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Favorite DRose Playoff Moment?

Post a memory and win a new ‘The Rosen One’ t-shirt.

The MVP garners a lot of attention, and rightfully so. Since DRose took home the prestigious award, we’ve already held free auctions for an authentic jersey and a MVP tee. Next up: a dope, brand new ‘The Rosen One’ t-shirt, created by The Forest Lab. All you need to do is post your favorite memory of Pooh during the 2011 NBA playoffs in the comments section. It can be anything from a single crossover to an individual performance to team greatness and anything in between. Your response can be as extensive or brief as desired.

For more information and more creative apparel, check out The Forest Lab’s store, and on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Dennis

    The moment against the hawks! in the fastbreak a 2 handed monster-dunk, truly lovin it!

  • kevin

    There’s not a single moment that can sum up the dominance Rose has shown this 2011 playoffs. If there was a Derrick Rose moment, it didn’t consist of one of his acrobatic layups. It’s those hard fouls he takes when he’s about to do work and pull off an acrobatic finish; those hard fouls, but on the side of “playoff hard foul” instead of “dirty play.” As Rose waits to shoot his free throws after incidents like that, he smiles, as if he enjoyed the contact. It’s representative of the toughness in him and the Bulls.

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Beating the Heat in game 1.

  • Orlando Navarro

    Scoring 44 against Atlanta

  • Sergio Dominguez

    It was in the series against the Pacers, where he got the block on one end, got the ball back and drove into the lane, split both defenders with a spin move and finished the layup, probably the best play in the Bulls playoff history in the post Jordan era

  • http://www.twitter.com/ferrsolis Fernando Solis

    D-Rose MVP press conference,that is true basketball love.

  • Mike Reyes

    The game clinching block he had a couple of year ago against the Celtics. Rondo was going up for a jumper and Derrick rose up and swatted it back. Beautiful, I love this game.

  • Orlando Navarro

    Scoring 44 points in round 2 versus Atlanta, on the road.

  • Jono

    When he was drafted by his hometown Bulls and defying the basic law of statistics. When something like that happens, you know he’s gonna be special. Just ask Cleveland.

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    Taking the Bulls to the NBA Finals and bringing Chicago its 7th Championship!! Oh, wait…
    And I’m ineligible, I know, but still.

  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    My favorite DRose moment came in Game 1 against the Heat. Rose has had the stone cold demeanor of a seasoned veteran since he’s been in a Bulls uniform. Remember, dude could have just finished his senior run in the NCAA tourney this year. But there he was, on the bench during Game 1′s garbage minutes. You’d expect him to just sit down and start thinking about the next game, right? Instead, Taj Gibson and his one-handed put-back jam summons Rose’s inner child and the MVP is jumping and yelling on the sideline. I’m just sharing, btw. I hate the Bulls so I’d burn your stupid shirt if you gave it to me.

  • Matt

    My favorite Derrick Rose moment came just now, as I clicked on the link to win a Derrick Rose shirt and saw the above shirt with a Carmelo-Amare hybrid face on it. Is that really supposed to be Rose? lol.

  • bentherealdeal

    THE block on Rajon Rondo winning shoot!

  • Charles Breen

    This is BS, im probly the biggest D Rose fan and i always do this thing and I never win. That being said, my favorite D rose moment is game 1 vs the celtics 2 years ago. That was Dope, thats when Rose really became my favorite player. He was a rookie and it was my first playoffs (I was a new NBA fan being a teenager) and it was just sick. There was so much emotion in that game. That is probably my favorite moment because its stuck in my head.

  • http://www.bulls.com Rigo Gonzalez

    Don’t give the shirt to LA Huey!

  • ChiTownBaller

    Backdoor cut then monster two hand jam followed by Josh McRoberts elbowing him then getting mean mugged

  • Oh Nose

    My favorite Derrick Rose 2011 Playoff Moment was
    in Game 4 in the fourth quarter when Derrick penetrated the paint with 4 Pacers surrounding him and somehow making the “dagger” after tons of contact and no foul. He didn’t complain when he hit the floor hard, he just got up, and got back on defense.

