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Old Man Jason Kidd Back in the NBA Finals

Jason Kidd, 38, is the oldest guard to ever start in the League’s championship round, and is thankful for another opportunity (likely his very last) to win a ring. From the AP: “Kidd will become the oldest guard to start a game in an NBA finals when the Dallas Mavericks face the Miami Heat on Tuesday night. While Dirk Nowitzki calls him a ‘fossil,’ and Shawn Marion described him as being ‘almost 50,’ Kidd is a few months past 38. That’s two years older than Ron Harper was when he started for the Lakers in 2000. Of course, Kidd would prefer the title of oldest starting guard to win a championship. That also was set by Harper in 2000. Winning it all is among the few things Kidd hasn’t done in his 17-year career. He came close in 2002 and ’03, reaching the finals with the New Jersey Nets, but they were swept by the Lakers then fell to the Spurs. ‘I thought we were going to go on a roll in Jersey and make it three or four in a row,’ Kidd said. ‘But, now we’re here. And hopefully we can find a way to win a championship.’ If so, Kidd likely will be the one leading the way. He still starts most fast breaks and controls the halfcourt offense. Leave him open and he’ll hit a 3-pointer; he made six in the first-round opener and buried another in the final minute of overtime to win Game 4 of the conference finals. Defense is where he’s really excelled this postseason. Late in close games, coach Rick Carlisle has assigned Kidd to cover Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. Carlisle has said Kidd will be among those asked to slow LeBron James in this series. So much for taking it easy on the old man. The only concessions to age Kidd seems to have made are playing less minutes and tolerating the flecks of gray in his beard.”

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    Kidd is getting a ring. Book it.

  • Jer dawg

    Nothing but respect for Jason Kidd. I remember him from a little TV show profiling him in high school and he was so exciting to watch. Him demolishing Duke and Bobby Hurley in tourney. He has been a great player for longest time. Although I hate Dallas for beating Lakers I remember Kidd being classy. So, good luck to him.

  • ber

    Wife beaters are so classy!

  • AT33

    I soooo hooope Dirk and Kidd get their rings!! They deserve it! Go to work boys!

  • http://www.slamonline.com Max

    Wasn’t DFish 58 last finals??
    Or was he just playing that way?

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    He was playing that way if you exclude that incredible clutch layup in Game 3

  • AD

    How can the mavs win with lebron dwade and cb on the same team……. as a Nets Fan i would like to see Jkidd retire after he loses

  • MikeC.

    I really hope the Mavs win it all so we can send the old guard out with rings. KG, PP, Shuttlesworth all got their rings. From the 90′s cats that people actually care about, Dirk, Kidd, McDyess are still hunting. From the sounds of it, McDyess is done, so that leaves Kidd and Dirk to cross of the list. Then the league can be turned over to the new school and I can get about the business of hating the Heat for the right reasons.

  • doyouwantmore

    I’m so torn. I been a Mike Bibby fan since the Grizzlies days so it would be awesome to see him finally win a ring. But other than Mike Bibby, I don’t really root for the Heat. I would love to see Dirk, Shawn, Jason, and the rest of the Mavs finally get some redemption. I guess its going to be awesome either way.

  • http://twitter.com/smk73 smk73

    Heat are going to have Toni Braxton sing the national anthem for Game 2 to mess with Kidd’s head.

  • http://www.slamonline.com Jay

    The guy who most deserved the ring was Allen Iverson… there was talk that because of Leon Rose who is LeBron’s agent AI would end up in Miami and Riley always liked him as well it would have been nice to see him get one this year with this Heat team. But I’m rooting for J-Kidd now do it for AI!

  • baykusreyiz

    the best ever

  • ErnieD

    Bibby VS Kidd. Guess it goes to show you all they need is someone to bring it to half court, and let the young guns take over in these finals.

  • http://www.gestaltmarketing.com/MegaLandingPage.html?hop=maximdel Website Guru

    These two teams are really good match up. This is gonna really be hard to predict who gonna win this series. They both deserve to take the crown.

  • http://yahoo april bloom

    38 is old??? Kidd is fit. Have youve seen the 78 year old/young competting body builder(woman)? She is fit as well. It just depends on how well you take care of your body & mind!