Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011 at 9:50 am  |  15 responses

Mark Cuban Willing to Buy LA Dodgers Now?

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has flirted with the idea of purchasing LA’s troubled baseball squad for a number of years, but it sounds like he’s finally ready to give it some serious thought. From the Dallas Morning News: “Mavericks owner Mark Cuban apparently wasn’t joking around [Tuesday] when he told TMZ he’s willing to look at purchasing the financially troubled Los Angeles Dodgers. Cuban said [last night] via email that ‘if the deal is right for a team, I will look at it.’ During a visit to gossip-fest ‘TMZ Live’ on Tuesday, Cuban said that if the Dodgers are ‘fixable,” financially speaking, he would be ‘very interested.’ The Dodgers situation is an ongoing mess from which a new level of complications seem to arise daily.”

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  • Riggs

    I would love to see what he does with the dodgers if he does buy them.

  • http://www.markcubansavethedodgers.com SaveTheDodgers

    What the Dallas Dodgers?

  • toinefan88

    He’s a lean mean shark machine baby!

  • All Day

    @Riggs: I can already see Cuban seating in the dugout with coaches and players. This would be a good look for MLB, Bud Selig, and the Dodgers.

  • Vin

    DO IT CUBAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Anthony

    damn how much does mark cuban make…… he needs to feed the homeless

  • hiphopcop

    PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN MLB!!! Nobody likes your sport, and if you reject Cuban again, baseball will be worst than hockey, ok maybe not that bad, but close.

  • kev

    who cares

  • http://slamonline.com Saviour

    obviously all the people above you Kev dumbass

  • BadBadLeroyBrown

    And after that, he will buy the Jacksonville Jaguars, Harlem Globetrotters, the whole WNBA, and the US Congress.

  • estebabest

    Mark Cuban buying the LA Dodgers would be the best thing for Major League Baseball. They are one of few if not the only big market team on the west coast (San Francisco Giants?). MLB needs to draw attention to the game out there and not the kind that the McCourts are currently bringing. Cuban has the financial ability and maybe more importantly the charisma that will bring focus to the game and Los Angeles, which just happens to be one of the biggest markets in the nation ($$$). The team on the field is decent and has the talent to contend with a few tweaks. Just imagine the financial benefits the league would see from it! The MLB, in my eyes, has lost some of its appeal because all the teams that draw attention are on the east coast. Now is the time for Selig to put his reservations aside. Cuban has already saved a perennial loser like the Mavs and turned them into champions. Why not the Dodgers?

  • http://hoopism.com airs

    cosign kev a million times over.
    everybody, say it with me, okay:
    I HATE BASEBALL *clap clap clapclapclap*
    I HATE BASEBALL *clap clap clapclapclap*

  • All Day

    @Saviour: The only dumbass is you, son. If you or anyone else don’t like baseball, why bother posting…keep it moving. That goes for you and airs!

  • http://hoopism.com airs

    its a basketball website y’all. but hye, ya like what ya like.
    and baseball sucks.