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Rockets Players Can’t Believe Rick Adelman Is Gone

The Rockets and their head coach parted ways “mutually”, something that did not leave a good taste in some of the players’ mouths. From the Houston Chronicle: “I’m kind of speechless,’ [Kevin] Martin said. ‘To be losing a coach of his caliber, and also losing a lot of good coaches, a lot of good people, it’s very hard. I think we lost one of the greatest coaches of all time. We took a step backwards. It’s like losing a great player. You see what happens. But for now, we took a step backwards.’ Rockets players last week emphasized in season-ending interviews with Rockets general manager Daryl Morey that they hoped that Adelman would be brought back, an indication of their feelings, but also that they knew there was a good chance he would not return. Still, when they received the news, several seemed stunned. ‘For me personally, it’s very upsetting,’ Rockets point guard and co-captain Kyle Lowry said. ‘It’s a business. Coach and management I guess could not get on same page. It’s hard hitting. He’s one of the best coaches I’ve ever had personally and I’m sure my teammates feel same way. He’s a great motivator, a great players’ coach. He understood the game and players and how to get through to us.’ Center Brad Miller specifically chose the Rockets to play for Adelman again after several seasons together in Sacramento. Miller said he saw the change coming, but still hoped that Adelman and Morey would work things out for Adelman to return. ‘Obviously, I’m disappointed,’ Miller said. ‘I hoped they would bring him back the way everything got going this year. He still wanted to coach. It came down to if they wanted him. He was still coaching, doing all he could do. He had the desire and will and wanted to. That is the NBA. Every so often, they throw out a reminder to you it still is a business. He’s been there, done that, coached all over, been successful. But I had that feeling like all of us it wasn’t going to work for him to be back. It’s sad.’”

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  • Zabba

    He’s a damn good coach on teams that weren’t as good as their record would suggest.

  • Glenn

    Bring him to Detroit!

  • feez22

    Wizards, Warriors, Pistons, Attack. hell… Miami heat, Attack (LOL). Watch the rockets win 20 games next yr. They will be BEGGING for adelman back.

  • realguy

    Bring him to The Tdot. we got an upcoming team.

  • D12FSU

    Im confused, was he fired or did he quit? and if so, why? is he gonna go to another team or retire, cause hes a great coach

  • bashmo

    he was fired I believe. He was a good coach, I think trying to re-incorporate Yao in the system to begin the year really threw them off, they starting picking up steam and almost made the playoffs out west towards the end of the season. Rick should be proud of his work in Houston.

  • http://klatschendom.wordpress.com/ Speedy

    Does the Rockets management believe that coaches of this caliber walk into their office often.
    Work it out and bring him back.
    If not please replace Rick Carlisle in Dallas.

  • Shourjo

    Don’t believe Rick was fired. Simply that his contract ran out and he wasn’t extended.