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Contest: Favorite NBA Childhood Moment?

Post an NBA memory and win dope apparel.

A great day of contests on the site. Our friends over at Swag Sports Apparel are looking to giveaway some free, limited edition t-shirts. All you have to do is open your favorite childhood NBA memory and tell us how it shaped you, posting a description in the comments section. It can be anything from an individual performance to team greatness and anything in between. We’ll filter through the comments and select 10 winners, giving away two of each of the following: The Black Kobe Motivation shirt, the White Kobe Motivation shirt, and the Miami Super Friends shirt. We will also give away four of the Mamba Blood shirts.

Swag Sports is dedicated to harnessing the creative energy of fans across the country to produce the best sports apparel anywhere. Some of the best stuff is sold out of duffel bags in front of stadiums, at arenas, and on campuses. Only 150 of each design has been printed, but we got you covered. For more info, check out Swag Sports on Facebook, Twitter, and their Tumblr.

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  • Kingsley

    1983 76ers

  • Kingsley

    It would have to be the 1983 76ers. I was thirteen and I remember feeling so excited for the parade. I was photograph in the NY Post. It was a great day.

  • http://www.twitter.com/dfrance21 dfrance21

    Being a lifelong Kevin Garnett fan, my favorite moment in the NBA didn’t happen in my childhood, but in 2008 when I was 25 and witnessed KG finally win the NBA Championship. For years I defended him in every best PF debate and I always lost to Tim Duncan when it came to rings and to finally watch him win after languishing in Minny all those years was a great feeling. I felt like my big brother won I was so happy for him. To pick a specific moment it would have to be in the first half of the chip-clinching game 6. KG was coming off a subpar game and everyone was saying he needed to be aggressive for Boston to win. He came out on fire and when he received a little drop pass in the middle and went up and made that 1-handed double pump bank shot, plus the foul, I knew the ring was his! So thats my favorite NBA moment.

  • http://twiter.com/sneakerseminole Mike Perrotti

    1987 Finals. Game 4 in Boston Garden. Magic’s Skyhook to beat the Celtics. Watched on a black and white 13 inch tv. Remember it like is was yesterday. Winning that game, on that enemy territory and with no fear. That is why Magic is my all time favorite NBA player: No Fear!

  • Damir

    The one and only..Dražen Petro Petrović


  • Curtis

    My favorite childhood memory was watching Jordan play in the 97 playoff game when he had the flu. This inspired me to play through everything until I would physically collapse. I remember playing a game where it burned so much to breathe but I was somehow able to still run up and down the court. Illness is not an excuse.

  • Hitesh

    There are two childhood memories that come to mind when I think back and both have to do with the Lakers.

    The first has to be Horry’s three against the Kings (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF-cLS6VPRE)it was very special since one of my friends at the time really loved the King, till this day we talk about it.

    The second is very similar the Fisher game winner with .4 left on the clock, till today I know where I was exactly when I was watching that.

    Good luck to all!

    Love the Black Kobe Motivation shirt!

  • Eli

    My favorite childhood NBA memory has to be the ’04 Pistons beating the Lakers in the NBA Finals. This isn’t because I’m a Pistons fan or even dislike the Lakers, I just was encouraged by how a team with no huge star was able to take out a team with 4 legit Hall of Famers, in only 5 games no less. This showed me that you don’t always have to have the biggest names to win, just a team of guys willing to sacrifice some of the glory to commit to something bigger than themselves. The ’04 Pistons may not have any first-ballot Hall of Famers, but they played so well together and so unselfishly that no one could stop them that year, and that’s something I keep in mind as I coach my own team today.

  • Niio

    For some reason the first thought that comes to my mind when I think of “great moments” is when Rex Chapman his the 1 leg heave over his shoulder from an in bounds pass to tie the game against the Sonics! I just remember jumping and yelling because I have never seen anything like that before. The very next day I kept trying to duplicate that shot. I guess it just dawned on me that a game is never over until the buzzard sounds!

  • http://slamonline.com AllBall

    My favourite ball memory period is the Allen Iverson and Jada Reebok commercial. Being from Wales (U.K), no one was really into basketball. The only time I would get to watch a whole game was Saturday mornings, and I could always count on them playing that commercial. That commercial is what bridged the gap for me, from ball to Hip-Hop music. That period in my life (14-16) totally changed the person I was/am.

  • Ryan T

    My favorite moment was when the clippers went all the way to the conference semi finals. Being a lifelong clipper fan I was so excited to finally see my team in the playoffs. Watching Sam cassell lead this team at his age was remarkable. What also made this a special moment was that we finally went farther in the playoffs then the lakers and we were just 5 more minutes of game time from being In the conference finals. Go clips!!!

  • Andrew Riggs

    Deron williams banking in a 25 foot, 3 point fade away at the end of the game leaving 4 seconds left. While there celebrating Dirk dribbles down the court and hits a game winning Buzzer3!!

  • Nathaniel Ramos

    My favorite childhood moment was when I went back to the city I was born in for a summer vacation in Chicago when I was 8 years old. It happened that, during that time, the Bulls were playing in the finals vs the Suns. I remember in the sunny afternoon in June, in the living room with the entire family as they closed out the series with John Paxson’s game winning shot. Being able to celebrate that with my aunts, uncles, and cousins was a once in a lifetime experience. From that moment, I was hooked and fell in love with the game to a point were its apart of my life. I can proudly say that I am addicted to the game of basketball.

