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Pau Gasol Hopes to Learn from Playoff Failures

Pau Gasol, who took most of the blame for the Lakers’ epic collapse against Dallas, says he will take time this summer to figure out where it all went wrong for him (on and off the court.) The LA Times reports: “It’s going to be a long flight home,’ Gasol said. ‘It’s been a long, tough season, too.’ Gasol had just 10 points on four-for-10 shooting in Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals against the Dallas Mavericks. He had eight rebounds and six assists. But it wasn’t enough to stop the Lakers from being swept, 4-0. When asked to look back on the series against the Mavericks, Gasol made the conversation about his personal life. He had addressed the Internet rumors Saturday about him and Kobe Bryant having problems and that they weren’t speaking to each other because Bryant was the cause of Gasol breaking up with his girlfriend. Gasol said it wasn’t true, but he talked after Sunday’s game about how a season of turmoil affected him. ‘Individually, I want to learn from it,’ Gasol said. ‘Just look back and savor everything that’s been going on and try to handle it better. And just whatever goes on, on or off the court, just try to keep it that way and not let it affect anything that goes on on the floor.’”

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  • Riggs

    Can we argue that this guy won them their last two championships? he doesnt need any of this ish from laker fans. they should bow down and kiss his rings.

  • Zabba

    For real. Gasol and Artest did a lot for them to win the title but Kobe gets majority of the credit. I mean, Game 7 last year would’ve been a blowout if Artest hadn’t stepped up.

  • bull22

    PAU, do not be hard on yourself. 3 nba finals appearances and 2 rings are incredibly good…
    its a shame that jackarse kobe and some laker fans can seem to appreciate what you guys accomplished.

  • bull22

    without gasol, KOBE’s behind is still sitting on 3 titles and without KOBE gasol would not have his two rings. so those KOBE behind kissers get the freak out your BS and GET OVER IT…. hahahahahahaahhahahhahahhahahhahha

  • marc

    And without Kobe Gasol will have NO rings so whats your point. Yea Kobe needed Gasol but when the LAKERS needed Gasol the most he didn’t step up. He is a good player but he wasn’t there this year.

  • Fat Lever

    If things deteriorate to the point of irreconcilable differences between him and Kobe(like a marriage ironically), Sixers better make a mega-offer for Gasol. Iguodala/Thad/and a future 1st rounder. Whatever it takes.

  • marc

    Question: Do the lakers have any drafts picks this year or did they trade them away?

  • http://www.dimemag.com Royal

    Learn from it Pau and come back stronger next year…..

  • Zabba

    So Kobe ran Shaq outta town and now maybe Gasol? Nice record you got there, Black Mamba. This will not help you in your “is he better than Jordan” conversation the next time fans bring that up. Then again, getting sweeped in the second round won’t do it either.

  • JTaylor21

    Lesson #1: Keep wife or GF away from KB and Wife!!

  • bull22

    @marc, the point is they both are accountable, they are the superstars so no excuses….. kobe can take a page from derrick rose “its on me”, man up and its end of story……

  • http://www.slamonline.com jumpman3224

    Pau deserves a load of credit for three straight finals appearences. He will also be getting plenty of criticism for this year’s poor showing. Either way he is an elite player that has made LAL a better more dangerous team. If LAL only keeps one of their two big men (like Magic suggested) it will be interesting to see who they keep and which one could garner more pieces in return. A lot of times teams/players need to experience ulimate lows to get to the next height.

  • marc

    W.e the lakers do it better be soon because kobe has about 2 years left in him. And derek fisher should just be an assistant coach.

  • angus

    does anyone remember pau when he was in memphis? actual post moves, dunkin on kg (que pasa big ticket!), didnt look like a smelly hippie…since moving to lakers all he’s really been is tall and soft, too bad, he used to be a good skillful player.

  • Lan

    He can’t be that soft?!

  • http://www.double-technical.blogspot.com Zee!

    See ya soon Dwight….

  • Red Star

    What’s there to learn? That your softer than Charmin? Wimp!
    Lakers 4 Life!!!

  • Mike From Spain

    Good to see the love you show to someone who was a key player in two title runs and a finals showing, Red Star

  • http://www.slamonline.com Max

    Marc > Pau
    Grizzlies > LAL

  • kz

    ok ok all you clown…the lakers wouldn’t have won a ring without pau…but they wouldn’t have won without kobe either…so calm down

  • Drew

    KB’s wife is bad news man. Look at what happened with Karl Malone and now Pau Gasol.

