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Contest: Love/Hate The Miami Heat?

Tell us why and win some dope apparel.

It’s rare to find an NBA fan who is indifferent towards the Miami Heat; you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. With the Eastern Conference Finals tied through two games, our friends at 1TWO Clothing are running a free auction for some cool t-shirts. To win, all you have to do is tell us why you either love or despise the crew in South Beach. The three best responses in favor of the Heat will win the ‘HEATLES’ tee, while the three best opposing the Heat will win the ‘LBJ is no MJ’ tee.

The “HEATLES” tee pays homage to the Big Three as well as the iconic Beatles logo, while the “LBJ is no MJ” tee is for fans who may still hold a grudge toward LeBron. For a full range of products, visit www.1TWOstore.com. Check out 1TWO Clothing on Twitter and Facebook.


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  • Daniel Gauthier

    I LOVE the Miami Heat because you have 3 superstars, in the primes of their career, that have sacrificed individual stardom in the name of winning. LBJ owned Ohio, DWade was the face of the Miami Heat and Chris Bosh was THE guy in Toronto. However, they all knew they couldn’t compete for a title(s) alone. This sacrifice is something that is rarely seen in today’s sports world and I think they should be commended. Go Heat! #MV3

  • Andy

    Mostly I hate the Heat for knocking out my Sixers this year. But I also just find it hard to believe anyone can root for that “team.” LBJ has got to be the least likable superstar of any sport in recent memory.

  • Andre

    Heat going to win the championship FUEGO Fire!

  • http://yahoo.com Moises Weber

    My hatred towards the heat started ever since that hard foul Posey commited on Kirk Hinrich. I think it was the year we swept the Heat in the playoffs or possibly when they won the championship. Then the next season he breaks Tyrus Thomas’s nose. Now i just hate em cuz of Lebron…

  • Pic

    I root against the Miami Heat because they’re the antithesis to a belief I’ve always held dear, not just in basketball, but in life in general. They are the living argument against the value of teamwork, chemistry, heart and experience over talent.

  • Chau Mien

    Love Heat. Love how everyone hates them. Love how much drama they bring on and off the court. Love the excitement; playing as a team, playing for the fans. What fun would there be if there was not one team to be hated on? Lovin’ the Heatles.

  • http://www.bulls.com Rigo Gonzalez

    I’ma keep it one hundred.
    For me, personally, the reasons why I hate the Heat are numerous. When it comes to the Heat, damn right I’m a hater.
    I’ll admit off the bat there’s a bit of jealousy involved, as I was rooting hard for my Bulls to sign LeBron and Wade or LeBron and Bosh or Wade and Bosh.
    I hated that whole “Decision” thing. Talk about narcissism!
    When they all chose to team up, I was of the “LeBron couldn’t do it alone” mindset but what really, REALLY made me dislike them was the victory parade.
    Them coming out to music, lights and a smoke machine.
    Bosh screaming at the top of his lungs while doing his best Boshtrich face.
    The “not one, not two, not three, not four, not five, not six” from LeBron.
    The sense of accomplishment and entitlement before they had ever stepped on the court was sickening.
    Now, on the actual court, I hate Wade and James’ melodramatics when arguing with the refs. They honestly think they’ve never committed a foul in their lives.
    Wade in particular will chide a ref like he was his child and walk away unscathed, tech-free. What the hell?
    I hate the way Bosh will scream like a…Bosh when we all know he’s softer than that twinkie filling.
    I hate how everyone in the media is treating them like they’re the new Dream Team, and how every other sportswriter moved to South Florida like they were all retiring to cover them.
    I hate the “Heat Index”.
    I hated how they acted like they were on top of the world when they would go on their little 4 or 5 game winning streaks, but when it was a 5 game losing streak it was “the world’s a better place cause the Heat are losing”.
    I hate that they cried after a regular season loss to my Bulls. Y’all weren’t crying when it was all good just a week before that!
    I hated Bosh’s flop on Boozer.
    I also hated Bosh hating on the rookie Asik cause Asik hustled for the ball and Bosh got hurt.
    I mean, ”C’mon, that is how guys get hurt, that is how serious injuries happen. You’ve got to watch people’s legs. I know guys want to hustle and everything but we all want to play and provide for our families and have a job.We all want to be healthy and that is very important If it is by somebody’s leg, don’t dive for the ball, it’s too close”
    I hate how they once again celebrated prematurely, this time around in the playoffs after the Heat defeated the Celtics.
    LeBron acting like he’s hyperventilating cause he finally went clutch, and then him down on one knee like he’s thanking the basketball gods for finally getting past the Celtics.
    Wade on the sidelines on his back, trying to recreate his own MJ moment, and then the two embracing like it was all over.
    LeBron forgot one thing – his TRUE tormentor is in Chicago now! And his name is Tom Thibodeau!
    I hate that Gar Foreman had to share the Executive of the Year award with Pat Riley.
    Let’s be real, Foreman put together a great TEAM, from the coach to the role players.
    Pat Riley signed three superstars who had decided to play together in Miami months, if not years ago.
    I hate Joel Anthony cause he’s a one-dimensional scrub who garners MVP chants from Miami fans.
    I hate Mike Bibby cause he looks like a bigger mini-me.
    I hate Chris Bosh cause he is the SOFTEST $16 million cat in the league.
    I hate Mario Chalmers cause, despite being from the same city I’m currently typing this from, I could care less and dude ruined Derrick Rose’s would have been vacated NCAA championship!
    I hate Eric Dampier cause his real name is Erica.
    Udonis Haslem gets a pass cause he’s real.
    I hate Eddie House cause he always wanna go beat up the opposing teams’ point guards after games, trying to make up for Rafer Alston slapping the hell outta him a few years ago.
    I hate Juwan Howard cause….nah, he aight too.
    I hate Zydrunas Ilgauskas cause dude looks like a seven-foot mortician from hell, and he likes to pick on 6’4” rookie point guards.
    I hate James Jones cause dude looks like an anorexic Jay-Z.
    I hate Jamal Magloire cause dude swears he’s tough but Rose just smiles at his “hard fouls”.
    I hate Mike Miller cause he used to look like a WNBA and now he looks like a WNBA player with short hair and a goatee.
    I hate Chris Bosh cause he’s the softest $16 million man in the league.
    I hate LeBron James cause he thinks he’s the “king” and ain’t done a damn thing to rate the nickname.
    I hate Dwyane Wade cause dude swears he ain’t never fouled anyone in his life.
    I hate Eric Spoelstra cause he’s overrated as a coach.
    I hate Pat Riley because he gets way too much credit for three friends saying “yo, let’s play together”.
    I hate Furby or whatever cause Benny the Bull is the best mascot in the NBA.
    And man, oh man, most of all, I HATE that damn announcer Michael Baiamonte! I mean, come on now, how long does it take you to say a dude’s name? “LEEEEEBBBBBBBRRRRRRRROONNNNN JAAAAAMMMMEEES”, “DWWWWWYANNNNNNE WWWAAAAAAAADDDDEEEE!” That stuff is annoying. And why the hell is he always saying “Dos Manute Bols” at the two minute mark?