  • Fady Farah

    My favorite childhood memory was from a Sports Illustrated commercial. i saw a man fly, i thought to myself what is this Godlike human being doing and it was a slow motion of Micheal Jordan jumping from the free throw line. I then made my dad subscribe to the magazine and get the free , they had just to get the Micheal Jordan Come Fly With Me video. Since that moment i have been a huge fan of basketball and the NBA as well as SLAM magazine.

  • http://pickandroll.tumblr.com/ airs

    my favorite NBA moment as a child was watching jordan’s bulls play, but feeling like whatever i was doing at home would influence the way the bulls played as well.
    so i had my own hoop, and it wasn’t any NERF or little tikes hoop, it was some spare plastic hoop i found in my basement that i made my older brother tape to the top of the doorway with duct tape. i usually didn’t have a ball so i used balled up socks.
    so while the game was on, i’d shoot and if i missed, i was convinced they’d miss, and if i made it, i KNEW they were gonna make it.
    i was the cause of many broken vases and interrupted many of my grandpa’s mah jong games, but hey, anything for the team, nahmean.

  • Luis

    My favorite NBA childhood moment was Tracy Mcgrady’s 13 points in those 35 seconds.
    It was 5 days after my birthday just turned 12, but still remember it like it was yesterday, my dad and I were watching the Spurs until those last seconds where we saw a Mcgrady show it was unbelievable.

    That was and still is my favorite nba childhood moment

  • http://www.facebook.com/JrRowe Brenny Rowe

    I remember when lebron james was on the cavs and he hit a buzzer beater vs. Orlando Magic in game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals (2008-2009) with 1 second left. It inspired me that anything is possible

  • http://slamonline.com nbk

    I still remember KJ dunking on Hakeem in the 94 playoffs. It was the moment I (as a very small 7 year old) realized that height wasn’t enough to keep a person from reaching their goals (to be an NBA player), it really drove me as a child to become the best baller I could. It also made me believe I would be able to dunk someday, which didn’t pan out on anything higher then 9’5″. lol

  • http://www.thegaberintoronto.com Gabe Lee

    My favorite NBA moment from my childhood epitomizes the phrase “I have Mamba Blood”.
    It was 2002, and Kobe suffered from food poisoning before game two of the Western Conference bout with the Kings. While many people point to Jordan’s flu game as a testament to the G.O.A.T.’s mental fortitude and will to win; for Kobe to start game two albeit the food poisoning cemented that he would play through anything in his career.(And he has: ankle sprains, knees that required surgery, court dates in Colorado and a busted up finger on his shooting hand)

    As a 10-year-old kid who idolized Kobe (and still do), that moment has inspired me to fight through any adversity in my life. I was foolish enough to swallow gum and play in my basketball game that night against my cross-town rival school. It just showed how much of an impression FroBe left on one of his biggest fans.

  • http://www.bulls.com Rigo Gonzalez

    I ain’t sharing my favorite moment with y’all on account of there only being Kobe and Three A-ME-Gos shirts.

  • themis

    Got to be the face of Shaq combined with Kenny’s “let’s go home” after the 360 reverse windmill by VC in the 2000 dunk

  • http://bulls.com airs

    that’s why you sell it to your friend’s that’re fans of kobe or miami.
    30 bucks, easy.

  • http://www.bulls.com Rigo Gonzalez

    I don’t know any Miami or LA fans, except for Eboy on the Miami side.
    Like the homie Bryan Crawford says – ain’t no squares in my circle!

  • Kendall L.

    I was 13 when basketball shaped my view on life. On May 30, 2006 my grandmother, who was a lifelong Heat fan, was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her and I were very close and always talked and watched NBA games whenever we could. The day she was diagnosed, MIA and Detroit were tied 2-2 in the eastern conf finals. Detroit had the three headed monster with Rip, Rasheed and Chauncey, and I thought Miami would get bounced. 21 days later the Heat clinched their 1st ever NBA title, while my g-ma and I celebrated. I was so glad that she had something to smile and cheer about, even with cancer in her body. Id like to say she was the reason/miracle MIA won the championship, and to this day I still believe it. This happening made me fall in love with the game of basketball, for life.

  • cramzy

    i remember when i was 9, my grandmother had a box of corn flakes. In the box was a Hakeem Olajuwon (or Akeem Hola-jay-juan is I pronounced it at the time)trading card. Prior to that, I knew nothing about the nba so I grabbed the sports page and followed Hakeem that year. Luckily for me, that was year the rockets went from a no. 6 seed to nba champion. That corn flakes box led to a lifetime obsession with the nba.

  • http://thehoopdoctors.com/online2/category/doctors/joshua-sexton/ Josh Sexton

    2000 Western Conference Finals.

    I was so depressed watching my Lakers fall down 15 points in the fourth quarter to the Jail Blazers.

    Then, the Lakers posted one of the best comebacks in team history. It was all capped off by that tremendous lob from Kobe to Shaq.

    Still get goosebumps when I think about it today.

  • Arlene

    My favorite childhood memory of the NBA was in the year of 1992 (I was 14 then). It was the Knicks vs Bulls in game 6 (Eastern Conference Semis). Patrick Ewing had one of the best all around performances of his career. I watched the game, rooting for my home team to beat the Bulls. They came so close, but lost in 7 games.

    It was then, that I as a little girl decided, I wanted to ball.