  • AD

    gasol is just gettn old…. he won the finals for em last year Kobe is just a badd leader… but pau needs to go to the nets and team up with dwill and dhoward in 2012 if theres a lg.. dat will be the new lakers

  • Riggs

    to all the idiots saying they wouldnt have won without kobe either. Well we wouldnt know that hypothetical, but we did see what they did WITHOUT pau.

  • 1982

    While this year’s Pau is a far cry from last year’s, he’s no Chris Bosh. He was the reason you won the last two championships. He wasn’t Kobe’s Pippin, he was Pau “Should Have Been the Finals MVP” Gasol.

  • robb

    They’re just tired physically and mentally, I mean 3 consecutive years playing the finals plus Olympic games in 2008, the Euro Basket championship for Pau in 2009. Pau and Kobe’ve been working at the highest level non stop. It must be draining. At times like this is when “fans” forget about everything the players have done for the team. Pau is a great player and next year he’ll be back better than ever.

  • Lawrence

    i agree with robb…and another thing, if you’ll try to think about it. there is no definite motivation for the lakers to be the champs this year. in 2009 nba finals which is against the orlando magics, they are motivated because they wanted to prove themselves that they are a championship team. And they are eager to redeem themselves after losing to the celtics the previous year. While in 2010, ofcourse it was a bitter sweet revenge against their arch rival that motivated them…feel me?

  • Son of Shawn

    So, Is Miss Bryant the Lakers Yoko Ono? (Karl Malone, Gasol… something with Shaq?)

  • Sean B

    Co sign Robb. Im a lakers fan, and being swept aside by the mavs while watching pau suck was pretty depressing. But his contributions since joining the team should grant him more slack than most fans are giving him right now. Rest up, prepare over the summer, and play better next year. Go lakers


    @ any job u leave ur baggage or personal problems @ the door. U don’t bring it 2 work. Not 2 sound harsh, but its the truth. I mean if Derek Fisher could, and he had a legit reason for his daughter was very ill, then Pau should have as well.

  • http://www.twitter.com/jtrain73 Jono

    @HAMMER totally agree

  • flipnoyce

    I wonder what would happen if Gasol decide to leave and take his talent elsewhere. I have a gut feeling that KOBE was getting jealous of his Status as a Laker. Kobe must have wanted all the recognition for himself just like what he did with Shaq. When Detroit put them on their ass in 04, what happen? Shaq was ship and Phil quit!!!! Gasol should demand a trade before Kobe says he wants him outa there! It’s going to happen because we all know HOBE is one hell of a drama QUEEN.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    Listen, if I didn’t appreciate Pau’s great performance, I wouldn’t have a Gasol jersey-shirt, but you gotta admit he played pretty bad this series, probably hos worst ever.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom


  • blahblah

    gasol for dwight = more rings

  • http://Www.fiba.com Darksaber

    Laker fans sure love Janet Jackson: ‘what have you done for me lately…. Ooooh ooooh ooooh yeah.’

  • giogolo

    *** What happened with the lakers was a simple as they having an ineffective leader or their wasn’t really any. Kobe’s persona is more of like an assasin should be.Cold,heartless b*tch-may-care-attitude. MJ was more of like the captain. captain lion the braveheart. so did Bird when he totally inspired he’s whole team to rise to the occasion back in ’87? against the lakers. Once they we’re down 0-2 at home I knew something was wrong. Only took time b4 they implode. ****

  • giogolo

    *** What happened with the lakers was a simple as they having an ineffective leader or their wasn’t really any. Kobe’s persona is more of like an assasin should be.Cold,heartless b*tch-may-care-attitude. MJ was more of like the captain. captain lion the braveheart. so did Bird when he totally inspired he’s whole team to rise to the occasion back in ’87? against the lakers. Once they we’re down 0-2 at home I knew something was wrong. Only took time b4 they implode. ****YEs SLAM , Ive typed this a couple of times but YOU JUST WOULDN”T POST IT.

  • sanman

    Oh well the Black Mamba & the Pink Flamingo show is O-VER!!!

  • http://www.slamonline.com unf*ckwitable

    you cannot learn heart.

  • Ryan

    Pau Gasol had a rough year but he’s got nothing at all to be down about he’s a great player who’s shown a lot of heart over his career.

  • matik

    pau gasol and artest should out laker for next they mek laker look bad dat why

  • rich

    The Lakers had an opportunity to ship Bynum for Carmelo which would have really shaken things up. In my opinion you need Gasol over Bynum. Gasol will get you the rings he just needs some rest. And remember Kobe will have this summer to train. The guys only 30 how can he be done? Bynum is an injury concern listening to the Lakers doctor it seems Bynum will be plagued with injuries for his entire career. Trade him and artest in a package for Dwight and a couple of those orlando shooters and the Lakers will be right back in the mix.