  • http://www.huperoyalty.wordpress.com mike

    Hoisting up that MVP trophy in front of the home crowd… Goosebumps…

  • Antonio D-Rose Atria

    When D-Rose shot and missed then followed with a rebound and a jam while staying in the air for the rebound.!

  • matt

    when the the bulls win the series and i watch lebron walk off the court…

  • Corbin W.

    Nothin’ but floaters in Game 1 vs. the Heat

  • http://www.yahoo.com Moises Weber


    this was my fave! right after he landed wrong on that ankle.

  • Sam

    When D. Rose came out after halftime game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals vs the Heat after making 4 turnovers in the 1st half and basically took blame for letting the Heat stay in the game you don’t see many MVP’s take the blame for their team but this is a special guy

  • Jen

    When he earned himself MVP of course!!

  • easy

    game 1 playoffs, 1st quarter tearin up heat defense!!!!

  • raphael sebastien

    Derrick rose rolling his ankle twice in the first and second round, while still leading the bulls to the eastern conference finals averaging 28pts and 8 ast.

  • jdawg12

    @ Charles Breen, maybe thats cuz you don’t read the question. My favorite 2011 D.Rose playoff moment so far was the first game of the pacers series. Bulls were down 5 with two mins left and Pooh took over, first with that bonkers off balance and-1, then with a teardrop hook and topped it off with a drive and dish to Korver that sealed the game. Much respect for the leagues premier PG and youngest MVP ever

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    That is a really ugly shirt…

  • Josh

    My favorite 2011 DRose playoff moment was in game 3 of the first round against Indiana. In the third quarter Rose had a beautiful block on Roy Hibbert’s dunk attempt. 6’3 vs 7’2 either equals a monsterous dunk or the best looking blocks. Luckily for us, the MVP has hops.

  • Lawrence

    His crossover against teague and then the monster 2 handed throw down. Bullieve it!

  • rob stewart

    When he gave a shout out to his moms after winning the MVP award. No joke, I honestly shed a tear when he spoke those heartfelt words to her. I know it came straight from his heart.


    Really? “The Rosen One”? That’s the best they could come up with? Is this sum kinda Lebron tribute? Por favor!

  • zach leff

    any one of his nasty dunks?

  • jose

    oh you wanted the 2011 playoffs dang, i had i great moment too, but its not this years

  • Daio

    My favorite Rose moment of the 2011 playoffs was when the Bulls were looking shaky against the Hawks. Derrick shot and missed, to my consternation, but what I didn’t know was that it was an obvious and clever ploy, setting himself up with a sneaky thunderous one-handed tomahawk putback.

    He’s just that good.

  • josh ridley

    i loved it when my boii D ROSE got his playoff high and career high 44 just draining everything there wasn’t just one good play in that play game but all of them!!!!

  • http://bulls.com airs

    my favorite d.rose moment was game 1 against indy.
    he did what he did all season and put his team on his back and refused to lose, even when the Pacers got some hard fouls and dirty shots in.
    he made the pacers go crazy that game, like stalker ex-girlfriend crazy.

  • tiny32

    The moment when they beat the Miami Heat, sorry LeBron and DWade, gotta go with the next prodigy for Chicago.

  • Corey Alexander

    Listen up, the single greatest D-Rose highlight during the 2011 playoffs thus far was when Mr.Contortionist utilized his swift 40 inch vertical leap and keen defensive instincts to swat Darren Collison’s floater out of mid air….after which, he drives to the hole and showcases a beautiful spinning layup.

    This exemplifies the type of point guard he’s evolving into. Unstoppable. Now give me dat shirt.

  • Diego Terreno

    Game 1 of 2009 Playoff vs the Celtics… 36 point 11 rebounds, 4 assist and a win 105-103.. end of the story..