  • LilRomeo

    I lived in the Philippines most of my childhood before we moved in Canada in 2005. Basketball is huge there. We were the only household at the time – at least in our area – had good TV and a CN Tower-esque tall TV antenna – so we got a good reception of the tv station who aired the game. I remember every NBA Finals, our neighbors shows up at our house early morning uninvited just to see Michael Jordan. In our culture, even if they’re uninvited, they’re still welcome! I stated watching basketball after the 1997 NBA Finals. Even though everyone back home only focused on Michael Jordan and the Bulls, but I had my eyes on John Stockton.

    I loved his game playing as a point guard – outside shooting, assists, steals, and playmaking. I thought it was the most unique thing a player could possess.

    After the series, my neigborhood organized a league for teens. I had to annoy my parents to let me join the league despite the fact I was only 8 years old, no basketball background, and will play against teenagers. After being a “Fred” to them, they let me join. Then, I chose #12 for my jersey.

    During my first game, I was so excited to play. I was so thrilled, doing warm-ups, shoot-arounds, and all. When the game started, I spent the time mostly on the bench watching the game, and cheering for my teammates cuz the coach didn’t let me in. Our coach noticed my grumpiness, he told me he’ll let me play in a few minutes. I was so excited and that caused me to go to the washroom to pee. I found a baby powder there, and I thought I should bath myself with it so I could be more be like John Stockton!

    When I went back to the bench, people noticed me and laughing of I just did to myself. Then the coach decided to put me into the game… with less than 2 minutes of the game and trailed by a lot of points.

    I was mostly running around and my teammates weren’t passing me the ball. Then I inadvertently standing near the rim very wide open, my teammate passed me the ball and I shoot it in a “hail mary” style, and went in. Everyone we’re jesterly laughing and cheering. I never realized that I shoot the ball right before the buzzer.

    It was the first time I deeply fell in love with basketball.

    Unfortunately, the Jazz never won the championship, even the following Finals. Being the only one cheering for Jazz was my best NBA childhood memory for me, while everyone in the house were cheering for the Bulls.

    I don’t think I would be playing basketball if I haven’t seen the Bulls-Jazz Finals rivalry. I’m so lucky that I witnessed the best NBA Finals series in the history of the NBA. Because of John Stockton, I started playing the point guard position, and wearing a short shorts became my preference when playing basketball.

  • Jameel

    My fav NBA memory would have to be cheering in front of the television cheering for my Knicks and thinking we had the win the bag then watching them botch the inbounds pass and watching Reggie Miller hit a 3pt shot to take the lead and seeing the look n every1′s face in the house. SMH!! Still stings like it was yesterday

  • Phil

    My Favourite NBA childhood memory is MJ at the All-Star Game snapping away Pennys pants. In Germnay we have to get up at night for watching NBA Games, my brother and I did that every all Star Game and most the final series of Chicago. Sometimes even my Mom and Dad followed us and watched with us the games.
    Keep On Ballin’!!!
    Phil from Germany

  • http://facebook tariq

    my fave childhood memory was that of the finals 1998 when michael made that last shot . i was just 8 years old when my uncle told me that bulls are playing the final match since i live in Pakistan i m an afghan there the time difference it was morning time and i had to go to school but then i watched the whole game when Michael made the last shot i shouted soo much that my mom woke up she was soo angry at me and my uncle cuz i missed schoold that day and that shot is stuck in my mind after since all my life :D

  • Ryan.T.

    I was 6th grade, it was 1995, still a Bulls fan & still couldn’t believe MJ was playing baseball.. One day I was watching Sportscenter, and the GOAT says “I’m Back”… I remember he was expected to return the very next game against the Pacers. I sat with anticipation for the game to come on, but our local television station was covering something (I can’t recollect exactly what it was) that went well past it’s alloted air time. So I sat with frustration until FINALLY Michael Jordan’s comeback game came on. It was half way through the 2nd quarter and MJ was wearing the #45 w/ the Jordan 10′s on his feet. Even though the Bulls lost & MJ was obviously rusty, it was one of the best Sundays of my life.. It truly was a historic event in.

  • Ryan.T.

    It set up a record 72-10 season the following season, and another 3peat led by the most dominant basketball EVER!!

  • Hugo

    Baron Davis at the 2001 dunk contest. He put his headband over his eyes, (the french commentator was sayin he wasnt sure if it actually blinded his vision) went for his attempt and slammed the ball on the floor about 2 meters from the basket, truly blinded. believing the rim was there…

    replay still cracks me up today

  • http://www.slamonline.com Wayno

    I was 5 years old, wearing my tiny Isiah Thomas jersy…I never took that thing off. You could routinely find me sitting on the floor, eyes glued to the TV, watching the bad boys litterally K.O. anybody who stood in thier way. They stole 2 titles from the NBA giants of the 80′s/90′s…they won against all odds in the best era of NBA baskeball. That “we’re going to win, so just deal with it” attitude that the Bad Boys exuded left a life long impression on me. It is exemplified in how I play the game everytime I’m on the court. I don’t give an inch to my opponent, I never back down. It may not always give my team the win, but it always gives them a chance. That’s how my Pistons helped create who I am today, and that’s why I’m a life-long fan.

