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Alex Rodriguez Asks for Patience With LeBron James

A-Rod, of all people, wants people to have some perspective when it comes to LBJ, and says winning a title is by no means a guarantee no matter how great the player: “New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez says fans should get off LeBron James’s back over his failure to lead the Miami Heat to the NBA title. ‘Winning a championship is not an easy thing to do regardless of talent,’ Rodriguez said. ‘LeBron is a once in a lifetime player, especially the last year.’ Rodriguez asked for patience in judging James. ‘We need to remember this kid is 26 years old, and celebrate his talent,’ Rodriguez said. If anybody knows the public beating James is taking for the Heat not winning, it is Rodriguez … Rodriguez said the Heat not winning should not take anything away from Dallas. ‘Let’s not take the Mavericks as an afterthought,’ said Rodriguez, who lives in Miami and played in Arlington, a suburb of Dallas. ‘They did everything they had to do to raise a championship.’”

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  • http://bugmarley.com Bug Marley


  • Brahsef

    It is wild he’s still only 26. Felt like Lebrons been around forever now, and his hairline damn should prove it.

    On another note, as a Bron fan, I wish A-rod would not stand up for him…any other athlete but A-rod. Like can we get a Jeter or somethin?

  • Red Star

    LeBron is not a clutch player! Patience and time will not change this! This is not something that can be taught, either it’s in you or it’s not!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.l.brewer3 BlackPhantom

    A-Rod is mostly right…but then again I’m sure most people’s patience is up due to the fact Lebron has been in the league for 8 years.

  • David Moore

    People should really get off LeBron’s back. Shaq was welcomed to Miami with a huge party, too. He also promised to bring a ‘chip to Miami. He didn’t win it in his first year there, either. The man is human like everybody else.

  • ClydeSays

    Well, one guy can’t impact a team as much in BASEBALL, which is exactly why you don’t award ONE player upwards of 250+million dollar contracts over 10 years. ARod, incidently, will be owed deferred salary by the Yankees into the year 2020.

    In Basketball, one star can make a HUGE difference to a contending team. KG to Celtics and Gasol to the Lakers are good examples of that.

    Yep, LBJ is only 26 and has alot of basketball left. He’ll probably win one or more if he concentrates on basketball, instead of making predictions & calling out fans.

    Still, I’d bet Magic, Kobe, , Duncan, Bird, Jordan and even Bill Russell would tell you that winning it all has alot to do with health & some good luck.

  • http://slamonline.com 1982

    I don’t know about players being clutch by nature. The players you think are “clutch” don’t just play better basketball with 4 minutes to go on the clock because of genetics. Dirk certainly learned to be more aggressive during the 4th. Same goes for Kobe, who air-balled the Lakers out of the game when he first went to the playoffs…

  • http://slamonline.com tealish

    It is way easier for an all-time great, a transcendent talent, to miss out on a ring in baseball vs. in basketball.
    Alex could’ve hit 90 home runs a year in Texas. He wasn’t winning a championship either way, you can believe that.
    LeBron will get his. It will be a sad day, so brace yourself, fellow haters. It is inevitable!

  • Riggs

    well of course you can say that a-rod, you already won yours (yankee fan here)

  • Fat Lever

    ‘Winning a championship is not an easy thing to do regardless of talent,’ Rodriguez said. He also added, “…but it gets easier if you inject steroids into your @$$ and then conceal it for years”.

  • toinefan88

    LMAO. Bron is the basketball A-Rod. This is bad for his already battered cred. Hilarious.


    Man! F√¢k A-Rod. And the Yankees, besides Jeter. “He’s a birracial angel” “You shoulda shot A-Rod” Haha!

  • roman

    It’s been eight years- how much longer. He’s actually getting worst as time goes on. And please Arod of all people should be quiet.

  • http://slamonline.com datkid

    nah a-rod’s right… and idk about getting worse roman..

  • http://Www.slamonline.com TheBigL

    It’s not that he’s great and therefor should win it. He gets 100 mil and the fans pay for that. Stay on his tale, HEAT fans!!

  • seriousblack

    Co-sign whoever said Lebron is basketball’s A-Rod. All the talent in the world with nothing to show for it so far. He’ll win a ring or two playing for a loaded team late in his career in the same way A-Rod did. For now though, he just not a winner when it counts the most.

  • rosado3p

    a-rod is one to talk. he’s the lebron of baseball. loser. but hey, he’s rich. im not. i guess that makes him a better person and me, i’m a hater. isn’t that right, lebron?

  • http://www.lebronjamesquotes.net Jesse Hines

    Given the purposes of coming together with Wade and Bosh–win many titles–and the hype surrounding the whole scene, it’s entirely understandable that people view this just-finished season as a failure for LeBron and the Heat.

    LeBron himself said so at the press conference following the finals: “it’s a failure now for myself losing to the Mavericks.”

    LeBron’s fans need to be honest with themselves about that–he himself considers the loss to the Mavs to be a failure.

    But that’s a good thing–his expectations are to win the title, and anything short of that is a failure. That means LeBron is focused on one thing, the only thing that matters–winning it all. Which is the mentality that a champion must have.

    That said, it was also the first year of the Big Three, as LeBron, Wade, and Bosh were still defining their roles and adapting to Coach Spo.

    And yet, the Heat still made it to Game 6 of the NBA Finals, about as close to winning a championship as a team can come. So, the Lebron haters need to keep perspective here, too.

    The truth is the next several years look quite bright for Miami.

  • http://cnbc.com JTaylor21

    A-Rod’s a failure, really? The guy could have stayed in SEA, broken numerous records and never came close to winning a chip and the guy would still have been a legend and one of the greatest hitters of all-time. Get your facts right before spewing nonsense.

  • papabearATL

    So what ur saying JTaylor21, he’ll be like another Miami star… He’ll be the Dan Marino of the NBA? It fit’s, it’s Miami. Marino held almost every QB record at some point but, ask him if he would give up every accolade for that ever elusive ring…