  • http://facebook.com Jeremy

    That Nasty chase down block against the pacers

  • http://facebook.com Jeremy

    his game the day he won MVP

  • Ryan

    Not a shot, not a block and not a crossover. That look in his eyes when you know he’s thinking: “Im not losing, not tonight.” Thats the D-rose that will overcome everything, and win.

  • ai come back

    my favorite one was when drose played through a sprained ankle in game 3 of round 1 and still carried the team to a 3-0 series lead

  • nick keller

    My favorite D rose moment was one that truly represented why he’s MVP. Game 1 vs the pacers he drives the lane but at the last second he dished the ball out to korver who sunk the three. The way Rose was playing he likely would have made the layup but instead he opted to pass to an open korver, which turned out to be the dagger that allowed the bulls too beat the pacers. Rose could have had the glory, but instead he passed it up to korver. This truly showed that Rose doesnt care how his team win’s he just wants it to happen. And thats why the Bulls are the number one seed, and he is the MVP

  • http://SLAM TROY BOY


  • answerbulls

    44 points against Atlanta in round 2.

  • DSIH14

    His speech about his mother when he got his MVP-award
    that was a beautifull moment!

  • Max Geraci

    When D-Rose missed his jump shot then grabbed the rebound and slammed it in on the Hawks. That was sick!

  • Connor

    Definately game 3 of the ATL series. Blew em out of DA WATA!!!

  • Taranvir

    My favorite Derrick Rose moment of the 2011 NBA Playoffs was Game 2 of the Conference Finals against the Atlanta Hawks. Chicago was down 1-0 at that point and they needed to step up their game. Derrick Rose was announced as being the league MVP and the youngest one at that. Derrick Rose, though, didn’t let this get to his head. Derrick played his game the way he is supposed to. He made beautiful assists, good baseline play, and scored the way he usually does. He showed why he was a true MVP because he helped his team succeed. Even though he only had 25 points and 10 assists, which many people may think is not enough, he helped his team tie up the series. An MVP isn’t supposed to be self-centered, they have to be selfless and Derrick Rose showed this.

  • tuutu

    my favorite play off moment was when pooh hit the halfcourt game winner against the atlanta hawks in game one conf semifinals, oh wait a moment that was when i played 2k11 sorry. My favorite real life Rose 2011 Playoff Moment was in game three against hawks when he missed jumper but he saved it with putback. slamhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bp285pjuvRA

  • tuutu

    my favorite play off moment was when pooh hit the halfcourt game winner against the atlanta hawks in game one conf semifinals, oh wait a moment that was when i played 2k11 sorry. My favorite real life Rose 2011 Playoff Moment was in game three against hawks when he missed jumper but he saved it with putback
    slam. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bp285pjuvRA

  • Jake Munckton

    That game saving block on rondo in game 6 of the first round in that awesome series. Truly amazing.

  • jayCheeze

    Stick back jamming your own shot. Derrick Rose taught Atlanta how to box-out after that.

  • manny

    dunking on Joel Anthony yesterday, the MAN was FLYING ! he took off hung in the air avoided the arms and SLAMMED on the man devastating all of Miami!.

  • http://gpa gerardo


  • James Wrethman

    Derrick Rose had a playoff debut like few others and led the Chicago Bulls to a victory over the Boston Celtics in the playoffs.

    Not even Michael Jordan did that.

    Rose matched Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s record with 36 points in his playoff debut, adding 11 assists to lead the Bulls to a 105-103 overtime victory over the defending NBA champions in Game 1 of their best-of-seven first-round series.

    Playoff experience?

    “He doesn’t need it,” Bulls guard Ben Gordon said. “He’s poised beyond his years. He already carries himself like a veteran out there. He had a phenomenal game tonight, to say the least.”

    Game 2 is Monday, the anniversary of the 1986 playoff game when Jordan scored 63 points against Boston – in a Bulls loss. In fact, Chicago had not beaten the Celtics in 10 postseason games since the Chicago Stags beat Boston in the 1948 Basketball Association of America quarterfinals.