  • http://www.slamonline.com ante

    For me it was probably the Last quarter of the all star game 2001. The east showed that the all star is about competition then just a show. And of course my favorite player AI proved that you might be small but with heart and soul you can conquer anything

  • Chedda

    My favourite childhood moment was the day when I finally got respect from the older guys playing at the park. I was 12 years old back then. I wasn’t the best player, but I proved to them I could keep up with the intensity with guys several ages older than me. It was a good feeling.

  • http://www.walshsportsblog.com Darren

    1999 Finals. Not very memorable for most people, but it was one of the few times that live NBA ball was on my tv, and watching the Game 5 shootout between Spree and Duncan was epic. Still got the game on tape. Just a shame that the Knicks couldn’t take the title, but was happy to see the Spurs and David Robinson finally get one.

  • Tyson

    Growing up in Salt Lake City, I was a huge Jazz fan all my life and the greatest NBA memory I had was when Michael Jordan hit his final shot to get his 6th championship. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely hated the outcome at the time! I cried for hours after that game. It wasn’t until a few years later where I realized I just watched a few of the worlds greatest players battle it out together in my own backyard. How lucky was I to witness and vividly remember such a moment when I was in just 5th grade? I got the chance to walk on the Jazz’s court where MJ hit the shot over Bryon Russell. Even though the outcome didn’t go the way I wanted, I realized the story was so good, the outcome wasn’t so important after all. That’s what makes the NBA so great!

  • http://Facebook.com/lisatrankiddo lisa

    In 2004 when lakers were going against Spurs. The series was 2 to 2 and Lakers were down 73 to 72 since Tim Duncan made an 18 footer. Derek Fisher got the ball, turned around and beat the buzzer winning 74 to 73. 0.4 shot! One of Fishers best playoff moments. Then in 2006, lakers were facing the suns in game 5 and Kobe shot and scored a buzzer beater giving the Lakers the win. Then again in 2006, Lakers vs Toronto Raptors, kobe scores 81 points! All time career high! (:

  • http://www.twitter.com/clearheatvision Raj

    My defining childhood moment was hearing all week long about the Philadelphia 76ers had no chance against the powerful Shaq-led LA Lakers. Game 1 of 2001 finals…Iverson single-handedly carries them with 48 points in OT and that unforgettable-epic-amazing between the legs dribble step back fadeaway. Unfortunate they lost that series, but the media’s reaction right after that game was incredible, jaw-dropping, and “where did that come from?”

  • Ben Weiner

    Brian Scalabrine going in to the 2010 NBA finals with 33.7 seconds left playimg lockdown D on lamar odom. I wasnt sure if i was supposed to cry or laugh

  • Ben Weiner

    after that i realized that it isnt all about skill its about the will to win

  • http://slamonline.com BigBlockMopar+Basketball

    Scoring 33 points and grabbing 33 boards the day after Alonzo Mourning retired.

  • giogolo

    It’s a goog thing u asked people to do this bcoz I would have shared without any prize at all. And i wouldnt expect since im not in US. But what inspired me more to play and eventually love Basketball other than watching my father play since he was also a college varsity and was good was during the 1st 3-peat run of the Bulls. Back then we didn’t have cable and I was still around 7-10 yrs. old and I remembered I was absent from school just to watch the championship game being televised but it was only for the 5th or 6th game,. Didn’t know back then whether it was live or delyaed telecast in tha morning coz there was only a handful of channels in the Phil.It was funny since i made up I was sick and 1 of my buddy classmate was the only one who was able to catch my lie bcoz he really knew how I love to play bball.Those were my formative years playing and made to try out in our school varsity and make it after being cut the first time bcoz I wnted so bad to emulate what Mike did and become better and I remembered going out Each day to play pick games whether at school or in hood, halfcourt at first 3 on 3 with anyone big or small.It’s where i knew all my friends around the neighborhood and became close and is still is after 20 yrs. even though we’re all living apart now.And now I come here to Slam and digest Bball. Thank you guys.

  • Jay

    My favorite childhood NBA memory was the Raptors winning the first and only Playoff series. The team had the most exciting player in the league in Vince Carter mixed in with some solid veterans. It was extra sweet, because they beat the Knicks who had swept them 3-0 the previous year. Then you also had the epic series against the Sixers right after that, which was a classic as well, but not so good in terms of the ending. Seeing Toronto finally have some success in the NBA gave me hope for the future and made me a lifelong Raptor fan despite the team having many struggles over the years. I’ve still supported the team through all the disappointments and will continue to do so hoping for better days ahead.

  • alex80

    Favourite moment must be when THE GOD OF BASKETBALL, Michael Jeffrey Jordan gave the NOT HERE finger to his usual client, Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean-Jacques Wamutombo, in the 97 playoffs.

  • 1982

    I was in Taiwan when I sat my mom down and said watch this guy. It was game one of the 2001 NBA Finals between AI and the Lakers. She played basketball in HS, so she kind of knew the game. She kept saying he was so short, especially compared to Shaq. Then he caught fire a few minutes in and blew the lid off of the Staples Center, along with my living room. I watched the Playoffs religiously that year, but my mom didn’t know anything up until I told her this game would be good. I turned a 55-year-old Chinese woman into an AI fan in one game, but I suppose Iverson did most of the work.

  • http://Philosophervision@blogspot.com The Philosopher

    My favorite childhood moment in basketball was when George Mikan was a high school freshman ball player. lololol

  • http://www.bulls.com Rigo Gonzalez

    Eboy’s favorite childhood moment was when he made the game-winning shot for his School of Agriculture squad over Hamline University in 1895.