  • http://www.bulls.com Rigo Gonzalez

    Damn, I feel a lot better now…

  • JTaylor21

    “They are the living argument against the value of teamwork, chemistry, heart and experience over talent” Are you f*cking kidding me? So you think the Sixers, Celts and Bulls just decided to hand them wins? The stupidity of the BSPN bred fan never ceases to amaze me.
    @Rigo, you a fool for that one.
    Stay hilarious, my friend

  • http://www.slamonline.com Angel of Stern

    longest comment ive ever seen^^

  • kaboom

    my post doesnt populate on the screen…

  • http://www.slamonline.com Angel of Stern

    obviously meant for Rigo …

  • http://slamonline.com Bryan Crawford

    Rigo, you’ve just won yourself a ‘Heatles’ shirt for that diatribe, lol.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Angel of Stern

    I love the Miami Heat because Haters suck and I love it it when they have to eat their words, and the Heatles have the most haters out of any team ive ever seen. This is the same reason I love bron.

  • http://www.bulls.com Rigo Gonzalez

    Bryan, I would burn that “Heatles” shirt with moose p*ss and a blowtorch!

  • http://twitter.com/Mark_Axford Mark Axford

    Although I prefer the LBJ is no MJ shirt, I root for the Heat, most of the time anyway. As a Celtics diehard I know I should be hating the Heat but I’m fed up of all this LBJ can’t be one of the best ever because he has no titles. I just want him to get some rings and then I won’t have to hear this ish anymore

  • Jordan Anderson

    I root against Miami because I am a die hard Cleveland sports fan and everybody knows how “The Decision” went down and I don’t know if the city of Cleveland will ever recover from it. Thankfully we have the #1 and #4 pick in the upcoming draft to help erase LeBron James from our memory. Going public and leaving us no time to pick up another free agent really makes me dislike LeBron and Miami and I hope the “Cleveland Curse” follows LeBron to Miami.

  • kevin

    Trying to post again:

    LBJ is no MJ. “Talk to me when LBJ has 6 rings!!” as Jason Segel yells in the commercial for an upcoming film. The Heat represent all that is wrong with the new generation of the league. No more are the days of Wade and Bron going at each other trying to out-dual one another. Imagine where the league would be today if Magic and Bird teamed up, gone is the period in the league where their combative battles re-ignited the NBA and brought it back to respectability. I love gifted players who want to chase greatness, and so I hate the Heat. I hate the way LeBron James has chosen to be Dr Watson instead of Sherlock Holmes. At 25, James is far too young to back away from the challenge of trying to lead a team to a title, which is what he has done by teaming up with with Wade and Bosh. I thought he wanted to test the limits of his ability. I hate that I was wrong about him. I love teams that walk it before they talk it, and so I hate the Heat. I hate that preening, cocky, over-the-top welcoming celebration they had in Miami. Hulk Hogan, “Macho Man” Randy Savage (RIP) and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin would have arrived with less fanfare. The Heat’s trio and their fans seem to be under the impression that they have already won something. I hope every one of their opponents watches a replay of that extravaganza on the locker room flatscreen just before they take the floor against the Heat, for a little extra motivation. I hate teams that congratulate themselves before they’ve earned it. I love the concept of true sacrifice, and so I hate the Heat. I hate that the Three My-Egos are being painted as a bunch of Mother Teresas who have taken a vow of poverty when all they’ve done is forego a small percentage of what are still obscenely huge salaries. I hate the Heat. And I would rock the hell out of that sweet shirt.

  • rob stewart

    I love the HEAT. I know people criticize LeBron for the decision. But in a world/society that praises selfish me-first behaviors and attitudes Bron, Wade, and Bosh sacrificed all of that for rings. They all make less money and are friends that now live in beautiful Miami. What 25-29 year old wouldn’t want to work with his best friends in sunny south beach versus alone in Cleveland or Toronto? Great life and basketball decision.

  • momo

    I hate the heat go BUllS

  • easy

    hatem,, whydo u need 3 superstars to take a championship? seriously, DRose has carried a team on his back all the way to the playoffs. MJ, Larry Bird, & Majic didn’t play together…just saying

  • Bruno

    hate the heat since the dallas-miami finals, I don’t like wade … then after the decision, don’t like lebron and always have hated bosh hahaha and by the way I also hate eddie house … with this comment I know it’s gonna be very difficult to win but if that t-shirt gets over here in south america that would be somethin man

  • http://yahoo paul castillo

    I have a problem with the competative drive that LeBron,Wade,and Bosh posses. Now I know all 3 players are great competitors, but at the end of the day if they were great competitors like MJ and the BLACK MAMBAA! They Would not be on the same team. I would of excepted Wade and Bosh or LBJ and Bosh on the same team. But Wade and LeBron on the same team, even if your great friends and know each others game like the back of your hand, should be out of the question for those two players. NOW if your a role player, playing with these 3 players would be a great oppertunity. BUT, if your Wade and Bron you should not want to be on the same team because your both 2 of the best in the game. You 2 SHOULD want to play against each other.The Game is more competitive with a superstar on each team. The game is not “washed out” because teams are more evenly matched.The more superstars you have on a team the worse the league gets as a whole. By Wade,Lebron,Bosh getting on the team. It forces other players to say they can’t win without more superstars. The Only reason i dont talk about Carmelo is cause he went to play with A’mare in his HOMETOWN. So basically I don’t like The Heat because of what the two superstars, and the half a star have done.LBJ could win 7 championships, but he will never MJ, cause Mj never asked Magic,Isiah,or Larry to be on the same team, beacause MJ was thinking about which one of those players he WAS going to beat.As far as them celebrating for beating Boston, I accept that, Bosh Never took his team past the 2nd round, only thing Bosh did was take the raptors to go fishing.And Wade and Bron Kept getting there ass whooped by the celtics. And for LeBron to think he couldnt win in cleveland is bull. He was born near cleveland and one championship in cleveland would be way better than or in Miami.I HATE the Heat.The only reason I would probably like the Heat is the competition they provide for the league.


    Man Rigo. U left me nuthin man. Nuthin! Haha!


