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Cavaliers Get Top Pick From Clippers

Numerous storylines have already developed from last night’s NBA Draft Lottery, including Timberwolves president David Kahn insinuating corruption. Here’s another: Cleveland acquired the No.1 overall pick as part of its mid-season trade with the Los Angeles Clippers. L.A. sent Baron Davis’ enormous contract to Cleveland along with its first-round pick, which had a 2.8% chance of landing at the top. Umm… From ESPN:

“‘The trade has played out well for both teams. We added a 28-year-old all star point guard [Williams] and $8.5 million in cap room and they have two picks in the top four,’ general manager Neil Olshey wrote in a text message to ESPNLosAngeles.com. ’We made the decision at the trade deadline that the next step for our team was going to be via trade or free agency. [This trade] gave us a better odds of improving than a 2.8 percent chance of winning the lottery and adding a seventh player under 23 to our roster.’ The Clippers went 32-50 last season with one of the youngest rosters in the league. Olshey said that he plans to build around Griffin, the 2011 Rookie of the Year, and 22-year-old shooting guard Eric Gordon. They also hold Minnesota’s unprotected first-round pick in the 2012 draft, which most experts consider deeper than this year’s class. After rookie forward Al Farouq Aminu struggled this season, Olshey determined the team needed to add more veterans, not take on more projects. Williams averaged 15.2 points and 5.6 assists in 22 games with the team, following the trade. Davis averaged 13.9 points and 6.1 assists in 15 games with the Cavaliers. Olshey said he doesn’t believe Cleveland would have done the trade had the Clippers insisted on “protection” for their lottery pick. The pick had to be conveyed this year, Olshey said, because the Clippers had already placed top-10 protections on the 2012 first-round pick they sent to Oklahoma City as part of a trade for point guard Eric Bledsoe last year. The Thunder subsequently shipped that pick to the Boston Celtics as part of the Kendrick Perkins-Jeff Green trade. ’Cleveland never would have done it [for a protected pick]. Their intent was to have an additional pick this year,’ Olshey said. The Cavaliers will have the No. 1 and No. 4 pick in June’s draft.”

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  • Benn0

    does this mean that in the 2012 draft, celtics could technically get the top pick, if clippers don’t make the playoffs?

  • http://countdownnba.blogspot.com/ Clay

    The Cavs get the first overall pick off of a trade from the Clippers. In that trade, they had to take Baron Davis and his big contract and now the guy who’s most likely to be taken with that pick is a point guard. Sorry, had to clear that up for myself.

  • Jono

    Mo Williams had better step the f*ck up now.

  • http://dsjkflf.com Jukai

    Mo Williams and 8.5 million dollars in salary cap relief > whatever scrub the Cavs get from this awful draft.

  • r2j

    Things are looking up for Cleveland. If you’re Miami, they better win right now cause these next couple of years, it won’t be any easier for Miami.

  • http://www.bulls.com Rigo Gonzalez

    Jukai’s right. Kyrie Irving or Derrick Williams aren’t scrubs, but they’re nothing to cry about losing out on.
    ESPECIALLY if your team has a bonafide future All-NBA Team player in Blake Griffin.

  • Heals

    Calm down r2j if it isn’t gettin easier for Mia then it’s staying impossible for Cle. Wonder if the Clips still pull the trade off knowing this outcome; is a young team better served removing a sometimes negative influence/ball-stopper or adding one more young piece to their nucleus?

  • John Starks

    @ Jukai, At the time the trade probably made sense to them, but it must be an uneasy feeling knowing they could have gotten Kyrie Irving. Baron’s contract would have come off the books after next season anyway. Irving, Griffin, Jordan and Gordon for the future? That would have been a formidable core for years.

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    Yeah, not a big loss for the Clips. They got Blake Griffin flanked by Gordon and Jordan. They’ve also got Bledsoe and Aminu as side projects. Getting rid of Baron was worth the 1st pick in this draft.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Cavs suck. And will continue to suck for years to come. I wish the lottery was won by a team that is missing 1 player to put them “over the top” (Pacers,Bucks,Rockets,Suns,Knicks,etc.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Well maybe Cleveland can use this draft to take a step in the right direction??

  • jose

    i wonder how Derek Williams or Irving would impact the Clip-Show?

  • Waylonakolipse

    Another dumb ass move by the Clippers.

  • Clipperfan

    @Benn0 The pick that Boston owns is top 10 protected for a few years.

  • Hursty

    I couldn’t help but think the reference to “Williams” was about Deron. That’s how little I think of Mo Williams right now.