    “I hope this is a wake-up call,” said Paul Pierce, who scored 23 points. “I hope we realize that the Bulls, they’re not just a team that’s happy to be in the playoffs. So hopefully the guys will wake up and realize this is reality. We’ve better come to play.”

    Tyrus Thomas scored 16 points – making six of Chicago’s eight points in overtime, including the game-winning jumper with 51 seconds left in overtime. Joakim Noah, who was also making his postseason debut, scored 11 with 17 rebounds for the Bulls as they wrested the home-court advantage from Boston.

    “As the games go on, the moments get bigger,” Chicago coach Vinny Del Negro said. “I feel like the guys have taken a big step forward, and we know we have a huge challenge in front of us. We’ll enjoy this one for a minute, and then get back to work.”

    Rajon Rondo scored 29 points with nine rebounds and seven assists for Boston, which was without Kevin Garnett and didn’t get what it needed from the rest of the Big Three, either.

    Paul Pierce scored 23 points on 8-of-21 shooting, but missed the potential game-winning free throw at the end of regulation and had a potential game-tying basket blocked by John Salmons with 3.7 seconds left in overtime. Ray Allen, who scored four points on 1-for-12 shooting, had a chance to send it into a second overtime but his jumper from the right side bounced off the back of the rim.

    “It just looked like everybody decided that they were going to be ‘the guy’ tonight. They were going to, you know, replace Kevin for whatever reason,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. “And then all of a sudden we got into a fight. And one thing I’d say about our guys, they join in. But, at home, you’re supposed to start it.”

    Too hurt to play and too frustrated to watch, Garnett took refuge in the locker room after the first half while his teammates rallied from an 11-point deficit. Rondo hit a short jumper over Noah in the lane to give the Celtics a 96-95 lead, but Rose – who missed four crucial foul shots down the stretch when Memphis lost the NCAA championship game last year – put Chicago ahead on two free throws with 9.4 seconds left in regulation.

    Noah fouled Pierce with 2.6 seconds left, but after tying it 97-all with his first free throw the Celtics captain missed the second and the game went into overtime.

    “That was a big miss,” Gordon said. “If he makes it I think we need a miraculous shot because we were out of timeouts.”

  • Zayyir Lee

    My fave was against the Knicks where he dunked over Gallo and plus him winning MVP

  • Howard

    My favorite moment for Derrick was when he torched the Celtics for 36 in his rookie playoff day-view. I lost track of how many times the Celtics would score, only to have Rose get the ball inbounded so that he could go coast to coast for the lay in. He was also 10-10 from the freethrow stripe, and he was rocking his jumper too, so the champion Celtics were at his mercy.

  • Daio

    Uh, Ryne Nelson? I got your email and sent my info, but I don’t know if you got it.

  • http://yahooo treshawn terry

    Mine would have to be the layup vs pacers in game 3 or four when both pscer defenders grsbbed his WHOLE srm & he still finished with the foul .

  • Daio

    I sent it from my other email from Yahoo!, Ryne, hopefully you received it…?

  • Robert B

    when the drose scored 36 against the celtics in his first ever playoff game as a rookie. that is unbelievable.

  • Kavon Badie

    My Favorite moment by far is Derrick Rose’s Dunk around Joel Anthony. No not over. Around.
    So he dribbles to the basket goes for the dunk and seeing that Joel is about to stuff him he dunks around himmm!!!!!!!

  • Paul Provencher

    In that 44 points game against Atlanta, when he drove Josh Smith and made a effin’ high floater. The ball got out of my screen, I was like shiiiit (but in my head I thought that pretty simple to do, so I tried it). Still not able to pop a floater this high though. These are the moments where you understand he’s not just a monster jammin’ PG, cause he can do alot of sexy layups too.

  • http://slamonline.com joseph ferguson

    The moment when he did amonter dunk on this dude from the suns and hit his head against the back board.