  • http://www.bulls.com Rigo Gonzalez

    It’s all love, E.
    Carlito Brigante

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  • NateShow

    Gary Payton talking smack and abusing just about every point guard in the L! Loved it when he stole the ball from MJ in the finals, went the length of the floor, threw down, and got right up in his Airness’ face on the way back. The Glove, the ultimate badass.

  • Jaden Radcliffe

    My favorite childhood moment was when i was 11 years old watching the lakers play the kings in the 2002 western conference finals and the series was tied 2-2. The lakers where down by 2 points with about 15 seconds left and kobe takes the ball down the lane misses the floater and shaq gets the rebound misses hes shot also until the ball gets tipped out to the top of the key and robert horry was their to drain the 3 as time expires in vlade divacs face to take the 3-2 lead. greatest moment i remembered as a laker fan.

  • C-Mac

    AI game 1 of the 2001 finals. Taking down the undefeated Lakers in the first game, when nobody was giving them any chance. Iverson is the true underdog and I’ll always remember when he stepped over Tyron Lue. One of the defining games of an amazing career

  • Ali

    My favorite NBA childhood moment has to be the first game that I watched in 1999 (that I remember). It was the Clippers at Lakers. I was 5 years old at the time. I saw Shaq get a block and I was hooked for the next 12 years. Through 5 titles, a superstar dispute, a finals loss, and a couple of bad years, Im still with the Lakers looking for a 6th.

  • mike

    I remember slighly watching Jordan and the Bulls beat the suns in the ’93 finals with my mom when I was about 10. Then Jordan retired and I felt the loss of not being able to watch the great one. My favorite moment was the I’M Back magazine cover(SI) and watching 23 drop 55 on reggie and the pacers and feeling like I now had the chance to really watch the GOAT.

  • Daniel Dragicevich

    My favourite childhood memory was seeing Allen Iverson take his 76ers straight to the finals in 2001. Although they lost to the Lakers, being able to see my favourite player and that season’s MVP performing at his prime throughout the playoffs was priceless. He influenced me in ways unimaginable and the 2001 Playoffs will always be a supreme memory.

  • http://slamonline.com BigBlockMopar+Basketball

    Whoops, my last comment wasn’t an NBA memory. Sooo. . . . .

  • http://slamonline.com BigBlockMopar+Basketball

    At my Grandpa’s house in 2006, and watching LeBron James’ Playoff debut series vs. the Wizards, I forget what game # it was, but LeBron made the go ahead impossible layup offer Michael Ruffin to win the game.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    My fondest childhood basketball memory happens to be during the ’99 lockout season, when the Knicks, an 8th seed, faced the first seeded Miami Heat in the first round of the playoffs.
    I was only in elementary school at the time, and I watched every Knick game with my family in our apartment on 59th street. When my folks were busy, my brother and I and all the kids in our building would huddle around the doorman’s measly black-and-white, 12-inch TV screen in the lobby and watch NBA on NBC.
    The Knick/Heat rivalry had been brewing for a few years then, and it seemed as if the Heat had finally gotten the best of the Knicks. Sprewell had nowhere to go in the waning seconds of Game 5, being down by 1… But Allen Houston made one of the most incredible (and luckiest) shots in playoff history.
    It’s crazy thinking back on how important that ONE shot really was–ONE lucky bounce meant the difference between a first-round exit (to a rival, nonetheless) and a historic FINALS appearance. Crazy, I tell you.
    Most Knick fans nowadays remember New York basketball for the early ’90s–guys like Anthony Mason, Charles Oakley, John Starks, and, of course, Patrick Ewing. Of course, I dig those fellas too but for me, that ’99 run to the Finals will always be ingrained in my mind as the epitome of New York basketball.
    That moment not only made me a Knick fan to this day, but a New Yorker at heart, even though I haven’t seen the city in almost a decade.

  • Ronan

    Favorite NBA childhood moment? As an euro baller, not able to watch too many NBA games, I would say that NBA SUPERSTARS #3 defined my will to play basketball. Damn, we tried all of the moves on this Tape! Even 17 years later, we always scream “Thunder dan!” shooting threes…

  • Josh

    My favorite childhood memory is the memory of when I fell in love with NBA basketball for life. My dad was a big NBA fan, so when playoffs rolled around that is what we watched. I liked the games, they were exciting and the players were incredible, and during those playoffs, in 1999 when I was 8 years old, it happened.
    The Knicks and Pacers were in a tight game, the crowd was very loud and the overall atmosphere was just really intense. I had no choice but to be absolutely glued to the television. Skip to the final 12 seconds of the fourth quarter. Knicks have the ball, down by three. At that point, since I was 8, I didn’t really get how they were going to pull this off. In-bound the ball (barely), into Larry Johnson, and hold. The next moment is honestly an image I will always hold on to. Larry raising up to shoot that three, the whistle being blown, and then a celebration.
    I actually yelled when it happened, it was the most intense, exciting thing I think I had ever seen until that point. Got in trouble because my 1 year old sister was asleep, but I didn’t care. I had just witnessed, althought I probably didn’t realize the magnitude at the time, one of the great clutch shots in playoff history.

  • http://www.twitter.com/mrreggie reggie johnson

    My favorite NBA Childhood Moment was probably seeing SHAQ break down a goal. I had seen highlights of the dunk when he broke down the goal in New Jersey. But to actually be watching the Magic/Suns game when he broke the goal down was amazing. It was like watching a Superhuman play basketball.

