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Dwane Casey Top Candidate for Toronto Raptors’ Coaching Job

The Mavs’ current assistant coach Dwane Casey’s services are in high demand, with both the Toronto Raptors and Detroit Pistons being very interested in hiring him as their new head coach. From the Sun: “It appears the Raptors want Dallas assistant Dwane Casey to become the eighth head coach in team history. But he won’t come easily after his defensive schemes helped lead the Mavericks to the title on Sunday. The Detroit Pistons and wealthy new owner Tom Gores are also interested in Casey and money is likely to be no object if they decide Casey is their guy. According to ESPN’s Marc Stein, Casey is the frontrunner for the Toronto job after interviewing with the team earlier this week and could be hired as soon as next week. That is, if he prefers this job over the Detroit opening. Lawrence Frank is also in the running in both cities. The NBA draft takes place next Thursday and the Raptors would prefer to get input from their new head coach before making their selection.”

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  • rich

    maybe he can teach bustnani how to defend and rebound…. god i hope we sign someone this offseason

  • Josh

    There is some talent on this team. Hopefully they make a good choice with a coach this time, someone with some experience and a defensive mindset, instead of their usual random draw out of a hat.

  • rich

    that random hat is the one from allice in wonderland sam mitchell jay triano last good coach was lenny wilkins and carter made him go because he was acting like a bosh

  • Earthjuice

    Bargnani already knows how to rebound and defend. He just doesn’t want to. Taking jumpshots is much easier than banging with the big boys. If we get Casey, I think his first order of business is to say “My defensive schemes will not work with a C who does not defend. Trade him.”.

  • http://redoftoothandclaw.ca/ niQ

    Here’s to a better defensive team next season…

  • http://realgm.com Ghost

    Feels good man.

  • Josh

    I’m not really convinced Bargs is the problem. You should be able to pair him with a defensive minded PF/C (Reggie Evans?) and they should be able to balance each other out. The problem with trading Bargnani is who is going to take him and what are they willing to part with for a guy who doesn’t play defense? Maybe he fits in with a team like New York or Orlando but the return might not be worth it with either of those teams.
    I think getting a guy like Casey is a good start to turning things around. I would give Bargnani a chance to play for him before he is shipped out though.

  • rich

    the problem is actually just his frustration with playing center, hes is really a 4, can defend them better, and everything else would fill in if he is happy, maybe we overpay chandler or another C to keep him happy, or we draft biyambo and trade for one. that and an upgrade to the coach and sf are all we really need

  • Jamaal87

    I can’t help but think of his T’Wolves coaching days! ugh.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    @ Josh: Reggie Evans isn’t really a defensive-minded player, he’s a great rebounder but he’s still massively undersized to play center, which means Bargnani would still be starting. At center. Also, why would you want Reggie Evans and Andrea Bargnani to start when the Raptors have already made the (correct) decision to build around Ed Davis?
    @ rich: Chandler is not leaving Dallas. Especially for Toronto… No way. Biyombo is probably too undersized to play center as well.
    Even Amir Johnson, who isn’t naturally a center, would fit better at the center slot than Bargnani. They’re building around Ed Davis and Demar DeRozan anyway. Plus, Bargnagni would be able to help out a lot of other teams; I don’t think he would mind a trade.

  • http://thetroyblog.com Teddy-the-Bear

    Of course, I can’t speak for him.