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Tim Duncan on Grizzlies: ‘They’ve Outplayed Us in Every Facet’

Following a miserable team and individual performance in Game 4 (just 6 points and 7 boards, on his 35th birthday), Tim Duncan knows his team is in major trouble, but maintains a sense of hope. From the Commercial Appeal: “The first three games, we tried not to gamble as much,’ said Griz point guard Mike Conley, who had 15 points and seven assists Monday. ‘We love to gamble, play the passing lanes and get deflections. But it got to the point where we’ve studied them enough to where we can go out aggressive and be loose.’ So much so that with the Grizzlies leading 94-74 with 5:43 left to play, Spurs coach Gregg Popovich sent up the white flag. He pulled his entire starting lineup, resting his starters for another day. ‘We were down 20 points and we weren’t making shots,’ said Spurs’ center Tim Duncan. ‘(The Grizzlies) really have it dialed in. They got a game plan that’s working and they are sticking to it. They are being ultra-aggressive and we’re not making shots to make them pay for it. From top to bottom, they’ve outplayed us in every facet.’ … But Duncan is still keeping the faith that the Spurs, one game away from elimination, aren’t dead heading home to San Antonio for Wednesday’s Game 5. ‘It’s an old cliché, got to take it one game at a time,’ Duncan said. ‘We’ll go home, then step back in this building (assuming the Spurs win Game 5 to force Game 6) and figure it out.’”

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  • NJ4Life

    Tim “you wouldn’t know if we were up 3-1 or down 3-1 based on my expression at the end of the game” Duncan

  • NJ4Life

    Anyone ever see the “Tim Duncan Drinks Bad Gatorade” clip on youtube? Hysterical.

  • Bravo


  • http://google c_cantrell

    I never would have thought the Grizzlies would be advancing past the Spurs out of the first round. This is insane, lets see what the Grizz can do in the 2nd round.

  • http://www.nba.com/celtics lights out

    ^let’s see them close out this round first.

  • http://google c_cantrell

    ^Um… Pretty sure thats what we are seeing now bud.

  • ThaDoogal23

    good on em man they’ve taken it to the spurs and the spurs cant deal with it. Lets get this done and onto the next round

  • Riggs

    but…but its an odd year!? they only win the chip on odd years!

  • giogolo

    Wtf happened to the spurs. are they really this old or popo’s coaching to much cerebrally he forgot about heart and pride. just listen to duncan talking…an pop. if this was bird during the wcf gainst lakers back in 80′s.

  • AD

    i told ya Duncan is washed up…. He needs to team up wit cwebb and charles barkley… thats where all the watered down pfs go .. but he still one of the greatest

  • dsleepy

    sad, but i think this is now truly the end of the spurs-domination era. great run for timmy and co. but it had to end sometime.

  • bull22

    @bravo, props to you bravo for being a grizzlies fan.. not like some fans from memphis who claims to be a lakers fans….

  • bnets

    its not over yet, spurs in 7

  • Eddie

    Cantrell I hope the illuminati eat you alive. PALIN!

  • bull22

    @bnets no its not over yes, but one of my buddies called it, he said memphis in six.. and i had said spurs in six.. but its not looking to good for the spurs, i hate them, but respect them. they have 4th most titles in NBA history.

  • Tyrant56

    Tim just garunteeded a win, he doesn’t do that often so this’ll be intresting to how they react.
    Quote:We’ll go home, then step back in this building and figure it out.’”

  • http://wwww.need4sheed.com Tarzan Cooper

    tyrant noticed too. tim just guaranteed the win. wow.