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Dirk Nowitzki Unsure If He’ll Play for Germany This Summer

Regardless of the Herculian efforts he had to put forth in winning the first NBA title of his career, Dirk Nowitzki may still have more basketball to play this year. From ESPN: “After a long, long season, one side is the rest factor and going strong into next season,’ said Nowitzki, a 13-year NBA veteran who turned 33 on Sunday. ‘On the other side is obviously my national team that’s been good to me.’ The German national team needs to finish in the top six of 24 teams at the EuroBasket tournament, which begins on Aug. 31, to have a chance to qualify for the 2012 Olympics. The German team will begin training in the middle of July, giving Nowitzki a deadline for his decision. Over the last decade, Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has repeatedly expressed his reluctance about NBA players participating in international tournaments. Nowitzki did not play for Germany the last two summers due to a mutual agreement he made with Cuban, who declined comment when contacted Tuesday by ESPNDallas.com. Nowitzki ranks playing in the 2008 Olympics, when he was his country’s flag bearer during the opening ceremonies, alongside beating the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals among the highlights of his career. He has not played international basketball since then. ‘I basically told them I was going to rejoin them and help them get to the Olympics one more time,’ Nowitzki said. ‘I made my dream, going to the Olympics, and a lot of the team is new now. We’ve got a lot of young guys and they haven’t been there. A lot of the old guys basically retired after the last Olympic run, so I told them I was going to help a lot of the young guys reach their dream as well. That was my goal the last three years, obviously not knowing that [the Mavericks] would be playing until mid-June. I was hoping, but you never know.’”

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  • hushabomb

    This is a damn shame. You’ve been told by all and sundry that you are a great player yet you can’t play due to the (pending) lockout. If only Germany (or any other country and their players) can cover their players if they get injured.

  • MikeC.

    If I was an NBA owner, GM or coach, I’d rather see players working out with their national teams instead of playing pickup games in the summer. The national teams have better trainers and medical staff than parks. Probably.

  • r2j

    He should take it easy and enjoy the championship glory as much as he can. Didn’t he say after the FIBA a few years ago that THAT was the last time he was playing for Germany? If I’m Dirk sit this one out cause you’re a champ.

  • http://sdkjflf.com Jukai

    Normally I’d say do everything one could to prevent Dirk from playing. But he just got his team a ring. At this point, he can do whatever he wants.

  • Eddie1


  • kev

    who cares

  • K- Fizzle

    Ok people saying Dirk is a champ and can do whatever. Yeah, incorrect. He needs to be on the court with his team. Or practicing wherever he can. Championships don’t just come. He enjoyed the championship glory already. Time to get back to work. Of he wants another ring this year it’s going to take even more than it did last year.


    I’d say just relax. Enjoy the title cuz it may be his only title cuz u just never know. That being said, he and the Mavs rightfully won the title, Dirk is a champ so he can do, n my opinion, whatever he feels like doin.

  • http://www.acb.com A l a n

    I think he should play, he wants it and it might very well be the last chance he has to play a big tournament like the Olympics. International tournaments have helped a lot Pau Gasol (and Marc, Ricky Rubio as well). Play in the summer with the national team makes player think in other thing than the NBA, but still being basketball, and play, grow and get better. Not that Dirk needs this, but still, I think it helps. Look at Pau Gasol, always playing for Spain for many years, and the one he didn’t, it was last summer and we all know how it ended…

  • bike

    Dirk just wants to hook up with the cheerleaders that wear skimpy little Nazi outfits and go to Bunga Bunga parties.

  • http://djfklf.com Jukai

    Not even slightly funny.


    Just a horrible and stupid comment by that person, who I wont even dignify by mentioning his/her name, @ 3:48.

  • http://fivemag.de Speedy

    Cocain is a hell of a drug.

  • JL

    hm… he won and most likely won’t repeat… so why not play? But then he’d have to play in the olympics too.

  • Kyle

    If there’s a lockout(an extended one), this would be best for Dirk’s game. But JL, they have a great shot at repeating if it’s a shortened season. They usually give teams with older players a better shot.

    So if the Lakers go crazy trading away a few of their key parts, it might hurt their chances.

  • Overtime

    Itd be good for him an his country if he played. I think its great that his passion extends to the Olympics etc too. He may well be granted the honour of flag-bearer again aswell. You cant give that up