  • http://SwagSports Andrew Davis

    2002 Playoffs….Big Shot Rob GW three over Sactown!

  • chris

    seeing the bobcats who i been a fan of ever since they came here beat the celtics on february 7th(im only 16) in person with my dad who i hadnt really been in contact with since he and my mom got divorced when i was 7. it was the 1st NBA game ive ever been to, mad exciting close game, happened a few days after my birthday, and my dad being there made it that much better. also, more than half the people here were celtics fan (bobcats dont have a big fanbase even in charlotte) so seeing all the bandwagon fans leave disappointed was dope. i doubt i’ll forget that.

  • Kr G.

    I was 12 at that time..2001 NBA Finals! My favorite player Allen iverson was killing the Lakers game 1! but after that we lost 3 straight games.. now remebering it makes me gloomy.. but still It was one of my favorite childhood nba moment!

  • sefos

    I’d have to say that my favorite moment came in one of the first NBA games i saw. It was 94, I was 13, and the knicks were playing the hornets. these were Ewing’s knicks. Starks’ knicks and oakley’s knicks. The moment that stuck with me was when oak was battling Alonzo for a rebound. naturally, they got tangled up and Zo ended up on the floor as a foul was called. He reached out his hand towards oak, gesturing for him to help him up. Oak took one look at Zo and just slapped his hand away, giving him a bad-ass stare as he did. that moment I became a lifelong knicks fan, and though they havent been nearly as tough since those days, I still am.

  • Todd

    Its gotta be the shoes!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    I’m 16 years old, I was brought up on the Lakers of the late 90s, you know the Shaq & Kobe killer combo. Well the year was 2002. I was watching the game in my grandmas house(also a Laker fan). It was one of the classic games from the Kings-Laker rivalry. I remember Kobe driving against Christie, and going for the layup,but he missed it. Then Shaq gets the offensive rebound tries another layup and misses that as well. Then theres a big scramble for the ball, it was tipped back to Horry, and bang! He hit one of the best clutch playoff shots in Lakers history. That’s probably my favorite NBA memory because it taught me that it takes more than two of the best players on the team. Sometimes they won’t be able to make the shot, and it falls down to that role player.

  • Yesse

    When the Lakers finally won the championship in 2001.

  • Russ M

    I was barely 10 yrs old but already a hoops junkie when my father took me and closest friend to the Garden to see the Knicks. We were seated in the LAST row of the Garden, behind the basket, but because it was the first game that I ever went to I was as excited as if we were courtside. The Knicks were getting blown out. Even at the age of 9, just as I do now, I always try to look at the bright side of things. With the Knicks down 18 and about 5 minutes left, I remember turning to my boy (like it was yesterday) and saying to him, “at least we can say that we got to see Lew Alcindor play in person”. At that point the Knicks went on a 19 – 0 run to pull off one of the greatest comebacks in history! A GREAT memory! And if I had the opportunity to somehow change my personal history and have witnessed that game from a courtside seat, I wouldn’t even consider it. Those type of memories are SUPPOSSED to be made from the last row.


    Watching the ’91 Playoffs was my 1st b-ball experience ever. I was 11 @ the time. And I instantly fell n luv w/the game and made me a Bulls fan 2 this day. Cuz prior 2 ’91, I was a soccer freak. Still am 2 this day. I got much luv 4 both sports. But ’91 got me hooked 2 the game

  • idrees

    last year. finals. game 1. i remember the 2008 finals, and that really scared me watching game 1, but i knew the black mamba, my fav ever player, wouldn’t let the celtics win game 1. and i was rite. kobe was snappin’ so hard, and i learned from him in that game and the whole series that if u wanna win, u gotta trust ur teammates. and from that game on i knew the lakers wouldn’t fail to repeat. and how many rings kobe has now?

  • miller126


  • theMadvillain

    My favorite NBA memory is the first basketball game I ever watched. I was 9 and I had never played or watched basketball at all before. It was the Lakers vs. the Bucks and it was the NBA on NBC. I don’t even remember the outcome of the game, but what I do remember is instantly becoming a Lakers fan and Kobe becoming my favorite basketball player from that day on.
    From watching their first three peat on a ten inch TV on mute (way past my Atlantic Time Zone bedtime) to their current second round struggles against the Mavs, I can say that I’ll always be a Lakers fan because of that first game I watched when I was 9.

  • fernandogarcia

    im only 15…. so my favorite moment.. living in Miami……”im gonna take my talents to south beach”

  • chris

    when Jordan dunked on Mutombo and wagged his finger at him. Im a Hawks fan, and Mutombo was on the Hawks then but I still thought that was cool. It was a nice dunk too.

  • http://gmail.com z

    Man I was startin to worry 4 a minute that I might be the last fan of the answer left! As a 12 year old in 01 I saw him step over lue and even then I knew that I had just seen the most epic game by one player in the postMJ-on-the-bulls era. That night Al represents success against all odds for for poor people all around the world

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Knicks V.S. Rockets in the hard-fought finals, with Olojuwon getting his 1st ring. Then the following year my main man Clyde Drex and co. battling Orlando with a young Shaq, and Houston proving good guys don’t ALWAYS finsh last..