    Actually, in addition 2 Rigo’s list, I hated when Bosh said “We just wanna chill” all non-chalantly. Thinking he’s EPMD and sh!t. There. I got something in

  • Hulio

    How can you not love the HEAT? These three guys knew what they were getting in to when they decided to play with each other during the summer. Each one took less money and accepted the fact that sacrifices had to be made in order to win in the league. They took all the media bashing in stride and they stuck with each other through out the whole season. It did not matter if they won or lost, the media would get on them for anything and everything. With the success they are having in the playoffs, you can see why they decided to do what they did over the summer and everyone just realized that this team is LEGIT contender for a chip for the next “2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 years” (LBJ voice).

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    I really shouldn’t have to write anything….I mean, seriously.

  • http://bulls.com airs

    damn rigo went off.
    i love the heat cuz they give me something to hate.

  • http://www.bulls.com Rigo Gonzalez

    $10 says one of the “Heatles” shirts is already on the way to Eboy.
    And rightfully so.
    Real fans recognize real.

  • Bye bye

    Rigo get a life

  • Bye bye

    I’m a Labron and dwade fan so it’s like heaven to have your two fav players on the same team and for people to say they couldn’t win by themselves so
    Who cares what people think they want to win plus in the old days there wasn’t 30 plus teams and it wasn’t watered down as a product u could draft great players like the lakers having the no 1 picks in 79 an 81 how is that

  • http://www.bulls.com Rigo Gonzalez


  • http://twitter.com/BeezKneezy LA Huey

    If Eboy don’t get it, Illuminati.
    But I love the Heat because of the irrational hatred that people have for them. I love bad guys and the Heat wear Sith colors.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    No one has sent anything my way….if I wasn’t travelling right now, Id write a long comment. Heat’s in my DNA….believe that.

  • http://www.bulls.com Rigo Gonzalez

    Damn, traveling.
    Forgot about that one.
    I also hate LeBron cause he travels on every other possesion… lol

  • http://slamonline.com The Black Rick Kamla

    i love basketball

  • jose

    I love the Heat because they single handedly changed the entire landscape of the NBA. Sure Boston had the blueprint first, but there wasn’t a greater shake-up to the L since Dwade,Bosh,LBJ joined forces. They are reason New York is becoming relvant again and stars want to join forces, they are the reason people are watching the Heat closely now. Either to see em lose or see em smash opponents becasue both sides are simply astounded a team like this was created(as am i still to this day)They are reason that teams are playing that extra bit harder when they play my guyz, because deep down in their mind they know, “this is insane”. . . and i’m loving the haterz we have because everyone knows when you have haterz, your doing something right. . .

  • Brian

    To have an opportunity to play a game you love, with your best friends, in your prime, in an amazingly beautiful city when the season is played in the winter, is an opportunity of a lifetime.
    Every single one of us if we could choose would make the same choice, and they all took less than the max to make it happen.
    It’s a dream come true. They should be commended for sacrificing for the ultimate award and doing it with their best friends.
    Go Heat, I think their story is awesome.

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    I HATE the Heat for oh so many reasons. I hate that they claim to have teamed up to beat a Boston team which realistically wasn’t going to threaten either Wade or James after this season. I hate that we have been robbed of seeing two of the most versatile electric players to play the game continue to battle it out and form a great rivalry. I hate that the Decision forced me to go against Wade, who I love. I hate that every other team in the League has to play at their absolute best to get a win, and would need to do it for four games to actually beat them in a series. I hate that Wade will never be able to challenge Lebron for best player because they are on the same team. I hate that they not only have a talent advantage over arguably every other team, but that the calls also go their way more often than not. I hate that even after getting so many calls, they’ll argue about the one each game they didn’t get and still not receive a tech for it. I hate that they began play with 6 players on the court against the Bulls and were mysteriously given a break by the referees. I hate that their depth is only going to improve because every veteran free agent will sign with them for cheap and make them even more unstoppable. I hate that they started a trend where franchise players force trades to team up and the current generation of stars have no choice but to follow suit. I hate that some people call the move selfless to team up for a ring except it benefits no one except the players themselves. I hate that there is simply not enough talent in the world for all but a few teams to have a shot at beating these guys. I hate that no matter what happens I lose as an NBA fan; if they are as good as expected it’s a no-contest most nights, if they fail to meet expectations then it’s a waste of talent for Wade and James in their peaks. I hate that most people will stop hating them and get on board the bandwagon once they start winning championships. I hate that they might break Michael and Scottie’s record before they are done, and that it will just seem dirty to me. I hate that they might see the death of the small-market teams as competitors. However, the biggest reason I hate the Heat is that every time I say I hate the Heat I’m dismissed as an irrational hater, when really, I have rational and justified reasons for hating the Heat. And I agree with Rigo, it’s really satisfying just putting all that out there.

  • mike

    I hate the heat for two reasons. First, Chris Bosh is a fake tough guy. I see him after lebronze and wade build a little bit of a lead than getting an and-one screaming like he’s KG or somebody. He needs to calm himself down and help UD on the boards. He’s a good player, but is at best a secondary star like Pippen. Secondly, Lebronze is no MJ. Jordan had problems with management after injuries in what his 2nd or 3rd year, but stayed with the bulls. He was loyal and didn’t need titles to start a brand. The nike commericals and dunk contests did that. Why was Lebronze never in a dunk contest against lil’ nate or Dwight? Too many things to name, but let me touch on legacy. MJ has six titles. With the bulls and knicks becoming forces in the east(plus, watch to see what Superman does in Orlando) as well as the young thunder team we will see if lebronze(behind DWADE and UD)gets the 6 or 7 titles he wants to put him up there with Kobe, MJ, Robert Horry, and Russell. Bottom line, LBJ is no MJ. P.S. I like Dwade. Shaq and him made me some money in 2006. DWADE is hot fire.

  • Yesse

    I use to like the Heat when Wade and Shaq were playing together. After Shaq left, i still liked the Heat for a bit. After Bosh and James joined Miami Heat, i kinda lost my respect for Miami.

  • FLIGHT 9


  • david

    Ive always liked the heat but I love this era since I live in Mass and had to listen to all the celtic fans when they beat the heat last year 4-1 which easily coulda been 4-0 if dwade wasnt an absolute BEAST. Now what was the series this year? haha and anyone who thinks Lebron made a bad decision leaving cleveland read up on how him and his akron friends used to get made fun of by Clevelanders until Lebron became a superstar. Yeah it wasnt his home team. also shout out to bosh who has to listen to a ton of negativity even though he does his job (it doesnt involve stats!)

  • http://hoopistani.blogspot.com hoopistani

    Ok – I agree that LBJ is not even half of an MJ, but LBJ’s isn’t even important enough to me for me to wear a T-Shirt that says he ISN’T good. That much hate is secret love.

