is already better than charles barkley

  • http://www.slamonline.com c_cantrell

    ignorant people annoy me

  • Eddie

    The illuminati. ITS ALL ON THEM.

  • Eddie

    It matters not what any of you scrubs think or predict will happen. The games are played out on an astronomical board designed at each apex of the solar gravity’s pull on the illuminatrix binding our universe as a whole. The Illuminati will decide who wins and who doesn’t. It is all based on their will. God bess, EDDIE.

  • J-MAC

    @ Ambassador HAHAHA! Kobe is top 5 ever whenever the haters get done doing what they do

  • J-MAC

    Damn Eddie WTF are talking about?!

  • J-MAC


  • http://bulls.com airs

    this eddie guy is on some other stuff, man. i come here and try to skim over his comments every time but i end up reading them for no good reason. freaking illuminati

  • Eddie

    All I’m saying is this playoffs is already foretold. It has been written the Celtics shall face great adversity in their quest as they try and bounce the knicks. They shall face the heat, but to no avail. It shall be the heat vs the lakers. Argo Has Tomaz Iiibn Ixnayota.

  • bull22

    @eddie, dude get off this MARVEL COMICS civil war theme…..

  • Eddie

    @bull22 as soon as you get off Drose’s bandwagon. Just hyped about playoffs. The regular season is a long almenasiacolid that dulls the system and makes you look for the light. But it makes you wonder doesn’t it if the illuminati has already written our future? I’m just saying think about it. Can’t wait for Sunday-lakeshow yoooo

  • r2j

    Lakers are arrogant. Next story.

  • J-MAC

    @ r2j So am I

  • bull22

    @eddie, no time to be psyching myself out brother with this star stuff, been a bulls fan for a long time and also recognize that it takes hard work to win a championship.. iam totally not disregarding that stern can screw with playoffs, but iam hoping he will let these teams play real ball…

  • bull22

    @eddie you really want to know your future.
    john 17:3. peace bro

  • http://www.t00nish.com Grant

    I don’t think they’ll make it either. Kobe is right, “I don’t know what the hell everybody is going to look like tomorrow.” Although they maintained a great record, too flimsy this year.


    reason why they will lose this year: derek fisher

  • http://slamonline.com zoom

    The Laker and Celtics both play uninspired throughout the reg season. I still expect the Lakers to make it to the finals. The C’s are injured but I expect a bloodbath against my Knicks. I’d love to see both the C’s and the Lakers get knocked out well before the finals tho.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nick Tha Quick

    The Bulls are a likeable team with a blossoming, no pun intended, point guard and great defensive unit. I wouldn’t mind seeing them get to the Finals. It’s fair-weather fans like Bulls22 who turn me off the Bulls that I would much rather see the Celtics back in the Finals just so that we didn’t have to hear his daily garbage.

  • S_kemp

    the team is “so weird” because its leader is “so weird”, for a superstar he is very aloof, introspective and eccentric.Guess it just finally just rubbed off on his team…

  • http://www.kb24.com The Seed

    Three peat is about to happen and Kobe’s clutch three helped make the 1st round an easier series against the Hornets. Laker for LIFE!!

  • Addam

    Stop calling him “Mamba”. That’s a nickname he gave himself. His real NN is “Showboat”.

  • hoodsnake

    Funny how these “been a Bulls fan since such-and-such suddenly shows up…

  • flipnoyce

    Sorry Laker fans but the Thunder will be dethroning this team. NO 3peat happening.

  • Tyrant56

    The Spurs in 6.

  • Vince5

    I don’t feel the Lakers for the West this year, but they can still prove me wrong, since they’re the champs.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    yeah if bynum comes back…and he might, the lakers are still the favorite..the thunder’s not taking these guys down just yet. Also bulls22 what exactly will you do if the bulls lose?

  • knickzvet82

    With all due respect (if any is due) Eddie doesn’t even understand what the hell he’s saying. Illuminati leveticus the gladiator strikes the stone…

  • greg

    the thunder wouldngt even see the lakers till the confrence finals and thats if they can beat the spurs, ppl forget the lakers are not the 1 seed