  • http://slamonline BossTerry

    Houston repeating was a great memory, but my absolute favorite memory was this- I was a bit of a chubby kid who would rather play nintendo or with G.I. Joes than ANYTHING sports. It was summertime and I was about to start middle school, and was home alone. My parents had left the tv on before leaving for work, and I glanced at the tv to see some guy with the name “Malone” on the back of his shirt running across the court with noone else in sight, instead of dunking or laying the ball up, he just bounced it off the glass, and some other guy with the name “Pippen” on his back flew in, caught the ball, and threw it down with force.. It was the 1992 dream team, and from that moment on, I was in my driveway everyday using the basketball hoop I had just gotten in April for my birthday (at the time, I didn’t know why my parents would get me such a b-day gift). I began collecting b-ball cards and the Mcdonalds cups, each one with a different Dream Team player on it. I became familiar with the players,teams, and started playing competively (mostly pick-up games in my neighborhood) since then, basketball has been my biggest passion..

  • r2j

    Favorite childhood memory was when me and my grand-dad saw Jordan and the Bulls win their 1st championship B4 my grandpa passed. Honorable mention, the 3 peat and seeing Reggie Miller always destroyed the Knicks.

  • blake saiontz

    My favorite childhood memory was when i played for pikesville in Maryland when i was 9. In the semifinals of the state championship i got 25 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds. We went onto win the championship and i got the mvp award and it was the best feeling i’ve ever had in my life. It opened up so many opportunities but when my dad made me stay home it matured me a lot.

  • Jake Munckton

    Derrick Rose is my favourite player so the best moment is one of his. I was watching the epic first-round playoff series of Chicago vs Boston Game 6. Dying seconds of triple overtime, Chicago were up by 1 and Boston ha the ball. Rondo dribbled, spun around and shot a fadeaway only to have it rejected by Derrick Rose who literally saved the game with that block and that play is what i believe will make that playoff series remembered as the best series ever.

  • idrees

    nevermind my first comment my REAL favorite NBA moment was game 7 of the 2010 finals. kobe’s shooting was way off, but yet he was snappin’. my favorite player got 15 boards, and went crazy on free throw shooting (in a good way). that moment the final buzzer went, i went crazy, so overjoyed, shouting at the top of my lungs, “YES! YES! LAKERS WIN!!”. it was probably the best moment of my life so far, and i learned that if u can’t help ur team one way, just try another way, and it’ll work out.

  • Sakuragi10

    My NBA moment must be Vince Carter won the Slam Dunk Champ since I lived in T.O., that’s the only moment I can cheer for the Raptors, with VC & McGrady swagger move, the the most amazing is the hang time VC has, 1/2 man 1/2 amazing, between legs, 360, half of the arm went in to basketball, that’s why I bought the Red/White And1, hope I can have the swagger move.

  • sideburn2go

    My favorite NBA moment came in 1993 when I was 4 years old and won a contest to be the ball boy at the Minnesota Timberwolves game against the Lakers. I got to bring my entire family to the game, deliver the ball at the beginning, go in the locker room after the game, and drive the old timberwolve’s blimp. I remember just being in awe at these players, how tall they all were compared to me. Thurl Bailey even lifted me onto his shoulders before the game started. The timberwolves weren’t very good that year, and we have had some tough years since but I have always been and will always be a lifetime t-wolves fan because of that game.

  • Taran

    My favourite childhood memory was not a certain play or a team, my favourite childhood moment was a big-hearted player. Nate “Tiny” Archibald was not the tallest or biggest player to play in the NBA, but he was a player who tried hard and was a team player. I didn’t watch Nate when he actually played but I watched his past games in the 90′s. This Hall of Famer played the game we love today with a passion. He inspired and shaped me quite a bit, because I felt that I wasn’t the tallest and if he could do it, why couldn’t I. He may not go down in history as being the best basketball player, but he made a difference for one young boy and that makes all the difference.

  • http://twitter.com/therealjlimsd Justin Lim

    When it comes to my favorite NBA childhood moment, it would be when I moved to the Philippines from San Diego at the age of 12.

    As a kid moving to another country, I thought it was the “end of everything” for me. Having access to watch NBA games on Star Sports, weekly editions of NBA Action and buying issue after issue of SLAM, helped me keep sane and in touch with what was going on back home. I even remember writing to SLAM via email a few times and having a couple of my letters make it to print.

    Sharing the love of the NBA with other basketball fanatics in another country as a kid is something that I will always cherish and I just want to say thanks to the NBA and SLAM for that.

  • ronnie

    I was turning ten and my favorite player (and maybe person in the world) michael jordan hit the game winner in game 6 of the 98 finals on my birthday! I felt like he did it for me

  • http://angelmaker666.deviantart.com ishaan

    Definitely, the 1997 slam dunk contest. I was an innocent little child at the tender age of 6 when I saw the unleashed fury of Kobe Bryant. The Black Mamba truly came out that day, as he clinched the unbelievably exciting dunk contest with an in between the legs slam that I just couldn’t get out of my head. Ever since then I have been a die hard Kobe fan. Never really grew out of that unabashed power and grace that Kobe has in his game. It truly is artistry in motion.