  • Taranvir

    Truthfully speaking, I hated the Miami Heat when “The Decision” was made. I am from Toronto, and to see our franchise player move to an already good team, it made me a little mad and disappointed at the same time. To top this off, King James decided to play there as well. I was thinking to myself, would they feel good to know that they are winning because they have a stacked team? I was like many of the other people commenting here, I despised them. But as the year progressed, I started to like them. To me, they are true warriors. They rose above adversity and the negativity surrounding them, to start winning. Sure they had a slow start, but they didn’t give up. I really have to admire that. It was not a big difference for Dwayne Wade but for Lebron James and Chris Bosh, the transition was hard. Not to mention the hate they got from Cleveland and Toronto. They are a group of great players, and the way they beat the Boston Celtics, proves it. You can call them “The Heatles” or “The Big Three” but now, they are known as the Miami Heat, because it isn’t only about them anymore, it’s about the whole team. They helped change the players around them, and they are determined to win. You have to love their courage.

  • http://slamonline #1HeatFan

    first of all…i feel that Miami is the most entertaining…dominating…star-filled team who will win this year’s title…i’ve been with D-wade since Marquette…i know exactly what he’s capable of…and pairing him with “The King” Lebron James and Chris Bosh…smh…i don’t see how they could lose a series…they got through their ups and downs in the regular season…but now that those 82 games are done with…and they have much experience…they can’t be stopped…it’s well proven…they had to get their practice run against the Sixers…shut the critics up against the Celtics…where Lebron also proved he can be dominant in the clutch…and now they face the Bulls…great team but i have them win it in 5…why…because the Heat aren’t about to lose at home…they’re 7-0 there in the post-season…and i think that they have the advantage in star power…3 to 1…when they get D- Rose out the game…you have the three headed monster coming at a team who’s number 1 player isn’t a factor…who carried them to where they are now…i mean come on…these are champions here…and if you can’t respect the facts…then you’re setting yourself up for a big disappointment when they win the title…GO HEAT…

  • http://slamonline #1HeatFan

    oh and Taranvir…i respect and agree with you…nice post…

  • Josh

    I, in all honesty, am the biggest Heat hater in the world. I have been drinking the Haterade since they came together, and I won’t stop until they break up. So many reasons to hate, but let me give you a few of the biggest factors.
    They beat my Lakers in the season series. This was the most hyped game of the year(in many years?) and it wasn’t close. I had a LA vs MIA first meeting shirt, and I threw it out because of the bad memories.
    They had people saying they were going to win 72 or more games before they played together once. They had so much attention on, gaining praise as one of the great teams, before they dribbled a ball on the court together.
    I hate Lebron James. I am the Jordan/Bryant type guy. Emotional? Sure. Dancing on the sidelines? Not so much. Lebron is one of the most egotistical people I have ever seen in my life, and my god, do I hate it.
    I’ll leave with this. They are winning. Being a Laker fan, I naturally hate the Celtics. This year, for the first time ever, I wanted the Celtics to win a series. They couldn’t. I cannot stand them winning games, James kneeling on the court, and my bandwagon friends laughing at my Lakers. I hate the Heat, I hate Lebron (and Bosh and Wade), but I love that LBJ is no MJ shirt. Feel my hate SLAM. Make me a winner.

  • http://www.angryarab.com Tariq

    I hate the Heat for the same reason everyone else does: their unparalleled sense of entitlement despite not having won ANYTHING. When you have zero titles and you strut around on a stage promising not A title, but MULTIPLE titles, it’s annoying. You look at all the NBA greats who have never won anything, and these guys just assume it’s a forgone conclusion that they’ll win 6 or 7. Hey, at least the appropriately-nicknamed Flash already has one.

  • hoodsnake

    I hate the Heat because…well I was in the position that they are? See where all that money got Joe Johnson.

  • http://slamonline BossTerrry

    I don’t hate or love the heat. I think Lebron got a undeserving bad rap. Sure, he may be a cocky douch bag, but so are alot of other millionaires. I don’t think he’s a “bad guy”. He had an opportunity to be a part of a better team, and took it. I like Wade, and Juwan Howard, and wish them success. Bosh is a boner, but whatever. As far as the Heat winning the championship, I think it’s kinda expected of them, but I won’t be overly thrilled or unhappy either way..

  • http://Slamonline.com Mars

    I know this is redundant, as all of you may/should already know “The Heatles” are pop-culture, hip-hop, bandswagon-ish SWAG. First, it’s Miami. Second, 06 was a tease, and quite frankly we NEED (NOT WANT) it more than Cleveland, and New York. I mean look at our pro teams (sorry Dolphins & Marlins). In retrospect, the Heat are a legitimately decent, but, ridiculously overrated/overhyped team at the same time. It’s the hype that gets all the haters upset. But only a fool wouldn’t like three superstars (yes CB4 is that deal) on one team, and the potential for some Chips. By the way, they’re starting a trend (see N.Y. Knicks). Plus we all know everybody loves to hate the bad guy, and LeBron pretty much ate the whole pie. Plus “We Da’ Best” (in a DJ Khaled voice). All we do is win…sometimes

  • http://Slamonline.com Mars

    stop hating

  • O

    I hate the Heat simply because of LeBron. I was SUCH a fan of him when he was in Cleveland because I figured he’d bring balance to the NBA. Making small teams like the Cavs relevant and feared. He was supposed to be the “Chosen One” and King James” and the savior. Instead he went to the dark side. He gave up on his team and took the chicken sh*t route to get a ring. He misled fans like me who believed he was that dude. “There won’t be any pressure to score 30 a night.” Pressure makes diamonds, LeBron! Jordan knew this, that’s why he has a fist full of ‘em. LeBron is basically scoring 30 a night anyway. And to go to a city that doesn’t even care about basketball!! The nerve of this man. Chicago, Cleveland, NY – all these places have a devoted fan base that makes sure players play in front of a packed house constantly. The Garden will NEVER have a “Fan Up” campaign because we LOVE our basketball.

    I hate LeBron for p*ssying out and riding D-Wade d*ck. I hate D-Wade for screaming “”EY!!!!!!” every time he goes in for a layup and someone gets too close to him. I hate Chris Bi-osh and the black mouth guard that he flexes whenever he does something right. I hate Mike Bibby for hopping on The Heatles bandwagon. I hate Big Z for throwing basketballs at heads when they ain’t looking. But most of all, I hate Pat Riley for getting an undeserved award. Take away LeBron and Bosh and this team is mediocre. He didn’t sign these players, they asked in because they weren’t men enough to carry a team on their own. Long live the true king: MJ. F-LBJ. Brooklyn don’t love you no more!

