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Kobe Bryant Plans to Play in Game 5 Through Bad Ankle

by Marcel Mutoni@marcel_mutoni

The Los Angeles Lakers flew back home last night from New Orleans with more on their minds than the growing realization that they have absolutely no answers for Chris Paul, who helped even up the series at two games apiece, and added yet another scintillating chapter to his Hall of Fame resume.

The Lakers will need to win Game 5 with an injured Kobe Bryant, who twisted his left ankle late in the fourth quarter, and has an MRI scheduled today to determine the gravity of the injury.

Bryant, despite needing crutches to get from the arena to the team bus, insists that there’s no way he’s not suiting up on Tuesday night.

Via the OC Register and ESPN:

Kobe Bryant’s swollen left ankle and foot late Sunday night had him using crutches to get from the Lakers’ locker room to the team bus outside the arena after the Lakers’ loss. Bryant said, however, that he expects to play Game 5 of the Lakers-Hornets first-round series at Staples Center on Tuesday. He cited past injuries and said: “I’ve played through so many of them, it kind of becomes old hat for me.”

Bryant will likely have an MRI or X-ray exam Monday. He said he’ll take treatment on the foot and ankle throughout the team’s flight home late Sunday night. And about the game Tuesday night: “It’s going to take a lot to stop me from playing.”

Lakers spokesman John Black said the team would determine whether Bryant will need an MRI on Monday during the three and a half hour flight. “We’ll do treatment the whole flight, just make sure we stay on top of it,” Bryant said. Bryant said the pressurized cabin in the plane makes dealing with the swelling more difficult. “Maybe I should drive back,” Bryant joked.

It’s the same ankle Kobe hurt against Dallas last month, though he says this injury is different (more foot-related), and presumably not as bad. Just as he did then, Bryant is determined to play through the pain.

The courage is there, but will the shots be falling, and even more critically, can Kobe help the Lakers contain CP3 enough to win?

A ton of questions and drama as we head toward critical Game 5, friends.

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  • ernied

    When KG was dealing with his knee issues, everybody wrote him off for good. He has come back just as strong as he was in 2008. Kobe will come back from this as well, but he may have to wait until next year to do it.

  • Zabba

    Kobe should’ve switched to the Ektio shoes. No more twisted ankles, Mamba!

  • Eddie

    Illuminati overdid this one. They just wanted to give Kobes some knicks and bruises. They overdid it. Lakers in 6, then OKC in 6 in the next round. Yeah Boi!

  • rich

    they dont play okc in the next round they arent the first seed they play dallas or portland next round, if they play okc its in the conf finals

  • Eddie

    that’s what I meant to say. Illuminati messin wit my mind y’all

  • riggs

    knicks and bruises huh

  • JTaylor21

    He’s not an actor, he’s a thespian.

  • http://nba.com EJ

    JTaylor is just a troll.

  • AD

    lol eddie u dnt no **** about the illuminat……………………. and why is this even a story… we know hes gonna play

  • truthteller

    JTaylor, did you watch the game? Did you see the ankle injury?

  • James C

    First of all this was entirely the Lakers fault: in what should have been a blowout that saw the starters resting, Trevor Ariza was going all Goku on Kobe while Kobe was content to give him the Rondo treatment. See how the Celts dispatched the knicks in 4? No prolonged series, no fatigue, no increased chance of getting your stars hurt. this is why I roll my eyes when Laker homers shrug and say their team can play in cruise control and turn it on when it matters.

    Few people, even Laker haters, can understand how Chris Paul – not the Hornets – is beating the LA Lakers with their “size” and their “assassin”.

  • Exist4eva

    i never understood why he plays in those low cut kicks. I have twisted my ankles enough times to not even want to walk in them.

  • B-E-Z

    Does it really matter? Isn’t like he could guard Paul anyways…..If anything this makes me think the Hornets will give them all they want next game & this series will go 7. The Lakers aren’t getting past whoever they play next that’s for sure….Because The mavs & Blazers are both WAY BETTER THAN THE HORNETS & I DEFINITELY LIKE THE THUNDER,SPURS OR GRIZZ AGAINST THIS LAKERS TEAM.

  • robb

    I told you, JTaylor hates winners.

  • SpursFan


  • rich

    i cannot belive and average sized man got a triple double against the team with the most size in the nba defending him while he doesnt have his second best player(mr west) its just incredible how good this guy is. please tell me someone saw him take fishers cookies and break kobes ankle with the crosover

  • robb


    Well, CP3′s not just strong and quick as f*ck, he’s also one of the smartest players in the league. The guy is unbelievable. It cracks me up every time someone says Deron Williams is better than him.

