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NBA Players React to Game 4

A tweetcap of Dallas’ big win.

One thing was certain last night: if Dallas had any realistic chance of winning the series, they would have to tie it up on their home floor. Throughout all the madness—the hard fouls, wild shots, intense trash talking—the rest of the NBA took to Twitter to air their thoughts. Some rooted for the Heat; others hoped for Dirk & Co. to hold down home-court and tie the series. Some asked LeBron James to take more shots, and almost everyone was in awe of Dwyane Wade. But as usual in a Mavericks win, [an ailing] Dirk Nowitzki had the last laugh, willing his team to victory in the fourth quarter. Peep the full Game 4 NBA Twitter reactions below, from the opening tip all the way through the final buzzer.

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  • eric

    By winning game 4, the Mavs may have also won this series. If true, Lebron will never recover from this. Hours later and my mind is still blown about how poorly Lebron has played these first four games. And last night he wasn’t even trying. Oddly, he shrinks a day after being accused of shrinking. There’s a disconnect between Lebrons talent and his competitive spirit.

  • Clockwork

    Damn LeBron’s hair is getting hated on

  • dsleepy

    Lets go mavsssss

  • Riggs

    lol @ boris, i thought that was kurt too. Also the convo between tj and dj was funny.

  • dsleepy

    @eric: i don’t think he’s playing so poorly at all. he isn’t putting up 30/8/8 stat lines but he is creating looks for other players. bosh has really been on a mission, and dwade definitely left his impact on the game last night. there is only one ball, there aren’t going to be too many nights where all 3 of them go for huge numbers. that being said, no doubt who is the alpha dog on this team, and it’s the dude wearing #3, not #6.

  • http://www.wowomg.com Max

    lol @Amir Johnson!

  • eric

    @dsleepy, Wade has been the Alpha dog for this series, not for the team overall.

  • http://aol.com Run”N’Gun219

    People are tripping. He had 8pts 9rebs 7ast. he aint putting up large scoring numbers be he is controling the game. he played a point gaurd game last night. Alpha dog? are yall forgetting the bulls series when he ave 29 7 and 7? and DWADE ave 18 and 3? or the boston series when bosh and wade were under performing? Stop being haters yo crabs.

  • http://aol.com Run”N’Gun219

    and amir johnson had the funniest tweets last night. i would add Joel Anthony, Keenyon Martin and Monta Ellis to that hairline list

  • http://www.bulls.com Rigo Gonzalez

    My chef didn’t make it out to my place last night.
    Oh well.
    And Gary Forbes is an idiot!
    Better than Jordan, huh?

  • karma

    RunNGun…I watched the entire game last night. Lebron was NOWHERE near close to “controlling” the game – he was extremely passive and shied away from the ball. That was some VC ish.

    Also, I love this feature on SLAM, keep it up.

  • http://fivemag.de Speedy

    My chef jus got here.
    This leaves me a bit speechless.

  • mdshuai33

    @ Everyone Defending Lebron’s Game 4: stop it. People have bad nights and don’t play well. You don’t have to defend him for playing poorly. Instead try defending him for his complete disappearance in the fourth quarter. Should have doubled Dirk on the last layup, he was only three feet away. He didn’t even try to step towards him, just watched. And where was DWade? Flying in from the other side of the rim, almost blocking the shot.

  • mdshuai33

    And don’t say he was guarding Jet to prevent a kick-out open 3; he wasn’t; he was pretending to. And anyone would give up a Jet three to a wide open Dirk layup any day. Just didn’t have his head in the game.

  • mdshuai33

    And don’t try to tell me he was guarding Jet in the corner to prevent a kick-out three: he wasn’t, he was only pretending to. Besides, you’d rather have Jet shooting a three than Dirk taking an uncontested layup.

  • http://www.slamonline.com unf*ckwitable

    lol@brons hairline.

  • http://itsahardwoodlife.blogspot.com omphalos

    Did someone say that Wade underperformed against Boston? gtfoh, idiot.

  • http://www.stonesthrow.com Michael NZ

    I can’t enough of this. Kudos, SLAM.