  • Anonymous

    I dont love he heat but absolutely love to defend them. Lebron left because he was a free agent and could do what he wanted (get over it cleveland) you wanted him to stay and be loyal and lose in the conf. finals or semi finals every year and suffer in cleveland because one time he said he would stay in Cleveland? Ever heard of changing your mind? You’ve never changed your mind? I love it how when KG and Ray went to Boston everyone was okay with it but now someone else does it, it’s like they murdered all your families. I love it that Lebron doesnt care about being who you guys want him to be but will take a pay cut to go play with close friends in Miami and have a chance at winning. The NBA is a business not a big family affair so let them do what they want. I hope they win 7 or 8 championships just to piss all you guys off. You all will criticize Lebron cuz he’s not MJ but he’ll have the last laugh when he has more rings than MJ. I love it that grown men can get so mad because someone took their talents to South Beach. LOL at all you haters. If you had the chance to go live in arguably the nicest city in the country and play basketball with two of your closest friends your telling me you’d say no. Don’t know about you guys but i’d be the quickest one to get out of frozen over cleveland and on my way to Miami. But keep coming with all the hate because it’s pretty funny to read.

  • http://slamonline BossTerrry

    That Heatles shirt is nice though.. C’mon Slam, let me win, I’ve bought every issue of the mag since #1 (excluding Kicks). And I haven’t won ANYTHING since that big race to the egg, back when I was a sperm..

  • kickluv3000

    I very much dislike the Miami Heat. People think too much of them. The three not so super “superstars” just can’t pull it together and play as one team. There’s nothing wrong with Lebron, DWade, and Chris Bosh as individuals, but aren’t the slightest bit skilled as a basketball team. I like teams that are good, this is the exact reason for not liking the Miami Heat.

  • Donavon

    i love the heat because they have three superstars in d3, king James, and Big Bosh and they have a good chance of winning a chip this year. i also like the supporting cast as well with players like undious haslem, james jones, and mike miller.

  • serevei

    I dont hate the heat… i hate what the heat has brought to the nba and that is more incredibly stupid “nba fans” around on the street to give you crap.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    I like the Heat because they have two of the most exciting wing players to watch in today’s game. I like the Heat because they stuck with a three-superstar formula that has been PROVEN to win championships throughout NBA history–people act like the Heat were the first to combine 3 superstars, but almost every championship winner has had at least 2 or 3 future Hall of Famers. Lakers fans in particular seem keen on criticizing the Heat, but the Lakers themselves won 5 championships with 3 superstars (Worthy, Abdul-Jabbar, and Magic).
    Also, I’m big on the Heat because they literally represent a breakthrough in ALL sports–not just basketball–for the freedom that players now have in determining their own fates. Players can decide where they want to play and who they want to play with. No more of the double standards where players are expected to be loyal at all costs to their teams, while the organization can dump the player at any time when they feel they can’t use him any longer.
    The owners make billions of dollars cutting, waiving, dumping, and trading players left, right and center as they see fit. The Knicks once traded away Patrick freaking Ewing! So why can’t the players honor their contracts and do as they wish? The Heat, in addition to kicking much @ss on the court and proving all the doubters wrong, are showing us that its the players who make the league what it is.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/officerbarbrady what

    I hate the Heat because I can never respect someone who sh*ts on their city on national television the way LeBron did, because I hate the way people describe them as a “big three” even though Chris Bosh’s soft, overrated azz is nowhere near the caliber of LeBron or Wade, and because I’m a Hawks fan and the Heat are division rivals.

  • supermaaaan

    You can’t buy a Championship Title, it’s EARNED!!!! And thinking of buying three franchise players at their prime (or soon to be) is a cheap move to win a title. D-Wade is one of the top SG, Lebron is the top SF and Rupal is top 15-20 big man (even though he’s has no real presence down low!). Yes there was other Big 3′s in the past but they grew to become a Superstar, not Franchise Players joining forces. Imagine Magic/Stockon, Jordan/Starks, Drexler, Kar/Domiquel, Shaq/Olajuwon/Robinson all together and willing to get a pay cut! Oh how the hell does Rupal get more money than Dwade, thats messed up!!!!

  • carl

    I was Miami Heat before LeBron James/ still cheered in 08 when they won only 15 games/ now bandwagoners wanna say its all about the king/ but they forget’n its D-Wade who has the ring

  • tony scorpio

    Ok so since it took me until tip-off to get past ALL of those long posts…sheesh!!
    This isn’t about the “hate” vs the heat. Just showing some sense.
    Dwade shouldve come home & had a better chance for multiple chips without the burden(that’s right I said it) of having to play with “friends” to win. Eventually lebrons true colors will show.
    Rupaul…err I mean bosh is just along for the ride. He’ll probably leave as soon as more $$$ is dangled in front of him.
    The rest of the team with the exception of haslem are just riding the coatails of the “big 3″
    Then of course we have the “best overall player in the game” aka lebron james. Simply put, yee cannot be KING til yee developes a true post game. Its a shame that dude is a more athletic version of karl malone & yet he fails to use his size & strength vs smaller players. Against boston, how many times did we see him being guarded by rondo or rayray & he would just pass out of the post. Don’t get me wrong, nice passes, but if you’re the KING…rule all the land. Not just run out the breaks & shoot unbalanced 3s. We all hated “the decision” but the real CHOICE is in CHI-TOWN. Mike had the chance to leave chicago, & even with his distaste for ownership…he stayed…and WON. The championships that the bulls won, weren’t filled with superstars, sure there were a few allstars, but damn. Ill take lil stevie kerr over eddie “chip chasin” house. Good for mike bibby to not get paid for this year after all those years of stealing from sac-town.I could go further, but I’m sure you’ve stopped reading by now…thanks for the shirt.

  • tony scorpio

    Let’s not forget who had received his ring before lbj & dwade…
    One man…
    One word…
    Nuff said.

  • tuutu

    lebron haters say that even adam morrison has more championship rings than him, but the question is how many rings you have ?

  • Double J

    The Miami Heat are a disgrace to this league. They’ve platformed off of a successful Boston Celtics formula by introducing two elite wing-men and an all star forward, trying desperately to reach the promise land. Each of their respective teams were finally making the tilt to playoff success, some maybe more than others, and then they blow it up. All but DWade ripped the hearts out of their former fanbase and then simply laughed it off by publicly displaying their new puppy-love through repeated televised events focusing on how “great” they now are. They are a blasphemous group that is trying to remodel and destroy competition throughout the league. It’s going to be a big season next year when the league is shut-down with only 4 competitive teams thanks to this non-sense of superstar coupling.