  • jay

    should have won this game and than you rest a week. not cool. anyway kb will be fine. i expect a big game back at home at staples. hope they can close this in 6 and they will sweep dallas or portland. okc is another story…kb is going to have to guard westbrook so his ankle better be close to 100% or okc is going to take that series

  • Anthony

    deron williams is better thaan him robb… but you wouldnt know cuz he aint playn right now …. poeple hop on bandwagons guicker dan stock markets drop

  • robb

    Nope, I’ve always preferred CP3. No bandwagoning here.

  • don


  • http://www.michaelcho.com M Cho

    Kobe always plays through injuries. It just doesn’t always help his team when does — he jacks up shots and tries to be the hero. As a Laker hater, this is good news: I hope he shoots 2 of 25 next game.


    Tru warrior. Gotta respect that

  • toinefan88

    lol at Spurs fan. You should think about retiring from being a Spurs fan before ur forced to.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nick the Quick

    According to JTaylor21, Kobe could get his legs sawed off with a chain saw and he’d still say he was faking injuries for media attention. Pretty sure Udonis Haslem has been faking his injuries too while we at it and so has Dwade and all his migraines.

  • http://http//portlandfan1203.blogspot.com Karley

    Lakers fricken suck! yay Kobe is hurt!:)

  • flipnoyce

    I really hope he plays through this injuries so when these Laker team gets dethrone they HAVE NO DAMN EXCUSE! Hurt or not hurt, if your on the play your on the floor so Play on Kobe. I wonder how many people are ready to jump off from the 3peat bandwagon. A few months back Kobe made a statement that no one can beat him in JUNE, well I’d like to even see if you can make it pass the Thunders or the Spurs which ever one comes out of those two in the WEST. GOOD JOB CP3 for making Kobe pays, do the other leg while your at it……

  • vtrobot

    I agree with M Cho. I could see some of the Lakers stepping up and really giving a great team effort if Kobe took a game off. They’d probably play better than they will with a hurt superstar. There’s no way in HELLS that dude is sitting out a playoff game. Hard to the core, even if it has a negative effect on the team. Should be very interesting.

  • http://wwww.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    chris paul is a superstar. fakers should be embarrassed. lobe tweaked his ankle on purpose, just add it to the finger.

  • tRay

    It’s the playoffs and this is Kobe..this shouldn’t even been a story.

  • Lucy

    Kobe is the best in the game. Watch my boy score 80 with a injury! Go lakers!!!

  • korda

    yeah, kobe will play and he will force his jumpshot… which is disastrous for lakers. hornets have a big chance to win again, hope cp3 is ready for taking over

  • http://slamonline.com Cris Jones

    this injury sets up a potential “Kobe’s a warrior” story if they win. The Stans will strike down with a fury so strong…

  • http://Philosophervision@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    Shout out @Tarzan, the g.o.a.t.

  • mj23

    oh my godnes kobe has an ankle injury!! damn its nedd to talk about it its the most senn injury in basketball cmon kobe you ti good to cry to refs and be diva

  • mj23

    kobe is not warior is a myth how a guy that screams every time goin for lay up can be a warior
    damn peaople kobe played with a bad finger lol larry played his whole carrer with a fractured finger(broken) so dont give me this weak stuff

  • Lucy

    Kobe has the rings, mvp awards, 13 all star appearences and a tremendous talent. U r the man boo. Keep your head up and win us another championship!!!

  • mj23

    one mvp award no awards

  • mj23

    dumb ass

  • mj23

    compered to 5 mvps award and 6 nba finals mvps to 2 please to mett, hope you know my name http://www.tiricosuave.com/images/kobejordan.jpg HAHA

  • mj23

    fact vs fiction

  • mj23
  • Lucy

    Check your info sweetie….. I am far from dumb!

  • Lucy

    Who the nbas mvp last year? Who was the finals mvp? Who was the all star mvp…… And the answer is my man Kobe!!!! 24 baby!!

  • flipnoyce

    ^^^Last years MVP was Lebron, the finals MVP should have been Gasol in my humble opinion and nobody really care about the all star MVP since no one do any defense. Its obvious that ballhog Kobe didn’t want to pass the ball.

  • http://bugmarley.com Bug Marley

    ^And he stole that MVP from Christopher Emmanuel. Or the voting people thought they are were voting for a Lifetime Achievement Award.

  • Yonkers

    Ya trippin major balls

  • Mike From Spain

    As a Laker fan, I’d rather that he rests one game and then comes back strong

  • mj23

    kobe kobe kobe get the damn mri he doesent want it beacouse he knows that he is ok

  • Lucy

    Stop hating on Kobe. The Lakers will win tonight.