Saturday, June 25th, 2011 at 4:55 pm  |  22 responses

Jimmer Fredette Gets Huge Reception In Sacramento

Kings fans need a hero and, as the Sacramento Bee reports, it looks like rookie Jimmer Fredette has been given that responsibilty: “The Jimmer jet officially touched down in Sacramento around 5 p.m. Friday afternoon, carrying Kings rookie Jimmer Fredette, and the scene at Sacramento International Airport was fit for a rock star of Bono’s ilk, not a smiling 22-year-old from upstate New York. Welcome to the Jimmer Show. A few hundred people crowded around baggage claim at Terminal A for a glimpse of the former BYU star, who was acquired by the Kings in the first round of Thursday’s NBA draft. The newest addition to the Kings roster arrived with three handlers at his side and lived up to descriptions of his demeanor, remaining calm and at ease in the face of a media horde.”

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  • j nuggz

    first time being first. jimmer is awesone

  • HMore

    Good luck to The Jimmer

  • angus

    jimmer gunna be somethin else real soon, 8 or 9 of those teams that past him up are gunna wish they didnt

  • iLL wiLL


  • http://www.optimabbc.be Max


  • jimmerzoverated

    jimmer is the most overated player in the draft. He will not be able to coexist with Evans who I believe needs the most shots then thornton then cousins. where is jimmer gonna get all the shots from? jimmer sucks and we will see that when the season starts in 1 1/2 years.

  • ripslam

    Say hello to the next Adam Morrison…

  • T-Money

    they’re setting him up for failure. the expectaions are too high. sacramento is full of chuckers and they don’t have great chemistry.

  • http://jsdklfl.com Jukai

    This must be the biggest receptionf or a guy who is gonna drop 12 points a game

  • Overtime

    Agree with T-Money. I think anything from 12-15 ppg, 5 assists, keeps turnovers fairly low, that’ll be a good season for the rookie.
    Get a few highlights of long jumpers, maybe a gamewinner.
    Thats all that should be wanted, i think he could develop quite well. But anyone thinking hes going to be amazing straight off should rethink.
    After all, it is designed to be a compliment to Evans

  • Candy Painted

    Now its Jimmer Time in sacramento… http://bit.ly/me4tPH

  • J-Bird

    Good luck to The Jimmer

  • barnabusb

    DeMarcus Cousins is going to knock him out in practice one day. Just wait.

  • Remo Williams

    Tyreke is going to do most of the ball handling… dishing it out to jimmer for an open j. 14-16 points sounds about right for him. I want to see how he holds up against the rose’s and westbrook’s of the league.

  • Ka

    I think jimmer will be okay. Hes better than that orl guy or morrison cuz he can create his own shot n the league has a place for guys who can hit the long shot consistently. Jimmer or bust!

  • Jer dawg

    I can’t wait to see what he’s got on the floor. Hype is crazy even when Reggie Bush had one good run during one preseason game and espn hyped him up like crazy; HOF! Look what he’s done since. Be mediocre and date Kim kardashian look-alike. How the mighty have fallen.
    Jimmer, as a fan of basketball, I hope you succeed. I hope you get in Roy discussions, stay healthy, turn Sacramento into playoff contenders, and inspire everyone around. The city, the kids, and the team. Tim Tebow of NBA, maybe.

  • http://basketballjunction.blogspot.com/ Joseph V

    Hopefully Tyreke Evans will stay healthy and get back to his rookie season form. He’ll split ball-handling duties with Jimmer. Those two plus Marcus Thornton, who by the way, averaged 21 ppg after being traded to the Kings, makes for a young, high scoring backcourt in Sac-Town.

  • abaci

    Im pulling for the kings, but i think this is risky.

  • Blue

    The next Mark Price.


    ^^^^ could be ^^^^

  • Ka

    Next mark price is not bad at all if u watched the bulls in the 90s.

  • ClydeSays

    Glad Sacto is excited about this, but it seems like a risky basketball move. Another chucker next to Tyreke? How is that going to work? For their sake, hope it works out for Kings fans…