  • Jordan Kirby

    Until last off season I didnt mined the heat, they didnt really concern me but now there hard to ignore, I guess its cos it feels like they’ve tried to buy success.
    I hate the heat, respect and success has to be earnt, not bought.
    so come on Bulls Beat the Heat!

  • tuutu

    oh un less some of those haters is kobe

  • http://SLAM TROY BOY


  • AMPduppp

    I’m watching the Heat-Bulls game right now and every reason I hate the Heat keeps boiling up inside of me. I hate that Udonis Haslem looks like a homeless crackhead. I hate Mike Miller’s Abercrombie douchiness and the fact that he’s still in the League despite being good at nothing but shooting. I hate Bosh for being a fake tough guy, for being miserable at defense but amazing at acting, and for thinking his game is 20 ft from the basket. I hate Joel Anthony for pronouncing his name ‘Joelle.’ Last I checked, there wasn’t a W in front of NBA. I hate Wade for taking out Rondo on one of the cheapest hits ever. I hate Lebron for ripping the heart out of an already struggling city after telling them he would remain faithful. I hate Spoelstra for thinking coaching is giving the ball to your best 3 players and letting them do whatever they want. Really, the only thing about the Heat I don’t hate is Eddie House. Thank you Eddie, for not being a d!ck

  • Phenom

    Look up up in the sky its a bird ‘no’ its a plane ‘no’ its “The 3 Musketeers” King James, Prince of Miami Wade, and General Bosh and they are here 2 win the Finals see u there… Mavs vs Heat 2011…….

  • Roger Downey

    I hate the Miami Heat with a passion, and this is coming from a life-long Miami Dolphin fan. The fans (many of whom only like them now that they have the 3 stars) are about as abnoxious as the players themselves. I absolutely despise the way LeBron treated Cleveland and absolutely love how the big 3 can’t understand why people dislike them so. My four favorite parts to the NBA season include: 1) How the team wanted to blame the coach when they went on a losing string. 2) When Chicago beat them earlier in the season and made them cry. 3) When Cleveland beat them and the whole city celebrated. 4) That Cleveland gets the number 1 and number 4 picks in the 2011 draft. Like the Dolphins, I have followed the Los Angeles Lakers since I was a little boy and I have always hated the Celtics. This is the first time that I ever remember wanting the Celtics to beat someone! Come-on Chicago, Dallas, or Oklahoma City. We are counting on you!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Eboy

    Well…let’s see. Why do I love the Miami Heat? Hard to point at one reason…I probably have a few dozen. I’ll try to limit it to a few key moments in the history of the team. I have a bond with them from the first year I moved to Florida…they became a franchise in the 1989 season…the same year I came to South Florida. From their infancy, they were a laughing stock (as most expansion teams are early)and rooting for them was more out of pity than dedicated “love”. I sat in the Miami Arena the second home game in the history of the franchise and my attachment grew from there. They had a rag tag group of guys that played the game poorly and the organization had a long way to go to become viable. When Pat Riley made the decision to come to Miami to take the reigns…..all of a sudden…the Heat were now considered a legitimate “franchise”. Sure, they had a nice little run with guys like Rony Seiklay, Sherman Douglas, Steve Smith…etc..but Riles brought “the heat” (pun intended). We all knew his great work in LA as the leader of the Lakers….and then his time in NY saw a completely different brand of punishing ball that gave him credence yet again. The masterstroke came in the deal for Alonzo Mourning…..then followed it up with the Tim Hardaway addition. These were legitimate NBA All-Star talents (and in Zo, a legitimate franchise player)and the Heat started to build their resume. They won division titles…they won playoff series…they started to make being a Heat fan, a badge of honor instead of a burden of fandom. The building was filled, wars were being waged with the Jordan led Bulls and then the devastating playoff losses to the Knicks at the end of the 90′s. Through it all, Riley kept making promises. Promises of better days. And then….Zo lost his ability to play. And the franchise went back to rebuilding mode. The heart and soul of Miami Heat basketball was shelved. The Heat were again a losing proposition. Sh*t seasons be damned….the 2003 NBA draft made the biggest impact in the history of the Heat. That young kid from Marquette came in and immediately brought fire the franchise had been missing. Young guys like Lamar Odom, Caron Butler, Rafaer Alston and Dwyane Wade made the team one of the most fun to watch for a season….and while it didn’t seem possible, the Heat were just about to be on the verge of even BIGGER things (literally). The idea of Shaquille O’Neal playing ball in the MIA seemed far-fetched to say the least. Leave it to Pat Riley to pull off the biggest coup in the history of his GM efforts. Shaq made the Heat must see tv. He and Wade combined to make the Heat one of the premier teams in the league. After suffering a loss of epic proportions to the Pistons in the ’05 playoffs…Pat retooled and built the first champion level squad in the team’s history. When the moment finally came….me and the rest of the Heat family finally put almost twenty years of justmissed opportunities to rest with a display of 15 Strong, the motto the team adhered too. The effort to get there was not lost on long time, original fans. The days of “could have been” were replaced with “look at us now” and no one could ever say the Heat weren’t champions any longer. However, Pat Riley’s greatest work came a few years after this. The Summer of 2010 turned the Heat into THE MOST DISCUSSED, most hated, most viewed, most wanted and for a guy like me….this team is more fun then EVER before. The jealousy of opposing fans everywhere has fed the beast, so to speak. Bandwagoner’s tried to make it on the Heat train….but true fan’s like me know who’s who. Don’t claim your love, if you have none to give. Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade made a business decision and are looking all the smarter for it as each passing playoff game goes by. The immediate future of this franchise is brighter than a July day on Miami Beach. Years of grey days are being washed away with sun splashed days of success and incredible performances. The sweetness of seeing it all unfurl from the beginnings of terribleness to the Heat of NOW is night and day. All those nights watching Sun Sports broadcasts for 23 seasons, seeing failings and celebrations have made it all worth it. Listening to the Coach Tony Forentino and Eric Reid call game action for so long has made them part of the family, so to speak. Remembering the voice of Dr. Jack Ramsey from the past…giving the “LENNNNNNNNARD” call on a Voshon 3 ball still rings in my ears from time to time. So many great memories. Watching one time Heat player Kevin Willis go face to face with a very young C-Webb after Webb threw a huge dunk down on top of Kev’s head…..seeing Charlie Ward get flipped by brother PJ Brown….hearing the female cheers at each home game for the still beloved Brian Grant….watching Michael Jordan (in person) have one of his shi*tiest shooting halves…and then coming on with one of his greatest shooting displays in a torrid 4th quarter that literally sucked the life out of the arena…even though the Heat held on to win it….being torn when during the Bulls 72 win season….Dan Majerle shot the most clutch of shots in Chicago to take a hard fought war…and one of the 10 losses for that legendary Bulls squad….running around the house like a madman…holding my not yet two year old son after Game 6 of the 2006 Finals as if I was carrying a football…having the Heat broadcast team meet my cousin in Jersey last season and put her (and talk about me) in a broadcast thanks to my brother, Jason Jackson…..watching the future I-pad presentation to Lebron, Wade and Bosh 2 weeks before they were sent to them inside the bowels of the Heat’s game film studios on one of the Heat’s IT guys monitors. So many days gone by….so many future days to enjoy. My love is strong. My bond is unbreakable. Me heart beats with them. I am the Miami Heat.

