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Injured Caron Butler Inspiring Dallas Mavericks

Head coach Rick Carlisle says Caron Butler is improving physically, and that his presence around the team is lifting everyone’s spirits. From the Dallas Morning News: “Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle spent some time with the media on Tuesday. When he was asked about injured guard Caron Butler and guard Roddy Beaubois, he shared what Butler has meant to his playoff team. ‘I believe both guys have had an impact. Caron, simply being here every day and doing what he’s doing is an incredible source of inspiration for all of us. I can’t even begin to explain to you his positive attitude, the work he’s putting in. He’s in two, three times a day. He’s now at a point where he’s dunking the ball and he’s making more and more progress. When he’s back, he’s going to be back 100 percent. Timetable-wise, I don’t know exactly when that’s going to be. But I’ll tell you what, it’s something that has energized our team, really, since he took his kneecap and shoved it four inches back into place on Jan. 1 in Milwaukee. You see a guy do that and get up and walk off the floor on his own power, you’re seeing something that you ain’t going to see every day.’”

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  • dsleepy

    we still miss you in dc, tough juice. get better and get ready to play some serious d in the finals.

  • Jono

    Always great to see attitude like this!

  • APE

    Its a fact. There are only 3 people in the league who are true blue hardworking gym rats.

    Kobe Bryant
    Dwyane Wade
    Caron Butler

    He’ll definitely help the Mavs defensively if they ever get to the finals and face the HEAT.

  • AD

    mavs aint goin to da finals anyway OKC gon crush em… all dem threes was wide open …….. ASON KIDD IS TOO SLOW TO GUARD WESTBROOK AND IBAKA LOCKS DIRK DOWN…. OKC ALL DAY……. Much respect to Caron Butler.. he needs to come to NJ and play with te best Pg

  • robb

    Now that the Lakers are gone I’d like to see the Mavs winning it all. Dirk and Kidd are already legends and deserve a ring, I hope they can get it.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Nick Tha Quick

    @ Ape Be careful when you bring up Bean. With folks around here, he only does it for the free publicity. He’s really just a lazy bum!

  • rexdale giant


  • Ody

    I think Memphis could make it to the West finals. if its OKC it wont be enough agaisnt the Mavs. too young, too unexperienced and not deep enough. I agree Jason Kidd cant guard Westbrook but if he takes 2-3 Steals a game form anybody casue of his great antizipation it will do it. and to “lock down” Dirk – im sorry thats a real bad joke. You cant “lock down” Dirk its like u wanna tell me u will stop Howard to take Rebounds. Westbrook will score, Durant too but behind that it looks very thin..
    Even if we say Quality and Talent is equal at the starting 5 and if u give a little edge to the younger OKC then we have Terry, Barrea and Stojakovic and mb the Team with the most Spirit Will and Charakter. I really see no Chance for OKC. MAVS – OKC 4:1 if its MAVS – Memphis i think its 4-2. We all just can hope A Lebron and a Wade at there best are not enough against the Mavs…