  • e

    had to be the flu game mike jordans legendary performance i was in 7th grade had school the next day and stayed up wayyyyy late to see the end of history in the making

  • Kenneth

    My favorite NBA childhood moment was when LeBron James scored 28 of the last 29 Cavalier points against the Detroit Pistons to take a 3-2 series lead in the Eastern Conference Finals and eventually would win game 6 and lead Cleveland to the NBA FINALS. I consider this memorable because putting the team in your shoulders and willing the team to get a W is hard and that during this game LeBron was just in the zone, just putting up a scoring barrage in the Palace. Detroit just can’t stop the KING!

  • Scott

    My favourite NBA childhood memory would have to be the movie Space Jam (which came out when I was 7) – it completely shaped me as a young, impressionable child. Jordan was simply inspirational, and the movie gave me a great insight into the colourful personalities of the game’s top players during the 90s – Barkley, Ewing, LJ, etc.

    I went into the theatre a Looney Toons fan, and came out a huge NBA basketball fan. Since then, the NBA has been my religion and I’ve been a SLAM subscriber since before ish 50!

  • DERRICmoody

    my favorite NBA memory is when Reggie Miller scored 8 points in 11 seconds, to win the fifth game playoff series oner the knicks in 2006

  • KoBynum716

    Starbury’s face on the assist to STAT.

  • Brandon

    My all time favorite NBA moment is when my underdog Sacramento Kings faced the LA Lakers in the 2002 WCF and came so close to making it to the
    NBA Finals for the first time in franchise history. Chris Webber, Mike Bibby, Peja Stojocavic are still some of my favorite players

  • Kevin

    Favorite childhood NBA moment would definitely be watching Allen Iverson step over Tyronn Lue during the 2001 finals…I fell in love with basketball that day.

  • http://yahoo sean

    Being a lifelong Kevin Garnett fan, my favorite moment in the NBA didn’t happen in my childhood, but in 2008 when I was 25 and witnessed KG finally win the NBA Championship. For years I defended him in every best PF debate and I always lost to Tim Duncan when it came to rings and to finally watch him win after languishing in Minny all those years was a great feeling. I felt like my big brother won I was so happy for him. To pick a specific moment it would have to be in the first half of the chip-clinching game 6. KG was coming off a subpar game and everyone was saying he needed to be aggressive for Boston to win. He came out on fire and when he received a little drop pass in the middle and went up and made that 1-handed double pump bank shot, plus the foul, I knew the ring was his! So thats my favorite NBA moment.

  • http://yahoo sean

    In 2007 when Tim Duncan,Tp, and Manu won their franchis ea fourth championship when they swept the cavaliers and i was there when lebron had a monster dunk on Tim which didnt make me happy and im still in my child hood and slam is my favorite magazine and ive already witnessed so much for my favorite team and i love bbal more than anything.

  • Diego Terreno

    The shot of Allen Iverson against Lue in game 1 of the 2001 Nba Finals… The little strongest man ever who beated the Lakers in game 1… incredible!

  • Nolan Caress

    My favorite playoff moment of all time was in the 2008 NBA playoffs. It was game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals. I was at the Q for the watch party on the jumbotron (the game was in Detroit). The game was close the entire time for the most part. In the 4th quarter LeBron took over. It was amazing, he scored basket after basket to keep my hometown Cavs in the game. After regulation was over the game was tied. The former king stayed hot. He scored all 9 of the Cavs 1st overtime points to send the game into a second overtime. James just stayed hot. Not only did he score all 11 of the Cavs second overtime points,including the game winning layup, but he also outscored the entire Pistons team who had 9. After every shot the Q was as loud with 7000 or so people as it is at every home game the Cavs have, even with their usual 20,562 fans to make it a sellout crowd. When the game ended I couldn’t get it out of my mind for months. Not only did I never see quite a game like that again, but I also couldn’t talk for 3 days! With that being said I hate LeBron James more than anyone in the world, and I will never forgive him.

  • brody

    Barkley throwing the ball at shaq

  • Jason

    My favorite NBA childhood memory is not a specific game but rather my best friend and I, both then and to this day, cracking jokes about David Wood, a seldom-used benchwarmer for the Detroit Pistons. The guy couldn’t run, jump, shoot or look like a ball player. He reminds me a lot of myself in that respect. Anyhow, a lot of great memories there. There’s that and the two of us fighting over one 1990-91 Skybox Kurt Rambis basketball card. Google that for the humor.

  • http://www.sonicbids.com doyouwantmore

    Until David Robinson and Tim Duncan won a ring together I was a fan of basketball players. I was a fan of MJ, Kobe, Shaq. I was a fan of stardom and flashiness. But then I watched that series and saw for the first time the genius of Naismith, rather than just the genius of those who benefit from his legacy. Watching the Spurs win with maturity, teamwork, and character played a big part in my own growing up. My favorite NBA childhood memory is from when the NBA helped me grow up.

  • Kavon Badie

    Reggie Miller scores eight points in 8.9 seconds to beat Knicks


    im young so prob mavs 2011 playoff preformance inspired me to be better

  • DaLakeShow

    Man I can’t recall the exact year, but I do remember it was the Lakers against the Celtics in the mid 80′s when I was about 10 years old. We were visiting my relatives in Mexicali, Mexico and everyone was yelling and screaming for a good 2 hours while we kids played outside. I finally went to go see what all the drama was about, and there it was, my introduction to basketball. I couldn’t believe what these guys were doing on the court, especially Magic. I couldn’t speak a word of Spanish and my cousins couldn’t speak a word of English, but we cheered for the Lakers together. I was born and raised in L.A., but came back from Mexico as a life-long Laker fan!