  • Mario Romero

    It was June 20,2006. Game 6 of the biggest stage in basketball. I still remeber that day like it was yesterday as an 8 year old I forgot most of the things I did but I kept that memory stored in my brain. Especially when the broadcaster said ” The Miami Heat theyve done it they won their first championship in franchise history!” 5 years have gone by and its all crystal clear Wade threw the ball into the air and the whole roster and staff ran onto the court. Now im 13 and I fell in love with basketball and the Miami Heat.Theyve had their ups and downs a 15 win season and their trips to the playoffs. Its been a book of adventures, as the years passed you actually saw the dynasty rebuild itself. Then it reached its peak when Lebron James quoted”In this fall, this is very tough, in this fall I’m going to take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat… I feel like it’s going to give me the best opportunity to win and to win for multiple years, and not only just to win in the regular season or just to win five games in a row or three games in a row, I want to be able to win championships. And I feel like I can compete down there. And from then on having 2 of the best and my favorite players and an amazing big man on my favorite team. Is an extraordinary feeling. Ill have a deep passion for them no matter what happens or what they do. I love em because the Heat introduced to the game of basketball and how great it is. Me and the heat are just or cant be separated. They’re underdogs. They deserve to win. They are the Miami Heat

  • Joseph Niehaus

    I HATE THE HEAT. Did you hear me? The reason is all because of LeBron. I think he’s a quitter and just “In it for the money, the rings ,the fame” (from What Should I Do? commercial)but I still like DWade and Chris Bosh. But I still respect LeBron and still have a few posters, tickets, and a jersey of him with Cleveland, I am trying to remember the good ol’ days.

  • Mo Money

    3 guys came together, made a business decision. The main reason why I love the Heat…is because they’re sh*t on for absolutely no reason. They didnt do anything illegal. They didn’t do anything unethical. Nothing morally reprehensible. They just made a business choice and came together. And guess what? They’re dominating. 3 Cheers!

  • mike

    Mars, the heat didn’t start a trend. The celtics set-up that blueprint. James even said! How did you miss that as a “heat fan”. Did you miss Boston winning the ‘chip in 2008 and being the best in east for the past couple of years. I mean this year seems like the changing of the guard, but get some facts then come back and see me.

  • Blizzard Man

    I love the Heat becuase of one reason: D Wade. For years he was obscured by the bigger stars, but was one of the hardest working players. Plus he stuck with the Heat, and took a pay cut to keep many of the role players. He is just a cool dude and a great person.

  • brando

    I Love the Miami Heat for many reasons. Firstly, look at all these three guys sacraficed to join forces. They’re changing the game as we know it, and setting up other scenarios like this around the league (NY). Lebron went from the most loved player in the league to the most hated in a matter of seconds with one decision. Talk about sacrafices. Beyond that however, others outside of the big three sacraficed things as well. Look at Mike Bibby. He turned down something like 6 million bucks to join the Heat in hopes of winning a ring.

    The fact is I love the Heat because of how they handle themselves more than anything. People want to say “oh they’re just cocky” and this and that, however, look at Kobe Bryant. That clown is the cockiest, whiniest player in the league, but does anyone say anything about him. The big 3 are the most down to earth players probably in the game today, and if you think otherwise you just aren’t paying attention.

    With all that being said I could go on and on about why I love the Heat, but I would be typing a 100 page report if I did that.


  • Aaron Bennett

    I HATE the Heat because they started their celebration parade before the season even started. They started a “super” team which i think is wrong and takes away from the rivalries amongst players in the NBA. They acted like they conquered the world after beating Boston in the second round…..they are just a bunch cry babies when things don’t go their way and i hope that flame is put out in Miami by Chitown.

  • Aristotle

    Many reasons I can mention why I love my HEAT, but I only really need to say one word…. HASLEM. The fact that Coach can say with even three All-Stars who are fierce, hungry for success, dominating on offense and defense, etc, you still have Udonis Haslem doing it all just as good if not better when need be. He more or less is like the Unknown Soldier, and that’s what I see and think of Miami and why I love the team… that intensity.

  • manny

    Love the Miami heat first time I ever watched a basketball game I was 12 years old never played the sport but here i was watching some guy named Dwyane Wade take over the Playoffs. I fell in love with the way he played the game, the shot against the pistons when he jumps over Antonio Mcdyess and flips it over his head still gives me chills. He took over dominating the Pistons on his way to the NBA finals. Then i found myself watching my first NBA finals never had i seen so much intensity the heat fans were all dressed in white the place was growing crazy! The Heat however found themselves down 2-0 i was stunned i couldn’t believe my eyes but then Wade took control averaging 40 Points willing the heat to victory in the next 4 games ! it was unbelievable and still in my opinion remains the most dominant Finals performance in NBA history. Also it made me love the game of basketball i practiced every single day to try and be like Dwyane Wade 5 years later i’ve won 3 city championships and 1 provincial championship.

  • DD

    When Bosh and Wade announced first that they’re signing with the HEAT, I tried to picture the rest of the roster. When LeBron decided to join, I was a bit shocked. Never did I imagine 3 stars joining on one team while still in their prime. Bosh and LeBron did what they could for their respective teams in the 7 years that they were there and was tired of losing. Plus, no rings. I’m sure it was a tough decision for both of them and for Wade who grew up in Chicago. When the season started I knew they wouldn’t blow right out of the gate and honestly didn’t think they’ll win 60, 70 games. Any new team takes time to gel together and make it work. 3 stars on one team in their primes?? It’ll definitely take time. It still felt surreal seeing LeBron and Bosh in HEAT uniforms anytime I watched the games; even til this day. BUT, they came this far and other players came back from injury to come this far. Waiting to see a Miami-Dallas rematch in the NBA Finals and really want Miami to hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy again after 5 years!

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    @Mario Romero: Did you just seriously call them underdogs? wow.

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    I do not like the Heat because they’re simply unlikeable.
    There are some semi-legit reasons that’s been repeated many times, but really there’s nothing that major to warrant this amount of disdain.
    Much of their bravado and obnoxiousness have been seen before.
    The Decision? Tacky, sure. But it’s over.
    Joining of forces? Don’t we preach TEAM over the individual? This should be praised then, no?
    I can only come to the conclusion that I hate this Heat team simply because I do.
    It may not be entirely rational, but I am rooting against them as much as I am rooting for any one team in particular.

  • Andrew

    everything, that they are not a complete team and they still find out how to win without a center or point gaurd. the whole “Decision” thing. how LeBron let the cavs just fall to peices. Making the twitter comments. the celebration after the boston series was a little much also. but common how many people that live somewhere else besides florida are actually het fans. alot of people hate the heat the they have very good reasons

  • Andrew

    *come on

  • JRbOY

    Well this is a new era, a new way of doing things…sure other teams in the league dont have 3 “superstars” but they have structure throughout their team, Boston had Pierce, Rondo, Garnett, Ray Allen, Perkins who is a defensive threat and people to come off of the bench, Lakers had Kobe, Gasol, Odom, Bynum, Artest, Ariza, Fischer and they dont get criticized…sure the heat broadcasted it but that doesnt make a difference because even though the rest of their team is not superstars they have to play with the hand they are dealt and they make their team better…Nobody complained when it was Magic, Kareem, Byron Scott, A.C green and James Worthy but all of a sudden it is a problem for these players to team up, stop being soft and deal with what is happening in the league if you cant beat em join em, Kobe has always had players that could contribute when the time is right in order to win championships and so has any other team, Iverson couldnt do it on his own but people complained that he needed help, same with Lebron and once he gets it people wanna be hypocrites, deal with losing because your gonna have to get used to it dealing with the HEAT

  • http://gpa gerardo


  • wilma crissien

    I’m from Miami and all I have is LOVE for my HEAT!

  • James Wrethman

    I hate the Miami Heat!!!
    6 Words. Lebron James.

  • idrees

    I hate them. I hate them all. I hate how lebron and dwyane always react like a 5 year old child when they think a call is wrong and start crying about it. I hate how chris bosh always goes crazy after ddrawing a measly foul or a small block that took several bounces to go out of bounds. I hate how Zydrinus Ilgaulskis thinks he can shoot 3s just because he’s so damn tall. I hate how everyone on the team tries to shoot jumpshots, mid-range, and threes. I hate how the guys on the bench outta stand up and go crazy after one player draws a foul or does a suckish dunk or a steal after a bad pass. I hate how they think they’re on top of the world just because they 2 superstars and a tall freak who lookds like a raptor with a spasm. I hate them.

  • Diego Terreno

    I hate the Heat because they have an orrible gameplay… their game is all based on one vs one and only Bron, Wade and Bosh score… the other player take few and bad shoot… and the major thing that i detest is that they WIN despite of all!!! I hope that Pat Riley come down from the office and replace Spolestra (i have nothing against him, but he’s not though enough to coach the Miami trice)! It could be the better team in the heart if he teach how to play the right basket in a sistem which all players really play together!!!

  • Glenn Loughran

    I hate the Heat, stemming all the way back to fake tough-guy Alonzo Mourning. But back to the current C-Heats. Lebum is the biggest sell out in the world. Leaving his hometown Cavs, who bent over backwords to please this Douche, only to be left for “taking his talents to South Beach.” Cheers to Dan Gilbert for saying what he felt about the biggest ingrate in NBA history. Someone should check James’ birth certificate because he certainly looks older than he says, esp. with that mouthguard of his, which makes it look like he has no teeth or dentures, which he prob DOES have. D-Wade, I used to like, til I got tired of seeing his bow-tie wearing, arrogant mug everywhere. He used to smile all the time, now its just this arrogant “I’m better than you” look. Now onto Chris “Head-too-small-for-his-body” Bosh. He couldn’t hack it as a leading man, so he has to ride the coattails of the other 2. The rest of the team are a bunch of hanger-ons or never-weres. Only have props for Big-Z, because he has played like a pro’s pro his whole career. But with his shaved head, he looks like a guy u would see on Criminal Minds. Who would have thought the last Fab Five playing would be Juwan, if you want to call what he does playing.
    James Jones is another fake tough-guy. Mike Miller has to be the worst so called 3point shooter I’ve ever seen. Mario Chalmers doesn’t own one muscle in his body. Udonis looks like he should be on work release. Bibby hasn’t been good since Sacramento. Joel Anthony can rebound, but there are other facets of the game dude. They win because of the Big 3, but when they lose it’s because they have no one else supporting the Big 3? Sounds like a Big Cop-Out. If i win that LBJ is no MJ, can i scratch of the LBJ part and just have an MJ shirt?

  • Nick D

    I hate the Miami Heat because their so smug. Their was no reason for “THE DECisION”. The only smart thing that LeBron did this year was admit that Michael Jordan is the better player.

  • Robert B

    the heat suck. i would love the mavs to beat them. i think dirk, terry, marion, and kidd all need a ring before they retire in a few years. lebron and bosh can wait another year for their ring plus wade already has one. next, the heat have pretty much cheated and pulled the fun out of the nba season. now all the superstars will follow in their footsteps, and before people know it there will only be 5 to 6 teams competing for the championship. thanks a lot miami.

  • http://slamonline.com Cameron Brower

    I love the miami heat. I don’t know why everyone hates them. No one got mad at the celtics when they got three of the best players in the NBA together and started winning championships together. I think LeBron should get a ring this year.

  • Kavon Badie

    First because my dad lived in the Miami area for about 10 years, and second because LBJ is better than MJ. But thats besides the point. Miami has 3 allstars/ olympic gold medalists on there team and each player in the big 3 still averages more than 20 points per game or barely less than 20 points pergame. WHATS NOT TO LIKE!?? oh yeah I know the big 3 is “unfair” well the knicks have a big 3 too: chauncy, amare, and carmelo. The celtics have a big 4! rondo, garnett, allen, and pierce. So Basically if you dont love the heat you have no reason to hate them either unless your favorite team is a rival.

  • Giovanni

    shout out to the haters! matter of fact Who really gives about you, other than….? Anybody that loves bball knows Miami has All-Star players. Haters were the biggest fans…every game watching…wishing LBJ or Dwade could rock their home town…lol! Props to all NBA players. But AI is #1…!


    hate lebron cuz he made a big deal about betraying EVERYONE in ohio. he things he is better than mj but he isnt. LEBRON IS NO MJ

  • chris berger

    I hate the heat because they thought they could just win it all in one year.

  • LaRon Monroe

    I love the Miami Heat every since I moved down to Miami. The year we won the championship, I worked every home game at the AAA, for CSC. I even got a change to meet Shaq. Got a picture and everythung. I`m from BMore, but my team is the HEAT !!!